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Forest Through The Trees


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I was wondering if anyone else thought it suspicious that PamelaM217 and hiwaybucks shared the exact same IP address... on more than one occasion?


If they are not the same person, I wonder what the odds are that they would both get the same IP... and then for this to happen twice.

I don't believe that Pamela is spoofing us by playing two characters. What I think is happening is that someone who knows Pamela IRL might be spoofing her.


Highwaybucks appears to also be posting from Cincinatti on AOL.



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Am I still me?


Ok fine.




Ok now, If you need to get yourself into a physical, geographical specific situation,,,


that is, an event at a place in time ,,, whether past, present or future,


Such as getting into Marilyn Monroe's house on Aug.8th 1962....


How do you do it?




All you need is the sum total... (or as much as you can get) of the information that is contained in the energy and matter of that specific event. Why?


Because if you had access to all that information PERFECTLY, then you become part of that event , perfectly.


Sounds like alot, but not really.


As humans, the brunt of it would be like a flea under the feet of a marching band in parade. An endless armageddon to that flea. We could not absorbe too much information without exploding.


So a buffer is needed to "ride that wave" of information contained in that event.


The people, place, things and occurances therein.


Miss Monroe, the bungalo, her killer, the whole nine yards.


All that is just one speck of an event and a speck of a place in history or the universe.


One tree in an old forest that no-one heard fall.


No one was there to remember....


or was there?


Yes,,,, If you guessed that the FOREST itself remembers the event, then you are right.


If you had the ability to become one leaf on one of those old trees that really was there, then you become a part of the sum total of all the information contained within the whole tree specifically and the whole forest in general.


Then you can get to work and interface with the other parts of the whole tree and "relive" or experience the event because the event is as much a part of the tree as you are.


Well guess what?


You are a human being on this planet and in this universe.


You are a part of it all whether you think so or not.


The problem is not being outside the event.


It is finding a convention of knowlege and information so perfect that you become present in the event itself!


Now all that was for your benefit and learning. As best that I can explain to those that are much more smarter than me.


With HATS, (here and there simultaniously) You are you; and you are here; and you are there. Period.


The religions have a word for it.... "at-oneness" or whatever.


Hope that helps.







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