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Forget Titor, look at Montauk?


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Forget Titor, look at Montauk?


There is something that is bothering me and is contigual to the John Titor saga.


If Titor did occur, then these happenings, must in some way, be contigual, or bearing on the Montauk time travel episodes, as said Titor, would be part of this fabric?


How this unfolds, is that by a female contacts, said to have associated with said Titor, there are two timelines, possible three interfacing with each other all of the time.


There has to be.


It was told that Titor had seen himself, as a part of his endeavors in time travel.


So in order for this to have happened, there had to be more than two timelines involved.


Where there is a problem, is that in the years 2550, I think it was, the Montauk conscripts, had gone to a place, they had recognized as New York, however outside of a fifty foot radius, there was nothing left alive.


Only the stature of a metal horse, which could have been where the U.S. was?


The problem and I think its staring at us every day, is the central sun.


This sun now burns in a white frequency and seems not to be stable.


What happened to Earths people?


Possibly were they removed and or died off, as a result of the Montauk findings.


Mathematically speaking how the Titor series of timelines works, is in similar fashion to two walls very close to one another, where a highly reactive ball is bounced in-between these two walls and continues to bounce, with each new time variance.


Think of this bouncing ball, as the timelines, barrowing from one another in order to balance.


While Titor is important here in theory, what is more important, is how and why the future timeline said in Montauk is seen.


There seems to be a stable plateau, inspite of said John Titor, to where human life does not make it on Earth, way in the future?


Edit, the abovve should read, 5250, not twenty-five



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It looks like the stable plateau has melted. Either that or the googily-monster sucked it up.


Eating all the apples. How long will we let him steal our candy?


Red Robin, I say. Let them ALL deal with it.


John Titor was in an eggshell, then the egg turned into a Volkswagen and flew away. Nuff said.


Egghams in a brick basket.



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The mathematical formula for Titor to Montauk looks like a rope and uses advanced trigonometry formulae.


The end rope, up, is the set of all endings, in the future having to do with the sun malfunctioning.


The starting points, are all the sets of Titor information and there are at least fours sets of them, that are in this time or relative para-time.


The midpoint of these two points in-between, are natural variances, which correspond to movements, which are caused by timeshifts, variances caused by meteriors and mechanics of the Earth.


Most time travelers that we know of, use very neat systems and hide when they comes into a visiting timeline.


So these sorts of travelers, are unobtrusive and not detectable.


Spontageneous appearances, happens when there is a time violation and one of the timelines, must barrow from another, in order to balance from that timeshift.



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The Future time that they claimed to send recruits to - to observe the ruined city, was 6039 i think. Its was certainly in the 6000's. This is one of the most vague stories and could be disinformation, different timeline - or a made up reality by the project.


2738-40 - was they year Al claimed to stay in the future society run by AI that was related to the Wingmakers.


I dont think Titor had anything to do with montauk or any future related projects. obviously - i dont believe Titor full stop. But at least With montauk the story is deeper then a few time travel accounts. Montauk would never carry out public missions.


The last book in the montauk series is actually the best case of it being real. It donesnt focus on the more fantastical claims of the projects.


Raz, I really dont think its possible to do research on the montauk case by speaking to Ex directors of the base and people that used to work there. More or less everyone that worked their would be ignorant to it. Or deny it.



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