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The Dual Language Diagnosis of John Titor


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Let me introduce myself, my nickname is Cipher. I am a certified Cryptologist with a fixation for code breaking of any nature. I also work for an agency that has an elaborate computer program that aids me in doing this. I have an old saying that goes like this: Watch the thoughts; they become words. Watch the words; they become actions. Watch the actions; they become habits. Watch the habits; they become character.


I would like to share my findings on the John Titor story or TimeTravel_0 as he's known by here. Regardless of how it appears, his story is not clad locked no matter how cunningly constructed. Its more like unfailing good humor. ;)


I have narrowed it down on this very forum (where the identity of John Titor was born). I also looked at other compiled information from around the internet and compiled a data format from the old Art Bell forum and Anomalies.net forum. But most of what I'm about to show you was obtained right here at the Time Travel Institute forum thanks to its search archive.


I'm going to show you how I gradually reduced it down to this unambiguous character.


To begin with, I divided (pulled apart) and noted particular words that were used in TimeTravel_0 posts right here on this forum. Words like:




















if your interested










I suppose










keep in mind








my friend






At the moment these are only a few, but the first 5 should give a strong indication as to the identity of TimeTravel_0 (John Titor).


By putting these words into the search engine archive here:




Go down to the empty box that reads: [Words to search for], you put in [LAZY]. Than you want to put in the [search options box], [entire phrase]. And for the [date range] you want to select [all posts].


If your wondering why one would search for the word LAZY, its because John Titor (TimeTravel_0) once told us that: No one likes you in the future. This time period is looked at as being full of "lazy", self-centered, civically ignorant sheep. Perhaps you should be less concerned about me and more concerned about that. - John Titor Nov. 2000


When you do this search you want to go back as far as you can to the date around TimeTravel_0's posts because in order to match up this persons lingual mind we need to observe the usage of particular words (in this individuals frequent choice of word expressions) that they were most commonly using or thinking of at that time, so that we can make a match in identity and character. And this is why the earlier date for the posting is of most importance. Even if you search latter dates you will find this person is very fond of the usage of the particular word "LAZY".


Here is my first search:




This was the first time this person posted on this forum 4-13-00: This date is several months before TimeTravel_0 appeared on the forum. The TimeTravelActivist also goes under the other user identity of Enforcer of Time. I assume this because he signs his name to both of the user names and posts.


Now for the second search: The word UNIQUE. When you do your search you will find that TimeTravel_0 (TTO)(John Titor) said this on 1-28-01:




But before TimeTravel_0 posted using the word "unique" on 1-28-01, the TimeTravelActivist posted on 6-5-00 and mentioned this using the word "unique":




TimeTravelActivist also posted on 9-7-00 using the word "unique":




They are after someone, someone who's character is 'unique' among others.


If your having problems finding that posting try scrolling down to the bottom of the page. Something is defective with the forum there.


Here is more:












The third word that TimeTravel_0 (John Titor) used in his posting was TIRESOME on 3-8-01:




Than on 2-7-02 TimeTravelActivist uses the word "tiresome".




And on 7-24-02 TimeTravelActivist used it again:




If you do a word search on this particular word "tiresome" your search is tapered down to only 8 people on this entire forum. 4 of them are from a latter date and 4 are from 2001-2002. 2 of them are from the TimeTravelActivist, 1 of them from TimeTravel_0 and the other a Creedo. "tiresome" is not a very commonly selected word of speech. This Creedo seems to pop up on several occasions and I wondered why? His posts seem irrational and yet I wondered for what reason? It just turns out that he likes repeating words that other posters use. Not just TimeTravel_0's or TimeTravelActivist, but many others. For what aim, I couldn't say?


Now something even more significant was identified! A conjunction of word usage which is extremely rare to reproduce unless of course it was the same person.


The word usage was the words ACTIONS AND DECISIONS posted by TimeTravel_0 on 1-28-01 (if the words aren't highlighted it's the 6th paragraph down):




And than you will notice that TimeTravelActivist posted on 5-25-00 (3rd paragraph down) using the exact combination of the words "actions and decision":




And as luck would have it again, how about this one posted on 6-19-02 (10th paragraph down):




Is it possible that this person played all roles (on this forum) in which he was director, the actor, and the audience? He was TTO (TimeTravel_0) and at the same time TTA (TimeTravelActivist) replying to himself. He was playing his own opponent.


You can begin to piece together all of TimeTravelActivist's information to reveal that he had all the tools to dream up the John Titor story. For instance, if you look at his user profile it tells you that he is a Video Editor which could be how all the TimeTravel_0 pictures came into existence. In this post he laughs that TimeTravel_0 machine looks like something he put together with old radio equipment from his garage. It probably was from the TimeTravelActivist's garage along with the vehicles and the old computer that we also see in the pictures.




TimeTravelActivist also indicates in this post that he likes playing video games. (8th paragraph down):






This post was directed at (TTA) TimeTravelActivist vis-à-vis video games:




Which might link him to the Spearweasel GURPS link and Brandon Haber and in due course to his father the attorney.


And for this next link to the book Alas Babylon. He most likely read this book in high school where you'll find it on the English curriculum list. He probably related to the story. For this curriculum students discuss the "perfect society" as an ideal and as a reality. What constitutes a "perfect" society? Who will lead it? What will its values be? What role will technology play in it?


We know he read certain books because he mentions here that he read Bruce Goldberg's book (Time Travelers from the future):




I haven't read this book but I did an internet search on it and came up with this web site to some of the written pages of the book:




I think this may have been where TimeTravelActivist (TTA) got the anagram idea for the John Titor name which stood for TimeTravel_0r not time travel Ti To r.


Here's another book that he says he read:




Here is another thing noticed in this post by TimeTravel_0 when he talks about A-D timelines on 12-30-00:




And in this post on 5-6-00 TimeTravelActivist (who posted it first) also talks about timelines in a similar way. Though not as polished but definitely in the thought process:




Whatever else the story has done, maybe there is a deeper matter as well. A higher purpose that the writer almost certainly intended. Which is to show that we're all vulnerable to the glamour of Time Travel. The whole point is to feel its pull and then reject it.


That's why it was compulsory for the TimeTravelActivist to fashion a dual character.


While we're on the subject, where is the TimeTravelActivist to articulate for himself on this ruling?



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Is Cipher RMT?


IP address for Cipher: Marina Del Ray, CA


IP address for RMT: Hawthorne, CA

Well, MEM, that is the biggest compliment you've given me yet! I WISH I was smart enough to figure out what Cipher has put together! Alas, I cannot take credit. Just to be clear, the Hawthorne IP is what shows up when I post from work. The IP that shows up on this message is the one that shows up when I post from home.




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I'm pretty sure that TTA (Javier Cortez) isn't Titor/TTO.




Back in March of 2003 we did do some linguistic analysis to compare authors of posts to Titor. And I included Javier in the "mix".


We used a software program called "Concordance" to cull key words from the text to build a Chi Square Test database.


We use common words that people tend to use with a "personal" frequency without thinking about them. We didn't pick the words from the air. Carol Chomsky used the words for linguistic analysis for author identifiaction. The words were:






















We actually left out two "triplets" that Chomsky used. She had 12 degrees of freedon and included:


the X and


of X the


where the "X" is any word between the first and third words in the triplet.


That gave us a list of ten words - or ten degrees of freedom for the Chi Square Test. We set the Confidence to .05 We then entered the data from the known author (poster) and Titor's data set and ran the Chi Square Test..


Cortez fell well below the critical value. As I recall his value indicated <30% chance of being the author.


We also ran Brandon Haber through. Similar results.


I also did a cross check by putting me in the mix. Same result. I even went so far as to pick a non sci-fi, TT, conspiracy type BBS, found a regular (and verbose) poster at random and ran him through as a cross check. Similar results.


In fact just about all of the subjects that we ran through scored in about the same range below the critical value (10% to 35% after translating the critical value generated.). That meant that Titor's style was pretty unique because his score raised the critical value well above the "average" poster - which is precisely what we wanted...a unique score that would tend to filter out false positives (which also introduced the problem of false negatives but that was acceptable).


Buzzmaker, however, was a different story. His Chi Square score was well above the critical value. It placed the liklihood at about 85%.


But there were two problems with Brandon and Buzzmaker. We only had a lexicon of less than 1,000 words for each of them. With so few written words it is easy to have statistical errors crop up. On the other hand, we had thousands of words for Cortez. So I basically had to discount the Brandon/Buzzmaker results. Not so with (you like that? I just used four words from the list...err five. BUt you see what I mean about a data set that is too small. ;)) Cortez.


BTW: I saw marina Del Rey and Hawthorne named above. Javier is only 30-45 minutes away from each of those cities. He lives in the San Gabriel Valley area. He doesn't post about Titor anymore but I know that he lurks on the board (and on Anomalies) once in a while. I get an occassional email from him - the last one was just a few weeks ago.



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It's time for TTI Hunters! Instead of searching for Ghosts (Ghost Hunters), we will be searching for Hoaxers. Our 2 hour pilot episode will be the search for the infamous John Titor!!


Get ready folks, this is one show you will not want to miss! RMT and Darby will be the head scientists behind the mission and order the shots. Creedo will be there to chime in with his crazy words. Ovlrd and I will cover the cameras and breaking into the houses (the dirty work). Mem will be the person that always has another idea conflicting with those of RMT's. And lastly, Bogz will be the Big Bad Canadian that no one wants to mess with. He is our bouncer just in case any cops arrive at the scene. Oh I almost forgot, our getaway driver will be none other than....Nitescott (I hope you can drive fast!!)


Episode two will consist of the search for chronohistorian and maybe some new characters!!


More to come!!





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Hello Darby,


I am aware of that analysis, I found it here:




Concordance is fundamental and does not give a reliable analysis. It's child's play. The program I use is much more superior and of course top secret. ;)


At hand there is much more that goes into a accurate analysis. You have to use human instincts along with gut feelings and some intuition wherein a computer program does not recognize and identify with. You also have to find a motive that fits the character in question. As a result there is a great deal more that goes into a breakdown than meets the eye and determines a verdict. This is what defines a good cryptologist in the procurement process of identifying a individuals personality, temperament and character.


While we're on the subject,


Here is another significant event that substantiates the date of disappearances between both TimeTravelActivist (Javier Cortez S) and his (seemingly) nemesis TimeTravel_0 (John Titor). They both purport to have a coincidental departure. Even though Javier made it appear contradictive it also corroborates and supports that Javier and John Titor are a one man show.


This was posted from the TimeTravelActivist:




Here's another amazing detail the TimeTravelActivist provided and it was found in the archives on the Anomalies.net forum:




Posted by Javier Cortez on 03-31-2001 07:24 PM


Well I'm not going to make a long speech good-bye like John did. I'm not going to address every single person who've I've spoken to before and thank the academy. Nor is my good-bye's intent to seek any last minute approval like John's. Not to worry though,


I'm not leaving forever, I'm going away for a while. A little vacation. I can't say where exactly, but if anyone want's anything from Florida, do let me know by this week. I leave the same time John's supposed 'window of opportunity' is suppose to be open. What a strange coincidence… I hope his trip goes as planned. Anyway's, I hope to come back to the Art Bell forum and continue on discussing Time Travel and how it's unethical. In the mean time, I hope some will stand up to the majority that are 1 sided, and question them.


I'd hate to come back and see everyone chanting heehe, that was a joke. Funny isn't it?


Good-bye everybody. Though I don't leave for another week. -Javier C.

Darby you mentioned:


BTW: I saw marina Del Rey and Hawthorne named above. Javier is only 30-45 minutes away from each of those cities. He lives in the San Gabriel Valley area. He doesn't post about Titor anymore but I know that he lurks on the board (and on Anomalies) once in a while. I get an occassional email from him - the last one was just a few weeks ago.

Hmm, so what you're suggesting is that I should pay the fella a surprise visit?


Naa not necessary. I've already confirmed my suspicion by making an anonymous call to the attorney Larry Haber. When the secretary answered the phone, I told her I was Javier Cortez. Within minutes Larry answered the phone and replied in a way that confirmed Javier was John Titor.


Granted it might be a good story. But I'd have to say that anybody that's caught manipulating our timeline (that's of course if you believe in timelines) should not concede to boast about it.



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Whoo Hoo!




Lets catch em and name em!


I've already got some good leads on who Zeshua is. I also have realised that the same person posts under a few usernames. Particularly when support to an argument is required.


I'm happy to discuss this with anyone in a PM.


Catch them hoaxers! Name them jokers!


I can drive fast! Whoo Hoo!



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If you guys still aren't satisfied I reckon I could divulge another covert finding for the skeptics before I move on and direct myself into something more productive and challenging.


Its an obvious Titor find. Plain as the nose on your face. One only has to look deeper into the predictable behavior of the activist:




I captioned it here:


[Please join my club] Only if you are serious about being part of history's fight to uphold the traditions and respect for life we humans have based these nations ideals on. Who wants to be apart of the resistance to fight for freedom? Let us take back our lives and stop cheating our selves in the end. If your a man, or woman of strong character with morals, conviction and compassion. Then please join us. We are "The Individuals Opposed to Temporal Manipulation" I.O.T.M. And we need your help…


Persevering mankind's future, cannot be accomplished without our concerned citizens of this world. You must come together to decide. Time Travel, or No Time Travel? Do you know where you stand, now?


Yours Truly,


Javier C.S.




"When the vast powers of delusion and illusion combine, making false truths and realities far beyond our comprehension to understand, that is what we call humanity. -Javier C.S. (TTA)-


[Ti] me [T] ravel, [or] No Time Travel? = Titor :eek:


Any more questions?


Incidentally I made a slight slip in my previous posting. I presented the wrong post with reference to the exact day Javier (TimeTravelActivist) left the forum to go on his "first" vacation. This is the correct one which is on 11-01-00:




Coincidently if you do a forum search on TimeTravel_0 (John Titor) you will notice that he first appeared on the forum the (very next day) 11-02-00. This is his first posting:




Notice here the date in which TimeTravelActivist (Javier Cortez) was absent from 3-28-01 through 6-5-01 (his "second" vacation and leave of absence from the forum):




And Titors last post on 3-17-01:




Its so sloppy I can't stop laughing! :D And you guys have gone on about this for 6 years!


Makes me wonders who the players are?


Its obvious he got one over on you guys. :(



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Any more questions?

Your analysis is impeccable, Cipher. I am convinced. Morpheus did a fine job in selecting you and sending you on this mission! :)


While I always respect Darby's opinions, as they are based in "good science", I would agree that your analysis (and selection of key words to characterize a person's style) appear to be at a much deeper level than the analysis Darby relates. I'd like to think this ends the Titor legacy, but we know there are two types of people who will still try to keep it alive:


1) Those who seek to continue to make profit (any profit) from it.


2) Those who truly believe we live in a country with a defacto facist government (and thus Titor's story helps bolster their beliefs).


IMO, neither of these folks have very many legs left to stand on. And the longer we go without Titor's prophecies manifesting, the sillier they look (to me).


Thanks for your work on this!





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I'm confused, Cipher.


Are you saying that TTA went on vacation to Florida and while he was there started the Titor story?


Who else is in Florida? Is Larry Haber there? Could he have worked with Haber to create the whole story and then return to Floriday in early '01 to work through some more details?



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I'm not sure I follow your rationale for the reference to this:


[Please join my club] Only if you are serious about being part of history's fight to uphold the traditions and respect for life we humans have based these nations ideals on. Who wants to be apart of the resistance to fight for freedom? Let us take back our lives and stop cheating our selves in the end. If your a man, or woman of strong character with morals, conviction and compassion. Then please join us. We are "The Individuals Opposed to Temporal Manipulation" I.O.T.M. And we need your help…


Persevering mankind's future, cannot be accomplished without our concerned citizens of this world. You must come together to decide. Time Travel, or No Time Travel? Do you know where you stand, now?


Yours Truly,


Javier C.S.

The style is nothing like titor.


Pleaase expand your explanation.



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Re: The Another Titor Prediction On the Money?


Lieb chipmen ee gluga, bo pargo/


Another Titor Prediction On the Money?


This was posted at STA....the John Titor saga/hoax just will not die...there are too many hot leads that keep it interesting...JT...whoever you are...thanks for the cognitive dissonance


John Titor, the alleged time traveler that has been the topic of many Coast to Coast A.M. interviews and discussions claimed that his time-travel device used a specific type of energy....






3/13/2001 - JOHN SAID: The "machine" with the energy to do it will come on-line very soon. The "method" for doing it has already been "mostly" perfected in the Z machine at the National lab in New Mexico.


(end snip)


< [ http://www.johntitor.com/>




Sure enough, now comes this breaking news report that confirms what he claimed not that long ago.


So was he for real?






Record Set for Hottest Temperature on Earth: 3.6 Billion Degrees in Lab


By Ker Than


LiveScience Staff Writer


< http://www.livescience.com/technology/060308_sandia_z.html>


Scientists have produced superheated gas exceeding temperatures of 2 billion degrees Kelvin, or 3.6 billion degrees Fahrenheit.


This is hotter than the interior of our Sun, which is about 15 million degrees Kelvin, and also hotter than any previous temperature ever achieved on Earth, they say.


They don't know how they did it.


The feat was accomplished in the Z machine at Sandia National Laboratories.


One thing that puzzles scientists is that the high temperature was achieved after the plasma's ions should have been losing energy and cooling. Also, when the high temperature was achieved, the Z machine was releasing more energy than was originally put in, something that usually occurs only in nuclear reactions.


I was reading about this earlier, but the JT story never dawned on me.


He posted that on march 13th 2001


The Z machine has been known for a long time though.




They've been able to produce millions of watts / radiation tests etc. I'm unsure for how long though.



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Re: The Another Titor Prediction On the Money?


Cipher is the BOMB!


You folks may have missed my post awhile back, but Titor's cover story is based on Alas Babylon, here is an online bookreport I did on it:




listen to my time reversal invarient Math Rock while you read it:




the times are:


"Mr. Happy" : starts with 4/4 but starts dropping in measures of 10/4.


The middle part is 6/8 and then back to 4/4. In part 2 the times go


from 10/4 to 11/4 a few times followed by a middle part where the


drums, keyboards, and sax play 11/4, while the bass(me) and guitar


play 11/4 for a 110 beat polyrythym.


"Muffin jugs" : A funk song, the bridges have measures of 5/4 and 3/4


thrown in. The middle part is all 5/4 Check out the bass knob volume


fade ins


"Mushrooms on the Wall pt. 2" : College age guys, our friend threw a


mushroom from his pizza on the wall and it stayed stuck there for


weeks, yuck! This song is based on the circle of fifths, starting in


G#. The bridge or "B" part alternates between major and minor. The


time slips in the third bridge followed by 5/4, and 3/4, resolving at


the end to 4/4.


"Mushrooms on the wall pt. 1" : this one starts with 8 beats and


subtracts a beat each measure. the "B" part is a Cmajor 6/8 theme I


often use, it can be played against most music in C including


Beethoven 9-4. The middle part of this song goes from 4/4 to


4/4>3/4>4/4>3/4 to 3/4 to 6/8 to 5/4


"Mushrooms on the wall pt. 3+4" : the first part are 20 beat cycles


where every other 20 beats the instruaments alternate between 4 5/4's,


5 4/4's, or 6 3/4's+ 1 2/4


the final section starts in 4/4 where the guitar and bass remain,


after a few turns the drums and sax start dropping beats, so each


time through they are synchopated in a different way until on the 4th


shift they are back in time with the bass and guitar. Check out the


bass knob volume fade ins.


skip some other songs down to "take jack" for a good 5/4 jam, middle



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And you guys have gone on about this for 6 years!

As if some of us wanted it to go on for 6 years! The problem is with the "fear" and "suspicion" that arose out of this ordeal. Good contributors in the forums, suddenly became part of a governmental conspiracy and were considered "secret" agents, sending out "Them" out to spy on other posters of this board.



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Concordance is fundamental and does not give a reliable analysis. It's child's play. The program I use is much more superior and of course top secret.

I don't quite understand your reply. "Concordance" is simply a text sorting program. We used it to get word counts and to cull the triplets, but it isn't used for any analysis at all.


You are familiar with Chi Square I hope? That's the analytical tool that we used.


I have to say that if you used a top secret government program to analyze this online game you probably violated Federal law. Moreover, if you came up with Javier Cortez as "Titor" you better go back to your programmers and give them the heave ho. ;)


Javier isn't Boomer. That's not just based on the Chi Square analysis. It's based on a bit of "up close and personal."


I know Javier's writing style very well, not just here but on my board and from his own website. Their writing styles are not even close.


Sorry about that, but its a fact.


Here is another significant event that substantiates the date of disappearances between both TimeTravelActivist (Javier Cortez S) and his (seemingly) nemesis TimeTravel_0 (John Titor). They both purport to have a coincidental departure.

That's just not true.


Javier was posting here and on other boards for quite some time after March of 2001. His last post here was made on 10-20-02. He had over 500 posts here during 2002. Over half of his 930 posts on this board between one and one-and-a-half years after Titor (TimeTravel_0 here) stopped posting.


He was also posting on my board. He "disappeared" from my board for a specific reason that I will not get into other than to say that he decided to stop posting about Titor. But he has remained in contact with me via email.



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