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thx for the bump Gpa.


The whole thread gave me the urge to ask some questions.


Yeah of course we can be icky picky and call it the AF/A-18* (actually quite uncommon to call it that way around the internet, even in 2015 but it is the correct designator for the RAAF)


1. The RAAF updated their F/A-18A, doesn't make that a F/A-18A a F/A-18C? (technically of course)


2. The RAAF updated their F/A-18B, doesn't make that a F/A-18A a F/A-18D? (technically of course)


here is a page that exactly states that : http://www.uswarplanes.net/hornet.html


3. What was that number of flight hours of an F-18 Hornet in the year 2006, right now the number would be 10000 ?


4. The question why does he flie a F/A-18D in a dogfight is not viable...why shouldn't he.


The plane is perfectly capable of engaging in a dogfight and of course telling a chinese fighter pilot to please hold the dogfight cause im in a D version of a hornet doesnt even hold ground on debunking an alleged time traveler.


If i believe the RAAF, the hornets will be in service until 2020 when the last plane is planed to be taken out of service.


Before getting the F-35 the RAAF aquired F-18 SUPER HORNET. (AF/A-18E/F)


24 are in service right now.


The amount of F-35's at the moment is a wooooooophing TWO in service and 70 ordered.


The impression that the RAAF doesn't use those planes anymore is utterly wrong. They just sent (march 2015) six


F/A-18A from 75. Squadron to the Middle East (Operation Okra) to replace the six super hornets (AF/A-18E/F) from the 1. Squadron.


As well i have to say that the USA damn well used two seated F-18 in Iraq ...i believe the marines like them a lot?


My questioning here has nothing to do if mister falzon was a time traveller or not.


That is NOT the point.


If he is believable has nothing to do with it


The arguments of some members are so far fetched and a lot of them resulting from misreadings.


There will be never EVER coming a time traveller to a forum in those conditions.


Why is everybody bashed that way before the possibility of explaining? (hoax or not....doesn't really matter)


Ever done a world wide sweep on time travelers on the internet?


Strangely there are always the same names popping up bashing and rumbling with their alleged higher understanding of everything.


Sorry if anybody is ofended by this. i asure that this is not my intention!





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The problem with this thread is that it is based on the actions of a projected conflict. That conflict may have been, by timeline mechanics partially phased out of existence. The modern mainland Chinese now have a hybrid jet fighter, which had some attributes of the American made F-16 and The Euro-Fighter. The aircraft is quite agile.


The F-35 is a stealth aircraft, that is supposed to be fitted with a super missile, which is not even in full development as of yet. The aircraft is supposed to be able to enter an area of battle and not be detected at all. However' the physical agility performance of the F-35, is far less than the F-16s and F-18s that it is supposed to replace. So in theory a decision may have been made to keep these older style fighters in manufacture.


*In this era, the U.S. is getting very close to gathering the subsystems that it needs to colonize the Planet Mars along with Earth's moon. Because of the supposed hidden alien issue, some industrial along with political situations, are playing cards, "very closely held to the vest", as far as full public disclosure goes.


It is said that Earth has within it's private employee, as force of spaceships, (hidden), known as the Solar Warden Fleet. There is also at this time, but not well known, said aliens pirate, that not only run stolen items from both Earth and Earth's vicinity, but fuel an off world black market, of all things involving human slavery. *This factoid could be, to employed as a house servant, slave, or prostitute. According the author Patrick Huyghe, in his book (The Fieldguide To Extraterrestrials), this is a big market and could in theory threaten the off world colonies planned for Earth concerns.


So there has to, for state of foundation of plat of Mars, Moon and other colonies, but a public disclosure, to some of these factoids, so that insurance can cover these projected colonies.


So as to both the concerns, along with the veracity of this thread, one must venture a guess, as to how a grand global war would continue, based in the juxtaposed need of needing to go into space? Has, or hasn't the timeline change or waivered in regards to any form of project global war, with the want, being placed on the, "things we need to do", chore platter? Thanks



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Hillary is very close to becoming president.......

How did that work out? If she were smart she would run for the hills before Trump serves her court papers.


The only reason she has not been served as yet may be that the president was obastard? Now with Trump in office she may not survive the next four years?



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