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The Dual Language Diagnosis of John Titor


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I know you guys probably hate me rehashing old posts, but after reading through the methods used to 'narrow' down patterns - one obvious thing came into my mind...


Everyone has certain words they 'stutter' when they spell, and certain punctuation that gets caught in a 'stutter' effect as well.




John Doe has a problem constructing the word 'physcology' let's say.


If he writes fast and has a brain, he'll spell check it quickly, and you'll notice that the word will pop up maybe 'phycology' (a subdiscipline of botany) without realizing the error.


'But the pattern should be there to link it together.


Some people 'love' run-on sentences, and some hyphens - while others unsure of it's real accepted usage will avoid them at all costs.


Then there's people like me that think metaphorically alot so we'll tend to use alot of semi colons in the place of a coma (would a program pick up comma?lol) to emphasize (empathize? kidding) what is to follow, whether in proper grammar or not, it's personal expression.


Average size of paragraphs would seem to indicate to me how often a person's brain switches gears, if they follow that structure rule at all.


I would suppose the hardest people to patternize or target would be those that have a realization of this and start to generate 'sub-personalities' - not multiples in the studied sense, but methodical conscious creation of biological automatic differation ;)


Though I'd imagine key word there was 'methodical'. No matter how smart someone is, if they are intelligent, and have a 'method' the pattern is still there to be linked, it's just more complicated I'd imagine ^^


Is it ever possible in todays day and age that the story of John Henry 'A steel driving man' still comes into context? ^^


I would wager if I wait a goodly span - say a month or so and put a challenge forth,


a real challenge - like actually care about my PC's security, install a couple NICs with cloned MACs (actually have two NICs running off each other) alternate and completely change the MACs - setup a Linux box router; and use multiple proxies - and to finish it off create a new "profile" that posted regularly -


No one would be able to know whom it was or if it was me. As long as I kept a normal PC box running straight through a modem for normal posting of the old account.


(Yes yes I know people thinking AHA ! you can't change the CPE MAC...hrm?)


Or to keep it more simple - just run down to an internet cafe and daisy chain some proxies in a complex manner...


You get the point.


There's no challenge in reality, it's all a hypothetical painted for the mind's eye. I'm quite aware my PC's security is very minimal - I keep it that way, I have nothing to hide.


I just care about viri that eat up my precious AMD Barton core that is getting dated.


If someone were to say to me right now "I can see you" - great :) *waves*


The purpose of this post was to try and get into the mind of the person, then look at pattern through true personality (errors, mental grammar stutters, pattern, etc) and start not by Alpha pattern, but through 'error' of personality then link that back to conscious adaptation patterns.


I could be wrong, but it works for me so far. BTW, anyone see a word or punctuation that the old 'Cipher' left as a signature? I'm not sure if he's aware of it or not.


Fascinating subject nonetheless.


Not to say, any system is 'better', we're all just different





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Most people are not that good at disguising their writing style for any length of time.


I can recall on one ocassion coming across someone in an online world, and within 5 minutes knowing for certain that they were an alt ( which I was myself at the time ) of someone I already knew. Simply from the style of writing. And I must say...I do love those moments when you know who someone is and they don't know that you know it.


Frequency of word usage is not half as much a giveaway as spelling and punctuation and general 'style'.



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Pamela and Titor were buddies when he was here. They used to IM chat with each other a lot. It's not easy to chat with someone hours at a time on and off over months if you're a faker- eventually you'll get caught in a lie.

Actually, for anyone with even a little intelligence - it's pretty easy to create a real life 'character' and stick with it even in lengthy IM.



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  • 3 years later...

Greetings, it has been a long awaited while.



A further 3rd analysis reveals that there is vastly more here than anyone could have imagined encapsulates within the layers of the John Titor story and Javier’s posts on the forum here, most likely unknown to Javier at the time, his family, friends, the Titor gang or even to the Harbors or anyone else involved.



Although the story and book is fiction, there is a layer of truth encoded below the surface.



It looks as if Javier was made a vessel yet unto a 2nd party, perhaps an inter-dimensional entity that has left a meaningful and kindhearted message, and leaving it highly evident for someone like me to find and pass on to the recipients.



This future message was intentionally meant for a particular person unknown to Javier at the beginning of the Titor saga. When that message was later severed and lost, so was their friendship. I had to wait for this moment to release this information, not knowing that it also including me. I ask you to exonerate me Javier for threats and unjustly accusing you without thorough investigation. This one threw me for a loop and possibly still does. I did not expect to find layers; highly unusual.





Friends far apart but close at heart.


Helping and supporting each other through time.


A time for new beginnings.


112112 a rebirth.



There is more but I cannot divulge all. The recipients will know.



For me as a cryptologist, this teaches me that a vast world of inter-dimensional beings exist that are compelling us to connect and reunite. Moreover that time is relative.



Peace be with you Javier. Be well and prosper long. Good luck in all your endeavors. May the J.T. story and book live in infamy.



That’s an interesting insignia you got going there.



Now I am on my way to go visit a friend in person. :)


Signing off, C



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