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You know why I do this? Because Zeshua's story cannot stand on its own legs. Therefore, whoever is propping up Zeshua's claim is in on it. Why? Because Zeshua's story as-is is incomplete, illogical and sorely lacking. I accused you because you were/are fixated on Zeshua's anagrams- for over a week, if we didn't have you constantly bumping Zeshua, she would have simply gone away.

Let me try and understand your logic.


If Peter is interested in Zeshua's anagrams, he is Zeshua.


If Scott decides to come in and discuss Zeshua in an intelligent way, he is Zeshua.


If Yeyeman does the same, he is Zeshua.


If I come in and and say that I have some interest in what Zeshua said, than I must be Zeshua.


Using your logic, we must determine that:


Pamela M, Darby, Florida Jim and a host of others that "spoke" with JT, MUST be JT!!!!!


Further, using your logic:


If no one had discussed JT, he would have simply gone away (oh crap, wait, he did!)


If no one discusses Zeshua, she will go away.


The problem with your logic is that it isn't logical. It's a cop out. It's easier to accuse those that are interested in the possibility of TT that they are in fact the TT hoax, than it is to come up with other options. As a good friend of mine says "THAT DOG WON'T HUNT"


This is a Time Travel site. Find another dog that will hunt and help us figure out how Zeshua might be. Your first hint should be that it isn't any of the members posting on this thread. If it were, the group would have figured it out over a year ago and we wouldn't be discussing this today.



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Got it.


1. "A Soldiers Most" = DISASTERS LOOM


2. "Hail War As" = SHARIA LAW


3. 'A Renaissance Pi Melts' = AMERICA'S LAST PENNIES


4. "A Sidearm Dwelt' = MIDDLE EAST WAR


5. "A Cosmic Clone Pole" = ECONOMIC COLLAPSE


6. 'Jihad Had Mom Due A Man' = MAHMOUD AHMADINEJAD


7. 'A Quarks Humble Tree' = EARTHQUAKES RUMBLE


8. 'Manila Curse' = NUCLEAR ISLAM


9. 'Foretells Kiwi Smirks' = SILKWORM STRIKE FLIES


10. 'Demons Former Jig Jug' = BUSH RESUMES DRINKING


11. A Liberal Disses One" = IRAN'S SEA BLEEDS OIL


12. "Toss My Foes A Reference" = RARE ECOSYSTEM OFFENSE


13. "Heaters High Storm" = MOTHER EARTH SIGHS


Line 10 turned out not to be an anagram, but a riddle. History will show if


these prove correct, and I am content to wait for its judgment.


- Peter



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Those who are following along in the debunking of Peter and his "team" might need a little recap of what has just happened. It follows the hoaxer's group's patterns we see everywhere on the internet.


1) Another fervent believer (SoSueMeToo) has been dutifully holding her part in the scam. Notice how she attacks those who are putting the very facts that debunk Peter & Zeshua right before your eyes. And of course she adds the plea of "help me to disbelieve" when all the while she knows it is a hoax. Sorry Sue, to the people whose eyes have been opened here "THAT DOG WON'T HUNT."


2) Peter is still feeling the pressure. And now we see his latest move comes straight from the internet hoaxer playbook: When you are cornered, with nowhere to go, you must change the rules and/or change the subject. Well right on schedule now, Peter is worried because he has been racing to try to find the solution to "Demons Forger Jig Jug" before I post it. Obviously he has not been able to find the one that I have (or maybe he has? And now sees how it will ruin his story?). Either way he has now "changed the rules" for that menacing anagram he cannot solve (or for which he sees the real solution plainly destroys his scam). Look at how confidently Peter announces the "change in rules" to try and throw-off his debunking:


"Got it.


10. 'Demons Former Jig Jug' = BUSH RESUMES DRINKING


Line 10 turned out not to be an anagram, but a riddle. History will show if


these prove correct, and I am content to wait for its judgment."


He announces to all that he "got it." And then he TELLS us all that it wasn't really an anagram anyway, so no need for anyone to try and solve it. He also tries to fool people into accepting his unscientific and bogus excuse by adding that HE is content with it. To interpret for people who don't know, that means he will refuse to accept the real solution, just as he had refused to accept the REAP A NASCENT MISSILE solution. And I assure you Peter, there is a solution to your poor little jig jug, and it backs the Randi sting operation's intent for this little game.


Of course you didn't listen to me, nor heed my words. You continue to try to work your scam, and now you have only created another problem. In now summarily deciding that #10 was not really an anagram, you have now thrown-open the door of question: Which other ones are not anagrams? And that logically can lead to none of them being anagrams. Or it could also lead to the logical conclusion that I have told you is the truth: It was a setup, and none of these anagrams are predictions but rather encoded information taken from current-day events.


Are you enjoying the ride, Peter? Do you wish to contest this accusation that you are now simply trying to change the rules to defuse my ticking time bomb? No-go. Sorry. Won't happen. What you need to understand Peter is that YOU lit the fuse. Pay attention... you never know when that next bit of debunking info will show up in Randi's thread. ;)



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sosuemetoo- I agree with you- this is a time traveller website. It's not a psychic prediction website or a conspiracy website or an astral travel website... we're here to talk time travel. Time travellers come to this website, tell us their story and we ask questions and pass the time away.


Since this is a time traveller website, any time traveller that comes here is required to adequately explain how they got here. Why? See the above paragraph.


If a time traveller cannot explain how they got here, or if their story makes no sense, then THEY make no sense. On the other board we have John Titor who returned from 2040. Do you believe that person really is John Titor? Why?


Zeshua's backstory makes no sense- it's illogical and contradictory. And the only proof of anything is the Pope's prediction which


1- was incorrect


2- could easily be misinterpreted


3- is not enough to establish someone as a time traveller.


This suggests that Zeshua is not a time traveller, rather it's someone here who is doing it for kicks. Why? Because since Zeshua's message is incomplete, she needs other people to add to what she's saying to make it make sense- otherwise she will be just another hoaxter on this site full of hoaxters and personally, I don't come here to hear anyone's half baked ideas, I come here for a good story.


Now let's assume Zeshua really is from the future. Peter Novak decrypted her anagrams and chose the one he felt was right for each from a list of 50,000+ possibilities. What is the chance that all ten of Novak's anagram solutions is correct? It's zero simply because of the half a million possibilities- no one can argue that point.


Well why hasn't Zeshua (the real time traveller) posted any corrections? You'd think that if Zeshua went through all this trouble to create the "time wormhole" or whatever it is and risk getting caught by the time cops etc. that the message would be important- something that if incorrectly decrypted would be bad. Well why hasn't Zeshua confirmed Novak's anagrams?


For that matter, why hasn't Zeshua offered any proof that she is real? This is a time travelling website after all- see the first paragraph. You can't say you're from the future unless you have a good story to back it up and Zeshua is sorely lacking.


As far as Pamela, Darby etc. and Titor- none of those people added anything to Titor's story. This is critical because the Titor information was one way- from his lips to our ears. This is not the case with Zeshua. Were it not for the efforts of yeyeman9 and Peter Novak, Zeshua would simply be forgotten. The fact that they are adding information to the Zeshua story suggests they are in on it... doesn't that make sense?


I mean, if Darby was feeding physics info to Titor and Titor was saying "yeah- what he said", then we wouldn't be talking about Titor today. This is what's happening with Zeshua and this is bad science.


And finally, there are many similarities between Zeshua and yeyeman9- a lot of circumstantial evidence that all points in one direction. The fact that Zeshua registered the same day yeyeman9 went away is enough to convince me they are the same person. Doesn't that make sense?


This is a time travelling website. Let's keep it that way.


To quote Bogz:


I formally request the admin move this post to an off topic or time travel claims section.



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1) Another fervent believer (SoSueMeToo) has been dutifully holding her part in the scam. Notice how she attacks those who are putting the very facts that debunk Peter & Zeshua right before your eyes. And of course she adds the plea of "help me to disbelieve" when all the while she knows it is a hoax. Sorry Sue, to the people whose eyes have been opened here "THAT DOG WON'T HUNT."

Okay fine, Indazona. I've been a member here for over three years. I've enjoyed exploring the possibility of TT.


I attacked those that accuse Peter, Yeyeman, Scott and I of being Zeshua because it is was a cheap shot. It's what new members do on any TT forum when they don't know who they are attacking. Anyone exploring Zeshua must be a part of the scam, right?


You didn't open anyone's eyes, you simply attacked the easiest way possible. Yes, Peter posted publically his opinions, just like Pamela did about JT. See where it got her?


I don't mind, because you don't matter. I'm not a part of a scam. I'm not a part of a hoax and frankly I'm offended that you would accuse me of being one.


I'm not going to give you anything further to feed on. Sit in your [censored] and spin. Let TTI become an ANTI-TTI site.



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"Heaters High Storm" = MOTHER EARTH SIGHS

A "sigh" is an exhalation of gas.


When a planet does this, it is called "out-gassing".


See http://www.godlikeproductions.com/bbs/message.php?messageid=327086&mpage=1&showdate=1/11/07&forum=1


There's eyewitness reports of this phenomenon currently occurring all over the planet, as well as circumstantial


evidence. Sudden rashes of dead birds (which are highly vulnerable to toxic gas) have recently been


reported in Esperance Australia, Sarrey France, KienGiang Vietnam, Austin Texas; Oakley Idaho,


Lewiston Maine, and Longmont Colorado. Methane is also reportedly being vented from the ocean floor


all over the planet, and of course there is still the unexplained gas smell that permeated all of


NYC. It seems that our Mother Earth is sighing indeed.


Oh, and for those who are interested, the poem has been successfully solved and confirmed, as follows :


1. A Soldiers Most = DISASTER LOOMS


2. Hail War As = SHARIA LAW


3. A Renaissance Pi Melts = MASSACRE IN PALESTINE


4. A Sidearm Dwelt = MIDDLE EAST WAR


5. A Cosmic Clone Pole = ECONOMIC COLLAPSE


6. Jihad Had Mom Due A Man = MAHMOUD AHMADINEJAD


7. A Quarks Humble Tree = EARTHQUAKES RUMBLE


8. Manilla Curse = NUCLEAR ISLAM


9. Foretells Kiwi Smirks = WILL STRIKE FROM SKIES


10. Demons Former Jig Jug =


11. A Liberal Disses One = ISRAEL BASED ON LIES


12. Toss My Foes A Reference = SECRETS SAFE FROM NO EYE


13. Heaters High Storm = MOTHER EARTH SIGHS


Zeshua has requested that the solution to line ten be withheld from public forums until after the


fact. Once the event occurs, and the pertinent words are in all the headlines, I'm sure some


bright reader here will remember this strange line and finally decipher it.


All these lines are supposed to refer to events that are to occur in 2007 - 2009. One, the last


one, line 13, seems to be occurring already. Didn't take long, did it? 2007 just started, and


already the predictions start to come true.


- Peter



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Okay, there are some things here now that don't make sense to me. Not logical.


You say that this is the final product, the riddle solved.


If in fact Zeshua wanted us to know it...why put it in a riddle? In other words, you just spent all this time deciphering something when she/he could've simply put the "answers"-which are just as cryptic.


Not to mention vague. Earthquake? Happens every day, and just had a big 8.2. Done.


Middle East War? As we speak.


I could go on, but what really bothers me, is the "Zeshua does not want #10 answered until it happens.


First-are you in private contact with Zeshua, and why? And if Zeshua can contact you via computer-why can't they just come post here and say whatever it is that they want us to know? In other words, why are you the elected mouth piece for Zeshua?


And its really easy to post an answer to something that has happened already-and I just am not seeing that its so compelling that anyone would WANT to. Is it me, or does this whole thing smack of illogic now?



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Novak's First Rule of TT Debunking :


Just because they might lie doesn't mean they are not a TTer.


What, you thought that in the future suddenly everyone would tell the truth all the time? Everyone


lies. I'd bet that most everyone reading this tells at least half a dozen lies today, either to


themselves or someone else. People of all eras have lied for at least the last six thousand years,


and there's no credible reason to assume that particular sociological constant is going to change in


the next 20 years.


Novak's Second Rule of TT Debunking :


Just because you can't understand why they act the way they do doesn't mean they aren't from the future.


Hell, many people don't even understand why their own spouse acts the way they do sometimes. If you


can't predict or anticipate or explain your own spouse's behaviors, then any claim to be able to


anticipate the behavior of a complete stranger from a whole different culture and time era loses


most of its credibility.


Novak's Third Rule of TT Debunking :


Just because they DO predict the future doesn't mean they ARE from the future.


People have been credited with successful predictions in all cultures and all eras. Confirmed


precognition is not an ironclad proof of Time Travel per se. (It is, however, interesting enough to


deserve further attention).


Novak's Fourth Rule of TT Debunking :


Not being able to prove something is true is not the same as proving it is false.


Just because others might not be able to prove you love your spouse doesn't mean that you don't.


- Peter



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I have already mentioned this. If one goes by religion, the Jews are awaiting for their Messiah. Some claim that they should accept Jesus as the Messiah, and others (according to Fatima and Papal Prophecies and religious views) should seek that which has already been mentioned by the Saints.


It's becomes - Do they allow it to happen since they must know about it or avoid it since they could do something about it? Exactly what could be done is unsure without unweildy processes, but then instead of an open-ended future - it becomes a fate. Well, if people acted differently then the world would be different.


If people acted differently, then the world would be different.



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That's right Risata. I believe that the debunkers may be on to something. Scott has already outlined hard numbers as to why zeshua is a Hoax. What remains to be seen is exactly WHO is responsible for the Hoax. This particular thread has most of the best clues imho.


However, I was never "privy" to any of the PM from zeshua.


One has to wonder eaxctly WHY a Hoaxer would choose to spew information in Private?


For me, that ploy has always pointed to a Economy Of Lies AND it keeps the general populace from showing how it's a Hoax right off the bat. I don't know if any one here besides Peter and Sue is aware that when this Hoax began, zeshua had two other cohorts, "that had to go away" or some such drivel. Again, sounds great but it's real hard to Hoax three different personas, thus the Economy Of Lies again.



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What about the technique for communication Zeshua talks about


In theory it sounds very plausible..


Correctly distinguishing the exact date of the Papas unfortunate death was classy..


Maybe the best prediction made by a TTer that ive seen.


Then again maybe the smart eggs that saw the last gravy train are employing similar tactics.



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I'm about 99% convinced that the Titor story was hatched (and laid) in Celebration, Florida with Larry Haber as a key player (how does anyone know who he was talking to on the phone in the George Noory interview?). I think that leaves Zeshua as the leading contender.


If you interpret Zeshua's comments about "a new science, what form will it take?" in a certain way, it is saying that there will be a revolution in scientific thinking coming. :)


.......The fruit is out there--but you may have to shake the tree.



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Good Days to you All,


Below, A Brief Poem, Circa 2007-2009


Author and Title Anonymous


A Soldiers Most


Hail War As


A Renaissance Pi Melts


A Sidearm Dwelt

Disasters Loom - "Gaza bore all the signs that warned of disaster and civil war was looming..."


Sharia Law - "New Zawahri Video Urges Hamas to Implement Sharia Law"


Massacre In Palestine - "The Palestinian Massacre" A 3rd has solidified.


Middle East War - "The Middle East is a powder keg, ready to explode."



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Gaza bore all the signs that warned of disaster; the civil war was looming, it was one assassin's bullet away, one provocative statement, one kidnapping

Don't you think that it would be nice if you gave the author of that statement his/her credit? It did come from the Penninsula daily newspaper, no?



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I see every one of those statements can be googled. I can't understand why this person posts a couple of things and then leaves for a while and then posts a couple more things and leaves. It doesn't make any sense to me. Seems like a waste of time. Zeshua never really stays to talk to anyone. Its like she posts a couple of things and then she sits back for days and looks at the responses. Then there will be another single post again and then nothing. I just don't get it. What is her purpose of posting? This person confuses me. :confused: :confused:



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My old friend, indeed you are correct, the quotation was from a newspaper article of your time. Consequently, as often as news articles are posted and reposted, picked up through your Associated Press, distributed, printed, and linked on the Internet, I do not always have access to the original sources of the documents, and in most cases someone living in your time can find that information much easier than I ever could.


Not all sources are archived on the Internet, surprisingly there is a vast amount of information still missing about events occurring in your time.


I hope this clears up the confusion. Good days to you.



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What you first must understand about this new form of communication, is that I do not ever "leave", as I was never here to begin with. My postings are inserted into your time, where before they did not exist. In some cases I have posted over a wide time frame, for example, Only a few months ago I posted at these forums in the 2005-2006 time span. In total, I have been posting to Internet forums for approximately 1 year, however my posts stretch through 2005-2009.


I can guarantee you that this time has not been wasted, I have seen the influence of my changes, I've watched them progress. Each new post like a modicum of influence, a pebble dropped into the waters.



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"My postings are inserted into your time, where before they did not exist."


How could this be ..would it not have to be here for you to post inbetween posts?


It should be no problem then for you to insert a post immediately following mine.


I will look for this slotted post when I return to the forum later.



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I do apologize, however I am currently in real-time with your timeline. These messages are being directly inserted into the forums and a continuous connection via my Quantum Tunnel is maintained. Due to the nature of this type of insertion, I must literally query the forum archives from your time, for which a continuous service upon the nets is actively searching and comparing archives against archives.


This is the way it goes for these types of experiments. Due to time dilation effects, the closest response I've been able to compile has been in the neighborhood of 15 minutes. Please review my initial posts to the forum, many of which were scattered across 2005-2009, inadvertantly, but which served as reference points. These errors actually allowed us to more accurately pinpoint the space time coordinates and make more accurate models to predict a virtual space/time map.


Once I am alerted, and if I care to offer a response, You will receive the replies. Not before.


You all have had your time, it was a horrible time, for which I have come to warn any who will listen. There is a wealth of information in my time about yourself Pamela. I might add, you've always been interesting reading. If I might ask a question, do you believe that what the infamous John Titor spoke about the future, concerning the wars which are to come, will happen? Does it seem as though it is more likely in 2007 than in 2000?



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