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Offensive Behavior on the Forums


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I have some input that many of you may find interesting, and which also lead me to believe that this story is not just a story but a specific point in time in our people's history. First off I mean I am not no scientist and I'm only 20 years old, working, going to university soon WHATEVER, but you must know that I like to keep my eyes open, I heard about this John Titor 6 months ago and I believed every word of the story because what I'm about to tell you, you may not believe and that DOES happen but if you don't know how to connect the dots and really UNDERSTAND what I'm going to try and explain then go to the little x and the top right corner of your screen and click it.


The United States and many other countries part of the G-8 have money and lots of it, now what's a country like the states going to do with all the reserves of money they have? Buy more nukes? Fund the military? The states have had money shooting out of their ass for the last decade and a half. The stories you hear about the states faking the war I mean the pentagon had a huge hole on its side, and no plane was actually seen hitting the pentagon, but why this huge hole? Perhaps maybe it is true that the states are faking the war in Iraq to get more oil, but why? What are their reasons for going into Iraq? All the money in the world and all the oil in the world could only mean one thing; they're up to something. Is it possible that a Time Machine the states have developed runs on mass amounts of fuel? Now before I get into that let me recall this article I read about 2 years ago in a Scientific American Mind. The article was very small and limited about its subject, it referred to Time Travel, and was giving over some random facts like the "Astronauts go to outer space come back and their 2 hours younger". Whatever, but as I read on the term "Area 51" came up, and that rang a bell. I'm sure many of you have heard that area 51's Groom lake has been spotted glowing green on more then one occasion, and that the first evidence of time travel was a 85 ton tanker that was seen "glowing green" just before disappearing, but was not actually gone... the supposed ship was the first American time traveler, but something went wrong and the ship went haywire, was glowing green, and then disappeared, but people who where their said that the ship's groove was still in the water. Coincidence? I don't think so. Also, the apparent U.S, alien contact, a member from Area 51 stated that "The U.S has been in contact with aliens for last century and they have helped us discover Teleportation and Time travel." When I read Teleportation I thought nothing of it but literally 3 weeks later I heard on a local radio station that the states has been funding in the billions into teleportation and its studies. 21st century warfare will consists of nothing but technology bought from the states. Stealth warfare, even today countries like Normandy are developing stealth ships and such, all technology bought from the states. If Time travel does exist, then you better believe John Titor exists, I mean if it is true that John Titor came form the future and told his people that there is going to be civil war then don't you think the states would know about it? Don't you think they would be doing something about right now? Connect the dots you make the decision.



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So far this month we've only had 52 posts on the forum. Nine meaningful posts and 43 nonsense posts.


Dan, please! Stop with the "BOT" and other nonsense threads. They have nothing to do with time travel. If you must (and MOP doesn't object) start a "Creedo's BOT" thread and post all of the silliness to that one thread.


Ray, please...you're better than this.


We know that the site was under attack by trolls who wanted to destroy it. I can only imagine that they are now sitting back and laughing their fracking butts off because we have become the trolls and they have left the site.


Raul - can you please step in, take a look and make a decision about whether this is the direction that you want the board to be taking.



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I personaly believe that RainManTimes' behavior has been quite offensive. What would this website be without the Titorians and Clamorians? Well, what it has become. A boring website with a lack of traffic. I also find his cyber staking of Pro7 disturbing to say the least. I could forgive Darby this internet sin but RMT as a mod should be held to a higher standard. In his quest to amuse himself by "de-bunking" others I do believe he has violated TTIs (as he IS a TTI mod) privacy policy by collecting data on Pro7 for his own personal pleasure.


It is a shame that the anonymous masses of the internet can no longer freely post here without fear of being tracked and cataloged by the Admin. I'd love to see another story type of "John Titor" but that isn't gonna happen here anytime soon .




This was the first post in this section in the last four days. THAT is how slow and boring it is around here.



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Unless you're Barbara you're only guessing at what actually transpired. Barbara gave you her perspective on the situation. The Boss' friends very likely have a different perspective. In the end who, other than Barbara and the Boss, really cares? I certaily don't, considering that this is the Offensive Behavior forum on a time travel website. Doh!


You really didn't take the time to register here for the sake of Barbara's bruised feelings, did you? Or is she a bruised-ego time traveler?



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“In our time, particles known as neutrinos, were thought to exist as backward moving objects. A mistake corrected by checking loose connections. Element traces of time distorted matter impregnate everything, both forward and reverse. Time moving matter comprises the bulk of all existence.”


“The balance of both time directional matters gives us a reality composed of empty spaces, energy, and mass.”


“By reducing or amplifying the composition of these elements in normal matter either forward or reverse we make materials that move through time. Any time travel device will have three hulls. The first acts to collect temporally the distorted traces of time moving matter. The second hull is composed of both neutrino reflecting matter and very thin layer of stripper smashers, you would call a "plutonium sheet" the combined array removes distorted elements from the hull and fling the elements to the outer hull in a planned manner.”


Without the strippers the backward moving elements would impact on their own atomic compositions and destroy themselves while moving through time. Normal matter is effected by fields, both gravity and magnetic, while backward and forward moving materials are less so effected. The fields represented in the second hull separate the flow of matter through time by diverting the smaller traces of time distorted traces within the field along the path normal mater takes to arrive at a deflection point on the hull. The diversion occurs when both magnetic and micro gravity fields flex space at the surface of the second hull in the course of increasing and decreasing in field strengths. The diverted time traces move in a calculated space over a planned distance from the stripping and form a beam of energy moving through time. That beam is focused to fill the forward tip of any device and with a resistance of normal matter to traces of elements moving in time drag the device either forward or back ward on its path through time. The forward tip of the device, moves the device though time. The third hull is composed of shielding to prevent the death as the process is ongoing throughout the voyage. A simple beam of energy, either neutrino rich or proton rich is played constantly over the surface of the second hull to increase the natural separations that occur on that texture. Arriving as a selected time is a result of switching the type of energy we infuse in the ship hull. That is all there is to time travel. Simple isn't it.”


"We would achieve a nano second of travel before paradox occurred. However, the physical manifestation of extreme cold may lead to entering two dimensional space. If the outer hull is built to withstand true zero temperature and at that point an intense gravitation fields is used to break into the different dimensional spaces at that point. All space and time is compressed to a plane which could be used to launch to whatever place and time we desire."


“Gravity isn't malleable.”


“It will be awhile before we learn how to infuse matter at the same time with diffrent kinds of energy and increase the effected gravity of the selected mass. .”



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Your theory seems pretty interesting POPS...there are chances that you may be right

The chances are that he didn't have a clue about what he was talking about.


"Astronauts go to outer space come back and their 2 hours younger". Whatever, but as I read on the term "Area 51" came up, and that rang a bell. I'm sure many of you have heard that area 51's Groom lake has been spotted glowing green on more then one occasion

Astronauts have never gone to outer space and come back 2 hours younger. They have come back a few nanoseconds "younger". He either misread the article, read an alt-sci "review" of the article or made up the statement. In whatever case, it's not likely that the article concerning Special Relativity was included in Scientific American's "Mind" magazine. That mazagine concerns psychology, not physical science.


And yes, we've all heard about Area 51 and Groom Lake. The "green glow" has been spotted on more than one occassion. It happens every time they change certain water filters at the Mercury Test Site, which is also part of the general complex out there in the desert. The glow is called Cherenkov Radiation. Charged particles given off by the nuclear decay of radioactive particles left over from the underground nuclear weapons detonations are exceeding the local phase velocity of light in the water. They glow green, just as they do in nuclear reactors.


Last, based on his general lack of scientific knowledge I think that POPS was also making up the fact that he was about to enter university. Entrance exams tend to cover general science, which includes physical science. Maybe he had a fantasy about entering university. But we'll never know. He was an OETWO (don't ask - you'll have to read the forums). He posted five times over the course of six days and two logins and was gone.




In his defense relative to his hit and run, gone forever posting, my initial post on this thread offers him some wiggle room.


In October of 2006 the forum was a disaster. The fruitbats and nutters had taken over with the intent of either posting absolute nonsense because they were mentally ill, were deliberately sabotaging the forum or both mentally ill and deliberate sabateurs. The people who wanted to post something useful had left because of it and something had to be done. We got rid of a couple of the fruitbats and nutters. One or two are still here. That was the second time we had to take such action. It had previously happened in 2003 with the same people, for the most part, being the responsibles. The second time, in 2006, their bans were (and remain) permanent.


In one of my posts I scold "Dan" for posting nonsense. You, however, don't see any such posts. That's because that particular fruitbat decided sometime later to go back and delete >100 of his posts on dozens of threads long, long after he had posted them. In some cases he then substituted the posts with more nonsense that had nothing to do with the thread or subsequent replies to his posts. In most cases, as on this thread, he simply deleted the posts leaving huge gaps in the threads because there were replies to the deleted posts. He destroyed those threads. He did the same thing on another forum, Anomalies.net, where I was an Admin. He took a perm ban on both forums for that one. (And you'll occassionally see someone lament his banning because he was "funny".)


So, maybe that's why POPS never returned. It's definitely why we now have a time-out on editing posts.



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