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Low Frequencency gravity waves...anyone?


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I was told by someone who was on the verge of a breakthrough that lfgw's are the key to beyond light speed travel and communications, does anyone have anything to add to that thought? or any questions as to what I am referring/ Thanks! Please, my friend died for what he felt was a great discovery, please if you know anything...please post



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I don't think anyone yet knows all that much about gravity.


Electromagnetic Radiation has frequencies, and as such, then perhaps there is "waves" and "particle" duality with gravity, but you will have to do research on it and see what is happening with it.


To say that Gravity has "frequencies" that are different is not known at least by me.


However, some scientists are working on Dr. Heim's theory more and Gravity Probes are built and scientists are working on "String Theory" or "Superstring Theory".


It would merely all be theory as of now about gravity, and many theories can seem to abound about any such subject, but until experiments prove anything, and more work is done with any of the theories --- it is still all theory.



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actually if you ggole low frequency gravity waves you will find a few things to look at that will tell you a bit about them, and if you google Philip Taylor Kramer and read a few articles you will come across more info about his technical abilities and his dad's as well. I do believe from what his dad and sister have said that he had in fact finished the formula for beyond light speed communications and travel. Many thought that he had been abducted because he specifially told his dad "if anyone ever says that I committed suicide you will know that someone has in fact abducted me or killed me", ans one of his calls was to 911 saying "this is Philip Taylor Kramer and I am going to kill myself" His dad thinks this is a direct communication to him saying they have got me. He was so very paranoid about someone trying to steal his work or kill him because of what he had discovered. He worked on the guidance systems for the mx missles and had top security clearance. He knew alot already and so did his dad. I fear that his research may fall into the hands of another country and be used in a way that Taylor wuld not have been happy about. But I know that LFGW are important, I just wish I could find someone who knew anything more about their application to communications and travel beyond light speed. If you have time do look up and read about bothe he and LFGW and tell me what you think. Thanks for posting!



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Well, or laughs or something:








Predates I think, Kramer, perhaps!


It's worth noting that Heim Theory predicts the existence of all the known 4 forces, along with 2 new gravitational-like forces:


H1 predicts gluons, carriers of the strong nuclear force.


H3 and H4 predicts the W bosons and Z boson, carriers of the weak nuclear force.


H5 predicts photons, carriers of the electromagnetic force.


H10 predicts quintessence, a weak gravitational-like repulsive force that would cause the expansion of universe.


H11 predicts gravito-photons, as of yet unobserved particles that would, theoretically, allow the conversion of an electromagnetic field into a gravitational-like field.


H12 predicts gravitons, carriers of gravity.


These force carriers together also allow one to predict novel forms of space travel. Whether this holds true in practice remains controversial.


So yes, according to Dr. Heim gravity would act like electromagnetic radiation and have different frequecies (although not really acting like electromagnetic radiation, but gravity with its own sense of the same type subject.)



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Olly & katpepul,


See my other reply in the other thread about Mr. Kramer. I will not address him or his plight here.


What I will discuss here is the relationship between gravity, frequency, and energy in an effort for us all to understand whether (or not) "low frequency gravity waves" could be used for faster-than-light communication. We need to begin our investigation with what science currently has shown us to be true about these phenomena:


1) Relationship between Energy and Frequency: Quantum physics tells us this relationship with respect to the quantum of energy associated with a photon of light. The relationship is given by the familiar equation "E = h*v", or Energy = Planck's constant * frequency. Thus, the higher the frequency the higher the energy. But if we wish to talk about "low frequency gravity waves" the opposite consideration is pertinent. Namely, that the lower we go in frequency, the less energy is available to do meaningful work.


2) Gravity's Rank in the Four Forces: Science also tells us that there are FOUR fundamental forces: Strong, Electromagnetic, Weak, and Gravity. This ordering of these four forces is also representative of their relative "strength" to hold things together in the universe. Obviously the "strong force" is the strongest, and as we can see from the link given above gravity is the weakest. If we equate "strength" with "energy", then we come to an understanding that "low frequency gravity waves" are going to be at the absolute bottom of the "energy bin" because they represent the weakest of the four forces, and the lowest energy due to frequency content.


Given all of the "real science" above, it would be hard for anyone who understands these phenomenon to agree that "low frequency gravity waves" could be used as a means for faster-than-light communication. The energy levels are just much too low to be able to break the "space-time stiffness barrier". And if you don't know what I mean by this term, think of "space-time stiffness" as representing the HUGE amount of Energy that is required to accelerate any body of mass beyond the speed of light! (Einstein's famous equation E = mc^2).


Please read through this and ask questions if you don't understand, because this is fundamental to understanding where breakthroughs may lie in our future. Really try to "grok" this, because when you do you will be able to avoid "pseudoscience" proclamations that offer no hope for breakthroughs.


Now, with all that said, let us leave "faster than light" communication behind us for a second but remain focused on frequency, energy, and gravity because there are some interesting conclusions we can arrive at by examining these three phenomenon. From the link given above we can see that ElectroMagnetism is a MUCH stronger force than gravity. Relatively speaking, E/M has a "strength" of 1/137 whereas gravity has a "strength" of 1/(1.67x10^38). That is a HUGE difference!


What does this suggest to us? Something quite exciting, indeed. What is suggests to us is that we ought to be able to use electromagnetism to overcome gravity! Indeed, we can see there is enough energy inherent to E/M phenomenon to more than overcome the energy of gravitational effects! And this is exactly along the lines of what "superconductivity" holds in store for us if we can master it.





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