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You can think that all you want. The crash will be total as I stated before. The market now is being inflated with all the money being printed. They are printing more money then they have ever done before. The true Stock Market is only around 6500 or so.

Show me facts to backup your BS, Gilligan.

Are you aware of what "M1" and "M2" stand for?





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Regardless of what you think of "Q", he does make some good points. We must be vigilant of what is going on around us. We do need to keep up with how current activities will impact the future.


As an example...


I recently started playing a multiplayer on-line game called Halo. This game is very popular and is set in futuristic warfare type scenarios. There are many young people playing this game and killing is non-stop.


The game uses statistics at the end of each game to show everyone how many kills you did and then ranks you as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc...


So these kids are getting praise and vaildation for killing alot of people.


Several of these young people play this game for hours and hours, one in particular played for 13 hours straight.


I wonder what impact this is having on these kids. To be able to "kill" on a daily basis, for hours on end.


It seems to me that this type of game would de-sensitize many of these kids to killing ,as they grow up and become adults.


As the world becomes more stressful, what type of release would these adults of tomorrow choose ?


When I was growing up, in the high school time frame, we spent our spare time working on hot rods. This developed our mechanical skills to be used later on in life.


What type of skills are these kids bringing with them as they grow into adulthood and are more responsible for the direction of humanity ?


As far as the doom that is always brought up, I collect vintage books, and I have several in the collection that were published in the mid to late 1800's and these particular books also are predicting the end of the world, ending in complete chaos and destruction of humanity. so this isnt a new thing...and of course we have the Bible claiming that we will have an end at some point of Gods choosing.


As far as survival if things go completely haywire, I live in a place prepared for complete independence if required to do so, without modern "luxuries". Even if the electricity ceased tomorrow, it would have a little impact on where I live, and adjusting wouldnt be very difficult. We have hundreds of horses around here, old fashion type wind-mill water pumps, cattle, deer, etc...


As far a any violence..well out here in the Hill Country of Texas, there are enough guns to keep things in check. We dont have any gang problems, so there wouldnt be any real threat from that sector.


Its all you city slickers that would have the problems. O_o


The one method of hope I place some value in is how I raise my child. To teach her how to survive is of the utmost importance. To provide her with the tools to succeed in any environment.


P.S. RainmanTime is always welcome in my home, so if ya ever need to "escape" the tribulations occuring in California, you got a place of sanctuary.



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Well, I can see this becoming a God? Thread, but I must strongly disagree, Good Scientist. God is Real. You betcha!


However, if we wish to debate the existence of God, then perhaps this should be done in the God? Thread, since that was why I created it. Also, I would kindly request you read through it before posting, since I dislike repeating myself over and over again.



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Hello Qronos 16'


Thank you! I was unaware that you had gone ahead and posted for me. I haven't finished reading all of the posts yet, but felt compelled to write to you first I really do appreciate your kindness and I will have to say that I will miss it once you have left.


If you would like, here is a copy of my post describing what I had witnessed last July 26, 2005. In addition I been honored to had been an acquaintance to a very and polite time traveler and had seen their vehicles. That's all I dare to say about the additional experiences, except to ask about a movable red lit disk.


Anyway here is the post:




This is the first time I've ventured to post on any forum (although I am registered on a couple of others), so, please forgive me if I'm not completely clear in my expressed objective as I write this. I'm a person who has been dealing with the angst of coming forward and relating what I personally have witnessed and experienced, in regards to time travel and their travelers.


I do not reside in Florida and have never had the opportunity to travel there. I am located on the west coast and I'm a native Californian. I'm also a city dweller who lives in an area that is well populated. But even those things that are unexpected are allowed to occur in the city.


I first heard the story of John Titor (a little over a year and a half ago) while listening to Coast to Coast— KFI 64.0 FM—on the radio. It was from a brief guest, interviewed by George Norey, that I learned about the archived threads of this individual who had asserted to be a time traveler from the year 2036. Afterwards, for some uncharacteristic reason, I found myself curiously intrigued by what I had heard and, felt compelled to examine these archived threads for myself.


Up until that time, I hadn't believed in the feasibility of time travel, nor had I considered it to be an achievement that would, if ever, evolve into something that was realistically viable. Since the exploration that is needed in acquiring the knowledge, as well as the technological means (that would undoubtedly be required for such an enterprising feat to reach fruition) appeared far removed from any truly significant research being conducted by the scientific communities at this time. Nor have they truly indorsed the idea of time travel as conceivably being possible in the future.


But, as I went through and perused the numerous archived postings of John Titor, I was amazed by just how cogent and lucid he was in the manner in which he articulated his thoughts, objectives, concerns and even his rationale for posting. His writings (in my opinion) did not portray him as an individual having an ignoble agenda nor did it render him as a person who was even possibly unstable mentally. On the contrary, he was very coherent with the limited information he had made available regarding how time travel is/was achieved. He even went as far as to post a number of photos so that we would have the opportunity to view the mechanism—time machine—itself (along with a few pages from its operation manual as well).


What he had revealed about the technology—that would essentially be responsible for advancing the achievability of time travel—actually sounded plausible. And as for the pictures of his time machine, it is indeed credible to believe that this device was designed and assembled from specs that were provided by the military. (I once worked for an aerospace company, which held several contractual obligations with the U.S. Air force).


However, it was three events, in particular, that had occurred during 2005, which had the greatest influence on changing my perspective about time travel. The first was what I had observed for myself on July 26, in the very early morning hours (somewhere between 2 and 3 AM).


It was through my living room window that I personally witnessed a small isolated region in the skyline—to the west—having an unusual cast to its appearance that seemed strangely and unusually distorted—as though it were shimmering or rippling—and slightly illuminated within. I wasn't sure if this was actually the case or if it was nothing more than the peculiar way in which the streetlights were being reflected onto the pane of the window. And in relationship to where I stood it appeared directly in line to my own position.


To confirm what I was actually witnessing I had decided to turn off all of the lights—as a provisional means of avoiding any potential glare or unusual reflection. I then retrieved my binoculars so I would be better able to observe this anomaly more closely. And undeniably it was rippling. (I had also viewed this same strange distortion from a second west-facing window as well).


In addition, it was within this undulating distortion, that I noted there was a detectable central point fixed to the earth. And it was from this focal point that this delineated movement of distortion was being generated and traversed outward in an arcing configuration.


It was from this subtle illuminated configuration that I observed an additional feature; the faint visage of arcing lines that were progressing in magnitude as they traveled in a corresponding manner within this rippled distortion. I remembered that John Titor had given a description of what you would witness during such an event. But he did not mention the arcing lines within this distortion.


I have never observed anything remotely close to what I had seen that morning, nor have I since. I'm not actually sure we even possess the knowledge to exploit this type of technology. And, if we did, for what intended purpose is it being used for, especially here in the city.


As for the location in which it took place, I think I would be better not to disclose it publicly.


I understand that there is videotape of John's departure. And I understand it (or a copy of it) had been released to another individual(s). I personally have never seen the videotape and would be interested to know if there is a website were I could view it. It's important to me to know if the distortion I witnessed reflects what is shown on the videotape.


There were additional events, and an encounter, that have taken place but this too I will keep to myself for now.


I don't expect anyone to believe me, nor do I want anything from anybody, I just wanted to let someone know what I had personally witnessed.


P.S. First, I want to thank Qronos 16 for posting for me. I am unable to post for myself. Each attempt I make to post I receive an error message saying that I am using an invalid post.


Second, this is a copy of what I had posted to a different forum a couple of months ago in regards to a part of what I had witnessed and experienced. I have ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT that time travel is occurring on our world line! And you really need to the warnings, because we are heading in that direction. If I were able to post I would gladly debate this issue. Since I am a member of this forum and capable of sending private messages, why are my posts not valid?


Once again, I wish to thank Qronos 16 for being considerate and helping me out.


Thank you,






Safe Journey Qronos 16




Teri Mc



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Rainmans, wait, I have his vette,


T is in Gary I need you come here?


Let me grab your shirt.I've got you now, this is funny but this looks wierd.


Okay lets walk over to the vette?


What part?Its up to you Gar..Okay fender, thats right and, okay I have you now, you put your hand on the fender.


Okay into time


I have you dont worry, fowards smoke, yelling a few shots.


sounds of military vehicles.


water, I know thats what Im thinking and it stinks.


Oh sh*t!



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Strap a rocket on the back of a teenage boy, and what do you and what will you have?


Rocket men!


In the Kahbalha (spelling wrong no doubt), it is said there upon reading this structure 'time travel' will be thought about and perhaps obtained. Some Catholics state "Upon Electing me, in the future, things will be different, and you will all know that. I am your Leader". The priest listen to these people and say -- "We'll be bad, so they kick us out of this Country, because we are tired of listening to them tell us about God. God is the only "Time Traveler and the only Leader!"!


The others with their "Rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that our Flag was still there" and will be in the future, as soon as you realize the Americas, because, they simply don't have anything to stop us, so they will eventually join us, and end up listening to all the other crazies in this Country!"


Rocket teenagers, men, and ladies unite!


Time travelling is upon all of yous!




Hot dogs are bad for yous!



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Here is another example of how people here in this time think they know all their is to know about a Time Traveler. How do you know what the rules are? Did you see the rules in a movie? I have not even spoke of the technical aspects of time travel and even if I wanted to do so I could not. Again another comparison to John T. Let me let you in on a little secret about John T that I was not going to say before. He's not what you think he is. That's all I will say about that.


I'm sure you all are aware of the matrix movies. Which by the way are very popular in 2065. The first movie by the brothers tried to tell you what kind of a world you live in. Did any of you catch that? Frogs in boiling water. Sometimes the truth is in plane site.



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The matrix?


I can not remember if I said "Welcome" or not. Currently, I am pStream(-ing)


-> pointer object of the FAssertMessage in the Civilization IV game with #defines reading in the <font color="pink">CvArea[/color](.cpp) of the #include(d) files of the abstract classes.


Since I am the Leader of the Civilization IV game, I will put everything in one gigantic *.h heading file and *.cpp programming file and probably blow-up the computer and the programming of Microsoft and their OS's and IDEs. (Sounds of "Coronations" are heard.) (Entire meaning -- I have a headache!)


Abstract as it is!


What other endeavors lurk in the programming?






Download the Software Development Kit for the Matrix, I guess.


User tweaks and user mods will be done now!









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This will be my last post, but I must let you all know that you have 2 paths before you. 1 you can continue down the path of ignorance and blindness. Or you can awaken and stand up for what is yours. Which path will you take?


Some things that I have written can be changed. You can stop the American Union. The United States does not have to be a part of the World Government. To do that you must stand against the element of government that is in control of all the things going on now in this country. The same element that will bring the wrath of GOD against this nation. Earthquakes, Volcanos that have not been active for 100's of years. Horrible storms that will drown cities. The sun will become more active then ever before. The energy from the sun is also part of the reason for such horrible storms.


Election time is near and the false propaganda campaign will step up. Do not be fooled for if you stand strong Bush will be impeached. Remember what I have told you, the war that the globalist fight is not against the terrorist it is against you. If you think I'm making this up read the patriot act and I guarantee your mind will be changed. Stop thinking all is well, if you do not then you will loose this nation. I wish I could tell you more but that is all I am allowed to tell you.


Remember what I told you about the kids, please if you have not listen to anything I have told you listen to what I said about the kids. Teach them how to survive.


One more thing, in the last part of the 10 years China will try to take advantage of what is going on and invade the USA many many will die. In the end the USA will come out on top. The final battle will be fought in Colorado with the black weapons you hear about but never see. Antigravity weapons that the USA has had for years. Beam weapons that are in operation now that the USA has fired against what you call UFO's. A 200 million man army the Chinese have, the same number the Bible speaks of.


We leave at 3:33am on the 25th. If you are in the midwest or southern states look to the skies around that time you may see something. I think we will be the last to come to this time.


Good Luck to you all!!!



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Farewell, Little Buddy!


This will be my last post

Thank God Almighty on High! I'll be celebrating.

you have 2 paths before you. 1 you can continue down the path of ignorance and blindness. Or you can awaken and stand up for what is yours. Which path will you take?

Translation: "If you don't believe me, Qronos16, and what I have "predicted" (ha), then you are taking the path of ignorance and blindness."

With such an insulting rhetoric, now you know why I feel absolutely NO remorse for the insults I have thrown at you, Gilligan. Not only do I reject you, & reject your message, but I also reject the thought that YOU have the ability to determine whether the path that I select with my Free Will is one of "ignorance and blindness."


The energy from the sun is also part of the reason for such horrible storms.

It is no surprise that the energy of the Sun is THE dominant influence for the majority of the dynamic changes on our planet. The fact that you try to tie this to your agenda of a doom and gloom future is not specifically supportable. IOW, you are blowing smoke out your a$$.

Do not be fooled for if you stand strong Bush will be impeached.

Got a date? Care to be more specific? No...I didn't think so.

Stop thinking all is well, if you do not then you will loose this nation.

Translation: "If you don't believe me, Qronos16, then you must think that all is well." Never have I claimed that "all is well". My argument with you has simply been that things are nowhere near as bad as you wish to paint them. But that is your agenda... to whip people into a frenzy with flimsy, unsupported "conspiracy theorist" accusations. You seek weak minds with such an agenda. Intelligent people won't buy into your propaganda.

The final battle will be fought in Colorado with the black weapons you hear about but never see.

Hmmph. Sounds to me like an updated version of the movie Red Dawn. I thought that movie was OK... but it never came to pass, now did it?

We leave at 3:33am on the 25th. If you are in the midwest or southern states look to the skies around that time you may see something.

I'll be waiting for the big news reports... zzzzzzz. As with your other "predictions" you are being purposely vague by not telling us WHAT we can expect to see....just "something". Cute.

I think we will be the last to come to this time.

Right there you have totally betrayed any hope that you could be believed as a time traveler. And you probably don't even understand why this is so. If time travel comes to pass in the way you have insinuated it would (by your own lame story) then you could never make such a statement, as there are multiple worldlines full of people who could (and would) continue to come to "our time". With this, your final statement, you have totally contradicted the basis of the story you have spun which you expect should "convince" us of what you say to be our future.

You are a really, really lame hoaxer Qronos16. The Skipper is NOT pleased! :P I'm just glad we won't have to hear your nonsense anymore (although I bet another "version" of you will show up not too long after "you" have left us).





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I live here in the Midwest. It also has its problems same as anywhere else. What I fail to see is that the same kind of response comes out of so-called people who also only think that they should give orders. Well, I must of missed you leaving because I was asleep. Let me explain it this way also.


Here is a young couple, having their problems, but, not really knowing me, who does live alone, they are having emotional problems with that. I really am not, I am having the problem of trying to decide what it is that they are talking about. The young man turns that stupid age, where everyone thinks that drinking is allowed. They can not handle it. They are drinking too much. They also have friends who are acting out, and all because I could not read their minds when they could not explain it.


Here it is:


The matrix is gone, done through. It is Quaternions now. So again, it would be nice if it seemed that you were not acting out, and just being as wrong as what some of these other people want to think. I will explain it. Actually they are the ones acting out, explaining anyone else is acting out, when that is not really necessarily true.


That goes all up to God in the end, and that is the part that they fail to see. There is actually another way of thinking about any of it. And that is --- the definitions of the words are not actually what they seem to be. It is not cut and dried, never has been, and never will be. It is uncertainty, because that is always what it has been. There will be no matrix, because matrixes can not explain 3-D fully and the math is only approximate, at the best. Now enters Quaternions, and it can explain better 3-D and the math is closer, and more accurate, so whenever someone comes on and can not explain what is really happening, no fallout will occur, no exggerations will occur.


Simply put, humans are bound to this Planet, and can not get off. Humans are trapped on this Planet.


That changes everything, in the end.


And it will not change any time soon!


Fantasies are not reality, they simply are not.



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Uh ok. Anyway I don't know what the guy is or was, I mean he could have been some nut from the nut house or something. But I do thank him for opening my eyes to the fact that our nation is in great danger. If anything that did me some good and I have also talked to many people here in my town about what is going on in the United States. They are really shocked.


I hope that we do not loose what so many people have died for in wars.



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