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Yet another time traveling clam


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wow, Clamorian, what ever you're doing, keep doing it. Either you're very persuasive or these kats are really that gullible.

I don't think anybody here is taking the claimed clam seriously. I don't think ol' Clamore is taking himself seriously, either. Everybody here is just having harmless, senseless, fun.



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1. What kind of video games or virtual reality will people play in the near or further future?

Virtual reality Pacman is highly dangerous, many people wearing burqa's have died. So, so sad. :(


2. What kind and type of time machines will their be in the future?

All kinds! Big ones, small ones, some as big as heads! Some have go-faster stripes and there's also convertables. There's even a TV show "Pimp my Time".


3. Are their time cops or time police in the future that arrest people if time travel is misused?

Yeah the TTPD. Hugely corrupt, often seen with cave women hookers.



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Hello Clamorian,


I am wondering what goes through your mind when you see a woman wearing a strand of pearls? :)

Well, what would you think if you saw someone wearing a necklace made of scabs? I usually feel pretty disturbed by humans who wear them.


Good thing I don't have eyes, huh?


Are there also time traveling oysters? :)

Oysters?! Pah! Everyone knows they're extinct!



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dude! the clams legit! i mean how could you not love a time traveling clam?



All TTI members in chorus:




Seriously though, we all have a warm place in our heart for the infalliable clam. Gotta admit, this play of words ("yet another time traveling clam") rocks.

Your worship pleases the infallible clam. :P



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I agree :)


mix38 with:


OK, now you have my attention.


Sorry if I was rude, but that is standard testing, because many "want to be" time travellers post their false claimings, so I am very sceptic by any new one.


Now the questions gonna start.


1) Can you tell me every president in USA in next 20 years, their terms in years?


2) Will there be any major problem in the world in years to come?


3) When time travel machine was invented?


4) Is there multiple timelines, or only one?


5) Have you achieved singularity?


That is for now.


Made my day!! hahaha... this is gold! :D



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