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What JOHN TITOR name stands for


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In my opinion the name John Titor is an acronym which could stand for a number of things. I assume if he was working for a branch of Nasa he would not be using his real name.


Time Interdimensional Travel Organization


Travel into Time Organization


Time Investigator Travel Organization


Travel into Time Operation and Retrieval


Trans Interdimensional Travel Organization


Just interested if anyone has come to this conclusion?





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The name really isn't much of a mystery.


"Boomer" first had his character log on here at TTI as "TimeTravel_0". Because we were able to use anonymous login back in those days there was no requirement that he supply any UserID information.


That was not the case, however, at Art Bell's "Post-2-Post" BBS. Bell required all users to register with a first name, last name and a valid email address. Boomer had to supply some information to get on at P2P.


He used the email address "[email protected]" and "John Titor". Titor is a contraction of his original UserID from TTI: TimeTravel_O with a twist on his original caveat that he did not want to be believed: TimeTravel_Or Not Time Travel: Ti To r.


"John" was apparently picked from the air. Pamela has stated that he told her his "real" name and that it is neither "John" nor "Titor."



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Send a message to the Prime Minister. All the messages are read and each month the Prime Minister receives a report on the issues raised, together with a representative sample of individual e-mails.


Please note that if the content of your message is private or personal, or you would like to receive a reply, you should write to the Prime Minister instead at the folllowing address:


10 Downing Street





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The wheels in the brain turn here.


I do not know what John Titor stands for, and actually I do not care either.


The state of the world is what it is, and the anti-socialness that is inherent with some with the goings on. They keep doing it despite claiming to be Christians that are caught up with what - white collar alledged criminal management or discrimination or any other number of reasons they do what they do - and to me, not perfect but expecting perfection which to me fat people don't achieve either as well as other some other people, because the world to me actually wants to think that a higher supreme intelligence should be in their back pocket so to speak. I doubt that very much.



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Just a reply. I think Pi is a transendental number, never repeating the any sequence in the demical places from what I have read up to a great many number of decimal places, something like 200,000 or something like that with a book I had at one time that printed out the first 10,000 decimal place numbers after 3.





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Lol...Rainman....I think we got off to a bad start, but I am actually on the same side. My love of the absurd means you'll often find mutual exclusivity in my posts. But hell, if something can be a wave and a particle at the same time, I don't see a problem in thinking of 6 impossible things before breakfast and agreeing with them all.


Hmm. Pi.


Reciprocal of fine structure constant = 137.035999070


4(PI^3) + PI^2 + PI = 137.03676



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Lol...Rainman....I think we got off to a bad start, but I am actually on the same side. My love of the absurd means you'll often find mutual exclusivity in my posts.

No worries...this is fun for me. I don't take anything seriously. But that doesn't mean I let people off the hook easily if they post incomplete or unsubstantiated thoughts. :)


I can tell your intellect and ability to question responsibly is way higher than any of the "true believers" who hang out here. (and they know who they are recall!) :D


Just have fun while you're here. That's the main goal.





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Now whom is having fun with soup? ;)


Pi was relative to a "circle" & it's measurement.


Hrm, if someone was theorectically going "back & forth" how is that represented?


Two lines? Or the same train?


Has to be some balance especially with 'nicknames' fictional or not.


Take Top Gun, did Maverick or Merlin have a calculation?


I stopped at 'Pi' reversed being cool, well because of 'motion', 'forward motion'.


IE. The wheel etc.


Any way. Yeah, so if you followed his story and bought into the tale, let's pretend it was military and science founded ideas.


So Yeah, backwards Pi, cool huh?


John, as in "we have our John Doe"


Titor as in 'Travel in Time on Reconnaissance'.


Kinda fit the whole schema of the story.


See the Brass and think tanks would be happy in that scenerio.





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Oh wow...of course yes....PI has to come into it somewhere. But if that were a criteria then I'd be a prime time traveller candidate



"PI" is not a universal constant. It is only a constant in plane geometry. Plane geometry is not a function of curved spacetime, therefore, by definition, it is not a constant of time travel...assuming that time travel is something associated with General Relativity and curved spacetime.



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Kinda the same idea why I said a circle and not a sphere ?


Some things names are used in honor and some in application.


Though without Pi I doubt we'd be having this discussion? ;)


'And I won't bother with the metaphoric way one could take Pi measuring the wheel above and tie it to 'motion in the 3rd'. Let alone reversed. That's not tied to calculation, it would be tied to a personal jest, or 'code'.


If such were the case. I just like to read into things because it's fun and regardless of relevance I tend to learn things I didn't know before. Useful? whom am I to say.


Maybe I'm reading into bunk, and just maybe fictional or not, I'm reading into the subconscious of the person whom designed it without even their knowing.


See who's to know?


I guess that's why everything has it's place. Nash would have an interesting retort I'm sure lol.



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