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Greetings from 2039


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January 19, 2006 - NASA's First Pluto Mission Blasted Off At 2 p.m. EST.


"The New Horizons mission is going somewhere no mission has gone before.


This is the frontier of planetary science." - Hal Weaver, Project Scientist


New Horizons Pluto-Kuiper Belt spacecraft blasted off today at 2 p.m. EST


from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. The trip of 3 billion miles, to take the first


close-up images of Pluto and the icy Kuiper Belt, will take about ten years.



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Make no mistake. This is no "hoax" I know how it sounds and I appreciate your lack of belief. I am posting here because this forum is on a list of many forums that I am to post on. There will be a certain individual who will read things in these threads that have a "lasting" effect on them.


However, the information I have given you although somewhat "vague" (for good reason) is valid.


Australia doesn't like us much anymore. Where we used to be allies, we are now silent acquaintances.


No there were no "zombies" as you described. Sorry. (Not really, that kind of sounds discusting)



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the information I have given you although somewhat "vague" (for good reason)

Only "good reason" is to try and cover the hapless hoax you have begun. You have not answered a single pertinent question that I have asked you. And I have also pointed out how answering some of them will cause no harm whatsoever.

Really....how old are you? You are not fooling most of us.





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However, the information I have given you although somewhat "vague" (for good reason) is valid.

Just like RMT said, there is no reason why you shouldn't answer at least some of our questions. Are you that afraid of being exposed?


So again, I will write this most important question out for you...


- With the opening ceremonies for the 2006 Winter Olympics drawing near and if you are so in tune to what Titor stated before (forget?, "There will be no OFFICIAL Olympics after 2004"), then what are your thoughts on this? They most certainly will not be cancelled in less than 2 weeks.


There is no reason for you to be "Vague" about this certain topic since in two weeks, it will belong in our present and not the future. Is it because if you are wrong, then your hoax will not last as long as you hoped?


Please explain..



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Time-post:The reason outside a direct address to the guest traveler, on the statement within said John Titor text, "Don't go more than a mile near a hungry man". is an atonement to a statement, within the John Titor text.


The reason I must caution for an explanation, as this statement is within the records.


What does this statement mean;, cannibals, zombies or some other digressed flesh eating beings? We and time travelers, as a cautionary note, all want to know?



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Please answer the follwoing questions about the future?


Answer the following questions.


What is the relative quality of the atmosphere?


Does soil and water have to be treated prior to use?


When radiation as an oversource, is primed as a remnant, within the environment and this affects inter-womb fertilization, visa vi sperm joining with the egg, in humans, what are the projected methods of interruption, of the normal telophase, of cellular progress, as it is realized by your era?


Did bicycles go back into production and if so, how many companies are there?


> Example asking, If I were to be hunting and walking along, and heard rustling within the bushes, I might one, also have a knife ready, as game may have mutated to be extra dangerous?


Two, Get ready and shot the game with my rifle


Or Three, Hope for the better, as game is badly contaminated?



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I just have some basic questions from some statements made in your earlier posts, if you wouldn't mind answering.


Incidentally, I arrived using the C206 G.D.T.D.U. (I will not display the diagrams for that unit as I was not supplied with them on paper)

Fine, but if you are familiar with the diagrams, maybe you can answer this. Is there an exploded illustration of any roller bearing labyrinth casing? If so there would be an ISO standard number documented within a callout somewhere near the illustration. This number would dictate what type of metal and lubricant is used for the casing. I'm just curious to know what the C206 uses and what standard it complies to.


2006 is the death of Ford

Ford Motor Company?


Allthough time travel is a normal part of 2039, it is kept under serious security. Only the millitary can use it.

Is there plans for deregulation for commercial use to be fully implemented by mid 2040?


And before anyone goes, it can take a year of preperation.

What are some of the standard procedures? Is time viewing part of the training?


Thank you



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Great questions!


Soil MUST be treated, if you can find soil that is treatable.


Animals are not really hunted for food anymore. They are sometimes used for farming. Some animals depending on where they were raised are safe to eat. But those are held in very high regard.


An improved version of the bicycle is created after the war. Self propelled transportation is also highly used.



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Pick an example?


Nanotechnolgy bots, are bots that are intoned with a set of intstructions, to where when they are introduced to a task target, assemble and then go to their task ends.


So if nano-mites where placed within a projectile and that projectile fired at a person, it would not only be the damage from the round fired, however the nonmites, within that projectile that would affact the target.


The second example, would be micro and macro machines, such as in the movie, Screamers 2, that would form their own communities, from their own handed off associastions, with past mankind.


These communities, might become totally rouge and take what they want, becomeing self sufficent?



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