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Re: Pictures


Zeshua writes Peter from 2025:


On 7/24/2007 at 11:01 AM, Zeshua Alpha wrote:


After originally speaking of the pictures, I setup a sort of booby trap in which the one who would release the pictures would effectively hang themselves with their own rope. I distributed the pictures and watched as they appeared, this all happens rather quickly from my perspective. I had traced the time of a major breach and the origin and determined it to be from within the group. Therefore, of course you could not expect to receive an actual picture of the future, anything that could be construed as truly being from the future, or any knowledge of the future.


It was a test that certain individuals failed at, and quite miserably I might add. On more than one occasion I'd hinted to the persons of interest, and yet their word was not as strong as they had indicated.

Zeshua writes Sosuemetoo in 2027:


April 2005:


I am headed off to bed, again, times like these I wish I was a child,


could have my mother come in to read me a story, tuck me in, what a


wonderful life it was with no responsibilities, no feelings of regret,


no fear of dying instantly from some mistake I caused or something I


Did or Did not do. I tell you these things because I feel you know. I know you,


that I can trust you and trust only you. I know if everything turns to


[censored], the group disbands, what have you, that I could turn to you, for


help. I know you and your "family" have not and will not let me down.


To you I am eternally thankful for reasons I do not even fully


comprehend. I woke up in my bed last night, it was dark, forgot where


I was for a moment, wondered first who's room I was in, then what


country, then I even wondered what Year. It all came back quickly but


those first moments upon waking from a bad dream, in total confusion,


can really bother a person. I do not know if you have ever had a


similar experience. It can be extensively emotionally draining.


Perhaps I have too many ambitions.

Zeshua, evidently someone cut that rope that I hung myself with. Would you care to clarify?



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Re: Pictures


Zeshua, you have got another problem. See, I have a good friend who is a Cambridge Alumni. You wrote:


I once had a Professor who said at the beginning of term, if any one of you should be able to solve the equation that I use to grade on a curve, without any help from myself, you shall receive a passing mark equivalent to less than 90 percent. Essentially what a "B". This equation, if solved, would also mean that person was not required to appear at the lecture. I might also add, this was a very early morning class, one that most of us especially dreaded.


Peter my friend, can you tell me why I solved the equation, and still received an "A"? It is because I still went to lecture.


I was no longer required to, no longer needed to, My GPA was never going to be a 4 point due to a disagreement with a professor in another class during my sophomore year.

My friend states that GPA's are not used in the UK.... or at Cambridge. Further, "you are assessed in your final dissertation and exam, there are no measures prior to that, no GPA's to count, no Merits to collect, 3,4 or 5 years of study, exams and a dissertation, that's it."


I may have hung myself, but you seem to be using a very large shovel to bury yourself.


What say you, Zeshua?????



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Re: Pictures


I feel Sue IS a trustworthy person. Maybe it is Zeshua that is not.


I have known Sue for a while and she is an honest person.


We have shared several things with each other openly and honestly with trust.


Zeshua sent me a PM with supposedly proof that she was a time traveler


but the name was not right so to me what was the point? It didn't prove anything.


Which I admit has caused me to really lose interest further.


I usually give people the benefit of the doubt as well at first, But like Darby,


I have never really found much interest in Zeshuas story.


I am a little angry with her because I really don't like the way she is treating


people. Using people for your own personal gain is not honorable.


Deceiving people and admitting it and trying to justify it is not honorable either.



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Re: Pictures




As I said before, I have no problem with your releasing the photos. Some were already on the Internet thus they were already "released".


Had Zeshua made her comments, in private with Peter for instance, before the release then her argument would have a bit more credibility. Anyone can make Zeshua's argument and complaint after the fact. Complaining after the fact is self-serving. There is no possible opportunity to test the sincerity of her commentary.


The fact remains that she was quite a bit less than honest in her assertion that the photos were from "the future". Telling a lie is not a valid strategy for making a later argument that "someone else" violated an ethical standard. If we have a contract to act ethically and in the initial phase of setting up the contractual agreement one party begins the process by violating the agreed upon ethical standard the contract is null and void. One party can't have it both ways - otherwise it isn't a "contract". That situation is called a scam.


She lied to you and she was caught in the lie. The only trap that she set was for herself. She set herself up in a perjury trap. Having been caught in one lie seriously taints her credibility.


As an aside, I've continued to ponder just who Zeshua might be. Though her story is still a bore for me, her references to me throughout her story as an "old friend" has caused me to review PM's, emails, member registration dates and who was posting at the time that she appeared. I'm specifically reviewing PM's and emails from online TT forum people who wrote to me during that time asking for advice on how to pull off a hoax. I've consistently refused to assist them in any form. I also tell them that I won't disclose the particulars of our conversations. I just advise them that it's not a good idea for a regular member to intentionally lie to their online friends even if the object is to see if they can pull it off as an object lession (which has been the general stated reason behind the plans).


If I come up with a viable candidate(s) who has asked me for help in the past I'll ask them directly if they are Zeshua and leave it up to them to fess up on the forum. I won't disclose their "confession" simply because I was consistent in telling them beforehand that I wouldn't disclose. In any case I really don't plan to spent much time on this project. We get a new one every two weeks. :)


PS: Yes. I have receive dozens of PM's and emails from people asking me to help them with posting a hoax TT saga. I've been consistent in telling them that I won't assist them.


It's obvious that Zeshua has more than one handle here and probably elsewhere. Is it Dan? Probably not - but the references that Zeshua made are interesting. Is it Javier? He also tended to use "old friend" when posting directly to members. Probably not. I say probably not because neither Dan nor Javier ever suggested, directly or indirectly, that they would engage in posing a hoax and over the years I've had the opportunity to converse with both of them off the boards on many occassions. I'm not perfect but I think that if they had any such ideas it would have come out somewhere in our conversations.


PPS: I threw Javier's name into the fray not to "out" him but to give a heads up to anyone who might ask. A search here for "old friend" includes both Dan and Javier's posts. Javier went through quite enough last year with the suggestion that he was Titor, Chronohistorian and just about every other hoax TT'er who had more than two pages of posts on his/her thread.



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Re: Pictures


How about the third option that he believes this should be given the benefit of the doubt.

No. That would qualify him as (a), gullible. And I don't buy that. I bet if you queried Peter about any other number of things that are silly to believe without real evidence, he would dismiss them. Here, let me show you what I am getting at with an example performed by Derren Brown:




Shown on 7 January 2005, Derren Brown travelled to the United States to try to convince five leading figures that he had powers in their particular field of expertise: Christian evangelism, alien abduction, psychic powers, New Age theories and contacting the dead.


Using a false name each time, he succeeded in convincing four of the five "experts" that he had powers, and they openly endorsed him as a true practitioner. The fifth expert, the Christian evangelist Curt Nordheilm, whilst impressed by Brown's performance, asked to meet him again before giving an endorsement. The concept of the show was to highlight the power of suggestion with regard to beliefs and people's abilities, and failure to question them. Brown made it quite clear with each experiment that if any of the subjects accused him of trickery he would immediately come clean about the whole thing, a rule similar to one of the self-imposed rules of the perpetrators of the Project Alpha hoax. His conclusion was that people tend to hear only things that support their own ideas and ignore contradictory evidence.

The person behind Zeshua has chosen the perfect medium and means (internet and anonymous proxy) to avoid any form of real evidence to prove what she says is true. The obvious motive is to engender intrigue so as to gain attention to the Zeshua story. Peter, moreso than any other person from "Group Zeshua", acts as the active advertiser. He constantly offers suggestive analysis geared to get people to continue to "give Zeshua the benefit of the doubt". I made a reference to Santa Claus, and it was pertinent. There is the same lack of evidence for Santa Claus, but why is Peter not out on all sorts of forums imploring people to "Give the Santa Claus story the benefit of the doubt"? Look at the emotionally-charged and flowerly messages Zeshua sends to you. They read precisely like the tactics of someone who eagerly wishes to gain your confidence. We used to call these "Con Men". And now that her cover is blown (and is has been before), she offers up some lame story where she was "testing people." Peter may be gullible, but I am not gullible enough to believe that Peter would continue to "give the benefit of the doubt" to all these explanations that are clearly trying to save the Zeshua story unless he had a vested interest.



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Re: Pictures


Just one more thing Zeshua,:


After originally speaking of the pictures, I setup a sort of booby trap in which the one who would release the pictures would effectively hang themselves with their own rope. I distributed the pictures and watched as they appeared, this all happens rather quickly from my perspective. I had traced the time of a major breach and the origin and determined it to be from within the group. Therefore, of course you could not expect to receive an actual picture of the future, anything that could be construed as truly being from the future, or any knowledge of the future.

FACT: You sent these pictures not only to our group, but to a member named Crosstika.


FACT: In May 2006, SnowFireWatches posts some hostile remarks on TPN. She was released from "the group" several months before. She threatened to post the pictures. She did not do so because she couldn't figure out how to upload the pictures.


FACT: Crosstika cannot figure out what the big fuss is, he decides to try and post them. He ended up sending them to several other members (one being Risata).


FACT: A member of TPN posted those pictures. It was not a member of our group, nor was it a person you had sent pictures to.


FACT: You are a liar. You are a fraud. You are a stalker.


FACT: Once your true identity is known, it will be posted on the forum that Cary, NiteScott and I moderate. TRUST ME.



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Re: Pictures




And now that her cover is blown (and is has been before), she offers up some lame story where she was "testing people."

Good call.


What makes Zeshua's comments especially self-serving is that Peter offered up her defense for her before she offered it up to him.


But it appears that Peter's gone back through his recent posts and deleted the text. I guess that it's a good thing that I'm not a Mod or Admin here. I usually ban members who get involved in a thread, make posts, get a lot of responses and then erase their posts thus making the context of the thread nonsense to anyone who reads it several weeks later. (In fact at Anomalies we limited members' abilityto edit posts one hour after they are finalized because one member went through his/her posts and deleted over 125 in one night.)


Peter, why did you erase your posts between July 23rd and July 25th - posts that are referenced in several member's responses? Especially the post where it was you who offered the defense that Zeshua was just testing Sue with the photos? By erasing that post you removed evidence that supports the self-serving aspect of the issue. The evidence indicated that Zeshua read your post, took your lead, and offered up the defense that you suggested...it was a test.


This is strikingly odd behavior coming from the person who first cried foul by suggesting that Sue involved herself in unethical behavior. How unethical is your action in erasing the posts?


You've been oddly protective of Zeshua. There's no chance that you know who Zeshua is, is there? A person that I'm somewhat familiar with? Stopped posting a few weeks before Zeshua arrived after seven months of almost daily posting.



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Re: Pictures


OK guy's you need them posted here as well.


The pictures given to us by Zeshua: Supposedly from 2025/2026!!!


#1: A look out her friend's flat. ( what a joke!)




#2: Zeshua and her team




#3: Cambridge University




#4: Cambridge University




#5: Cambridge University




OK now let it rip!





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Re: Pictures


I must confess to having been initially impressed with the Zeshua tale as it was technically competent in its execution whilst being sufficiently amorphous in its delivery. The whole introduction gifted us with a fairly robust plot that had opportunity and motive for some to fill in the detail, making Zeshua (Zeshui for a plural, or group moniker?) the editor in chief of an evolving tale that was vicariously written by its audience.


The only problem with such tales of fantasy is that they can have an integrity against their own internal logic, as many novels do, but are doomed to failure when they become anchored in the real world where we can test the logic against our own experiences and environment. Such has been the case here. What you should never do with such flights of fantasy is fill in the details for the reader as that is where the logic is in danger of unravelling... and it has, bigtime. It was sustaining itself when the reader wrote the tale by filling in the details, but the Zeshui have insisted in fiddling with a working strategem and it has bit them on the arse.


Silence now from the Zeshui will be damning, further commentary will simply dig a bigger hole for their tale. Where will they jump, who will they pm involuted justification and tortuous twists to the plot to now, what excusues will they make?


Who cares, they are hoist by their own petard. :)



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Re: Pictures


The only reason she didn't want the pictures released is because in a larger group


there was bound to be someone with the skills to find it online.


My wish is that a real time traveler track her down and find her and kick her


in the backside for deceiving, manipulating and hurting other people while calling them friends.



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Re: Pictures




>>>>>Until you can open your mind to all possibilities, you will never truly be free.<<<<<


Oh, Zeshua, the mind was open before the decision was made to exclude all the possibilities. First a single person can not even think of all the possibilities and second if they could think of all the possibilities it would take more than the Age of the Universe to even think of all of the possibilities. Time limits the amount of possibilities that can be thought of. First, one would have to have access to all "Times", Past, Present, Future, or the possibilities are limited to begin with. One does not want the brain and mind to fall out, so to speak, and one does not want to squish and squash the brain into a very narrow limited concept either. The Freedom of Choice decided that was chosen in many people before he/she/spacealien even thought that he/she/spacealien had done anything, which also is personal according to one's experiences in life, what the person has learned, and life's experiences of the person throughout a brief period of time which is perception and awareness and why some people gloss over what it is that they are even doing is also tied into with the subconsciousness and unconsciousness to already had made the decision or choice before stating that the person was now thinking of all the possibilities. This is learned first of all in computer programming because with lines of code, one thinks at first the program will work, and then the person finds out that they were not even thinking at all in the first place. Then the lines of programming code get changed and lines of code added because at every step of the way, all the lines of code had to be included to make the program work within the specifications that the documents (or homework) in these cases provoked. This limits the possibilities in the first place, because only the personal experiences play into the first process of the non-thinking or later real thinking that any person can do.


It is impossible to know everything, and that is where all debates end. One person is declared a winner seemingly for being more clever than the other person but still because all possibilites were not added into the debate in the first place and the time was limited, only a certain set of possibilites could be attempted and the expected results achieved anyway.


When examined in detail it is simply amazing how many people actually think (that exist right now on this Planet) and end up as he/she/spacealien is talking at the time -- only about his/her/spacealien's own time travelling and future thoughts that always lead to some type of control coming out of that person. Persuasion is also an art to also sell the idea, but when enough negativity gets in the way of any positivity, then all the possibilities for the future just became negative, but the answer is always given as "there was another set of possibilities that could be tried" type of answer. This answer in the end only ends up being "One Possibility" (that of the person doing the talking at the time and probably demanding also) so the entire scope of the Experience led to only one answer. Then another person stated that there may be no right or wrong answers, and with that the person merely was stating that withever was the crude version of language skills that came out of the first person to lead to the other set of possibilties that ended up in the discussion only to his/her/spacealien's own personal feelings about the debate. In the end, this mass consciousness because it also dragged or sold other people became the thought process that took over the entire future thought process.


An example: We (whomever 'we' is) are not going to make anything out of Iraq, so we should get out of Iraq (and not communicated -- because it will take too long to convince them to all live together or they do not get it with their thinking or we all will be more in debt and we all should think of the children and the future) which actually led to a future that gave a negative set of possibilities that in the end more than likely made the future worse, but as long as that particular set of people were not affected then that lack of ethics was okay.




A person should look first at where they are stepping because if not looking a person might have fallen off of the cliff and never saw the edge approaching because that person was too busy being self-rightous in the first place.


The Thinking at first did not include that thought in the first place because the person did not admit to his/her/spacealien's own person that the thinking had been done in the first place without (I guess) conscious effort on his/her/spacealien's part. It was automatic because of habit. The process was assumed. Same way with computer programming. The person assumed that he/she/spacealien was thinking in the first place, but later found out that really that person was not really thinking of all the possibilities, which is a reaction. All of this led to a series or set of possibilities that could not begin to be defined because again:


To me, if everyone had to think of all the possibilities that could, should, would be then there is that limited lifespan of the person that ends the debate in the first place. So, I would venture to say that with limited thinking there can be only limited Freedom. (And Freedom can only be limited anyway leaving all possibilities to dissolve because it was impossible in the first place to think of all the possibilities. Better to dance to a tune or song then deny that any thinking was taken place in the first place which made the entire future a balancing Act that may lead to one dropping off of the so-called imaginary cliff.


Then a person could only type so much and communicate so much anyway.



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Re: Pictures


That in the end all led back to the backwards time travel or backwards comunication because the cause and effect were never there (in my opinion) in the first place and all of it was always just another 'reaction'. This is why Dr. John Cramer stated in the News Article about his experiment that "He is not crazy" and not attempting to build liquid metal robots.


Stating though that it was a "Blast from the Past" may be true but may also be untrue as one constructs "time" back to the origins of the Universe or Multi-verse and whether first of all it was a "Blast from the Past" to begin with or just a reaction that involves some deeper thought process to begin with - because of that thinking or nonthinking set of possibilities which ended up only being in the end tied to "One Possibility" to begin with.


Then someone who thought that he/she/spacealien was thinking when there is that again (why I do not know except for some type of imaginary Beings as for the 'we') "we" will fix it. Gees, it was assumed perhaps falsely that it was because of humans in the first place. Again, some humans fixate his/her/spacealien train of thought to being the center of the Universe, of Everything, or of All, which was just another assumption or reaction in the first place.


I wonder who decided that going backwards was a way to get out into SpaceTime except that dragging along the entire Civilization of the Human Speicies ends All Sets of Possiblities!


Then to preclude that everyone should leap off of the cliff is nothing that I will ever seek to do. Enough other people are always seemingly attempting to sell that idea.


The Possibilities were Limited, the Cause and Effect was Limited, and the Origin of Time was Limited.



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Re: Pictures


And a person had to get to another page on the thread where the thread was not tied up with more pictures or videos so to some other people, the Internet seemed to be working again. This seemingly tieing up Civilization in knots while some other people seemingly must of thought that the person said "Nuts" was taken by me just to be another reaction that limits the possibilities again for the future, leading in the end to only "One Possibility"!


However, at this time, a person could not convince me that 'kids' around the age of six or seven or so, are not smarter than the adults.


The 'kids' are not complicating anything because they are 'simple' and not trying to be complicated in dictating the future. They only seem to be interested in the "Now"! or the next "Now" as soon as another person responds to whatever it is that the kid is bringing up at the moment. Simple!



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Re: Pictures


I know, I know it belongs in the other section, but still it may involve time travel and surely is a "Blast from the Past"!


May 11, 1950 and fifty years of scutiny can not end this report.






I wonder how they make those close-up photos taken from the original pictures on black and white film. (an UFO Report)


Well, busy also, so perhaps humans have been visited.





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Re: Pictures


Maybe them spacealiens want some corn to make some cornflakes, Pa!


Ya, but Ma, better also go get that thar shotgun in case those spacealiens land.


Those spacealiens ain't gonna land. That thar is some kind of Government thing they built there back in Washington, D.C. Pa!


Well, Ma Kettle, you never know?


That's right, Pa Kettle, you never know!



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Re: Pictures


well zeshua, i see why you needed the cloak... too bad for you it wasnt enough...


below is zeshuas i.s.p. among other info.


OrgName: Everyones Internet




Address: 390 Benmar


Address: Suite 200


City: Houston


StateProv: TX


PostalCode: 77060


Country: US


ReferralServer: rwhois: //rwhois.ev1servers.net: 4321/


NetRange: -




NetName: EVRY-BLK-10


NetHandle: NET-216-127-64-0-1


Parent: NET-216-0-0-0-0


NetType: Direct Allocation










Updated: 2006-11-28


RAbuseHandle: ABUSE477-ARIN


RAbuseName: Abuse Department


RAbusePhone: 1-713-579-2850


RAbuseEmail: [email protected]


RNOCHandle: NOC1445-ARIN


RNOCName: Noc


RNOCPhone: 1-713-579-2850


RNOCEmail: [email protected]


OrgAbuseHandle: ABUSE477-ARIN


OrgAbuseName: Abuse Department


OrgAbusePhone: 1-713-579-2850


OrgAbuseEmail: [email protected]


OrgNOCHandle: NOC1445-ARIN


OrgNOCName: Noc


OrgNOCPhone: 1-713-579-2850


OrgNOCEmail: [email protected]


OrgTechHandle: CNE36-ARIN


OrgTechName: Newcomb Chris


OrgTechPhone: 1-713-579-2850


OrgTechEmail: [email protected]


OrgTechHandle: VST3-ARIN


OrgTechName: Stinson Valarie


OrgTechPhone: 1-713-579-2850


OrgTechEmail: [email protected]



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