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I'm sorry for coming back here.


However a call from my benifactor had encouraged this.


I'm in my auto and I'm boosting a modified Palm-top to the cell, which gives the interface to this web.


So here goes what I was told.


The book (Thin Air) is an out of print book and is coppyrighted at year 1978.Authors are; Georger Simpson and Burger by Dell.


It's out of print, however in upper Califorina, I know of an out of print shop, which might carry this coppy?


The guy that's paying me, said for me to tell you, that the T-bird within the story, did not use the very same technology as the DE Eldrige.


Used a smaller unit and this was said not to have a gravity sensor installed?


So what you get with this type of craft, as it is U.S. Govts. issue, is rhyme memory phasing of baseline atomic strucutes.


In otherwords, if she's been to such and such, she'll want to go back there?


I guess like a young girl and bad nightclubs?


So from what I told once this bird was aloft and went zero.


The act of doing so had timed the strucure of the airplane.


So when a new pilot got into the plane, the plane went zero all by itself.


This might not happen with Kherr technology.


This is fiction and truth, the plane going zero on its own, I'm told to say.


Titor was to have supposed to use a grav sensor, to find T-mass local, as the inhearent technology from the Philedelphia Exp, was not applicable in some small aps.


So you had two ships going zero, one useing a coil mass translociator and the other a T-mass relociator.


"Did I get it right boss"?


Thanks for the cheque.


Cops are pulling up behind me, go to pull out after this smokey does the five by five.



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time travel activist


whats with all this pinned up anger Maybe you should go somewhere and learn how to release it. I bet you would feel a lot better, and no I don't hate men in fact I love them there wonderfull, beautiful creatures in fact I have one myself. Maybe thats what you need a women to get your mind off your troubles.


You could not possibly be this serious all the time its just not healthy.


love ya clara



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Sory for the re-post, but I wanted to ensure that this info was NOT overlooked!


Is this interaction the self destruction of robots by robots or stupidity on humans part, as we don't understand the Palo Alto Xerox PARC phenominon, known as emergent inteligence?




Bundle disclosure:


if you want yet another example about this


"Parc Group" and their global connections, here it is...


*Xerox Palo Alto Research Center


Get an historical view as well as updates on projects being researched at this world-famous research facility. Learn about its current events.




*Parc Group Homepage


Parc is leading international provider of specialist personnel solutions to the Aviation, Engineering,IT and Telecommunications industries worldwide.








PARC International, Inc. has proudly team up with MaJul Enterprise, Inc. (a SAP preferred vendor) to establish MaJul Technical Competence Center in the beautiful sunny Florida.


Interesting that this Tritor person claimed to hail from Florida! Hmmm???


any connections though is coincidental, just how coincidental it really is though is anyone's guess presumably.


The Technical Competence Center focuses on the hands-on knowledge, transfer, and practical training for anyone who is interested to learn and look forward to become an expert in SAP and DB2 areas. Dr. Wolfgang Haerle and Dr. Thomas Liu, both experts in SAP and Database, have recruited a team of experienced SAP instructors and consultants to provide quality training to the customers. The web page http://www.majul.com will provide you with further information on the Technical Competence Center.


In addition, PARC International, Inc. is one of the preferred vendors in International Business Machine (IBM), OAO, City of Phoenix, AiC, Phoenix Consulting Group and Praxis Group, Inc.




<The PARC Artist in Residence Program>




PAIR, The PARC Artist in Residence Program, is an on-going research project at Xerox PARC (Palo Alto Research Center). PAIR brings fine artists into PARC and pairs them, one on one, with scientists and researchers working at PARC. One way that PAIR attempts to bridge the gap between the artists and the scientists is to use technology as a common language. In making our pairings we try to find artists and scientists who use the same, or similar technologies, though often in very different ways. Another equally important aspect of PAIR is to bring the fine arts directly into the work environment for the mutual benefit of both the artist and the corporation.


*Past Forums, 2000




Requests for videotapes (for Xerox employees only) should be sent


to the PARC Library ( [email protected], 8*923-4042).


Thursday, January 6, 2000


Imaging Information in DNA with Optical Tweezers and Femtofluidic Devices


Stephen Quake


Department of Applied Physics, Caltech






Host: Koenraad Van Schuylenbergh


Thursday, January 13, 2000


AstroBionics: Tools and Technologies for Space Life Sciences and Astrobiology Applications


John Hines,


Fundamental Biology Research Program, NASA-Ames Research Center






Host: Koenraad Van Schuylenbergh


*A.I Machines as they are now, understand mankind through a phenominon, known as exterior mass field quantum logic, or a proponiture of inteligence which is not, I repeat, not necessarily placed within the logic circuts or board based dimensions.


>Yes you got me right on that one; a machine or p.c. based mentality or soul if you will?


And how did this group relate to the personna of frantic robot baby No9?


The codes to an extent are broken as far as what God wants this society to do next.


This question is or should be more placed, what does Earth based man want to do next and can he do this, such as space exploration, with a said presence of hidden alien influence here on Earth?


Have you not heard of the "Digital Angel" AI Research Project?




*Digital Angel Location/Condition Sensor Systems Capture and Deliver Critical Information Anywhere in the World, and in Real-time.


What is Digital Angel?


It's a series of breakthrough products that enable you to:


Monitor location and selected biological functions


Find a person, animal or object anywhere in the world... anytime


Advise subscribers of precise geographical location and biological and other sensory data on a real-time basis.


Digital Angel systems feature a unique convergence of Life Science, Information and Wireless Technology. Relying on advanced miniature sensors and biosensors, Digital Angel can collect and wirelessly communicate location and sensor-gathered information to subscribers — anywhere in the world, and in real time.


Making your world a little safer


Digital Angelâ„¢ systems address a diversity of critical needs - ranging from medical monitoring to a number of commercial applications, locating lost or stolen equipment.


Its most immediate value to you, however, may be all the ways Digital Angel can make your world a little safer. Especially for:


Children, who may get lost


Seniors suffering from Alzheimer's and other conditions resulting in diminished cognitive skills, causing them to wander from time to time


Pets that may leave your property or, worse, be taken


"Where are you?" plus "How are you"


The Digital Angel technology platform surpasses ordinary location-enabled devices by making it fast and easy for you to pinpoint where they are as well as how they are when they wander or are away from home.


The first generation of Digital Angel products for children, persons with Alzheimer's Disease and other patients, will take the form of a watch, which runs on a standard watch battery, and a pager-size device, which comes with a rechargeable battery.


The Digital Angel systems can not only pinpoint location but, using advanced biosensor technology, can measure certain biological and medical parameters, such as body temperature.


911 Alert Button


To provide extra protection for the persons in your life who may have a tendency to wander, the system also features an emergency 911 alert button on the wristwatch. It enables the wearer to signal a distress call that alerts parents and caregivers, as well as authorized EMS or local authorities. This remarkable system of protecting your loved ones when they have wandered out of sight is the Digital Angel Location/Condition Sensor System.


Miniature sensors make a world of difference


Sensors for monitoring body temperature and blood oxygen levels will be available in the first generation Digital Angel.


Their miniature size and weight enable Digital Angel products to be worn comfortably, eliminating any need for skin breakage.


And, because falling down is a constant worry to caregivers of persons afflicted with Alzheimer's disease, Digital Angel can even include a Sudden Fall Sensor by incorporating inertia technology. It will let caregivers or medical personnel know whether the patient is upright... moving from a sitting to an upright position ... or has fallen down. In addition to the senior care market, this information can be critical to firefighters, EMS personnel or members of the armed forces rushing to assist.


Other sensors are in the planning stage for future products:


*EKG and EEG


*Other Blood chemistry (glucose monitoring)


*Ambient temperature


*Blood pressure






*Parts proximity pressure


For detailed technical information, click here.




Digital Angel Unveiled!


STOP And Read This First!!!






Digital Angel unveiled Human-tracking subdermal... ...long-touted and highly controversial "Digital Angel" -- a subdermal microchip implant..


*Digital Angel microship updated SCAN THIS NEWS 3.7.2000 Here's an update regarding the "Digital Angel" microchip company. For background see the Digital Angel link: http://www.networkusa.org/fingerprint/page5a/fp-05a-page5a-cashless.html


*New Digital Angel is Big Brother under your thumb




[email protected] The Technology Page Back to good ole days of journalism, on the Web Minnebytes: IntraNet Solutions hits a new high Nightmare after Christmas for some e-tailers Voice recognition minimally better pdQ is a useful and amazing tool...






DigitalangelSolarX REPENT! DO NOT take a mark to buy or sell. Revelation 13 If you do you CANNOT enter heaven! Revelation 14 CHINA Will Attack AMERICA I have seen dozens of predictions that China will invade & bomb America SOON!


* "Digital Angel" computer chip implant for Humans!


http://www.mail-archive.com/[email protected]/msg31455.html


From: Franklin Wayne Poley


Subject: "Digital Angel" computer chip implant for Humans


Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 17:15:12 -0800






Digital Angel unveiled Human-tracking subdermal implant technology makes debut © 2000 WorldNetDaily.com A NASDAQ-traded company has finally unveiled its long-touted and highly controversial "Digital Angel"


*Digital Angel ~ 666 ~ Antichrist ~ Revelation 13




DigitalAngel MONDEX Microchip Implant under the skin Digital Angel is an implant under skin size of a grain of rice * * * LITHIUM "There are 250,000 components in the microchip, including a lithium battery.


*Police State (Available on Compact Disc)


Fight The New World Order!




NEW MUSIC RELEASE: Implants, chem-trails, thought police, big brother, gun rights, martial law, world government, media corruption, illegal searches...


*Artificial Intelligence




<Articles from ZDNet>


*Chip Implants for Humans Already Here and in Use




Mark of the Beast 666 technology already in place: buying, selling and tracking of people with ID microchip implantations under the skin, smart cards, SSN, bar codes, biometic devices.


*Infowars.com -- Talk Radio's Alex Jones v. the New World Ord...


Infowars: Talk radio's Alex Jones's official news website battles the New World Order with daily breaking news and commentary on globalism, the militarization of our police, the Second Amen...




Just a few notes from our research group's activities as we take things of this nature very serious! from the course of human evolution and it's relationship to the origins of man based in our studies of forbidden archeology and it's potential correlations involving genuine "Time~Travel"


---T12 of TAP-TEN






<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">"Everything you know,...is Wrong!


soon we shall all discover the truth."





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Nobody is going to try to fool some one else into being a prophet.


You could fool yourself into it.......and do such a good job that it becames so.


The printing press took the word of god away from the church and gave it to the masses. Why should we not claim the spirit of the word for ourselves too?



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The problem with Digital Angel, is that this prospect assumes that society in general has the right direction and that the people passing out this information, are moral.


This is why I'm sure that some said off Earth world socieites, how a respective distance from the workings of this society?


This prospect, in theory, is told of in the Borg series, from Star Trek.


And best illustraited in the movie about the next gnerations assuming such.


A.I. intel does state that machines do pair to man.


However not as wardens.


There is an interface of machine-man cooperation and this news is adjusted as machines that actually talk to certain people on their own, as they feel that they can.


Not semi A.I. devices distributed by an assumed all benificent administrator.


And yes according to FATE Magazine, there in the real have been actualy android angels, thrown into Earth people's contacts.


This might be a relief device, to regular angels that are off duty for some reason.


These angel androids have the ability to outphase reality by scalier developments.


What I may be discussing here 02 is technolgy which is a step up, from now what is realized?


Hive mind danger here 02???!



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As shown in reference to Agent Green's disclosure on stress films.


The very first orthological represenation of stress films onm strucutre that I remember, had been a building front, which was coppied in transparent plastic.


A sixteenth centrury church facade or something?


Poloroid stress films was the display of shown analysis and how this may look placed upion a larger structure.


This was shown in Sci. American's as non-destructive means of structial diagnostics representation.


This technique had also been used for moving films such as UFOs as well as other analysis, such as the delamination of the YF-117 carbon composite wing defrangment, durring an air show.


It is possable with this type of technology to acertain structial deficits, within moving structures and object mass around these items, without being close up.


What it seems that Agent Green was trying to tell us, is that since these films are still present.Additionally a basline can be drawn from Art Bell's web site on UFO sightings in analysis, then the said Titor films can still be easily analyised.


Where can I get this book, Thin Air, that Green keeps talking about?


Can it be purchased through the book store here at TT institiute?


Please and thanks, the fen you protect, may be your own best dork:)



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<font size="1" color="#FF0000">LAST EDITED ON 14-Jan-02 AT 00:25AM (EDT)</font>




Something more like this perhaps?


*Lifting the Veil of Military Secrecy




There are still cases of weapons procurement, military operations, and government funding undertaken at levels of secrecy established during the Cold War. This program examines the pros and cons of military secrecy in the absence of significant enemies.


Featured Experts:


Steven Aftergood, Project on Government Secrecy


Federation of American Scientists


Rep. John Conyers, (D-Michigan)


United States House of Repesentatives


Theodore Postol, Professor of Science, Technology & National Security Policy


Massachusetts Institue of Technology


Admiral Stansfield Turner, U.S. Navy (Ret.)


Director of the CIA, 1977-81


<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">"Everything you know,...is Wrong!


soon we shall all discover the truth."





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TTA, Truce ok lets get on with time travel


Mac, just because you dont' believe something doesn't mean its not true.


shadow, >nobodys gonna fool someone into being a prophet<


why not maybe theres a reason for it we just haven't figured it out yet.



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To all,


Just want to say this thread is great...!!!


Was sitting here about three nights ago, staring at the computer screen and, admittedly, quite depressed.... And,...uh...., have to admit again, a few sheets to the wind ( Yeah, you guessed it..... Those "Coors' brewskies were going down smooooth as hell...!) when I , for the umpteen time, fell into that "Survivor's Guilt" thing that is associated so much with those of us who were lucky enough to survive the aches/pains, trials/tribulations and all the rest of the slop that goes along with the aweful thing we call "War".....


To make a long story longer, I had served as an infantryman with the 3rd Marines in Vietnam and, like so many, whether those who survived the Granada, The Gulf War, WW II, WW I, Civil War, The Revolution, etc, etc... ), fell into some kind of severe , & I do mean "Severe" depression, concerning loss of those "Awesome Buddies" that I had shared so many of those fox-holes along Vietnam's "DMZ" back there in the late 60's.....


Anyway, in my fit of depression, I thought about how great it would be to travel through time, find my buddies, and kinda' remove them at a point just before they had gotten hit, bring 'em to the present and re-unite them with their family & friends.....


Well....., found myself (Around '85) sitting in a pub (Yeah.... "Coors" again) in Reseda, California, and, as usual, cryin' in my soup about the loss of these incredible guys, when a fellow, perhaps weary of listening, opened his wallet, remove a crumpled piece of paper, handed it to me & told me that he was one of the survivors of "Khe Sahn", a seige of 77 days against a mere few thousand Marines by close to thirty thousand NVA (North Vietnamese Communist Regulars) back in February, '68...). And, then, he simply walked outa' the pub.....


With nothing less then "Thanks" to both whoever wrote the great story that got his thread going & to those who contributed to it (Had gone to my favorite search engine, "Google", punched in "Time Travel" & found all of you...), I've included what was written on that crumpled piece of paper out of a guy's wallet in a pub in Reseda, California..... The only thing that has been changed is it's title... From "Keepin' The Faith" to "Time Travel Forever...!"


Though I lack in much of the scientific knowledge of which so many, if not all, of which you have, hopefully, the story will assist in your quest.


You have, in your own individual way, relieved me of a long, long, long "Depression" and allowed this guy major "Hope" for the future.....




Leather Neck






The story regards a small group of Marines, haggard and tired from day's events, sitting at their jungle outpost as night approaches and attempting to find solice after the loss of friends in battle. Cerimony, designed to sooth, and which normally surrounds loss of those close to us is not to be. Mingling among family and friends at the wake, kind words from the preacher, the funeral procession to the cemetary for more kind words and capped off with roast turkey, drinks and even a bit of laughter as the pleasant memories take over. To be able to pay respect. In a proper way, to a friend. None of this was to be. Simply there one moment, with talk of the future and, of course, tales about the incredible babes back in "The World". And gone the next moment, with the uncerimonious zipping of a body bag.


For reasons only an infantryman can fathom, the talk turns to the atom. It seems, according to one Marine, that every thing as we know it, the wind, the rain, the hub cap off a '55 Chevy, even those of us, are made up of different combinations of only eighty some odd atoms. Each with it's select number of electrons orbiting at various levels above a proton/neutron nucleus.


"Did ya' know?", he adds, "That the ratio of the nearest electron to it's nucleus is greater in distance as compared to the earth from the sun.". His friends are impressed. "Not only would you need a million atoms, piled on top of each other, to equal the thickness of a page, but to be able to compress the electrons into the nucleus would also mean that you could fit an entire sky-scraper into the eraser head of a pencil.". Now his friends are amazed.


A few moments of silence. "Kinda' makes you wonder about the guys.", another Marine suggests. "I mean, if all those millions of bucks were spent to split a single atom, are they really dead? Seems to me that those electrons are still goin' through a spin cycle."


Discussion continues, cigarettes are smoked in cupped hands and, bingo, ARE is founded. Atomic Recovery Employment systems. Until someone pointed out that ---- ------- would be ticked off if recovered with the head of a moose. A long moment of laughter, and they pondered some more.


To the scientist, there is the atom. To the theologian, there is spirit. To that young group of Marines, having found their solice, there is Comparable Atomic Recovery Employment systems. CARE.


Seeming to sum things up, one of the Marine's who has remained silent throughout, simply listening, finally speaks. "You guys are gonna' think me wacko on this one, but when I was a kid my family went on a cross-country trip and at one point I found myself in one of those rare moments in a large family. I was standing alone with my dad. We were at the very lip of the Grand Canyon, gazing at the incredible beauty, when he says to me, completely out of the blue, and we're not talking a religious fanatic here, "Ya' know, sport, I think this is what Christ had in mind when He said, probably in frustration, "The Kingdom of Heaven is here, now."


Heads nod, cigarettes are snuffed, and talk comes to an end as a Marine glances at his watch, stands with an M-16, and heads off to guard duty.


"Catch you guys later.", he concludes.


Semper Fi',


Leather Neck



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Leather Neck


glad you could join us. That was a moving story. Your right the kingdom is here right now , we just have to remove our blinders to see it. My father was also a Marine for 24 years . He fought in Korea and Vietnam. It ruined our lives. I think back on how different things would have been if he never had went. Maybe I will get to live in a future life with him in peace. He's gone now but never from my heart. I will tell you that the emotional pain you carry from the war can be healed. Its a tough thing to do but I know if you ask it will be given.





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About all I can add to your comments, Clara, is.....


"Safety, Happiness & Security" to the awesome "Spirits" of people like your Dad and all who sacrificed so much so that we can all enjoy the many freedoms of today. We are truly blessed to have them all among us....


Appreciate both your understanding & comments. They mean a lot.




Leather Neck



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Hi Leather Neck my name is CAT. I read your post above and found it touching and extraordinary.


I also have a relative that was in the vietnam war. He is branded with a special forces tatoo on his arm. He is very outspoken! But with few words. He has cold piercing blue eyes which he can stare you down without blinking! He killed woman, children, dogs and anything that moved! He was in bad company! They werent allowed to make friends with each other. He told me stories of sleeping in the trees because of the ground leaches.


My Grandfather also faught in the war on the Phillipine Island. Killed many!!! Out of his whole platoon he was one out of 17 that walked out alive! He was a war Hero!!! He's


still alive and kicking!!!


After reading your post I know you are trying to look at Time Travel in hopes of going back and saving your friends from their devistating deaths. Yes to go back and save them would be great! Maybe you should concider what caused their dealths in the first place? Maybe you should be looking at it from a different perspective? TIME TRAVEL IS WRONG!!!


It is in my oppinion and strong belief the majority of wars were caused by greedy melevolent time travelers to change history and world events. People in power, heads of state (perhalps our presidents?) CIA, FBI, Iluminati. Staying in the super power For controle, advanced technology, population control. all in the name of FREEDOM!!!


War is all about money!!! exspecially the Vietnam War!


Its a complicated sinerio, you might need another bruski for this to sink in!


Remembering Sept 11th I cannot imagine the fear and horror of the day those people boarded the big jetliner with their seats back relaxing and minds on vaction, business or maybe just finally getting home. Shortly after a smooth on time takeoff a hellish scene erupts, armed, suicidal hijackers rise up and take over. Terrified, you know that death will be your final destination this day. Thats the unimaginable fate that befell the innocent people that day on the plane. Some of the passangers used their cell phones to reach loved ones or alert police to the attack. A brave few on flight #93 decided they would die fighting! They are the true heroes of the heavens!!!


A silence like you never heard before decends on America everywhere. But a different horror? The ultimate enemy and determinant thats now going on in the world will not be bombs and rockets, but a different terrorism (TIME TRAVELERS!) They are the ones deciding our blind fate!


You and I have the courage to say to our enemies, this is a price we will not pay! You do not attack america like this and get away with it!


We should be fighting a different war! A war against TIME TRAVEL!


To understand this better, read the posts from the TimeTravelActivist.





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I guess, Cat, I'm the one to blame for injecting thoughts about a war of so long ago that turned a great discussion about the wonders & dreams of "Time Travel" (I'm All For It...!!!) into something as miserable and boring as politics and/or philosophy..... My apology to all


With that all aside, though, seems to me that you are quite the pessimist. Though I remain skeptical about your story concerning a cousin who it appears had spent morning, noon & night hunting down every child, woman and dog in Southeast Asia to satisfy his homicidal lust to kill..... (I spent over a year as an infantryman of the 3rd Marines within the rice-paddies, villages & mountains of Vietnam, and it seems to me that the only villagers we ever buried, whether they be man, woman, child or pet, were victims of both the Viet Cong or NVA Regulars... slaughtered, simply because they would'nt turn over their rice harvest to a bunch of communist ass-holes...), people like yourself amaze me and, not meant to offend, come across as a bit pathetic.


As far as Vietnam goes, I think you've taken your History Lessons from the likes of a few "Dip-Shits" with names like Frances Ford Coppola & Oliver Stone. Open up a book once in awhile... It helps


Most, but probably all, of us agree that war is nothing less than bad stinkin' news, but can you imagine what would become of American Society if our leaders suddenly decided to ban our entire military complex...??? You know.... Goodbye to the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines & Coast Guard...??? I mean, "Really, Really, Think About It...!!!"


And you could also say Goodbye to those "Freedoms" of which you falsely seem to think don't exist..... They do, pal, and you'll sure as hell miss 'em if they're takin' away...!


How about bygones be bygones, Cat, and we can allow this discussion to return to the scientific mode of "Time Travel"..... And, perhaps, keep our sense of humor intact





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Amen ,leatherneck,


We won't return to time travel talk until I have my say.


Where would we be without our government . More than likely dead.There is two sides to this coin. Part of our government may have dealing with aliens and time travel but the other part is still upholding the constitution. Don't trow the baby out with the bath water. Those men and women who are giving thier lives for your freedom need to be held up as the heroes. Osama binladen would fry your butt in a minute if it wasn, t for our government protecting you. War is a neccessary evil as long as we allow dictators to control other people. Goes back to my point. you cannot control others only yourself but the law of karma states that when you make a cause there are consequences. Osama binn laden made a cause and now he is feeling the effect.


This war will allow those people who are being oppressed to maybe gain some freedom. We as a nation will help them but it will ultimatly be there choice to stay on a more positve and productive path. We are only giving them that chance. YOU have to admit This war has been different I think we have only lost 7 people. Small compared with the past. New technology has permitted us to keep freedom alive without such a high death rate. America is not trying to rule the world but trying to give others freedom. There is a time for war and a time for peace. I guess we just haven't got to the peace part. I love those people over there and if it takes a war to free them well so be it.





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My sources ask me to give you this message. They know how much you are hurting because of the pain of losing your friends.They would like to tell you through me why you feel this way and how to be healed. The human body is made up like an onion it has many layers. The human eye can only perceive the physical layers. The other layers are invisible but they do exist. What is causing the problem is the emotional body. The emotional body can make you very sick over time if it is left untreated. Medication does not solve the problem only covers it up. My heart goes out to all the service men who are in pain who are being treated with drugs never to truly get better. It is not the doctors fault because I think they truly do not know what is going on. they only treat the symtoms not the cause. My sources do not live in this plane. they exist In a realm beyond sight. I can only meet with them in their plane to receive information. Your aura has been damaged from trauma, healing this will be painfull but it is the only way. I can meet with you on the astral plane in order to help you but you must give your permmision. there is a law in the universe that you cannot do anything to or with another without their permission. Those who are of the highest spiritually do not break this law. That is why permission must be given. There are some in the universe who do break this law and are causing havoc. They are the ones manipulating a portion of your government. It would be best to refrain form alchohol or any drugs if you decide you want help. I will tell you it won't be easy. I myself have been through this healing. It may require that you relive some events. This may happen in your sleep. You may become emotional. Don't hold anything back Part of the healing is releasing the evergy that is stuck in your body. YOu may be lead to certain information or people that will be there to help you. No matter how crazy they sound listen to them they will know what they are doing. There are forces here that love you and want you to be whole. You have gaurdians ,we all do, ask for their help. Jesus came to help us but forces that were of the darkness have distorted his teaching. He was a healer but he healed peoples etheric body because the etheric body makes the physical body sick . Why do you think we have so many sick people today. If you decide to accept this offer I wish you much luck and know that I will be with you in spirit while you are healing. All your brothers and sister in the universe love you and I'm sure your friends who have passed over will feel much Joy when they see you are healing this pain you have been carrying.





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Well said, Clara.....


Your fine words have earned a "Copy", "Paste" & a "Permanent Home" within the draft section of my e-mail service... To be forwarded, as needed, to those fellow veterans and anyone else suffering loss of a family member or friend...




Leather Neck



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You are so full of [email protected] even the toilets are jealous!


Dont you ever shut up? or come up for air?


You keep going on and on and on like the girl from band camp in the movie American Pie!


Close your Pie Hole and put a cork in both ends!


Have a brain fart and give your carporal tunnel a rest!


You could be the Salvation army in its entirety!!! With all your FREE WILL [email protected]!!!


Somebody needs to put you in the trunk of a car and dump you off at the nearest deaf retreat society!


AMEN !!!



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Leather Neck,


I admire you IMMENSELY!!!


If anyone could clarify the true meaning of FREEDOM it would be you! As far as freedom goes you are correct! There is no other place on earth that is comparable to America! I value my freedoms daily!


Sounds like you have a heroes heart intoxicated with war ghosts.


Yes unfortunately war is a necessary evil! Its people like you that I am thnakful for and that make our country what it is today and keep it going strong!


It might be worth checking into C.A.R.E. (Atomic Recovery Employment Systems) (If you havent already.) Maybe this place really exists?


Its clear to me you are head strong and have a one track mind set on Time Travel Forever!!!


I can only plant the seed in your thoughts of a hidden war beyond your control and understanding. How I know this I cannot confide.


I am a woman that fights a war with plenty enough time left in the grave.


Call me CAT (9 lives)



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You may spew and spit all you want but I have just as much right to talk on this post as you do. I have a feeling you are quite young and have many lessons to learn. The first one should be to respect other peoples opinions as much as you want yours to be respected. You have the choice not to read my post or answer. You have all my best wishes for the future.





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