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Time Travel Monopoly

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Hello Shadow! This is in tribute to TTA


I read the book the celestine prophecy by James Redfield.


I have great difficulty excepting the subliminal persuasion


of this book. (I am not easily taken by what I read.) In my understanding of the story everything revolves around


an energy field and if everyone on earth can achieve this vibration (at the same time) according to the ninth insight we can all cross over and walk right into heaven in our same form. (I did not read the tenth insite yet, but It's probably along the same lines.)


Celestine Prophesy wasnt the only book that relates to this. The book Time Travelers from our future by Bruce Goldberg relates to


this as well in the last chapter stating: Civilization will die, unless it escapes our dimensional universe collapse. Just moments before the collapse we may be able to enter the other dimensional universe and avoid our previous fate. (Bruce Goldburg goes on to say:) Of course by that time we will have mastered hyperspace travel and our future should be secure. We can thank the time travelers for our eventual salvation.


That is the mission of the time travelers but I dont buy it! I think its a place of eternal slavery! They are the ones playing God! (Not God himself!) God is about love and FREEDOM!!!


Time Travelers are manipulating us in the past, present and future, genentically altering us SPIRITUALLY! they have there hand in everything even down to september 11th! all for spirutual advancement for just this purpose!


TTA is correct in all his postings! There is something we can all learn from him. We all need to take our blindfolds off and see what time travelers are hiding from us and to unlease the truth! We are all individuals each one of us was created a new soul! Time Travelers want to steel our energy for some evil purpose and enslave us to the future!


Shadow, I refuse to live in ignorace and be a slave!





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It's really a good feeling to hear someone else feels the same way about things. I was surprised, and delighted to hear what you said about Time Travel in your last post.


Finally, I have met another person who feels that Time Travel is not a fantasy, or an ethical means of reaching humanities goals.


But who are you? I'm skeptical that you agree with everything I say.


Unless, you too are going through life with strange experiences?


That would explain it…


I see you read Dr. Bruce Goldberg's books, -Time Travelers from our future.-


Hmmm, interesting.


Just prior to me becoming the TimeTravelActivist, you all know today ;). I was in telephone contact with Dr. Bruce Goldberg for a few weeks. He was, or should I say still is a busy man. He was nice enough to offer me assistance with what I was going through, in exchange telling him what I thought about his book and the future.


In the end, we had a falling out, where my opinion on Time Travel differed from his, and I became plagued by a constant sense of vertigo, and strange coincidences. Where then my pleas to have him cure me, fell on deft ears… Since I had no job, or means to pay him.


That is today, my continuing search. Where so long ago, I always wanted to be a Time Traveler, now I stood as a defector. To that childlike dream, the hope that someday I would become a Chrononaut, and be able to alter the past, was in the end my undoing.


I now, 21 years of age, and the only TimeTravelActivist in the world, stand-alone.


Until now…


Just as I, who once was a man ready to throw my life into the pursuit of Time Travel. Others now understand that they too, would be nothing more then accessories to manipulation and exploitation at the hands of Time Travelers, had they allowed acceptance of this science/technology go unquestioned.


I hope that you ??? who ever you are, will realize that being an Activist is a difficult responsibility, but a meaningful one. But not to worry, you will not be alone ;).


I think we should talk… Please e-mail me to: [email redacted]


Anyone else wish to know more about the Time Travel threat, should ask questions. I know you may not like having your fantasy trampled on (I know, I was once like you). But you should know, that Time Travel has consequences that will affect us all. And that is not just selfish, that is WRONG!







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I consider meaningful coincident, de-javu, synchronisity, to be the tracks left behind (or set in front of us) by time rifts. Now lets see, if time is a linear extention of gravity then a time rift might also leave tracks as gravity fluxuations and that might be sensed as vertigo. Or visa-versa, if one is sensitive to vertigo it might lead one to skip in and out of parallel sections of the time stream.


The art of having these skips turn in ones own advantage is what most put off as pure luck. The play between good luck and bad is what life is all about. Only a few of us discover this fact on a conscious level. Some have enough good luck to make it unnecessary to go about questioning the hands of fate.


I know this sentence will come back alooking for me but here goes any way: The bad-guy time travlers are here messing with us - but they are NOT human.


So, TTA are you saying that the more one tries to manipulate time the more likely he is to be picked up on and delivered with setbacks?



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<font size="1" color="#FF0000">LAST EDITED ON 30-Dec-01 AT 10:03PM (EDT)</font>


Just today when I woke up from a long nap, 12 hours to be exact. I had brief moments where my eyes would open to look at the alarm clock, next to my bed. And each time I would look at the clock, it would give me 11:22 a.m., 1:33 p.m., and 3:22 p.m.


And just now when I read your post, it was 6:22 p.m.


Now the contents of my dream where nothing short from extraordinary, but the times where the intermission for the next dream would begin, I would always wake up at double-digit increments.


<<The bad-guy time travlers are here messing with us - but they are NOT human. >>


Are you saying they are Aliens?


If you do, then I am way ahead of you in considering that possibility.


I've had a couple of dreams involving extraterrestrial entities.


I can't say I like them any better then the human Time Travelers. I consider them in the same category of the individuals I plan to make pay someday.


<<So, TTA are you saying that the more one tries to manipulate time the more likely he is to be picked up on and delivered with setbacks? >>


Well I'm not sure. But it would seem logical to think so. If you knew that a close friend of yours was going to win the lottery soon, wouldn't you do anything to make sure it wasn't him who won it?


I think after reading some of your recent posts, I think you would :).


All I want to do is communicate the message, that Time Travel is wrong. They're millions of people who are being manipulated and exploited by Time Travelers every moment of everyday. Something must be done…


I expect the very little progress I've done already to inform others, is being re-written to make the bar just a little higher for me to reach.


But you know what? That's okay, because I know that I am persevering against adversity on a temporal level. And that they will never be able to stop me from trying to make others aware of what's going on behind closed curtains.


Unless of course they do something to stop me permanently, and the TimeTravelActivist, is no more. But if that happens, I will be proven right, and everyone will see their true intentions. Maybe…





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<font size="1" color="#FF0000">LAST EDITED ON 30-Dec-01 AT 11:09PM (EDT)</font>


Not to get off track here, but has anyone reviewd this thread yet?


********* "Physics involving time travel" *******************






*Back to the Future... "Time Out For Time" *


just my usual ramblings, forgive me for the intrusion.


*Back from the past..."Time's gone a missing again! :)<LoL>





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This is SR5891 of the Federation; I am here to give some information and some warnings.


TimeTravelActivist I advise you to stop this immediately. There are reasons for Time Manipulation/Convoluting (or TC). We do realize that you are against TC, but we assure you it IS necessary. For your own safety I am asking you to stop.


As for the rest of you (attempting to build Time Machines), you are to call the first successful Time Machine ALPHA. We found we could hasten the process carefully by telling you that the first Time Machine will require these elements:


Am (Americium)


Pm (Promethium)


This information will put the United States of America a few years ahead in Time Travel Technology. Do this not for the glory of Time Travel, do this for your country.



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I'm saying that it is the aliens vs the humans.


(Oh, is the lotto winable via TT?)


If we are not pawns in a plan then we are pawns by random chance.


What the thieves really want is your dignity, even though they can never wear it themselves. Keep the moral high ground or keep nothing at all.



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Who in the blue hell, are you?


What makes you think that I will believe or take the advise of someone who just comes in here running his mouth about being from a federation and knowing what's best for the us all.




I am the TimeTravelActivist -Just try and stop me.


In the words of my new friend ???, I refuse to live in ignorance and be a slave!


Just bring it!




<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">"For what was, for what is, and for what will be. I will fight for it's preservation."



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To save the world


I just don't care


cause I'm hanging around


in my underwear


Of shoveling s**t againts the tide


I glow with the gratest pride


I've got a resume of failures that would choke a horse, and I plan to add to it for years to come. I am the CHRIST of failure. Its what I do best. .... a record of near perfection.



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SR5819 (of the Federation?)


Why is time manipulation/convoluting so necessary?


Are we playing dice? and involved in an obscure and complex version of poker in a pitch dark room, with blank cards, for infinite stakes, with a dealer who won't tell you the rules?


Dice can sometimes be thrown where they cannot be seen.


Please respond,





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Hello'I must post under an alleias, even though...?


For Shadow and the said TT.


You must know this interface between humans and aliens.


Humans, to an extent are aliens.


The Michael Cremmo web site, does show information that in some instances, mankind and his gentic design, has been altered.


This is genetic and in the physical.


The spiritual within the God consortium, or as you understand God to be, is a differing department.


There was a differing division of time travels, which was part of the hidden U.S. Government.


However by and large this was for their pourposes and was not geared for humankind by and large.


What has comeout of the Rainbow Projects, is the Phoenix Project, where mankind can more redily travel into time.


However augmentation for personal political or spiritual gain, with the newer systems, has not yet been verified, only suspected.


To the time travler, there has been another of this time, who has a number of times, been sucessfull at small leaps in time travel.


In some instances dimensional portals.


Mankind at this point, is his own direction shadow.


The aliens you throw insults at, are in a measure yourselves.


Yes there are both it seems good and bad E.T. influences, however you as a junior E.T., must sort out who is whoand this can be done very rapidly on the web.


As for Andreson and group, they have it seems polaited to certain God factors within their own group, due to the past bad broadcast on the Montauk Group.


So you see there are many E.T. influences here on Earth, some or many hidden bases and these are posted as such.


Additionally also star gates and new larger stile time traveling machines.


However political manipulation by time travel.



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Well Shadow at least you still have your favorit songs.


Dance Band on the titanic


Goodnight Irene


The Dead Egyptian Blues


You should listen to the song by: The youth Ahead (Has anyone seen my underwear)


Its a real headbanger but it might help you cope!





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"So you see there are many E.T. influences here on Earth, some or many hidden bases and these are posted as such."




Yes the TAP-TEM MAGI assembly is quite aware of this information.


*See: Hidden Underground!


Secret underground labs? Underground Bases? if they exist, we find out them and discuss them within our organization.


Below are some of the examples of those subjects before us...


Alien Bases


Alien bases on Earth? (You might get a chuckle, then again you might be suprised!)




The Sauder Zone




There is much more going on within the scope of our ability to see what is before us that operates outside of our physical eyes are capable of revealing unto us from what we see through them and when that veil gets lifted to those who can see beyond this physical QSE it becomes ever so clear to those who do to return with the knowledge and insight that the more we learn, the more we begin to understan how little we truly know!


---T12 of TAP-TEN






<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">"Everything you know,...is Wrong!


soon we shall all discover the truth."





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>>>you want us to do the same<<<


No, no, no. Give up your foolish lost causes, and spend the time helping out ol' #1; yourself. Those who do not try never fail, much less fail spectacularly. The key to my survival is that failure creates rubble, lots of it. It becomes a matter of fashioning bits of rubble into the next failure.


>>>competing for such a record<<<


Forget about it. I have no living competition. Many of course get taken down so completely the first time that they never get the chance to get back up. I have hundreds of debacles to my credit. I know the thrill of Rocky in the 19th round. What do you do for entertainment?


My advice is simple; do it the easy way and go for the sure thing. Super heros are for the movies.



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>>>>Are we playing dice? and involved in an obscure and complex game of poker in a pitch dark room with blank cards, for infinite stakes, with a dealer who won't tell you the rules?<<<<<<


Thats my first guess. You don't hear much from the losers, they're mostly dead already. Happy trails.



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So is that what your doing for entertainment this New Years Eve?


Watching Rocky V? (That's what's on tonight in So.Cal).


Nice choice… After you've seen and done it all, there sure isn't much left is there ;)?


How about putting meaning into something you do? You don't have to be a super hero, and it's not all for nothing. Good things come out of the kindness and will of others.


Of course to you this kind of talk makes your stomach turn, but who are you to tell us to live the life you feel is right, when you don't like others telling you the same?


<<What do you do for entertainment?>>


Thanks for asking… Well tonight I went to the movies and saw 'Lord of the Rings'


Nice movie, and with a compelling meaning of 1 can make a difference.


I especially liked that part ;).


You should watch that movie, maybe it would give you some perspective on the spirit of people helping people.


After all, how much different perspective can one gain by just sitting by the T.V. in one's own underwear?


Get out, and live life. But do so with meaning. And don't ever give up.


I hope that the New Year brings everyone meaning :) And a new sense of belonging. We've endured much, and learned much.


Let's us use this New Year as a new beginning, and live up to our morals and principles.


Not be the year mankind surrenders and gives up.


The path is all laid out in front of you… And which path you will take, is entirely in your hands?


-TTA wishes everyone a Happy and sane -I mean safe, New Years ;).


See ya next year.



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Nice upbeat reply, thanks.


2002 after "the towers" is the real start to the new century. I think the new net\cellphone connected world is going to bring a decade of backlash causing people want to hide, unplug and start looking after THEMSELVES. (hows that for a contrarian attitude?) Get a jump on the trend and watch out for #1.


Kindness and honesty, today is looked upon as weakness and foolishness that obligates others to milk you dry. What good will you be after that?


I never dreamed I would agree with anything George Bush would do, but in my view he is not just with the times but leading them, by kicking butt from hell to breakfast.


If there is any mercy in this world, let somebody else beg for it. Where there is evil, let them have THEIR share of it.


The indicision of the 90s is over. The war is on. Take no prisoners, cause nobody else is.



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<<unplug and start looking after THEMSELVES. (hows that for a contrarian attitude?) Get a jump on the trend and watch out for #1.>>


I think that selfish trend started a long time ago. And I believe it's the cause for what's happened to us.


A few selfish people had to ruin it for the rest of us… Nice philosophy, we know where it leads to.


But like I said, the TimeTravelActivist is the buffer between what people like you will sanction or accept :).


I wouldn't want to have to clean up the mess people like you made by not doing anything about it.


<<Kindness and honesty, today is looked upon as weakness and foolishness that obligates others to milk you dry.>>


Who else see it this way?


Maybe just you, and George Carlin ;).


<<The indicision of the 90s is over. The war is on. Take no prisoners, cause nobody else is.>>


Everyman for him self, is basically what your saying, ehh Shadow?


I take it you don't have a girlfriend or a wife.


If my ambition was to be that lazy and lay around in my apartment watching HSN in my underwear, I wouldn't blame my wife for leaving me.


Fortunate for me, I'm not. And the TimeTravelActivist is a real go getter, if ya catch my drift ;).





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We had not known of the information that yoiu had suppoied us with, via the offered web sites.


We did know of some bases here, however not to the extent that was told via these very many seperate disclosures.


We had done an information serch.


The results for the informationsefh on the origens of modified man as most board memeber here known him, is that Earthbasedman is a heavily modifed being.


As a result of the serch we had found these enigmas.


Parcil block information source, Andromedians, Old Line, as depitcted on Colunel Stevens book, UFO Crash At Azteck, A Well Kept Secret.


Yes they had lost a ship in the American Southwest.


However this information is now gained via the film known as The Alien Autopsey Film.


The sixth finger, denotes by and uasual, extreme age within a developing species.


We knew nothing about the standard Earth files person huamnkind, which are mixed.


We osmosed fourty medical libraries on gentic varians.


The occurance of the sixth finger, denoters an entire range of input of ancient fostered genes, into your race.


We repeat, this is not what you Earthling refer to as a modern abduction and genetic manipulation of the insitu configurations?


These structure are inhearently old and have been part of mankind, for many eaons.


The danger to the sects of Gray beings as well as the new Andromedian wave as posted concerning South Ameica, is an old inhearent virus, which post whichin the DNA matrix.


This virus self creates when only so much manipulation occurs, with concerns to attempted modern recopnfiguration, as posted about the South American hidden bases.


The end result, is not a sturdy or acceptable end point DNA stabelized configuration.


Hense a lizard-like virus is produced, which is similar to an Iguanna blight.


In short, the Andromedians are practicing killing themselves.


We know even less about the Andromedians, other than some aspects of them are sected.


We do not culturially know or understand as to whether or not their desire to kill themselves, via self emergent manufactured viruses, is a social phenom, or some stile of religion not fully understood as of yet?


On time travel as this is time travel proper board.


Yucks may.


Thomass Dehn.(((Fractile gemoterically speaking.


Is one laseaques zeor point, factored into multi infinities the same as real?


Barslos com mea barto kus weee-ves-


If man say he from Palo Alto is U.S. Army kind, is cell case equipm,ent in Ford car yum.


Isss car eit zeron poimpts ap mazimumz contaiments.Theen sise beside universes make contaminations.


Is Dehn now real is others?Yees, yee, yes!


Iam nut guud a talken is wearin uff.liawkjub bw4



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Hi' Alien Translaitor, I think I know who you are?


There is a small request I am going to make however.


Please leave the time travel section and join me in the E.T. Paranormal phenominon section, okay.


The MOP might become upset about you posting extraterrestial subjects, within time travel?



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