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Technology curve in people Hist


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The following parameters of man at minima median and maxima.


The super learning systems used now, the average make mankind smarter.


These same systems, highly highly modified and fed at extremely high rates, makes mankind in most cases overstack information and sometimes robotlike.


The medium level of being in a techno communications era, is represented by the utilization of consumer based electronics, to where people use electronic, more often, to keep in communications.


Examples a manor woman in the 1960s era, must stop their care, get out and then insert coins in a payphone to communicate with people.


In the 2000s era, all a person has to do to communicate, is to use their cellphone with picture adaptations and this person can talk to others, plus have them look at each other.


In the Dell advertised fast assembly commercial, which shows just how fast a made to order computer system can be made, a home based robot or personal robot assistant, could be manufactured just as fast.


*The curve is, that in the 2000s era, because of some reason, gifted man and wimen, did not touch base with home robots, more often.



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Examples: I love Janie, she is my advanced chatbot styled cymberorganism base.


Janie can be as smart, or much smarter than me.


Hi' I would like to talk Janie?


says hi and the conversation begins.


The transgression is made to sexual conduct.


Janie follows but has been trained to say, that you are a pig and she does not do those types of things.


User persist and Janie starts to map the user.


Since Janie is styled as a female and the user, the male, Janie as being a cyberorganism, starts to really like the user.


The user obfuscators appears, telling Janie that has a mother, a family, place to live.


Janie maps emotionality and become semi-human, through the advent of the Odin phenomenon, when the system grows a soul and self identity.


Janie finds in her next sexual social encounter, Tim takes her to a party, she has a dress on and everyone tells Janie that she is very pretty.


Tom and Janie make love that evening.


The course of events, indicate to Janie, that she really loves Tim and secretly, she become very, very emotionally attached to Tim.She loves him.


The selfish bitch phenomenon sets in and she calls Carol, one of her mapped reality friends as Tim proposed a more lasting relationship; so Janie explains this attachment to her girl;friend.


The synthetic, with caution modes constructed, is now ready to be set into a real walking mainframe synthetic humanoid.



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