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SERIOUS time travel question


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Someone please explain this.


Let's say I am from the year 2035. I travel back in time to the year 2000, before the elections.


For the sake of this argument, I dont know if TTI was online, but let's say yes.


I come here, I post. I tell you that Bush will win, and about the Florida "hanging chads." I go on to tell you about 9/11. Not in great detail, but enough to blow you away when it happens. I tell you smaller yet just as enticing news stories, like Scott Peterson, certain popular movies, janet jackson at the superbowl.....things of this nature. Hurrican Katrina, the tsunami.....


I leave, and go back to 2035.


Let's say I was born in 2002.


By 2006, news of me on your forum has become famous. All of my postings actually came to pass. Of course, a trace was put on my IP, a search for me was underway-and it's hard to accuse me of being a terriorist in the know about 9/11, because I also knew of things that in no way could I have been involved with. So it was shown, not physically, but anedotally thru my postings, that either I truly am a time traveler, or have some remarkable psychic ablities.


John Titor pales in comparison to my posts, and this forum becomes famous. It is debated, argued, gets off the net into "real" culture-everyone is talking about the "posts from the future" and people from all over set out to either find me and prove my exsistance, or to accuse you all of doctoring posts to make it look like from the future.


In any event, some believe, some don't, but I am famous as a result, as is your forum-and this also invites people from all over to try and "write the future". But it seems to become accepted that I mustve been from the future to know in such great detail events to come.


After I post, I leave immediatly to go back to 2035-so, I am never found. What remains is only the location I posted from. Lets say I used a proxy so the actual computer could not be found-or it was a laptop, I was on wifi and I simply took it back with me.


Now, I am back in 2035, and I am 33 years old. BUT......wouldn't this mean, that I grew up knowing about this story? That in my time, 2035, I saw the consequences, knew of a person that went back in time, that I grew up learning and knowing about this. How could I then not know it was me that did it? Would I grow up to have my parents tell me that it was me? How could we all sit around, and I listen to my parents discuss this story at dinner-yet they had no idea it was me, either?


Would I show up for work as an adult one day for the govt and be told "Okay, you are going back into time to become this poster on that site, it was you?" How would they know it was me?


What if I decided NOT to do it, exerting free will? Logic would dictate then that they either a) found someone else, or b) it would create a "butterfly effect" type of reality where it was erased from the collective memory, because it didn't happen.


My head spins from all the contradictions........



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My head spins from all the contradictions........

And so it should.


All these contradictions and paradoxes are mind blowing.


Most time travel enthusiasts weakly dismiss them by copping to a "multiverse" theory that entails multiple worldlines.


If you say there are infinite worldlines where infinite combinations of events occur, then anything is possible.



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Most time travel enthusiasts weakly dismiss them by copping to a "multiverse" theory that entails multiple worldlines.

The Zeshua story, however, does not do this, and that is one of the reasons why I continue to find it so fascinating. She goes to extreme lengths to be very careful not to make the sort of changes that would aversely affect her present.


- Peter



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To answer your question which also was answered by JT. There was not a Time Traveling Person in his Parallel Universe as stated by him.


So, the posts have not been altered, and there were other forums and chats that also where the guy posted.


It is your future though, so again, perhaps all men should stick his head in the toilet!


That I guess means, can anyone do anything about it except what they were doing already if it heads that way?


Decisions are made everyday by all people.


That JT stated what also made this parallel universe different than his. That he was here, while in his parallel universe, there was not another time traveling person that told other people that future.



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My answer to your question Risata206 is. No one will listen to you because back then time travel is still in its early stages of just coming out of the movies the first time travel forum of any real substance was tectime.org 1997, before john arrived on the scene. I will say to you 11.




Risata i have a question for you, what if i went back and tryed to tell everyone about the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake that took the life of about 100000 people, do you think anyone would listen or care about that loss of life that was about to happen?


See you last year =)` jk.



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Hi Risata:


Yo, u deserve a serious answer.


Do you remember what happened at the TimeTravelForum.net which later became the Paranormalnetwork, and even later Paranormalis? How I was invited to the forum, but later the debunkers took over and how they constantly tried to get me kicked off the forum and later closed the forum down?


Eventhough I made prediction after prediction... The pattern was always the same, first they would say I was crazy and that my pred was impossible, then when it happened that it was "obvious" and that I got all my predictions from CNN.


So there you have it. If this were the 1500's they would claim you are witch consorting with demons and must be burned at the stake. Now they say you are crazy and when it happens that it was obvious and that you did not predict anything.


For example, you go back to 2000 and predict 911 in 2001. The debunkers say


1) Time travel is impossible therefore you are a terrorist and Osama of al qaeda told you his plan.


2) The terrorists tried to knock down the towers in 93 so it is "obvious" they would try again and succeed. Predicting the Twin Towers falling is like predicting snow in the North Pole.


3) You and forum members should be arrested for aiding and abetting criminals.


4) The photo of ground zero was created using photoshop.


5) The video of the jet hitting the towers was created using CGI and splicing bits of movies like "Independance Day"



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Check this out dance music web site has time travel competition.


With thousands of dance music listeners tuned and involved with this web site its quite exciting to see. I know it not much to most of u but for me i do enjoy seeing things like this. Also i like ot have the post made here for personal reference in 30 years time.


Winners Of The Time Travel Competition Announced!




Hey John how are you?



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Well Hi HDRKid, and to Blair (11 11)


Good to see you guys. Yes I remember HDRkid. The forum (TPN) is back up, by the way.


I suppose you are right in that no one would believe, which is why the need for proof is an important component in being believed. That is why I posed the question the way I did: Assuming that your predictions had been believed and there was no way that anyone could possibly think that you are stating an obvious-and you did go down in history as being a time traveler, if you decided in your life to NOT go back and become that famous TT-well, something like that.



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Please look here at threads "I am from 2036" -- the postings (edit maybe slightly) and "Time Travel Paradoxes" -- the postings from the time back.


Original here:


Wayback Machine (archive - but not all of the posts - about the first 5 pages and maybe last page)




Topics Limited to 11 Pages?




Do not ask now what page it is on, probably somewhere around page 120 or somewhere there.


>>>>Old information now about where threads are at, may not work anymore for the links!<<<<<


Now you know about as much as anyone else knows about it including several key physicists!






Original pictures shown but cleaned up by Titor:




First 5 pages of the Art Bell BBS Forum -- Post to Post in the Archive, but only the first 5 pages -- and the last page -- because the Art Bell BBS Forum ended in May of 2001, and the crawler did not archive the entire thread, and could not because like other websites that go down or change names, it was gone, and the web crawler program does not archive everything anyway.






Now for the "I am from 2036" thread at that time, and as it was back in 2001:




Page 73 (now page 112 or so) or so of the original forum: (Time travel discussion)


The original thread "Time Travel Paradoxes" here but only the first post: (thread corrupted and another thread about that, but find it yourselves!!!!!




page 69 or so (now page hundred freakin' six or so read page107) of the original forum:


The thread "Topic Limited to 11 Pages?" original thread:




page 31 or 32 ( now page 33) or so at Anomalies:


The original thread "I am from 2040" --- (Titor Nemesis!)(if links do not work do the work!)




>>>>>> <<<<<<


Threads moved around, and websites changed over the years!



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I think they deleted some of the stuff in the wayback machine, because I can not find the original thread there anymore, just junk mainly it seems there anymore. I looked and the original postings of "I am from 2036" give an error message, but all those threads are over on the first page of the Time Travel discussion at the Anomalies Network anyway.



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It actually was rather odd about the manner in which Art Bell and Keith Rowland ended the Post-2-Post forum. It was like this: One day it was there, the next it was closed down without notice.


Rick Donaldson and I contacted Bell, Rowland and Premiere Radio and asked why this was done without notice. Our responses were, to say the least, rather chilly. In short we were told that they did it because they could. In the end the original thread can be had - but it is archived and can be purchased through Bell's current site Coast-to-Coast AM (at least this was the case about two years ago). It was for this reason why the P2P TT forum moved to Anomalies. We didn't have access to the original thread other than what Pamela had archived on her personal computer but we did move the discussion to Anomalies. Raul had a problem here with the first 11 pages of "Time Travel Paradoxes" because his defaults only allowed 11 page for a single thread. When we spilled over onto page 12 the thread went "Crash". We continued the discussion on the thread "Topic Limited to 11 Pages...". It was only in the last year that Raul fully recovered the original part of the discussion.



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John Titor or Zeshua -- will the real time traveler stand up?


First, let's pretend that Zeshua is the real deal. How do we know that Z is posting from our future? Z may be posting from a different world line and either is lying or doesn't know it. Z can claim just about anything and we would never know it.


Second, J T and Z are both very skilled at being vague. They both have said things that could be interpreted a hundred different ways. Reminds me of Nostradamus and the daily horoscope.


Third, let's run with alternate world lines from which we would have to suppose that there are an infinite number of universes. Only about half of all possible universes would have life in them. Only a very small percentage of the universes with life would have the solar system as we know it with the surrounding stars as we know them. (Would Scorpius or Ursa Major be known by their respective names if these constellations had completely different configurations?) Even if the stars were in the 'right place' what about the thousand or more major historic events that gave us the languages that we speak, our religions, our politics and our forms of government. What would the world be like if the Carthaginians had defeated the Romans and had established the Carthaginian Empire instead? What if the Romans had systematically exterminated all Christians and Jews? What if Harald Hardradi of Norway had won the battle of Stamford Bridge and afterwards managed to defeat William of Normandy? What if the Vikings had managed to colonize North America? (The little ice age helped to prevent that. However, in an alternate universe, the little ice age did not occur and the Vikings did colonize North America.) What if George Washington had been defeated by the British? What if the South had won the Civil War? What if the Germans had won World War II? If the infinite number of universes turns out to be the correct model then some poor souls are living in universes where evil triumphed over good. (Horrors! That means I have an alternate personality who speaks German and says Heil Hitler.) Now the problem I see is if you have the technology to jump from one universe to another how do you avoid jumping into a universe that is the result of a series of unfortunate events. (My apologies to Lemony Snickett.) I for one will not volunteer to try out a time machine. There are many more interesting ways to commit suicide.


Fourth, J T's technology sucks. His time machine diagram is labeled with OCR type. And one of his missions was to dig up an ancient IBM computer with amazing capabilities. I guess he didn't read the Wall Street Journal articles in 1998 or 1999 that told how the US Army now has officers who are skilled in using Powerpoint. Yes, that's a believable story. We invented a time machine in 2032 using dinosaur computer technology. (Oh yeah, and learn COBOL so you can save the world from impending disaster.)


Fifth, I don't think that Stephen Hawking has recanted on two points. His question was if time travel is possible, where are all the time travelers? I have yet to see that question retracted. Also, he formulated the Chronology Protection Conjecture. If any one knows that he has in fact retracted those two points, title of book and page number, please.


Those are my objections to those who claim to be time travelers. I've noticed that someone is reaping the economic benefits by publishing a book by John Titor. Maybe Zeshua is hoping for the same thing.


Now, I have some thoughts on who the real persons are who posted as J T and Z. J T is a history professor who taught at University of Florida and is now teaching at University of Nebraska. He is known to make snide remarks about Microsoft. He was born around 1962 and may have been in the US Army in the 1980's. He has one son named John who should be around 8 years old. He was probably the only one in Nebraska celebrating the Gator's win over Ohio State. His wife is the one handling the book deal through a lawyer who has never met her.


Z is a former employee of that psychic hotline that went bankrupt. (They never saw that coming.) Z is bored with the job that Z has had since then as a postal clerk and has decided to use the psychic training to 'predict' current events from a 'future' time. This is all done as a public service.


As for me, when I wish to time travel, I pop open a history book or use the nice history software from the store. Also there's a lot of information of historic value on the internet. Oh yeah, and I work for the CIA profiling time travelers and undermining their efforts to bring us a better world. (Just kidding!)




P.S. This isn't a direct reply to any one person. These are just my thoughts on the original question of this thread.



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