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The Dual Language Diagnosis of John Titor


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Re: oh no you di'int


Dang this just keeps gett'n bett'r and bett'r!!


As it turns out another piece of truth comes to light about Titor that has been smacking us right in the face all along!!


In one of Javier's long ago posts:




Javier said:


This forum has been a lot more then just a place to discuss


TimeTravel, to me it's been apart of my life, an area where I have helped to


write a great story. History will look back on this forum and tell it's


story for what it was, it will show the characters for their character and


judge them accordingly.

LOL, smack dab!! :D



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Very good correct and incorrect. Philosophy was a greater science much longer ago then near to now. However discredit for understanding must make way for the credit.


I would concede that "Titor" is not what many would scrutinize, however he is something of a possibility you have not looked at to this point.


In your "world?" there were two possibilities; the existence and nonexistence of what your thoughts had transcribed and given to you.


What you had not thought had not been given to you by yourself for reasons that will be apparent in "a future".


Here is my information for analysis; 0011101001



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Mr. Cortez when you started this Role Playing Game, I think you bargained for a little something more than you thought you would get.


[email protected] This predestined coded message was hidden within my e-mail name forlorn to the date of your termination and demise. (not once, but TWICE. I think you can figure it out)


It should also be a haunting indication to you that all future endeavors are futile.



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This is just a post, not to anyone particular person.


Have some people been listening to the CoasttoCoastAM radio show too much lately?


(Just some humor. About as much humor as stating someone in the future is going to read this forum and it still will be here. Well, I guess for the most part, it still is with all the pages it has. But who has time to read it all?)


That college in the future sure must be easy then!


Oh, my!



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Who are you referring to, Pamela? Me? I am not Cipher, but I admire what he did.


If Cavier Cortez is not John Titor, he need not worry about that, but his posts after the accusations show that he sounded somewhat anxious. Can he explain the linguistic similarity, as shown in Cipher's posts, between his posts and those of John Titor? A concidence? Then what a coincidence! And I don't understand why Darby reacted that way to Cipher's finds. Doesn't he want John Titor to be identified? But why? Is he part of the job? He even threatened Cipher. Sorry Darby, I am not accusing you, but I have doubts. and I am trying to be objective.


and Pamela if you are the Pamela who posted when John Titor posted, it is quite normal for you to side with Cortez as you are part of the job. If scrutinized, your first posts show that you somehow knew this John beforehand . . . you seemed almost sure John Titor is a real TT. One can't be so gullible. You were always on John's side. This is also interesting. This is an organized job. and Cortez is just the actor on the stage. :)



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Well, not quite settled down. Exit stage left:




Truth is stranger than fiction.

This is nothing. This does not have anything to do with John's divulgence.


I don't know whether this should be brought to court or not and I don't know whether Cipher was serious in his claim that there would be a knock on Cortez's door soon. maybe the motive behind all this would be definitive. money? maybe. Personally, I think if Cortez admits to being John Titor and it was a game, like "Game" the movie, then this should end here without further ado. :) but if he does not, and he has not as yet, then the court could be the last resort to settle the case. last but not least, I am just commenting on what has been going around here. no worry. I won't be the one who will bring this to court. ;) :)



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Exactly how does any JT posts make you do anything?


Again it is another excuse and accusations are not warranted even to Javier about anything.


Simply put, if you type of people can claim your nonsense then anyone else can write anything they want to write also.


Why do you type of people claim you are above others with your aggressiveness?


This type of accusation is what you people do not want to face, because Javier could turn this around and claim it is you people falsily accusing him which can not be done even if you think you have proof.


Your type of people go against anything also, because your type of people state that you can do what you want to, but when someone else does something, it is your type of people who think you can control others or you have more legalities than what you really have.


Simply put, your type of people are not legal to do any of that also.


Try and make some sense, and try and leave the nonsense off this forum perhaps.



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fist of all, I am not accusing anyone of anything, if I am the one addressed. I simply say Cipher provided substantial evidence as to who Titor might be. one must be totally blind to ignore this evidence. it may not be %100 proof. if these are just allegations or accusations, they are yet to be refuted then. how can you explain the linguistic similarity in Javier's and John's posts, as shown by Cipher? this must be answered first. and I don't understand why some people who for years have written here and discussed the identity of John now accuse Cipher of investigating the case and coming up with some evidence. I can't have anything against anybody, including Javier. this can be a game played by Titor but nobody has to play this game. for some this is not a game but a reality. so we know what John Titor did. he deceived people saying that he were a real TT coming from 2036. the more people got confused about his identity, the more famous he got. his fame exceeded the boudaries of the forums in which he wrote. a fame based on deception. now why shouldn't I want to learn who Titor is? can you tell me a justifiable reason?


Under any joke lies a fact ;)



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"This is an organized job"


Quote from trex.


Unfortunately this I am beginning to believe.


An organized job between you and a few others to falsely


accuse Javier (the scapegoat you have chosen) to be accused of being John.


I believe Cipher may indeed be working for some type of agency.


I don't believe he has a program that agencies use. If that part is true God help us.


Because his program is crap and the results are falsely accusing the wrong person.


The only question in my mind is why are these individuals working so hard to convince


people John was not real and that it must be Javier (their chosen scapegoat).


What they didn't take into consideration is the people who knew both John and Javier.


All I see is false accusations and empty threats of court, terrorism charges, words


placed to try to scare and intimidate people. Nobody came to Javier's door. It was an empty threat.


Why? Because Javier is not John. None of this scares or intimidates me. I know all of this is BS


Cipher has put forth. My only question is....why? If they want to take this to court they should contact Larry Haber and stop making empty threats on the board.


Does an agency want to talk to me personally? Bring it on brother..Have them come to MY door.


I will sit down and talk to them.


I am not the least bit afraid. I have protection that you can't see.



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An organized job between you and a few others to falsely


accuse Javier (the scapegoat you have chosen) to be accused of being John.

well at least Cipher has some evidence.


The only question in my mind is why are these individuals working so hard to convince people John was not real and that it must be Javier (their chosen scapegoat).

because John was not real and Cipher's evidence has not been refuted yet.


I am not happy with the court side of this issue, either.



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If I may be allowed to weigh in here. From an objective point of view, I really don't think Pamela of Javier or any other board member was John Titor or was in collusion with him, I believe Titor was a seperate person who did not know anyone here until he started posting.


The only "shady" thing I see is Pamela's first post:


>>I was wondering would this be an accurate description of what it would feel like to time travel? I do not know much about physics. But would you see this bright flash of light and not be able to see an anything around you and if you were driving you would not even feel the steering wheel? Would it feel like you went through some kind of light field and not even be able to see your hand in front of you? and then when the flash of light disappears you would just be somewhere else. another time, another place?


I was just curious if anybody would know what such an experience would feel like? Im just curious.<< Pamela, 10/29/99


I find this suspicious because Titor's third post explains exactly what it looks and feels like to go through time- in other words it's a perfect fit to her question:


>>The unit has a ramp up time after the destination coordinates are fed into the computers. An audible alarm and a small light start a short countdown at which point you should be secured in a seat. The gravity field generated by the unit overtakes you very quickly. You feel a tug toward the unit similar to rising quickly in an elevator and it continues to rise based on the power setting the unit is working under. At 100% power, the constant pull of gravity can be as high as 2 Gs or more depending on how close you are to the unit. There are no serious side effects but I try to avoid eating before a flight. No bright flash of light is seen. Outside, the vehicle appears to accelerate as the light is bent around it. We have to wear sunglasses or close our eyes as this happens due to a short burst of ultraviolet radiation. Personally I think it looks like your driving under a rainbow. After that, it appears to fade to black and remains totally black until the unit is turned off.<< Titor, 11/5/2000


But then again hey- this is a question a time traveler can easily answer AND Pamela asked this a YEAR before Titor showed up to answer it... there is no direct connection here... no "one person feeding the questions so the other can answer them".


Now put your feeling aside and suppose Titor was a seperate person not connected to anyone else on the board. Now imagine you're Pamela- for the past six years, she's been accused of being in on it time and again. I asked Pamela why she disappears from this website only to reappear a year later with a new user name. She said because she is tired of being accused of being Titor and leaves in frustration, then comes back later... this is an acceptable answer- it makes sense. Wouldn't you do the same?


One thing that always impresses me about Titor's posts is how he was always nice and kind... he never sank to a lower level. Keep in mind that he was here for months and was constantly hounded by several people, all with their own lists of questions and many of them flatly called him a liar time and again right up to the very end. Only someone not associated with anyone else (only a time traveler) would have this perspective. And Titor ANSWERED questions, he did not pose questions just so he could answer them and this goes a long way towards credibility. And his answers were clear and in the big picture made sense.


If Titor was simply a hoaxer and wanted to be believed, we would see more leading questions with Titor right there on the spot to answer them. If he was a fake, we would see him getting frustrated by all the non-stop accusations from everyone. If he was a fake, he would have his time traveling story already worked out in his head and would be waiting for people to pose the right questons so he can write out that part of his made-up story- that's where the leading questions (co-conspirators) come in. But we simply do not see this. I think the biggest proof that Titor was not a hoaxter is the fact that his very first post explains the science of time travel and the next three months only expands on that one idea and it all makes sense. This is clearly not a person making it up as he goes along.


Pamela and Titor were buddies when he was here. They used to IM chat with each other a lot. It's not easy to chat with someone hours at a time on and off over months if you're a faker- eventually you'll get caught in a lie. Titor told Pamela a specific song as proof and in addition, Pamela knows Titor's email- that is how she can tell the real Titor. And once again it makes sense.


I read Cipher's analysis and I simply do not agree with it. It's just not objective enough. Cipher went in with the pre-concieved notion that someone here was Titor and his analysis sought to prove this and he did. But this is not a scientific method- best way to put it is that Cipher figured out who among EVERYONE here (and there have been LOTS of posters over the years) most closely matches the timber of Titor's words and Javier most closely matched Titor. This is not scientific.


Let's say I did the same analysis to find out who here most closely matches George Bush's speech patterns. Inevitably I will find a match- I have to- this is the purpose of this experiment: to find a match. It's like mining for gold in Florida- if you look long and hard enough and disregard whatever else you find, eventually you will find gold. Does this mean there's gold in Florida? Yeah, but there's 1000 times as much gold in South Dakota.


My point is- Cipher never considered that Titor was someone else entirely- he went in with the notion that Titor was one of them and he sought to prove it and he did and this is not proof.


Even more objectively, Javier's posts do not match those of Titor's- they spoke differently. And sure, Titor was "Boomer" and "talked like someone from the present", but that was not Javier. Javier was more cynical and joked a lot more- Titor did not: he was kind and for the most part serious. The stuff Titor said was well thought through- "have you ever considered that you would be better off if half of you were dead?" is not something you say off the cuff.


If the only proof you have that Titor was Pamela or Javier or whoever else then you're opening yourself up to the possibility that Cipher was simply wrong. And if he was wrong (which I think he is), then all you guys are doing is attacking a firsthand witness to the Titor saga. Considering the fact that no one has ever challenged Cipher's analysis until now- that alone shows you need to go back and look at it again and open up the possibility that he was simply wrong.



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I too have pointed out before that Pamela's first posts are suggestive of his acquaintance with Titor.


John Titor is a time traveller? :) let us discuss time travel then? do you understand what kind of a picture does Titor's time travel present us? His timeline is 2036 and he travels in time back to 2000 when he is only 2 years old. how come his timeline is 2036? why different time lines came into being as a concept? if there were such a thing as time travel, it would be withing one's own timeline. I think Titor used this different time lines idea just to be on the safe side, in order to explain that his timeline is a bit different from ours so what he says cannot be used to predict out future exactly. again avasiveness. different time lines idea does not make sense. we can talk of time travel in one time line. if one day humans invent such a machine which will enable then to travel to, lets say 2036, then I will call it time travel. but even then problems abound. what if he was dead before 2036? think otherwise from the point of view of your other self in 2036. would you other self, the one in 2036, would have the memory of his travelling to 2036? so you would be able to meet your other self of ten days later. you would sit and have a cup of tea, together talking about life in general. :) so you would arrange a day to meet for your some other selves. you would meet your ten other selves in 2040. needless to say lotteries would be abolised with the arrival of time travl. :D . hey wait a minute? isn't there something strange in this? :confused: this is far fetched.


this is reasonable: Einstein's theory. you travel in space and when you return, you find anyone you know on the face of the earth is dead. you try to explain your great grand children the situation. but ı think what's worse is that returning the process is not possible. ı think there would be few people who would like to do such a travel. ;)


Titor said he was with his family. it is incredible. even most of us who are dealing with such matters would find such a thing incredible. well, he was consistent in what he said, but he had only his posts to prove him to be a TT. the pics he sent were found dubious. he was mostly evasive when it came to evidence. Rain Man Time's question makes sense. Why a TT comes to a forum and claim to be a TT and then says "It is not important whether you belive me or not. Why?



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Einstein's Special Relativity allows time travel, so does Hawking Radiation. I'll give you the dumbed down version, which is my understanding. The faster you approach light speed, the slower time passes for you. At light speed, time stands still. At "above light speed", there is no reason time won't move backwards.


Of course we need to go above light speed to prove it, but this is not impossible:


"... the group velocity of a light pulse- based on the position of the peak of the pulse, not the individual waves- could exceed light speed. Joel Mobley of the University of Mississippi contends that the pulse's different frequencies will disperse in a mix of water and plastic beads so that the pulse's different frequencies vary greatly in speed. The sum of these components would create a faster-than-light, or super-luminal, group velocity."


-Scientific American Vol 294 Number 1; January 2006


The concept of a practical time machine is not to break the laws of physics but cheat them for one Planck Unit- a trillionth of a trillionth of a second (and to do that, you'd need very accurate clocks just like the ones Titor had). Kinda like how nuclear bombs work- all the internal pressure etc. creates a paradox for one fraction of a second which results in a domain shift- all the matter in the core becomes energy and E=MC2 gives you a nuclear explosion.


Einstein pointed out the grandfather paradox which would make time travel to the past on one timeline impossible (the butterfly effect) and modern-day physicists contend that with alternate universes, time travel to the past is possible.


Personally, I don't like the whole "multiverse" idea- it's too easy a catch-all answer for physics problems- I prefer one timeline- but even this does not rule out time travel, it only becomes even weirder.


If you could build a machine that works on a subatomic principle- such as dual black holes- there is no reason you can't travel through time. Of course you have to make such a machine for it to work and figure out a way to turn your mass into subatomic particles then back to matter, but then again Titor said in effect "the universe moves back in time, you stand still" which again is plausible in the subatomic realm.


>>Rain Man Time's question makes sense. Why a TT comes to a forum and claim to be a TT and then says "It is not important whether you belive me or not. Why?<<


Supposedly, because if you really really were a time traveler, "how you got here" is not as important as why you're here and what you wish to impart- you already know you're a time traveler, you don't need the aggrivation of explaining every little thing and if Titor did, then he would allow someone here and now to create a time machine instead of in 2038 which would ruin his entire mission.


Regardless, Titor provided pictures and diagrams etc. which have been seen by millions of people over the past 6 years and I still have yet to see a suitable alternate explanation- no other TT claimant ever gave that much proof. People have debunked his "laser out the window" photo but then again I remember people debunking 9/11 footage when clearly with enough information and analytical thought it's obvious there was no conspiracy- particularly the Pentagon pics which at best is conjecture and ultimately really was a plane (ask any of the hundreds of Pentagon employees about body parts all over the place).


And Titor gave a ton of information about the future and more importantly- the unfolding of future events. As far as the Civil War 2005 goes, you can argue that that was still a correct prediction. Between The Patriot Act, The Patriot Act II, NSA wiretaps and the removal of Habeus Corpeus it's not a leap of faith to say that in 30 years' time people will look back to 2005 and say "it started somewhere around there". I don't see the Democrats talking about repealing anything Bush pushed into law which is really scary!



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Questions questions dare I ask???Dare I do!!!


Did anyone, anyone at all ever speak with Titor on the phone?


Has anyone ever met Javi in person?


Big question, would you ever suspect a quadirapaligc of being capable of pulling of a story like Titors' complete with photos and time travel device?


minor question, do you have a good "cowan" understanding of the various fraternal brotherhoods of the world..IE how they operate, why they exist, how they function in relation to one another, the reasons the do the things they do, and thier reasoning for secertivness?


I doubt cipher or anyone in ciphers' "agency" could do any door knocking. The guy they would want to find would not be the residence of the poster...However the guy they would want to find does have one hell of a sense of humour.



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