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New John Titor Interpretation


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Titor's guidelines for Yellowstone:


Do not eat or use products from any animal that is fed and eats parts of its own dead.


Do not kiss or have intimate relations with anyone you do not know.


Learn basic sanitation and water purification.


Eat less.


Get a bicycle and two sets of spare tires. Ride it 10 miles a week.


Consider what you would bring with you if you had to leave your home in 10 min. and never return.



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Titor's guidelines for Yellowstone:


-Do not eat or use products from any animal that is fed and eats parts of its own dead.


The British starting doing this, as they thought that the raising of cattle would be much more efficient, if some parts of the cattle were cycled back into some aspects of their production.


Cattle do not have the apparatus for digesting any sort of animal protein.


Not thumping on British, could have been a mistake made by any cattle raisers, anywhere?


-Do not kiss or have intimate relations with anyone you do not know.


It has been found through Central Washington University, in the USA, that chimpanzees, when given massive doses of AIDS, are not effected by these inoculations, due to the fact, that their autoimmune systems, are much more rugged, than a humans.Genes and chromosomes in a chimp, are almost identical to a humans, with very slight differences.You have to be an expert, in genetics, in order to see these differnces.


*Special note:In this time period, young wimen, men, do not have the incomes that they should.


There is also the social compaction formulas, that Alvin Toffler's warned about, which might be causing a sexual activity acceleration process, as sex economy, might be one of the processes, which accelerate the business process.


Some of these near youth, make monies, by pictorial movies, that people view via a varity of means?They get paid for makeing these movies.


So allot of young girls and guys, aren't virgins?


Allot of them, also do not utalize condoms, or protective devices.


In a medical experts eyes, this type of behavior, could cause a great proliferation of any disease pattern?Please also note the new said strains of two week fully developed AIDS, as noted to have occurred in New York?


It is said that some forms of light ray beams, by a past alien encounters to humans, can knock out AIDS, body wide; but I don't know what this frequency would be?


-Learn basic sanitation and water purification.


A plastic milk gallon jug, with both cotton, a layer of cheese cloth and layer of activated charcoal, can act as a filter, if the water is poured in slowly.Use two to three stations of the same filter and you can reasonably filter your own water.*I'm not responsible for what happens if you try this, so don't sue me"?


-Eat less.


People in general, are encouraged to consume mass quantities of everything, as we have slipped from being citizens, down to a consumer level.


Examples are, "Oh' Jennie, I met the nicest consosumer the other day!He's so big and fat and loves to eat like a conveyor belt.We're going to go to the shopping mart tomorrow and look at all the stuff we should buy"!?


-Get a bicycle and two sets of spare tires. Ride it 10 miles a week.


Big problem here, as this is not an equilibrium based society.People loved their gas guzzling autos and for the most part do not want either bicycles, or energy saving vehicles.


Examples are, when a Arabia head of state recently visited the White House, so,me guy there asked in public in-front of God and everyone, "Well how about more barrels of oil?


-Consider what you would bring with you if you had to leave your home in 10 min. and never return.


I hope this does not get weird?


Special note on aliens:There are grosses of all sorts of differing aliens that land on this planet, or have hidden bases here, for differing reasons.


Some of these aliens are mentioned in the works of Wendelle C. Stevens USAF ret's, works.


Items such as corn seeds, social encounters, to help people, scientific expitions and the like.


Not all aliens live in underground bases.


As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure, people on Earth for the most part, are a biculturially engineered alien product.So you can call your little girl, Little Sally Johnson Alien, if you want?



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A friend of mine was in a bookstore a few years ago, she was skimming through a book of Nostradamous interpretations. She read a paragraph that claimed the world was going to end on May 5, 2005.

Just a little history: This May 5th thing has been going around almost every year before May 5th. In fact, I remember hearing about it as far back as 1990, when I ran across some other interpretations of Nostradamus. After very little research into it, I found out that good ole Nostra (La Cosa Nostra?) DID indeed use the month of May in one prediction... however, he NEVER used a day or year. Here is Century X, Quatrain 67:

"A very mighty trembling in the month of May,


Saturn in Capricorn, Jupiter and Mercury in Taurus:


Venus also, Cancer, Mars in Virgo,


Hail will fall larger than an egg."


Here are just two of the "interpretations" from different years. Do a search on "May 5" on either of these web pages and you'll get the picture:


Bad things supposed to happen on May 5, 2000 planetary alignment...nothing did!


Sheldan Nidle predicted it was May 5, 1997, and something bad would happen when Hale-Bopp made its appearance.


Bottom line: I'd be willing to bet that Cinco De Mayo will come and go this year, and the worst thing that will happen is some people will imbibe too much and wake up on Ses De Mayo with hangovers. :)





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Defintion Lame Swag as in , Support this site! Buy some lame swag!




Lame; a style of walking by gang boys of what is known as homies, when they buy new outfits, or how they walkm which is soetimes, one leg stif, which appears that these indivduals might be lame.


Swag; a contracted form of swagger, which also means to walk with style.


So the definative combined would be, to walk a sudo-lame walk, dressed in style with swagger, i.e. lame swag.



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Nostradamas was a drug fuelled chap, he wrote this stuff down whilst high on who knows what. And you people take it all seriuosly? Lol and stuff! I've more chance of ruling the planet than any of his predictions coming true. Erm... Do you not think it funny how most predictions from this 'visionary' are only sussed after the event? We all remember the famous Hister prediction don't we? Hister? Well it was either Hitler or nothing in my book. So, he did not predict anything that has come to pass, show me a prediction sussed before the event then I will believe you, and to make it work, he needs to have had a higher proportion of hits than misses.



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So you are a time traveler like Nostradamus? You went back to 1555 (5-5-5 hmmm) when he published his first book and saw him do drugs eh! Sure...


There are more than one interpretation of the quatrain you referenced,




If this board isn't reachable on or after 5-5-5 I'm glad I met all of yous. Take care.



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Nostradamas was a drug fuelled chap, he wrote this stuff down whilst high on who knows what. And you people take it all seriuosly? Lol and stuff!

I've got a new idea for a book/movie:

Based on the premise that drugs are but one means of opening subspace wormholes such that non-local information can bleed from one dimension/time to another more effectively.


Oh wait...I think it's been done! ;)





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Maybe she meant this:

You see, now that's really interesting that you respond with something like this. It prompts me to ask some more questions of how you go about determining the potential veracity (truth) of something written by an anonymous person/source on the internet.


What makes you think that the angle told in this story/report is actually what is going on?


Or maybe I can put it this way: Let's say I took the same reports of sightings of hi-speed objects in the atmosphere, and I wrote a story/report with an angle that said it was Russia and the US actually shooting at aliens who are attempting to secretly take over the earth. With all the "buzz" all over the internet about how our entire earth culture is really under the secret control of some group of aliens, my story might be just as easy to buy into as a story that says we were shooting down a giant asteroid to protect the earth.


Why might you believe what is written on this web page you provide, as opposed to believing an article that I might write on my angle? I could make my article sound just as convincing, I guarantee it.


Are you afraid of what might happen this coming Thursday? Even if you're not sure what it might be?





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Obviously, Rainman Time you just gaze at the links also:


Out of the many News links in the article given:


According to Neal Brown, director of the space grant program at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Geophysical Institute, Kempen probably saw a piece of space junk.


(because it exhibit -- color!)(A meteor would not!)




To the comments by the American scientist Neal Brown (above), University of Alaska, that this debris could not have been a part of the Lyrid is correct, and which makes puzzling the comments (above) of the official quoted by the MSNBC News Service, Peter Judge, that the debris sighted in the American Eastern Coastal Regions had come from them, but would have been impossible due to the angle of the earth in relation to them.


Long has there been both speculation and research into the protecting of the earth from asteroids, and as we can read from the American Space.Com report titled "Space-Based Missile Defense Needed to Thwart Asteroid Attacks", and which says, "Earth is little more than a sitting duck in a cosmic shooting gallery, the scientists tell us. But that doesn't mean we can't shoot back. If an asteroid is ever found to have our planet in its sights, a carefully aimed missile can simply knock the rock off course. There's one little problem. It's hard to deflect something that's coming right at you."


Russian scientists are also stating that due to the eyewitnesses of the debris falling from this shattered asteroid, and describing flashes of green, the likelihood of it having had a high copper content is very strong. Due also to the timing between when the Americans and Russian Space Forces had fired their missiles, April 13th, and the first debris entering earths atmosphere, April 23ed, the asteroid they targeted would have been about 2.7 million kilometers from our earth, or a little over 7 Lunar Distances.


Of the over 90,000 asteroids currently identified, and not mentioning those that haven't been, we are unable to identify at this time which asteroid had been the targeted one, this remains known only to the American and Russian Space Forces themselves.


Of even greater concern to the world scientists today though is the speculation that the massive gravitational anomaly created by the Great Sumatra Earthquake of 2004 is acting in a manner which is attracting more of these types of asteroids towards our earth home, and about which we can read as reported by the Live Science News Service in their article titled, "Sumatran Quake Left 'Scar' on Earth's Gravity" and which says;


"The devastating 2004 Sumatran earthquake, which caused the worst tsunami in modern times, should have left a detectable scar on Earth's gravity field, European scientists said Monday. The magnitude 9.3 earthquake has already been said to have shortened the day by fractions of a second, shifted the North Pole by an inch, and made the planet less fat around the middle.The new prediction comes from Roberto Sabadini and Giorgio Dalla Via at the University of Milan. The idea is fairly straightforward. The strength of Earth's gravity varies depending on the depth of a trench or height of a mountain, as well as the density of material. Even changing tides alter the gravity field."


To the Western peoples about these events they continue in their ignoring of them, and in ignoring they fail also to prepare for the rest of the events soon to come that will show them the nature of all true things, and which is now being withheld from them. As to always our efforts must be to warn them so that they may hear, and in hearing prepare, and when these things surround them their hearts will not fail them in their most fearful moments.


© April 27, 2005, EU and US all rights reserved.




In other words, all those underlined words are links to different articles, and some of those are News articles with many live witnesses!



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I have an idea, to those that feel ol' Nostra' was a seer, post here all the stuff predicted for the next 5 years, or more if you wish, in advance of it all happening of course.


Then we shall see if the chap was right, I suspect that nobody wishes to post the truth about Nostra', of course it is well known he did drugs, it was his way of trying to forsee the future. Most shamans did/do the same.



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Obviously, Rainman Time you just gaze at the links also:

No, I read through it all.


In other words, all those underlined words are links to different articles, and some of those are News articles with many live witnesses!

Yes, I saw there were many live witnesses. But understand that those witnesses did NOT claim to see "the US and Russia shooting down a giant meteor". They saw something in the sky.

Now...I'd ask you to please review the question I asked you and provide an answer, if you can. Why would you believe this interpretation of what they saw, and not some other explanation (which could still be tied to what the witnesses report)?





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I'd agree he's an amazing writer. But as far as a 5100 fixing any modern PC, the LHC doing heavy proton experiments, and "Unix" bugs 30 years from now, those were not "researched".

I'm glad you came down from BS to 'researched'.


When I read through the posts about Titor, what I find is most people conclude Titor is a hoax, because they are not able to UNDERSTAND his theories and principles, and others out of curiosity argue that he is real. Sad thing though.


And VERY FEW who understood it are convinced that he is real or if hoax they can understand the effort he has put in it which has no use to the hoaxer himself.


One simple example to prove this is when you guys say that Titor sent faxes to Art Bell on his RETURN journey in 1998. According to his principles, once if he leaves our Worldline and travels to the past, he is on a different Worldline and the 'we' there in that Worldline in 2000 will not know Titor at all because he never came to 2000 of that Worldline. Confusing? sure it is. Rarely people get it.


I tried the same thread of Y2K in Anomalies, and as I expected, no one got it!


Titor wrote:


No, I do not have a secret agenda but I have been paying a great deal of attention to your worldline. My interaction with you was not a direct mission parameter but it was a secondary mission protocol based on standing orders given to all temporal drivers.


That secondary objective is basically to gather as much information about a worldline based on a set of observable variables when we first arrive. Your worldline met those conditions. What amazes me is why no one here wonders why Y2K didn't hit them at all?

I can say what his Secondary mission objective is.


He got the 'tweaked' 5100s from 1975, which has got the old 'Legacy Code' that is needed to debug and fix Y2K and then Y2K38. He traveled to 1998 and and met someone, may be Roger Bowler I don't know for sure or sold it and informed them that he would collect the 'Y2K fix' in 2000. He comes to 2000 and collects the Y2K fix and also prepares his family. He then leaves 2000 to go back to his Worldline.


His primary mission objective is to collect a 'tweaked' 5100 and the secondary mission objective is to find out whether it really fixes Y2K and get the Y2K fix. With that he can easily fix Y2K38 in his Worldline. That is WHY 'we' never had Y2K- 'AMAZING TRUTH' if you understand it!


So obviously we will NOT have Y2K38 bug either.



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Your Titor quote above, concerning his not having a secret agenda, is in direct conflict with another of his quotes on Post-2-Post ("I am From 2036").


Here's what he said there:


Posted by John Titor on 02-15-2001 05:06 PM


The following are personal rules I try to keep (unless of course they conflict with my secret agenda). I look forward to discussing any discrepancies you may find.

Another contradiction in his story still concerns the IBM "5100".


He traveled to 1975 to pick up a specific early IBM "PC". But on the IRC log he says that it was an IBM 5110. In various posts he said it was an IBM 5100 and in others he said it was an IBM 5110.


He sent the serial number label from the machine that he picked up to Pamela as a show of proof. The label was from an IBM 5110.


The evidence is that the machine that he was refering to was an IBM 5110 - not an IBM 5100. But he traveled to the wrong year to pick up an IBM 5110. The 5110 was not released until 1978. The 5100 was released in 1975.


None of this is information that anyone has "interpreted" and then drawn conclusions about. This is a simple plain text reading of Titor's words and comparing them with the physical evidence that he sent to Pamela (the label).



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She read a paragraph that claimed the world was going to end on May 5, 2005.

6:52 AM PDT and I am still here with all my fingers and toes.... but there are still more hours in the day!

However, since I did not win the lotto last night, the chances of the world ending are slim to none. Now, if I *had* won the lotto, with my luck the world would have ended today! :)





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Thanks Darby for the info.


I feel that if Titor did exist, then this was from another timeline.


There is movement in the Yellowstone below ground plume.


It is not know whether anything substantial may come of this below ground, seismic movement.


There are odd reports out of the park, from many sources, however I will not discuss this.


There was a lady on another board, that had dreamed of something happened there this day.


However, there was a man from Mexico, who dreamt an almost identical dream, that this happening would be in late August?


I dot not know? It might have been that the entire Titor episode, was a plan to wake the people, by making them ready, regardless.


I say one thing right now, if part and parcel of some of these goings on, was to make friends with certain offworld influences; then these relations are not considered good, or acceptable at this time.



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Sorry, I was somewhere else in cyberspace:




It did not start on May 5 though (the NPT). The Heading of that Article was just an attention getter, and mainly most anything that came from the sky would also probably hit the oceans instead of hitting land. I just think that article was trying to make a point, the May 5, 2005 whatever thing, is something I do not know!


On another note:


Also if Titor come and came as he said, there were many Titors here, as I mentioned before, when I said "We are surrounded by Johns" according to the story, so what is written in that fashion would be different if different Johns were here.


The secondary agenda then to me would be - change worldlines and collect data, so all Johns would collect various worldline data from more than one worldline, and whenever he returned to a similiar worldline, they would have more data than from just one worldline, but a few worldines.


So, it is easy to have it a hoax or even think that it may be real, because of the theory of multiple worldlines.


It can not be proved, that is all I know, and that is where I leave it. Afterall, it is sort of funny, unless it in a sense does come true of course, but then, it would only be similiar to any other worldline, and the notion that each worldline should be different (with a different result when anything happens) is also only speculation.


The only thing anyone can be is -- exactly uncertain about anything --- I guess!


But still, with some of the answers given about that NPT, it unlikely that anyone is going to get rid of all N. Weapons!


It is though like some people are living in flatland when they answer. So what is the answer?


I don't submit that anyone as of yet can think of a singularity being positive with top spin -- whatever that is, so again, the only thing that it could be - -- is a comedy --- but still no one can really answer a story like that in any absolute.


Therefore, the only reference one can make is why -- anyone should care if all those worldlines exist.


Well, I think Dr. David Deustch has answered that already by saying that no matter what worldine anyone is in -- better decisions can always be made. But which then is the better decision?


I leave at that point, because nothing can be concrete, and all of anything ends up - abstract!


Maybe the NPT conference decides something today, but then again probably not!


This is also going on here:




and all I can say is that none of it is making me any money, so to those people who have that time to discuss anything - - fine -- I suppose that I should be doing something else.


Also, I thought of that scenario before about the World, I wonder now if it is not something that is picked up, or something like everything being like sort of collective thought about anything.


Another point made by Titor (Collective Consciousness), and also made by others somewhat in the Holographic Universe (book).


But at some point -- it all denys any Freedom then, so might as watch that old movie -- The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!




So on to something productive!


(Being lead around by the nose, or yanked by the chain or whatever one of those saying are!)


((It is just some people who do not submit to that (and do have the means to be either lucky enough or accomplished enough to not suffer -- and I do not really think that anyone is always that accomplished that extensively), that in the ends should perhaps mean that everyone should get along, but then we all are on Planet Earth!)


The needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many!


(And all of that from that Star Trek movie.)


The needs of the one outweigh the needs of the few or the many!


Generally overall though with all of humanity: At some time, thinking will have to change, because of humans wanting to survive in the future, perhaps, due to advances in science or in technology or both.


But I doubt if that will happen anytime soon, and according to some -- it has already happened!



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Oh, and in the next part of the Star Wars movie (May 19 or so), Darth Vader comes alive.


And now there is concern about the rating of it, and some kids should not see it, because of the same ol' debate -- but as Lucas said -- it is about the entire story.


sssss........sssssssss.......ssssssss.......ssssssss......You don't know the true power of the Dark Side of the Force, young Skywalker!





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Oh, by the way, some people are saying that it was an asteroid that cause the Dec. 26, 2004 Earthquake, since there was another one (maybe in Feb. 2005) about 100 miles away, and it did not cause a tsunami, and links can be found to that also somewhere.


Or so the conjecture goes, that it actually is not being reported as it occured according to eye-witness accounts, supposedly!


I do not have time to look up the link again, but then it may just be conjecture or whatever.



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