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Time Travel Monopoly


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It's not fair. The first madman to get his hands on tie travel can do anything he wants. Anybody that comes after him will be zapped from the future. Perhaps "voices from above". Let me just say that if this man went back in time, something very interesting would happen. He could make the blind see using high tech medical equipment. He could appear three days after his death by time travel. If you haven't figured it out already, I'm talking about "God". The only reason he doesn't zap me right now is because there is nothing I could do about it. Like I said, "It's not fair."


Pretty soon, he would have a good following. People couldn't resist his promise of eternal life. He could just take them to the future and they could...well, live forever. If this is true, he runs a time-travel Monopoly that can't be brought to court by any government or organization. He also is a great humanitarian by teaching "love", but he still isn't a God.



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Now there's a concept!! God hold ing a monopoly on Time-Travel. Hmmm... maybe we should get the states to get together and sue him like Microsoft. Or perhaps a class action lawsuit on Everlasting life? Wonder if he'd be like Bill and hire a bunch of yes-sayers to wiggle his way out of it? Well then he wouldn't be perfect and if he wasn't perfect then he wouldn't be God .... oh geesh all of this is starting to sound the beginning of a paradox. :)



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Although to me your perspective seems fairly accurate to what I know to be true of Time Travel. I just can't help feeling a sense of loss. But also of relief, that I am not the only one who feels this way. The possibilities that Time Travel and God go hand in hand have been the sole basis for my continuing battle here and other places on the Internet. It is for that reason alone, that I exist here and now, as the TimeTravelActivist.


Driving my soul to infinite possibilities daily, of counter-acting a force greater then my self? Or just observers in another Time?


This is the idea that I have been attempting to make others aware of for the past 3 years. The 2 sided possibility that goes unconsidered. But will doom us all if not. The path that ends just at the threshold of our human existence ends when we condemn our selves to an existence of temporal limbo. To the beginning of "We created man in our image" to being written out of the book of life.


I have been trying to find a way out of this curse (life), and dealing with it or accepting it will not make the problem go away. But ensure that we continue this endless cycle for our spirituality. How can I accept something that I know is basically wrong? The ends to this, does not justify the means…


Our enemy is the future; they orchestrate our lives to accomplish their goal, completely disregarding our human principles. Free will, free thought, all an illusion. You never had them, at least not to the extent you thought you did.


How coincidental is it when something random becomes so fixed. When you come to realize that had 1 variable been out of place, this would have never happened. A 4th dimensional consciousness is implemented with the out come of events coming together, to create an end result that will ensure our spirituality, whether we like it or not.


Or maybe I should speak for my self when I say like it or not, I will not like it. Some others will surely welcome & embrace this concept as being their only means of feeling whole and of coping with life.


That in the end, will allow Time Travel, and bring everything in motion to begin it all again. And the TimeTravelActivist and everything he worked so hard for, would have been for nothing.




P.S. If any one has any questions regarding this post, ask me a question here and I will reply. Thank you.



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I do believe the TTA is correct in all respects to time travel and this post!


It is a masterpiece!!! It should be written in gold in the history halls of time!!!


It is unfortunate that only a handfull of people may truly understand this.


TTA has great insites that we all need to learn from.


All in good time...





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To Mark:


Dear Mark"


I must correct one point in your post, God as we know him now, really does not have a monopoly on time travel.


How this truly goes, is God and the angelic heiarchies, officiate over people's souls and some of their spiritual doings.


However God in the administrative, does not restrict time travel.


If you want to time travel and have the means, by all means do so!?


However how we effece God in the spiritual, differs slightly from referencing him in the administrative.


The problem with reference now, to the administrative God, who is roughly known as the Christian consortium God, is that he is on a structial hiatus, or leave of influence.


This is so, as Earth based mankind, should have started exploring space by now.


However because of corrupting infleunces placed upon mankind on Earth, this Christian consortium God's children, God as we reference him on Earth, can do little about the situation that we collectivly find ourselves in.


God is not effecting our outcome. All he is doing is acting as an administrator, to our end means, if this situation arises?


What I have put foward here, has very little to do, with the expression of faith and your own personal belief system involving God.


Please note, what I have discovered is that there is even a God's type of union, where other cultures have a God, through their own belief systems.


This had been brought out in the book, Psychic Warriors, which is about Pentagon remote viewing techniques.


There are some problems, such as part sof the U.S. goverment being started by ex world war two nazies. With even some of the rich, such as one of the Rockafellers, being let into the coutry from Germany, who was also a devoute Nazi.


However these flys in the ointment compaired to God and some gods are minnor.


Remember the administrtyive aspect of some dieties, differs greatly from the faith and belief system, involving that diety.





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Very interesting your perspective on God as being a higherarchy


administrative. So God has given us a system in which to run


by inself? Whats happening with time travel here on earth and in this demention of the multiverse is a crime being commited by


TimeTravelers and our very own goverment to manipulate and orchestrate events that change the history of our world. Like September 11th! (lets see how smart anyone on this site is to know the real reason behind it?)


Open to anyones comments?





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Interesting post. Never heard of the Almighty as being compared to a business type CEO metaphor before :).


However, one conflict I had with your point, was when you made the statement in the beginning of <<God as we know him now, really does not have a monopoly on time travel>> and <<God is not effecting our outcome.>>


Besides the obvious question, how do you know?


But then towards the end, you end off giving your disclaimer and putting it that all of this is circumstational.


<<What I have put forward here, has very little to do, with the expression of faith and your own personal belief system involving God.


Please note, what I have discovered is that there is even a God's type of union, where other cultures have a God, through their own belief systems.>>


So I think, what I'm trying to get at is, what are you really saying? You came on strong stating what sounded like a firm definite truth about God, to it being subjective. I'm confused.


By the way Creedo299, what do the numbers 299 mean?


Further more, I'd like to just acknowledge those who just recently posted to me. I'd like to say thanks :). It's tough being an Activist when you feel that no body is listening to a word your saying. I'm glad there are a few people out there that understand the importance of my work.


Yes, crimes are being committed by Time Travelers, the double digit phenomena is proof of this... I know of loved ones close to me, and others throughout the internet, who are forced an existence they never asked for. Forced to endure it daily, to no end. All a relentless struggle, where each day becomes a sad and pathetic attempt after another.


Were it becomes a never ending battle to cease this malevolent conspiracy, of claiming our soul. And the faint desire of hope is all that remains, hoping to one day reach that dim light of justice. Hoping that some day, there will be someone who will come to lend light to this. Someone who you can call a friend, and together make the SOB's responsible for this pay.


Of course, that's how I feel about it. Anyone want to add anything to this, be my guest.





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The nature of 299,I can not reveal.


As the claims had come forth in some oriential movies,"Oh yes Tak-es-sha-shima' it must have been a UFO"!?


AS YOU HAD INTIMAITED;The nature of this conspiracy, as partially revealed, has to do with how Pleiadean women only have their periods ever two months, as opposed to how Earth women have one,once a month.


What is the logic of a body sute that eats the after effects of a womans body, as opposed to a Lite Day OvalPad.Firthermore, with this new information, with technical improvments on FDS products, stillwhat is the inhearent logic of FDS?


The factual truth lies there.


Decode this peice of information, and you've got the answer?



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This 'make himself God through time travel" idea doesn't hold water. Such a charactor might be every-when but he could not be every-where. The world runs in parralell mode more than serial mode. The Dutch Boys' only got so many fingers. The REAL God is gonna have a flood and busted dam if he wants one.


Have you seen the movie "The Montauk Project"? I say any one who wants to take over 'time' would be better off brewing home-made nitro in the back of a speeding truck with bad brakes.


If there are nefarius groups and individuals out the abusing "time travel power" so what? Just one more bunch of clowns in a million ring circus. In my opinion the world is perfectly f***ked up just as it is. Its like the soup of the day at the local greasy spoon. Stir it all you like it's still soup and you'll never be quite sure whats really in it.



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I always enjoy reading your smart-allac anecdotes Shadow. It's refreshing.


Perhaps all our efforts in figuring out life are meaningless. But if they are not, and we didn't try at all to improve conditions, well we'll really be f***** then.




<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">



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I have to agree with TTA!!! We have to try to improve conditions!


In response to the soup of the day at the local greasy spoon, Stir it all you like its still soup and you'll never be quite sure whats really in it.


Dont you think that an ignorant approach?


I guese if you want to live life like that its perfectly fine for you! You would never know the difference!!!


That famous saying comes to mind,


What you dont know won't hurt you!


Ignorance is bliss!


I'll tell you what, that soup is Sodium cyanide!





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<font size="1" color="#FF0000">LAST EDITED ON 29-Dec-01 AT 01:48AM (EDT)</font>


LoL, Sabotaged by the ghost in the machine ehh :)?


Well if this isn't unsettling to you, try having something like this happen to you everyday for 3 years (others longer) of your life? And behold, I will present to you the ShadowActivist.


Perhaps then, you will feel that your soup metaphor will suddenly emerge with a 3rd option.


You're a critic Shadow, like me :). I don't think you would allow something like this to take control of your life, and be okay about it.


Take that hypothetical assumption into consideration when you spend another hour trying to recreate something that will not sound as good as when you first typed it. (I know how that spur of the moment rush goes ;)).


By the way, can you prove this happened (Sound familiar :))?


Maybe next time you will enable auto recover.





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Job One: avoid disapointment,


We are all doomed. Life is a process of becoming comfortable with that fact. Failure is the natural condition of the universe. Success is the accident we take credit for. Pain is the gift that goes away now and then.


Expectation of betterment is the whip of slavery. Give up and do what you feel like doing, because in the end we just lose one more time.


Expect nothing, but take it all, keep what you like, and most importantly throw the rest away. Ignorance IS bliss. Be happy -just for the hell of it- cause that REALLY pisses everybody off. When they go for your throat, point out that the waiting line starts away over there.


Oh yes, this is all about time travel, as any good TT guy must remain unruffled or at least loose enough to roll with a good punch. What ever goes wrong, well somebody else can fix it later - if they feel like it.


My favorite songs? Dance Band on the Titanic


Goodnight Irene


The Dead Egyptian Blues



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"enable auto recover"


what in heck is that?


Doing things is un-avoidable, now un-doing things is magic.


"can I prove this happened?"


I can't even prove it didn't happen.


Redferns' Tenth Insight is a real good read on strange coincidence.


Have you read Carlos Casteneda?



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And I thought, I was harshly honest :).


I think I like your sarcasm persona, better then your @$$-hole persona of last years.


It really sounds that you don't give a #&@$ what happens anymore. Given up? Because maybe you didn't succeed? Or to lazy to try again?


Disappointments are always going to be present. That is why you have to choose what you do carefully.


No matter how much I get harassed and urged by the Christians at my work, to get to Church, they can't phase me or get me to go.


Why? Because I will not be apart of something when others find them selves with the cold harsh reality, of disappointment down the line.


Religion, spirituality, genetic engineering, cloning, Time Travel. Everything I oppose, and will continue to oppose till the day I leave this world. I oppose because I know better, and have already been disappointed.


Yet, it has not made me succumb and surrender my soul to it's effects, but made me aware that the causes to these disappointments can be averted.


All it takes is a little ambition and awareness that something must be done, and with the help of others, things will get done.


Yes, the TimeTravelActivist is hopeful that something will be done ;). Soon hopefully…


Hey here's a paradox for you, if people like you didn't accept what happened, no unethical forbidden sciences (Time Travel, Cloning, genetic engineering) would have ever happened. But since they were just under the impression that 'somebody else' would fix it, it never was. Therefore, allowing the current condition to deteriorate would make people like you responsible for what happens from here on.


But don't worry, I am the TimeTravelActivist. I am 'somebody else' who can fix what people like you allowed in the first place.


That should make you sleep better at night knowing that, ehh Shadow?




<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">"For what was, for what is, and for what will be. I will fight for it's preservation."



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What are you using, MS Word?


I'm using MS word 2000.


Try it on yours; maybe it's the same for older or newer versions.


First Go to: Tools >> then: options >> then choose the: save -tab.


It should show a couple of options for saving. Choose what's right for you.


Auto Recover restores your document to it's last save once you open word again. It works best with background save enabled.


Try it and let me know if you got it.


<<Redferns' Tenth Insight is a real good read on strange coincidence.


Have you read Carlos Casteneda?>>


No, but I will check out amazon.com and read it's reviews. Thanks for the tip.





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There is a built in human need to believe in a power (any thing) greater than ourselves. Screwing that need around to fit somebody elses agenda is what love, politics, salesmanship, and religion is all about. Telling them all to 'hit the road' is a good start on the road to saving your own soul.


The whole trick is being lucky enough to survive intensive 'schooling'.



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What real meaning will that ideal give you, when your entire existence is set up to just not give a @#!$?


No ambition to fight fires or cure diseases. Not interested in having your family and friends love you?


What then, is the alternative, Shadow?


Sit at home in your underwear all day watching videos and just fritter away?


I find no salvation for our souls in inaction, but just going on strike, to living life.





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