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My excuse,nah i dont have any class,im lower rank working class on minimum wage,and live in the area of east london/essex,if i was earning less money (only a little less mind) id be on the street,i dont know if you find that a good excuse for swearing or not,but everyone i hang with does it,my boss does it and so does my mom,


the white trash of england! just the way i am.


A bloke=man,male,geezer.


As for being a father,im a "do as i say not as i do" kinda guy,


so the kid may say one day "hey dad i wanna get a tattoo!"


i wouldnt go "yeah go and get it i dont care",no,instead id tell him to think about it and spend a long time on the decision,id help him with the choice.


I smoke,but i would attempt to keep the kid from drink and drugs and stuff,i mean i know its hypocritical but you have to be man,you cant let a kid grow up on your own standards of life.


As for the picture,well i guess you're right,at least YOU put a link to yours!lol


If you dont watch out mate ill stick up a picture of me doing something with my balls!j/k spacer.png



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>>I can promise you i'm not the worst you'll meet<<


I'm sure of that, the most of your buddies probably wouldn't know which finger belongs in the nose and which one goes on the keyboard.


Looks like you have a real nice flat there, for a Brit. (by Russian standards its a palace) Is there a camode to go with that sink or do you have to scale 3 flites of stairs to wizz?


Why do I care? Because I'm 1/2 French and 1/2 English. AND MY TWO HALVES DON"T GET ALONG AT ALL. And you tatoo boy had better stay on my good side.....except I don't have one. Oh yeah I'm 1/2 Polish-Irish too so don't confuse me.



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Really! shadow,half french and half english,so when you come over here to our fish and chip shops you ask for a large portion of chips and half a pound of snails,covered in garlic and frogs legs,lovely.


Lol tattoo boy! you know sometimes being tattooed is like having a skin colour,theres always some wanker that makes a quick decision on your appearence,goes for anything different,skin colour,race,the clothes you wear,if you wear glasses,if your fat or ugly etc


I go against the grain,im fuck society and its "normal" steriotype,cos there aint such a thing as "normal" man.


Some people are like "yeah man,bet hes a right one with crime and that"




Would i commit a crime with a visable tattoo on my neck and hands?


errrrrrr duhhh that would be a little too recognisable,


you know i end up in an identity parade and this is fucking protection unless im guilty (of coarse)


"oh no he didnt have a tattoo on his neck"


all of em are in writing in the tattoo studio of dates when i got em,


i absolutely cannot commit a crime without being recognised,


that is a bonus,well arguably i could do armed robbery,wear gloves and have a high coller,but im talking the more petty stuff.


People watch too many fucking movies,they always make the bad guy up with tattoos and skinhead and shit cos that looks tough,but it dont mean shit in reality.


Some smart guy in a business suit is more likely to slit your throat than i am.


If some black guy mugged me at a bus shelter,after that id be wary of black people,cos its automated,thats how it works,if life experience tells you certain types are people are bad,you begin to fucking believe it,and it sucks.



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Cut and paste ay? Hey this is a Microsoft OS we are talking about here, the last time I tried to cut and past something it crashed the ISP for a week and all the chickens stopped laying for a 30 mile radious around MY house! The FBI is investigating.


Really you can do that? Cool!


Ah perhaps you can tell me the secret of how to get those little round funny face circles into a post. I tried to drag and drop them but they just stick to the curser and I have to reboot from power off to get rid of them.



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