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Timetravel_0 Movie


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Press Release – For Immediate Release Feb 07, 07


National Release of much anticipated 2nd trailer for Timetravel_0-


Friday Feb 9th.


Titiorities and film enthusiasts alike are blogging and hitting the


internet in droves for the release of the 2nd trailer of the film




Titories are the people that discuss the return of John Titor, the time


traveler who came back from the year 2036 in the year of 2000. John


Titor warned people of world events that were about to happen and the


coming of WW3 in 2012. He also predicted mad cow disease and the gulf war.


He had developed a huge following of people, looking to see what they


can do to stop WW3 from coming as well as physicist and mathematicians


trying to debunk his extensive time travel theories that he published on


the internet as proof.


Timetravel_0, the movie, started as a documentary style film, has


actually become a internet phenomenon discussing it as a catalyst for




The movie has found out some incredible information from the key


players in the John Titor story, some trying desperately to hide because they


actually met John, who has since disappeared back to the future.


Titorites and fans of Timetravel_0 are going crazy trying to discover if


John Titor is a hoax or real. The movie imitates life and the movie has


sparked a resurrection of interest of people trying desperately to find


out if John is back and what is real. With John Titor website totaling


over ½ billion hits over the last 5 years, this story has truly become a


modern day folklore phenomenon.


Scott Norwood, producer/director, is now open to interview. He will be


on national radio programs through out the weekend talking about the


movie Timetravel_0 and resurgence of the John Titor legend.


Please see the following for research information:






Interview on Coast to Coast AM.




Blogging about the movie:




Please contact Scott to set up an interview:


[email protected]



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I think anyone who pours their energy into film-making should be commended. However, my first impression of this, (without dwelling on the the zero-budget nature of it) is that the girl playing Cris McCarthy is a really baaaad actress. If the director really wanted to start the trailer with the bit where she does a piece to camera about how there are supposedly two government spooks coming up to visit her, he really should have have got her some acting lessons. I've not seen anything so phony since that terrible scene in Pearl Harbour that nearly ended Ben Affleck's career.


Secondly, what is this? A fictionalised story about Titor? Or are they really selling this as a serious documentary? Already that idea's been compromised with the poor acting. If there are other 'performances' as bad as this in the rest of the film this isn't going to do the Titor and those that wish to promote him any good at all.



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DARBY: I can only imagine that if the press release that "Group Norwood" posted above in any way reflects the screen writers' talent then bad acting may be the best part of the movie. That post had to have been written by a 14 year old. Its rather "offal".


You're quite right Darby. And take this section from this fabulous production's website...


"It will take the destruction of millions of Human Lives, for us to be able to overlook some of


the ridiculous obstacles that we have created for ourselves"


For us to be able to 'overlook'...? What does that even mean? :confused: :)



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Good call. If, as TTO claimed, the acronym "Titor" has any relevence to TimeTrveler_0, i.e., "Time Travel(er) Or...Not a Time Traveler", then the proper pronounciation should retain the long "i" - TIE-tor...not TEE-tor or TIT-er. He wasn't a golf TEE nor was he a nipple on a cow.




Another good call.


I wonder...


If you look at the photos of Ms. McCarthy and the photos of all of her "interviewees" they all seem to be of community college age. In fact, it appears that she did her interviews on a college campus. Hmmm...


If she is of that age and, as stated in the bio, she started her investigation circa 2000, she must have been about 12-15 years old at the time.


And the "MIBS" stole her original video....held in in custody until the Supreme Court made a decision? Give me a break.


But she's using the copyrighted logo of "TTO/Titor" which is owned by the John Titor Foundation. What is Larry Haber's involvement in this endeavour? One wonders. ;)



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"Good call. If, as TTO claimed, the acronym "Titor" has any relevence to TimeTrveler_0, i.e., "Time Travel(er) Or...Not a Time Traveler", then the proper pronounciation should retain the long "i" - TIE-tor...not TEE-tor or TIT-er. He wasn't a golf TEE nor was he a nipple on a cow."


Sorry but I just started calling him Titor (nipple on a cow) and I just can't call him


(tie-ter) or (tee-tor)now. He has been Titor for years to me. Besides..(tit-or) is the only one left where you don't have to subsitute other letters to stress the vowels. so there! :P



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Well, to Pamela, or anyone else, he is not an Emperor as far as I know like:


Tito (tee-toe)


So, I will just think of the name as Tie-tor, because the dictionary really does give that by the word:


Titan -- (Tie-tan) so to me it would be pronounced the same way, and the name would be Tie-tor.


Not because he is a Titan, although if he were real, then certainly he is not a Tee-toe.


Although he might be considered to be a foreigner. Although not really since he is not from another Country, but said he was from this Country. So, like Titan, I will just call him Tie-tor.





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Re: A Free Grammar Lesson


Friends of EarthTR125.0121


Well, well, well, let me explain something about vowels, syllables and chronotronic travelers.


If you go back as far as 1250 BD and transpose yourself, or whatever means of travel you are currently employing, around the ancient land of Italy and would somehow minggle with the folks of the era you would immediately find that there will be an ample group of ancient italian males that would go by the name of Tito (Tee-to).


So the name is originally latin, and as it is costumary the original pronunciation should be adopted. The word Titan, which originally derives from the greek word (Tee-tan) is however an exception to this rule, because the english language took over the pronunciation and changed its inflexion.


So, I believe that the correct way to pronounce the word of our wonderful temporal crusader would be Teetor.


However, why are we so obsessed with his name, when we should be obsessed in his whereabouts.


Until later becomes now.



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Larry already knows about it. I keep him updated on everything I see about John.


Another thing, I did notice that Pam C. has disappeared off of one of the pages.




The producer I think is interested in interviewing me. I sent him a bunch of info.


Larry keeps me updated as well infact here is another web site that is going to host a movie


soon. I am unsure whether it is his web site or someone elses. I noticed he doesn't do any computer work on Saturdays so I have to wait for an answer. I think it is the movie the mother was having produced but I cannot be sure yet. No movie up there yet.





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Another thing. It IS John Titor (nipple on a cow) to me.


Thats how I am going to pronounce it. I don't care how anyone else pronounces it.


Unless John or his mother tell me John pronounced it some other way.


Besides it is not his real last name anyway. He made his last name up when he joined Art Bell to


protect himself. so there. :P lol



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