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Project animal speak:


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For the past year or so, I have been conversing to animals, in full English paragraphs, in proper form.


It seems that for some reason now, that animals are learning English.


So I have improved my English sentences, from come here and no, to You know, it looks like a nice day?


They seem to take the language into themselves and it is factoring.


A horse that I wanted to work at a neighbors, somehow knew that the horse-fly hit the neighbors herd and refused to go through the entry gate, to use the round tainting pen.


The horse bolted and ran back home.I was mad, however the next day, I had told the horse, that it had been right, all along.



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I think that after a time a relatively capable pet can understand human language just cant repeat it... I swear on the bible that my golden retriever would talk to me if he had the right "equipment"

I'd have to agree, Deadman. And I have a golden retriever who is every bit as smart as you describe. You really cannot argue that dogs can certainly come to recognize key words. "Walk", "ride", "treat", "eat", "swim", "ball", and "who's there?" are all words that my dog can demonstrably show an understanding of. He knows exactly what it means each time I use any of these words. It is why we often have to "spell" words out in front of our dogs when explaining this to our friends! :)


On the flipside, there are "reactions" in my dog's face and demeanor whenever he is trying to tell me something. So much so that I fully agree with you that if our dogs were given the "tool" of being able to speak in our language, they would have a lot to say!


Thanks for the post,





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The one cat we have, actually mimics the way humans sit.


Right back on his rear reclined...it's very amusing, he's a very large cat (8 toe'd)


He'll cock his head watching you like he's analyzing every movement...


Then if you say something, he'll "meow" in different tones like he's conversating lol.


(He's still trying to figure out the door knob thing, he'll stare at it for awhile and jump up


...uses the paws alot...almost seems like he's learning...animals learn? you don't say... ;) )


You'll forget he's there...mutter something to yourself, then you hear him sitting back staring over..."meow"?




The other one was a wild cat...lady tried to poison them (barn fed) in the milk.


He's very cautious...I just call him old man. lol.


Curious creatures for sure.



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Why only English? If they can learn the language of another entire species (us), why would they only be able to speak one human language? I am as much a believer in animal communication as all of you, but I think it's a bit much to think that they are aware that "English is the 'universal' language".


To the dog people (and I'm sure all you cat people will confirm), the spelling thing may work on dogs, but it only works on cats for so long. They figure out what you're spelling eventually!


Really, it's us who need to learn their language. I believe they understand everything we say,except the parts they're completely uninterested in (which I'm sure is a lot of it, lol), we just don't always understand them.


I have one cat who "dumbs it down" for the humans though. He makes sure I know that he knows what I said, by physical signs. I say to him: "oh, you're sooo smart!" when really I know he's probably thinking: "No, you humans are just THAT dumb that I have to spell it all out for you!" :)


They can learn to mimic human sounds as well. I currently have and have had other cats who meow sounds similar to our words and they say them at appropriate times, so it's obvious that's what they are really trying to say. One of my current ones, who adores music, has even learned to mimic sounds of instruments in certain songs.


I don't know if dogs ever do that or not. I just know that mine never have.


I have a parrot friend who most definitely always knows exactly what he's saying and is not just repeating what he hears. And a horse I was friends with who belonged to some people I was trying to avoid, made it quite clear to me that he was NOT happy that I wasn't paying any attention to him either.


And don't let anyone tell you that animals don't express jealousy, spite, etc. either. I have experienced it firsthand and so have others I have spoken to. I'm sure so have many of you.


And then there are people like Warrior who think..they understand us...but don't have minds...? Lol..ok?


I guess that makes sense because I'm pretty sure I have a mind....yet I don't understand you. -.-


And Creedo, I'm just wondering, what is the actual "experiment" here?



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Animals are amazing! I have been studying alligators closely for over a year now and one has developed "language" with me. Some of it involves sort of sign language with his head/mouth and the rest are grunts, growls, hisses, and a whine. We can communicate in a very primitive form. He understands some English words as well as hand gestures. (Come, stop, down, no, no bite, nice, bye). He even knows his name, Buddy, and knows that "Bubba" (another gator) is NOT his name. Cats can't distinguish between the two because they only hear the tone and rhythm. I have concluded that alligators have a more developed "language" part of the brain than many other animals.


Rabbits are pretty darn smart, too. They can solve problems, lie, manipulate, communicate, etc.


We underestimate animals all the time.

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I’m starting not to like Hollywood because of so much fiction and non fiction weaves together. Technology for talking dog was in animated movie a few years ago. Today who knows what secret labs have for the good of mankind. Maybe one day Hollywood won’t have fiction anymore. Only theoretical Game Theory on huge screens. ?

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