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U.S. Military is socialist and anti-God!


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My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ,


When I first entered the military I was right out of high school and I didn't know anything at all so when I signed that contract I did so without knowledge and understanding of what it exactly it was I was doing, When the recruiter first signs you up you don't get told that you are signing away you rights. Our Founding Father's believed that our rights come from God himself that only he could give or take away these rights, so how then could the government require me to give up what God has ordained for me to have? And again how can I sign away that which God has ordained for me to have himself, our freedoms and liberties come from God, he is the source and the author of freedom. I could not give away my rights anymore than I could give away my soul because God granted our freedoms and only he has the right to take them away. I had no knowledge of this whatsoever when I first joined the military, but I can say honestly that after 4 years I understand what the Founding Fathers intentions was what they truly believed and what they were willing to die for. And you know what, I am willing to fight for, and die for the same things. The military is wrong in it's trying to coerce people into signing away their freedoms and their liberties because of the fact that you couldn't sign them away even if you wanted to because they are ordained and given by God. The military is just engaging in the same kind of sedition and rebellion against the Constitution and against God that the rest of this country is doing, I am telling you what, when the anti-christ comes into power he will use offices like the MEO (Military Equal Opportunity Office, Otherwise known as the military's version of the thought police/Gestapo!) and all these hate laws to persecute and yes, kill Christians. So you now what, I have every right to rebel against these petty tyrants and in my own way I will rebel and fight for my freedom. I am a free man, God owns my body and soul not these God - denying, bunch of anti-christ loving reprobates!


Live Free Or Die!


Your Patriot brother in Jesus Christ!



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God doesnt 'own' your body.


God doesn't 'own' your soul.


Are you sure that all three aren't the same whole, therefore no-one 'owns' anything. Your God given right is the only true gift in the entire universe, that is - FREE WILL.


The military Is exercising its free will to take control over their new/old recruits. The new recruits are exercising their free will to walk into an government organisation without checking thier rights aren't respected. Theres a lesson to be learnt here.


In a somewhat twisted event. Both are abiding to Gods law. That of free expression. Both are to blame and neither are innocent. Still at least you havent learn't of the militarys wrong doings. And thats sort of the whole point. you've probably grown becuase of this, no-doubt.


kindest regards,





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I don't like to ressurect an old post but this kind of [censored] irritates the [censored] out of me. I went to Ft.Benning this summer for OSUT ( One Station Unit Training ) that lasted 16 weeks. I don't remember the Army hating God. I remember every Sunday we would go to church on Sandhill. Sometimes there would be services on Saturday and even late on Friday. What branch of the military did you enter anyway and what was your MOS? If you cannot answer those questions then stop running your mouth about [censored] you obviously don't know.



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US Military and anti-God, complex has always been around for the people un-willing to conform to the military life. Former US Marine...1977-1980. God, Country and Corps, I know it is ridiculous for some too understand, but, a military brat has a better understanding than most.


Anti-God, save it for Congress and the Senate, the individual States of the Union are anti-God.


The USMilitary, like so many others, are also in the object of not wanting to offend anyone, let's not bring up God or Christ or Holy Ghost...this order was handed down in 1990 by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The US MIlitary hoiuses, Presbytarians, Metrhodists, Lutherans, Christians, Jews,


Scientologists, Buddists, etc, etc...If you worship your God, that is fine, the Chaplain is the only one who is forbidden to bring up God's name or Christs name. The internal infro-structure of the military is breaking down. It starts somewhere, always right-the military, the state houses,


and then the individual states themselves...Indiana State House of REps, are forbidden to mention any variation of God, and his Holy Name, unless you want to be jailed for it...


Some rock solid States, in the Bible Belt, are coming under fire as well.


Just think of Joshua- Choose whom Ye will serve this day; As for me and my house will Serve the Lord God Almighty!



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All of this isnt much of a suprise. I do believe this was foretold in The Bible. As long as your faith remains strong and intact, it really doesnt matter what happens around you. As long as some of us can maintain places of light in the growing darkness, God will always have a voice, regardless of location. Self-sacrifice is a small price to pay for spreading the Gospels. Not with a gun in hand, but with The Good Book. The Truth is more powerful than any weapon ever devised by man.



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When I first entered the military I was right out of high school and I didn't know anything at all so when I signed that contract I did so without knowledge and understanding of what it exactly it was I was doing, When the recruiter first signs you up you don't get told that you are signing away you rights.

Please. What did you think you were signing up for? The Boy Scouts? And you do have "rights" in the Military, which is governed by the UCMJ.


If the military wasn't for you, then fine, you do or did your tour and find a nice, safe job to do.


As for "God given" rights, I think I missed that section of the Bible.



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Wow! I'm not trying to make light of your experience. I know many who have had both good and bad experiences in the branches of our armed forces. I do know that Life is choice in our nation. Some nations don't even have that much. I'm not pro-Government, nor have I ever been. In fact, I detest many things our country has done. However, most countries in our world have but 2 choices, survive or don't. Do as you are told, or don't see tomorrow. We were the first country in world history to even think to give a crap about our brothers and sisters, no matter what we/they believe or feel. That is, in part, unconditional Love. That is freedom. The fact that you are here telling people about your negative experiences is truly a freedom you should be proud to enjoy, God given or not. I'm sorry you felt negative about your time with the military, but Life happened, and for that I'm greatful. You should be too.



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