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Does time exist in the first place?


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My mom says that the reason we can't go back to the past is because the past is no longer back there. It's gone! Your idea about change is a thought-provoking one! The idea of time being a "dimension" is similiar to what happens when a surgeon grafts skin from one part of the body to repair another part of the human body. The idea is that nature uses "space" not only for actual space, but also, in a conservative way uses some of it to create time! That is my belief.



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I believe there is no time everything is happening now.The past was never back there, your mom is right. The past is now and using your energy body you may view it but you can never live in it physically because it doesn't exist anymore. I do beleive there are those that do not want you to visit your past because then you might just find out the truth.





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RE: Does time exist in the first place? (ALERT! imposters on this board!)


Please take notice that there are imposters on this board! Dob mentioned this before, and it is true that you can tell because they will steal your namesake registered as "Guest" when you review these posts, you will notice my own namsake being used by someone who is not Time02112 because the Phony registered using "Guest" anyone doing this is not me because if I come here to post I "Always" Sign in First!


moreover, I use graphic html images, and you can recognize my "signature" which carries a link to my yahoo profile.


Note to you phony imposters: "We will be watching You!"




your ip's will be reported and your abuse of this forum will be dealt with disciplinary action!






---T12<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">"Everything you know,...is Wrong!


soon we shall all discover the truth."





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RE: Does time exist in the first place? (ALERT! imposters on this board!)


As much as it pains me to repeat myself, sometimes it may be necessary when people simply don't pay attention!


"If anyone is going to use another authors name to post in a conversational message on this forum be it my namesake, or anyone else for that matter, would you kindly do so from now on in a likewise "Responsible" or at least "Respectable" means within your conversations?


Fantasies are alright to some degree so long as you don't allow them to run away with your relative thoughts, or display integral breeches that abuse the namesakes of others when posting about them."






<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">"Everything you know,...is Wrong!


soon we shall all discover the truth."





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RE: Does time exist in the first place? (ALERT! imposters on this board!)


Another indication as to who's who around here, just look at the amount of posts next to the posters name.


To Date, mine averages 694 ! so including this one, it should now read 695 posts.




---T12<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">"Everything you know,...is Wrong!


soon we shall all discover the truth."





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RE: Does time exist in the first place? (ALERT! imposters on this board!)


Imposter, why what do you mean Time02?


What was said in the post concerning the nautre of the universe, was very beautifull.


It's as if someone, "I would dare say", almost admired you and cared for you?


You know engineers disease, is that they only care for the object of what they do, however not for others.


Is this what you want, to be left alone and forbidden all contact, as this is the direction you'r headed now?




How did they know and is there a part of you...?


Well never mind I should say they should report this villan.


I mean after all, the great lord Time 0211 and 2, saying that he has definate emotions about the universe?


I should say, what rubbish.


Time to hide behind a dress for me.





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Is that what your alien masters told you? About the past not existing?


No wonder you think they aren't exploiting us, you don't even think the past exists for them to maniplulate.


Well it does... And staying ignorant is only going to make your life that much harder to face reality in the long run.





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I strongly urge posters to use their "Own" namesakes


"Not" mimicry of anothers. No excuses plain & simple


(That is all)






Below is some interesting links about "Secret Societies"


Bilderbergers, Trilaterals, "Zora Astrians", Free Masons, whatever you need to know about these secret organizations, for all to read & learn, and awaken.


*Ancient Mystery Schools


ANCIENT MYSTERY SCHOOLS These are some of the schools that taught the ancient wisdom and knowledge. ISIS THOTH ~ HERMES TRISMEGISTUS SACRED GEOMETRY TEACHINGS FREE MASONS GOLDEN DAWN HOLY GRAIL ILLUMINATI PRIEURE DE SION RENNES LE CHATEAU ~ These are some of the schools that taught the ancient wisdom and knowledge.




*Secrets of the Ancient Mystery Schools


Initiation into the ancient mystery schools involved the direct experience of the divine light.




*U.F.O.s Government Conspiracys, Time Travel, Paranormal, & etc.




*New Netizen / Winds Archive




*Artificial synchronicity, Matrix and telepathy


What's behind the Tao of the Matrix ? Control. Thought reading, artificial synchronicity, language manipulation. Free your brain.




*The Shadow Government


It is becoming increasingly apparent to American citizens that government is no longer being conducted in accordance with the U.S. Constitution, or, within states, according to state constitutions. While people have recognized for more than 150 years that the rich and powerful often corrupt individual officials, or exert undue influence to get legislation passed that favors their interests, most Americans still cling to the naive belief that such corruption is exceptional, and that most of the institutions of society, the courts, the press, and law enforcement agencies, still largely comply with the Constitution and the law in important matters. They expect that these corrupting forces are disunited and in competition with one another, so that they tend to balance one another.




*America's SHADOW Government


In 1953 U.S. Congressman B. Carroll Reece investigated tax exempt foundations. Rene Wormser, Chief Counsel for the Reece Committee, authored a book titled Foundations, Their Power and Influence on the findings of the investigation, in which he wrote, "The Council on Foreign Relations, another member of the international complex, financed both by the Rockefeller and Carnegie foundations, overwhelmingly propagandizes the globalist concept. This organization became virtually an agency of the government when WWII broke out. The Rockefeller Foundation had started and financed certain studies known as the War and Peace Studies, manned largely by associates of the Council <CFR>; the State Department, in due course, took these studies over, retaining the major personnel which the CFR had supplied".pg 209...






300,000 years ago space beings from a planet call Nibiru known as Anunnaki (Wormwood People) fought a war with benevolent creator gods over ownership of Mother Earth, and the Anunnaki won. Nibiru is the 12th planet of our Solar System...




*Bilderberg Research Website


Research into the Power Elite's secretive Bilderberg Conferences - from Bristol - England...




*Above "Top-Secret"


Information about top-secret government projects such as the installation Area51 or Groom Lake, the Aurora spyplane, HAARP, as well as Dulce and aliens!




~I hope that this may shed some light on the subject and perhaps answer more questions you may have as to "Why" such quantum technologies have been supressed, will continue to be supressed, and why hasn't anyone come forward yet by public demonstration of these technologies relating to Free Energy, Antigravity, Teleportation & Time~Travel.






<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">"Everything you know,...is Wrong!


soon we shall all discover the truth."





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What you did Time 02 is to have a goal and then do reaserch on a person, who you thought in some way, would help you achive your goal.


What if phylosophically there were special types of boobie traps placed on this person, not even to your knowlege?


Then what you diserve should be coming pretty soon.


I have an e-mail and you had better reach me fast.


What King wrote about the Gypseys and Gypsey curses, is no exageration.


I did not start nor plan this, however, please do get to me in my e-mail fast?



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RE: Does time exist in the first place?Eqalization of issues.A RECORDER:


This is a recorder statment to the effects on this board, placed for present and future reaserch:


This recorded may be used for a multitude of pourposes, however at this time be presented for equalization of social facts.


Note that firstly time travel had been creedo299's intrestest.


Two as creedo299 had entered the boards, the substance of the issues had been changed by a said John Titor, as this was a supposed man, who is by many issues of evidence, a felon personage sent from the future.


Durring this course of discussion of issues and probable verification as to whether John Titor was or was not a genunine entity and had indeed achived time travel, the meeting of the personage behind Pamela M. and Time 02112 had met on the boards.


Sice all three including myself, had issued statments to the effect that they had Angelic contacts, in one form or another, this happenstance was too much by issue, so was termed as a joining of three.


This term is so, as all particulars closely match each other.


There was then the issue that Time02112 has brought up, concerning ancient Atlantian linneage as a said.


This too was an equual issue brought forth in same charicter by creedo299.


Because the bad karma was never phylosophically excised, then to this date of 2002, there would still be consternation of issues between both creedo299 and Time02112, from differing varied social stratta of past Atlantis, as there had been past issues of past slave abuse, brought forth by chance.


This was a chance said and showing, of adding donkley, pig, or boar, as well as other lower working animals into the genetic struc xturte, by past Atlantian high preist, into the captured slaves held at the latter part of the Empire Of known Atlantis.


Via movie 1960s and books as a said correct.


This place, being off the Eastern seabard of the United States, by an American state now known as Florida.


*Note affluence can not stike down past karmic inequites.


I am not sure what neither Pamlea M.'s of Time02112's motives are, in the act of causing so much consternation on the supposed or real issue of John Titor, as to the now current boos of society, Titor had a real or imagined value of n, which is undetermined.


Pamela and creedo299 do share missing time, however this is not an issue as to whether this is real or not.


I must refract backwards, as it was my attempt to bring for the new outlines and this is known as, On the cover of Stevens book. Entitled UFO Crash At Azteck by Col. Wendelle C. Stevens USAF ret, there is a fine outline drawing of a being, who was said in the Santilli film, to be identicle to the beings as mentioned inside of Colnouel Steven's book.


This being as conjectured as reciently to this posting date, does have the indications of direct gentic imput, into the past width and bredth of this society, outside of the past Atlantis colloney.


Direct proof for this claim has been, the genetic varian, of the sixth digit, which actress Marylin Monroe was the most famous to have had her extra digist excised at birth.(foot)


In other words, we all carry the sixth finger gene input within our human body log files, however in most cases, this gene is recessed, or nonseeable.


The violation as it had come was though the process of attempted inscription of myself, to one of the principles I have just mentioned.


This is so, as one can not, inscript any seer, witch, wizzard, or soothsayer, on any promice and then not keep that promice.


This is illegal within the books and agreements of conscription and so enacts a curse, to where cause bears a return effects, to inproper attempted inscription of use ofthat agent.


This was the case, where creedo299 was to have close big gaping holes, within the structure of time and space, due to his secondary past gentic stance.


This would be, a qualified gypsey witch line, or greater, from a germanic stance, within a past bloodline.


What this particular had wanted me to do, is even well beyond the measures of even the most qualified full and seasioned wizzards.


Granted I am adept at hand casting, however this said or supposed operation, involves a full cloak, gem staff, tailor made, plus and intense pretraining, which at times, because of the forces involved, can kill the performer of sealed time and space portals.


This person's request at this time, is certainly well beyond what I am or could be supplied with.


This is the infraction of the second tennet.


God will come later within this disclosure, hower I must contunue.


The directional bench-mark, is thussly given upon the face of currency on the dollar, which adjust payments within the land said United States.


This is Alexander's Temple Mark, which is then said Kirfistan, then said Afganistan.




The above said is line and intention of Alewxander The Great and his intention for this future NEW LAND, Which is also known as the united States.


When conditions are injust, then Alexanders Alter is said, to be in danger of being defiled.


Alexander and his effect ment this change and concept to be afforded to today's line and letter.


This would mean manditory chosen space exploration, in order to save the conditions that had once composed Alexander's kingdom.


*Note this said in no way, is affileaited with any current group, who has so overlaied Alexander's past kingdom, which is the Afgany area of the modern world.


Because the laws of the United States hail from this ancient mark, then it is said in adjustments by this pressident.


SOCIOLOGY AND SOCITIAL MECHANICS.That when any one society grows to the extent that this s culture becomes overgrown, then it is with the efficacious proviso, that the governing body, shall provide and escape, or colonization phase, to the overgroth of that current civilization.


Henseforth if this recomendation is not followed by the planners and designers, then the problems of overgroth shall invest, which is culturial malise and self destruction.FIN


So the forsaid only means, that once a society hasd reached a certain point in groth, then that society, REGARDLESS of any complications inhearent within its structure, must expand its own bounderies within the process of colonization to aleave overcrowding.


This area lies benith the realtionship between formalized governments and the people's will, of which that government presides over.


This is my likeing, however not my will imposed upon the people.


So the second said involving any said witch-like abilites and curses which may follow as a purly defence operation, must fit within the forsaid boss of the founding principles of these United States.


And this would be, the supposed reltionship between the people and goverment.


It is my current instruction, by an advisor, where the said of anti-witch deformation is concerned, not to be so reactionary, in regards to false inscription, which has been a transgression of one of the two other compatriots mentioned.


This heading does under the Bill Of Rights and antidescrimintion, under secondarily which I am protected.


Concerning the mix of effects of the appearance of a said John Titor and as Pamela M.'s said, then these because of many bits of information which are probable and tangetial to the stories that a supposed John Titor has told, is considered as one notable factor.


The lea-off time as told by creedo299, as a required time within the ten year limit from year 2000, to 2011, disregarding all effects from any supposed geologic happenings.Is a time as afforded by the main Christian God, as to be able to transport Earth based man, from the surface of this planet in nonselected numbers, in order to releave the overcrowding cxonditions, which are a concern to both designers and planners.


In other words, we have now, a go-ahead from the main Christian God, to explore and colonize space, if this is both the people's and government's request.


In this frame I have been infracted aginst.


ANd yes there is a gypsey curse, that does go aginst false inscription, if that witch is not informed ahead of time, to what those expected duties may be.


No power can reverse this curse, excpet a three line sentance given, that (Yes I have not had just or balanced intentions, you should have known this and I'm sorry I had attempted this action to you and your cause?)


The above said is issued diretly in writing by the offender to that witch.This supposed person having done so, then more than likely the curse will be lifted, however this questmust be sincear?


This is a self defence curse.


For finnal balance to all boards as apast action,I hold no grudge against Time02112 and Pamela M., however what is proposed is a disturbing content within the said John Titor comment, on probabilites of tommarow.


Because of two fractiles within the Titor exposea, I creedo299 can not, and I repeat this, CAN NOT discount the Titor exposea, as a nonvariable.


I hope the personnas of Time02112 and Pamlea M. will forgive me for not lineing file and rank to your cause, however the sciologist warnings, about overgroth are the greatest threat to this nation and world.


To the Grays who read this script, as a union, yes the presence in the ancient sence of the Old Line Andromedians as depiected in Steven's book are recognized.


However the secondary script, is that of the right of self determination and secondary genetic changes, due to self regulaited changes are of equal weight here!


The secondary clause shatters all bonds on any society, no matter where this society is placed within the universe.


Thank you end of recorder creedo299



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