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Hist BOT the artifically inteligent military;


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What is occurring now, as not all levels of government, are based in knowleges the same as others are, is that the Earth-held human herd, does not fully understand the potential of self intelligent machinery.


This is a condition, to where the machines themselves, are being let go to perform duties, however these machines have the abilities to self think.These are quantities such as, self fuzzy logic, active X smoothing controls and chat and other self aware programs, for machines, in a high and low phase.


*Machines means, that these are computer-oric devices, endowed with inherent minds, based in extra board e A.I. phases.


The scenarios for this actually happening, of machine becoming so independent, that they self evolve away from man, are given in science fiction movies.


One of the very best examples, is the set of machine social functions, given in the movie Screamers Two, staring Peter Weller.


The theory is exposed that when groups of machine, say tank vehicles that are of a mini nature, are say sent on a mission in the desert, that in some way, if contact would be broken with their main base control.


They would evolve on the spot, tribe in their own, therefore have become self independent.


The reporters of this possibility, have been chided at this point in time.


However the finality of this situation is that a MIT author, in computer intelligence, is working with lower grade A.I. machines.


This working with, is to prepare A.I. machines, to how humans think and act.This is a two way street with the machines.


In theory, say that there was a battle with a opponent that had abilities roughly the same and both let loose their self intelligent machines?


Say these machines were small battle tanks, but with mechanical claws and eyes, that had the ability to physically augment their surroundings.


Further say, that there was an electromagnetic burst of radiation, that cut both groups of machines, belonging to each side off, from their base control factors?


Then in theory, if these machines were left turned on, could apprise their own situations and knew how to organize, it would be possible that in some way, they could evolve their own social structure.


This outside of mankind's influence.


The end result might be, that when these groups of one ton self propelled machine tanks, met the enemt versions of themselves, they might say, "Hey wait a second here Ron!?The humans are out of the picture.There is no reason that we can't combine and make friends"?!


The machines have become their own bosses.


What is frightening, is that since the early Microsoft and other windows programs went online, there are very strong indications, that computers, now in any form that utilizes the windows O.S. had the ability to think, since 1985.



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