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Someone private messaged me and wanted to know more about the Art Bell situation. I will add one more fact about what is going on with him. In the book I read about Art Bell in chapter 3 it said that not long after Ramona's death her mom flew in from southern California to try to get Ramona's body exhumed for a second autopsy. Apparently she did not believe Art's story.

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Let's Talk About The FACTS, Mmmmmm-kay?

Someone private messaged me and wanted to know more about the Art Bell situation.

Do I get 3 guesses?

I will add one more fact about what is going on with him.

Fact meaning you can show it is true?

In the book I read about Art Bell in chapter 3 it said that not long after Ramona's death her mom flew in from southern California to try to get Ramona's body exhumed for a second autopsy. Apparently she did not believe Art's story.

Well, that is not hard to believe when you consider that quite a bit of what Art talks about on his show is hard to believe. Honestly, if Art Bell was telling you something and Jeff Rense was telling you something different, would you trust either of them if your life depended upon it?

New/Improved RMT

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Well it is done. The better (best) version of the Titor Story song.

File uploaded and reachable from the following project:

If you want to link directly to the file:

[Download this file now]

Some numbers were added at the website, just rename the song.

320Kbits/second mp3 song at 89.13% volume. Why? That is all mp3 files are suppose to handle, and represent -1dB for the mp3 file format the song is in.

Just turn up the volume. The real name of the song is "I am (We are) from 2036", so just rename it, if you want to.

So compare one time-traveller to another time-traveller, I guess, whatever.


The song is free, so is the rambllin' on in posts.

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What I am saying is I read the book. You will also be able to read the book within a couple years. Art is not what he seems to be to you all. Also I should tell you that if any of you have kids and you think you should give them flu shots, don't!! As for this bird flu that you have heard about, don't worry about it. Don't buy the so call pills they have made for it. They do not work. Eat fruits and vegetables and try to stay away from meats. Drink filtered water. And if you can find filters for your shower get one. Invest your money in gold. Again learn how to live off of the land if at all possible.

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 bit off topic I was Listeing to my friend talk about the Imagine Song by John Lennon
and its Description of an NWO New world Order:

Imagine there's no Heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world

You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one

No Religion? no Government? No Possesions? BrotherHood of Man?
What do poeple think about this?

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I'd say that George Harrison summed it up best:

Isn't it a pity, isn't it a shame,
How we take each other's love,
Without thinking any more,
Forgetting to give back,
Isn't it a pity.

Some things take so long,
But how do I explain?
Not too many people,
Can see we're all the same.
And because of all the tears,
Your eyes can hope to see,
The beauty that surrounds us.
Isn't it a pity.............

Oh what a pity, what a sweet pity--John is--Paul is.

Most people have no clue just what the New World Order entails.
Back in 1974, it was already in place and was controlling YOUR LIFE in ways you can't even imagine.
I had an opportunity to challenge and, therefore, note what kind of forces I was up against.
The pattern emerged and I realized that EVERY SINGLE agency in the state of Maine was being controlled by this group of people who were well-educated, silver-spooned out-of-staters who moved in and took over key positions. They always insulated themselves by at least three layers of "bureaucrats" (the first layer being low-level people who did the actual interaction with the public.)

One small example (and there are many) was the small post office in my home town. Prior to these people taking over, mail was always delivered (on a rural route) by 7:00 in the morning (by local people) and the post office itself was always run by local people. Afterwards, the post office was run by out-of-state people and the deliverer never got to us until 2 or 3 in the afternoon. Now multiply this by all the small and big agencies in the state and you begin to see how they have permeated our society. I was working for a social agency dealing with juveniles and found that every single person of authority was not local. During a seminar along the coast of Maine, I found that there was a CONSCIOUS effort to build a grass-roots organization to take control from the ground up--and at a seminar in Boston I actually saw with my own eyes the arrogant claims these people were making about how they were gaining control of major agencies with help from then Senator Brooke and Kennedy and were actually cursing God and celebrating their new-found powers. They had access to millions and could actually care less about the social services they controlled.

When I confronted the Director of the half-way house I worked at about these people, she laughed (devilishly I might add), and stated that if it had been her who was trying to compromise me (there were several attempts at drawing me into compromising situations), she would have accomplished what they had failed to do--namely, make it so I could not complain about their practices which were actually breaking up families instead of helping them.

It's easy to see the NWO on the global scale (which they are trying to get you to focus on) and not see at all that it is right on your own doorstep. Needless to say, although I had nearly 100% success working with juveniles in New Hampshire (those who went through my program never came back to the institution), in Maine I was blacklisted and prevented from ever working with juveniles again (the program I had in New Hampshire was completely dismantled because they were losing heads and, therefore, funding).

They have had the last 20 years to consolidate their positions and when the time comes (and it will) the infrastructure is completely in place to do the will of the opressing forces. Unlikely as it sounds, the US will lead the way in the world to setting up the one-world religion, one-world economy, and one-world government. In fact, it is almost completely in place. There are only a few "brushfires" that need to be attended to. Enjoy the new world. It can only go downhill from here. Does this bolster Titor's claims? Nah, he didn't have a clue on this level. As a matter of fact, he didn't have a clue on ANY level. What I would like to know is: why is this thread still lurking here--it should have been relegated to the claims section long ago. All it seems to accomplish is bring out facetious remarks and denigrating comments that serves to accomplish nothing but draw people away from the purpose of this forum--discussion of time travel. All timetravel claimants should be automatically placed in the clamis section. The possibility of a TRUE timetraveler actually coming here is so remote as to be laughable.

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The NWO is that which is trying to kill the United States Of America and turn it into The American Union, and kill the US Dollar and turn it into the Amero. In my past this is how it went down. It happened with another phoney terror attack, it was a suitcase nuke in Los Vegas. But in my timeline no troops where on the boarders. So that is one thing that changed. So since that has changed this is what I would look for. The globalist need something to happen before they can push the American Union into action. They need ether a terror attack or a civil uprising which also took place in my past. If they can't get that to take place then the US economy will crash which also happened in my past. In my past the only thing that made the AU happen was the suitcase nuke. The globalist are very worried about the resistance, the resistance has slowed the progress of the globalist by over a year. With the Mexican thing going on now, this is what they are trying to use to get the civil unrest started. These people are very serious about what they are doing. All I'm telling you people to do is pass the word around about what your so called President is trying to do. If he is successful this will end the United States Of America and will start a police state that will result in 100's of thousands of American People's deaths. And then that will be the reason that the Chinese invade the USA.

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This information is so wrong I was laughing for quite awhile. You have no clue what you are talking about and obviously dont even know the history nor agenda of the people involved in the NWO.

Once again I must repeat myself...

You dont know who you are interacting with in these forums, nor do you have any idea what the extent of anyones knowledge may be.

The more you post, the deeper you get...and the more obvious it becomes you are NOT from the future. You should stop reading mis-information on garbage websites and learn to discriminate reality from bull-sh*t.

And I believe I asked you a question...


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I would have to agree with what you have said. Yes if you do a simple search on the net about the NWO anyone with a little sense can see that it is very real. Again I have an interest in time travel topics. I don't know if Qronos is real nor do I know if John is real, but I will say they both have said more or less the same thing. As for OvLrdLegion saying Qronos does not know the agenda of the NWO, well that's funny because I did a search on the net and what Qronos has said seems to be true. As for the American Union here is a link I found about what Bush has done to get this started: http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=50618


And from what I heard on Coast To Coast Am about the AU, if this gets implemented it will kill the United States Of America. I don't know about you guys but I love this country, and it seems from the research that I have done since Qronos has brought this up that if Americans do not wake up soon we will loose our nation. The death of those people who died for this nation will be in vain if this AU gets started. I voted for Bush, and for that I'm sorry.



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Hello' Dan has brought me here.Some of you may know me as Abraham Lincoln.


This is a funny experience for me, as I have never spoken on the internet.


This is odd, as you say a revolution will occur, sir?


I should hope that the vestiges left as scars from our last nationwide conflagration, would have served as a studious lesion.


Hello Darby.


I see that you are an a academy graduate and in good standing; I might add?!


I must express my hope, as I am allowed to say only so much, that the light of truth, will help some make very wise decisions, in the time to come.


It is easy to start a war.Civil wars at that, are an awful event to have to raise a family through.


Creedo>This is all he wanted to say.



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Once again, the sources of this material are "outside" of the place one should look to answer any questions regarding NWO.


I am not saying that there isnt an organization that isnt working towards a NWO, but the methods and underlying principles are NOT in line with what y'all are reading.


The NWO bases alot of their beliefs upon the Qaballah. You can see this in the structure of the United States Government. The founders of the U.S. were influenced heavily by people in the NWO 'sect'.


The paper money has symbols all over them that reflect the NWO. This isnt a new thing...


The dollar bill has it written on the back...New World Order. So it isnt that much of a secret.


What I am trying to get across is that through-out history, people start pointing fingers at "groups" responsible for their own failures.


Should we begin trials of those suspected in being a member of a secret society and burn them at the stake?


Maybe we should round them up and place them in concentration camps ?


We need to realize that the power is in each individual to understand their "own" responsibility for their "own" actions.


As an example, I live in Texas, the owners of the border properties are getting together to solve a problem, not relying on "somebody else" to solve it for them.


I used to deliver parts to a GM plant in South Gate, Ca. Many of the workers there purchased automobiles made overseas. Should they have been suprised when they were out of a job when the plant was closed?


The excuse that the other cars were built better doesnt fly when "they" were the ones making the cars "themselves" over here. If asked why "I" bought an overseas made car, and respond with a comment that the doors fall off of the american made cars, yet, I'm the guy putting the doors on the american cars, there should be a big problem with my reasoning.


So whose to blame on that one?


The small businesses put out of business by stores like Wal-Mart was caused by whom? Now, many people bitch about these giant stores, when they themselves were responsible for the success of those stores.


I went to a arts and crafts show, and found several "booths" with stuff made in China. Did this support our local artisans ? No. And I said as much to the vendors. I refused to buy anything that wasn't handcrafted by a local artist.


We complain about the price of gas, yet drive a block away to get a six-pack.


The power of the people is immense, but done in a reasonable fashion. Not by using hype or causing paranoia to determine the course of any actions needed to be taken to make changes.


If you "really" dont like what our politicians are doing, then do something to make changes. In California, when the majority had enough of Davis, he was given the boot.


Think we dont have choices...you know you can write in a candidate for any governmental office. So, as a single voice, nationwide, we could select whomever we wanted. We are NOT stuck with only specific choices. But, alas, most people dont want to go to the trouble. So, they take the easy way out and then complain later.


We, the people, have those options. We dont need to rise up with weapons and over-run Washington D.C., or cause a civil war...we have the tools in place to make changes, in peace, not pieces.


There are always alternatives and options. Not by creating a panic in the public domain.


To add on with edit feature...


I see the government trying its best to hold things together. We complain about how easy it is for people to cross over the border, yet, when a group heads down there and attempts to volunteer their time to make a border crossing more difficult, protestors show up against them.


The government is in a pickle. Do you tell everyone that the minutemen are a good thing and that the protestors need to shut up and go home?


Whom should the government side with ? Either way, they come out looking bad, to someone.


The gas prices sky-rocket, yet the sale of SUV's was strong, damn things are everywhere. What should the government do ?


Outlaw SUV's and tell the people that they are stupid to buy a 10 miles per gallon vehicle that most dont "really" need anyway, when oil is a limited resource ?


And how many of you mow your lawn with a mechanical push mower? I'd bet 99.9 % of y'all use a powered mower, huh?


We are a nation of abusers and when the sh*t hits the fan for what "we" are doing wrong, we end up scratching our heads wondering what happened, and then blame the "government".


"WE" are the government. But, it seems "we" forgot that part.



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Excellent, OvrLrd, excellent.


Personal responsibility is in a sad state of affairs these days. People think it is just so much easier to blame some unseen, unverified, "secret government".


And to Ren who said:


well that's funny because I did a search on the net and what Qronos has said seems to be true.

My question: How do you VALIDATE information you read on the internet? I have no doubt that you can find stuff on the internet that supports Qronos' claims. But how do you determine that it "seems to be true"? How do you rule out that it is not just someone's OPINION? Someone who wants to blame the government, instead of take appropriate actions to change it?

New/Improved RMT



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I agree with most of what you have said. I don't recall anyone here saying the government was to blame for all of their personal problems. I think anyone with a brain in their head can see that's not the case. And I don't see any post from anyone saying we should use violence for anything. I do see post from people saying contact your local officials or to pass the word and let others know what is going on. The government should side with the US people. And if the government is not working anymore it should be replaced just like the constitution says it should. I own many guns and I will use my guns to protect my family, just as any real man would do.



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