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sending computer data packets to the past?


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The whole "Zeshua" TT storyline is based on that premise.


It is supposed to have something to do with "quantum tunneling", "quantum entanglement", and "virtual particles".


I dunno, I'm no physicist. But it seems more plausible than sending a whole live person, anyway.


- Peter

It is also much easier to Send bits of Data through a Quantum Tunnel than to expand a bridge less than a Nanometer in length to the size of a human being, or, to compress a human being into a fine piece of string and then re-arrange the person at the other end.


Considering Quantum Tunneling techniques, of which the entanglement can be used to transfer digital information, it is much more likely that this will be the conduit for all future Time Travel. Why send a person back in time if you can send information? This question has always puzzled me.


We do not believe Physical Time Travel will be possible.



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A Type III civilization could broadcast a library of information across the entire observable universe with a transmission time of 3 seconds.


Do you think a type one civilization that only has the power to be distructive and use fosslie fuel will ever time travel?


I also think if a human travels up to the speed of light you will finish up cooking your self unless u have a way of stopping gravity. It mite be safer to vibrate to the speed of light but then u may just finish up a small sun with not enough power to keep burning because you are made up of basic carbons.





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what about uploading medical data to the 1996 inte


what about uploading medical data from the future or evens to the 1996 internet cyberspace?


woudnt that help a lot of people too? for medical and historical events, but especially that medical thing would help lot of doctors and people, who is open to this project?


I want to call this Medical X Temporal project @@@ humanity



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I think it may not be neccesary to travel faster than light..


You just have to travel before light to send a message to the past.


Researchers have devised an experiment using laser light to demonstrate a property of quantum mechanics: That pairs of entangled photons show identical properties as either a wave or a particle. By using this knowledge, they hope to demonstrate how to influence an event that has already occurred.


1. A laser beam is directed into a crystal that makes two streams of photons.


2a. One stream of photons travels through a screen with two slits.


2b. The other stream of photons travels through an identical screen with two slits BUT is routed through six miles of fiber-optic cable that delays the light by microseconds.


3a. A detector captures the light and records it as a wave-like or particle-like photon (you don't know which yet).


3b. The delayed light is sensed by a movable detector. If the detector is closer to the lens it's recorded as a wave-like interference pattern. If its farther from the lens it is recorded as a particle.


What is happening here: By choosing to measure the delayed photon as either a wave or particle photon, the experimenter forces the other photon to appear in the same way - because they are entangled - even though it reaches the detector earlier.


i think retro-causality is real and through this in theory it may be possible to influence past events or eventually somehow send a message back in time.



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