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Is it true, Pamela?


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Reeling in the Years, stowing away the time (well, that's it for that song from Steely Dan also for the words right now.)


If anyone is interested, there are 24,915 *.pdf files about black holes at the science place. But just to mention a couple, and the rest I kind of forgot, but I was looking for a name I can not remember, nor did I run across it.


It seems like Max Tegmark (I think that is his name)( and all these papers are from June, July this year -- changed versions or corrected there) stated in his paper that we all might as well get use to parallel universes. Let me see here:


arXiv:0704.3276v1 [


hep-th] 24 Apr 2007 (111 pages) Frank Tipler pdf file (version 1)(updated)


arXiv:gr-qc/0701024v3 7 Jun 2007 Prof.Ori's paper (the time machine guy or whatever he is doing.)


And I cannot find Tegmark's paper, but anyone can do a search on "black holes" on the other search, and come up with 24,915 papers in the general field of physics just on black holes. A lot of them -- out in space -- big -- but this year.


I may look at some others again with the search, but there are a lot of them, and I made it through a 1000-1100 of them but I was looking for something else and just rifling through.


Of course that includes every year in that search.


I am tired, and just conclude those papers must include every theory in the Universe somehow, but factual - - not really known yet because the LHC is not on-line yet.


It seems those scientists just write papers because they have to (in a sense - keeping up with the competitiveness type social endeavors.)



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You know stephen hawking has a myspace... http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=61568575&MyToken=450e4724-99f6-46f8-9596-41ce1456b4f8


He's also fairly easy about adding folks...and yea it really is stephen hawking. Just look around on his space and you'll see...but as a wise man "I am not to concerned with who is lying to me online"



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Well, if Stephan Hawking has a Myspace page then I bet he is deleting all the spam sign-ups that continue to send to everyone and all those girls who are from China. I deleted my account, as I am tired of it for the last three months until they are found and taken off by Myspace.


What a Zoo!


Feynman-Weinberg Quantum Gravity and the Extended


Standard Model as a Theory of Everything


F. J. Tipler


Department of Mathematics and Department of Physics,


Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118


(Dated: April 24, 2007)




I argue that the (extended) Standard Model (SM) of particle physics and the renormalizable


Feynman-Weinberg theory of quantum gravity comprise a theory of everything. I show that imposing


the appropriate cosmological boundary conditions make the theory finite. The infinities that


are normally renormalized away and the series divergence infinities are both eliminated by the same


mechanism. Furthermore, this theory can resolve the horizon, flatness, and isotropy problems of


cosmology. Joint mathematical consistency naturally yields a scale-free, Gaussian, adiabatic perturbation


spectrum, and more matter than antimatter. I show that mathematical consistency


of the theory requires the universe to begin at an initial singularity with a pure SU(2)L gauge


field. I show that quantum mechanics requires this field to have a Planckian spectrum whatever


its temperature. If this field has managed to survive thermalization to the present day, then it


would be the CMBR. If so, then we would have a natural explanation for the dark matter and


the dark energy. I show that isotropic ultrahigh energy (UHE) cosmic rays are explained if the


CMBR is a pure SU(2)L gauge field. The SU(2)L nature of the CMBR may have been seen in the


Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect. I propose several simple experiments to test the hypothesis.


arXiv:0705.0351v4 [gr-qc] 12 Jul 2007


A unified, purely affine theory of gravitation and electromagnetism


Nikodem J. Pop lawski


Department of Physics, Indiana University, 727 East Third Street, Bloomington, Indiana 47405, USA


(Dated: July 12, 2007)


In the purely affine formulation of gravity, the gravitational field is represented by the symmetric


part of the Ricci tensor of the affine connection. The classical electromagnetic field can be rep-


resented in this formulation by the second Ricci tensor of the connection. Such a construction is


dynamically equivalent to the sourceless Einstein–Maxwell equations. We generalize this construc-


tion to the case with sources, represented by the derivative of the affine Lagrangian density with


respect to the connection. We show that the Maxwell equations with sources emerge for the simplest


affine Lagrangian for matter, while the Einstein and Lorentz equations arise if mass has electromag-


netic origin. We also show that the Maxwell equations replace the unphysical constraint imposed


by the projective invariance of purely affine Lagrangians that depend explicitly on the connection.


PACS numbers: 04.50.+h, 04.20.Fy, 03.50.-z


arXiv:0706.3359v1 [hep-th] 22 Jun 2007


Three-Dimensional Gravity Reconsidered


Edward Witten


School of Natural Sciences, Institute for Advanced Study


Princeton, New Jersey 08540


We consider the problem of identifying the CFT's that may be dual to pure gravity in


three dimensions with negative cosmological constant. The c-theorem indicates that threedimensional


pure gravity is consistent only at certain values of the coupling constant, and


the relation to Chern-Simons gauge theory hints that these may be the values at which


the dual CFT can be holomorphically factorized. If so, and one takes at face value the


minimum mass of a BTZ black hole, then the energy spectrum of three-dimensional gravity


with negative cosmological constant can be determined exactly. At the most negative


possible value of the cosmological constant, the dual CFT is very likely the monster theory


of Frenkel, Lepowsky, and Meurman. The monster theory may be the first in a discrete


series of CFT's that are dual to three-dimensional gravity. The partition function of the


second theory in the sequence can be determined on a hyperelliptic Riemann surface of


any genus. We also make a similar analysis of supergravity.


arXiv:0707.2593v1 [quant-ph] 18 Jul 2007


Many lives in many worlds


Max Tegmark


(In this universe:) Dept. of Physics & MIT Kavli Institute,


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA


(Dated: Published in Nature, 448, 23, July 2007)


I argue that accepting quantum mechanics to be universally true means that you should also


believe in parallel universes. I give my assessment of Everett's theory as it celebrates its 50th




Almost all of my colleagues have an opinion about it,


but almost none of them have read it. The first draft of


Hugh Everett's PhD thesis, the shortened official version


of which celebrates its 50th birthday this year, is buried


in the out-of-print book The Many-Worlds Interpretation


of Quantum Mechanics [1]. I remember my excitement


on finding it in a small Berkeley book store back in grad


school, and still view it as one of the most brilliant texts


I've ever read.


By the time Everett started his graduate work with


John Archibald Wheeler at Princeton University, quantum


mechanics had chalked up stunning successes in explaining


the atomic realm, yet a debate raged on as to


what its mathematical formalism really meant. I was fortunate


to get to discuss quantum mechanics withWheeler


during my postdoctorate years in Princeton, but never


had the chance to meet Everett


Perhaps an older paper updated for the Nature Magazine Article, I guess?


There is more, but all that can be looked up.





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I don't know who all the chics are but when I'm a 65 year old man I hope I have that many chics on Myspace...Two of those guys you see on his friends list..One is his current intern...(edit may of been wrong about top guy) [further edits].. ..But Hey its your business..those blogs of his are heavy in the science of singularities.


Here let me offer you ONE of his blogs.


Rotation, nut charge and anti de sitter space


Black Hole Entropy


The idea is that the Euclidean sections of black hole metrics are periodic in the imaginary time coordinate. Thus they represent black holes in equilibrium with thermal radiation. However there are problems with this interpretation.


Problems with thermodynamic interpretation


(first problem appear)


First, one can not have thermal radiation in asymptotically flat space, all the way to infinity, because the energy density would curve the space, and make it an expanding or collapsing Friedmann universe. Thus, if you want a static situation, you have to resort to the dubious Gedanken experiment, of putting the black hole in a box. But you don't find black hole proof boxes, advertised on the Internet.


(second problem appear)


The second difficulty with black holes in equilibrium with thermal radiation is that black holes have negative specific heat. In many cases, when they absorb energy, they get larger and colder. This reduces the radiation they give off, and so they absorb faster than they radiate, and the equilibrium is unstable. This is closely related to the fact that the Euclidean metric has a negative mode. Thus it seems that asymptotically flat Euclidean black holes, describe the decay of hot flat space, rather than a black hole in equilibrium with thermal radiation.


(third problem appear)


The third difficulty with the idea of equilibrium is that if the black hole is rotating, the thermal radiation should be co-rotating with it. But far away from the black hole, the radiation would be co-rotating faster than light, which is impossible. Thus, again one has to use the artificial expedient, of a box of finite size.


Way back in pre-history, Don page and I, realized one could avoid the first two difficulties, if one considered black holes in anti de Sitter space, rather than asymptotically-flat space. In anti de Sitter space, the gravitational potential increases as one goes to infinity. This red shifts the thermal radiation, and means that it has finite energy. Thus anti de Sitter space can exist at finite temperature, without collapsing. In a sense, the gravitational potential in anti de Sitter space, acts like a confining box.


Anti de Sitter space can also help with the second problem, that the equilibrium between black holes and thermal radiation, will be unstable. Small black holes in anti de Sitter space, have negative specific heat, like in asymptotically flat space, and are unstable. But black holes larger than the curvature radius of anti de Sitter space, have positive specific heat, and are presumably stable.


At the time, Don page and I, did not think about rotating black holes. But I recently came back to the problem, along with Chris Hunter, and Marika Taylor Robinson. We realized that thermal radiation in anti de Sitter space could co-rotate with up to some limiting angular velocity, without having to travel faster than light. Thus anti de Sitter boundary conditions, can solve all three problems, in the interpretation of Euclidean black holes, as equilibria of black holes, with thermal radiation.


Anti de Sitter black holes may not seem of much interest, because we can be fairly sure, that the universe is not asymptotically anti de Sitter. However, they seem worth studying, both for the reasons I have just given, and because of the Maldacena conjecture, relating asymptotically anti de Sitter spaces, to conformal field theories on their boundary. I shall report on two pieces of work in relation to this conjecture. One is a study of rotating black holes in anti de Sitter space. We have found Kerr anti de Sitter metrics in four and five dimensions. As they approach the critical angular velocity in anti de Sitter space, their entropy, as measured by the horizon area, diverges. We compare this entropy, with that of a conformal field theory on the boundary of anti de Sitter space. This also diverges at the critical angular velocity, when the rotational velocity, approaches the speed of light. We show that the two divergences are similar.


The other piece of work, is a study of gravitational entropy, in a more general setting. The quarter area law, holds for black holes or black branes in any dimension, d, that have a horizon, which is a d minus 2 dimensional fixed point set, of a U1 isometry group. However Chris Hunter and I, have recently shown that entropy can be associated with a more general class of space-times. In these, the U1 isometry group can have fixed points on surfaces of any even co-dimension, and the space-time need not be asymptotically flat, or asymptotically anti de Sitter. In these more general class, the entropy is not just a quarter the area, of the d minus two fixed point set.


Among the more general class of space-times for which entropy can be defined, an interesting case is those with Nut charge. Nut charge can be defined in four dimensions, and can be regarded as a magnetic type of mass.


Solutions with nut charge are not asymptotically flat in the usual sense. Instead, they are said to be asymptotically locally flat, or ALF. In the Euclidean regime, in which I shall be working, the difference can be described as follows. An asymptotically flat metric, like Euclidean Schwarzschild, has a boundary at infinity, that is a two-sphere of radius r, cross a circle, whose radius is asymptotically constant.


To get finite values for the action and Hamiltonian, one subtracts the values for flat space, periodically identified. In asymptotically locally flat metrics, on the other hand, the boundary at infinity, is an S1 bundle over S2. These bundles are labeled by their first Chern number, which is proportional to the Nut charge. If the first Chern number is zero, the boundary is the product, S2 cross S1, and the metric is asymptotically flat. However, if the first Chern number is k, the boundary is a squashed three sphere, with mod k points identified around the S1 fibers.


Such asymptotically locally flat metrics, can not be matched to flat space at infinity, to give a finite action and Hamiltonian, despite a number of papers that claim it can be done. The best that one can do, is match to the self-dual multi Taub nut solutions. These can be regarded as defining the vacuums for ALF metrics.


In the self-dual Taub Nut solution, the U1 isometry group, has a zero dimensional fixed point set at the center, called a nut. However, the same ALF boundary conditions, admit another Euclidean solution, called the Taub bolt metric, in which the nut is replaced by a two dimensional bolt. The interesting feature, is that according to the new definition of entropy, the entropy of Taub bolt, is not equal to a quarter the area of the bolt, in Planck units. The reason is that there is a contribution to the entropy from the Misner string, the gravitational counterpart to a Dirac string for a gauge field.


The fact that black hole entropy is proportional to the area of the horizon has led people to try and identify the microstates, with states on the horizon. After years of failure, success seemed to come in 1996, with the paper of Strominger and Vafa, which connected the entropy of certain black holes, with a system of D-branes. With hindsight, this can now be seen as an example of a duality, between a gravitational theory in asymptotically anti de Sitter space, and a conformal field theory on its boundary.


It would be interesting if similar dualities could be found for solutions with Nut charge, so that one could verify that the contribution of the Misner string was reflected in the entropy of a conformal field theory. This would be particularly significant for solutions like Taub bolt, which don't have a spin structure. It would show whether the duality between anti de Sitter space, and conformal field theories on its boundary, depends on super symmetry. In fact, I will present evidence, that the duality requires super symmetry.


To investigate the effect of Nut charge, we have found a family of Taub bolt anti de Sitter solutions. These Euclidean metrics are characterized by an integer, k, and a positive parameter, s. The boundary at large distances is an S1 bundle over S2, with first Chern number, k. If k=0, the boundary is a product, S1 cross S2, and the space is asymptotically anti de Sitter, in the usual sense. But if k is not zero, they are what may be called, asymptotically locally anti de Sitter, or ALADS.


The boundary is a squashed three sphere, with k points identified around the U1 direction. This is just like asymptotically locally flat, or ALF metrics. But unlike the ALF case, the squashing of the three-sphere, tends to a finite limit, as one approaches infinity. This means that the boundary has a well-defined conformal structure. One can then ask whether the partition function and entropy, of a conformal field theory on the boundary, is related to the action and entropy, of these asymptotically locally anti de Sitter solutions.


To make the ADS, CFT correspondence well posed, we have to specify the reference backgrounds, with respect to which the actions and Hamiltonians are defined. For Kerr anti de Sitter, the reference background is just identified anti de Sitter space. However, as in the asymptotically locally flat case, a squashed three sphere, can not be imbedded in Euclidean anti de Sitter. One therefore can not use it as a reference background, to make the action and Hamiltonian finite.


Instead, one has to use Taub Nut anti de Sitter, which is a limiting case of our family. If mod k is greater than one, there is an orbifold singularity in the reference backgrounds, but not in the Taub bolt anti de Sitter solutions. These orbifold singularities in the backgrounds could be resolved, by replacing a small neighbourhood of the nut, by an ALE metric. We shall take it, that the orbifold singularities are harmless.


Another issue that has to be resolved, is what conformal field theory to use, on the boundary of the anti de Sitter space. For five dimensional Kerr anti de Sitter space, there are good reasons to believe the boundary theory is large N Yang Mills. But for four-dimensional Kerr anti de Sitter, or Taub bolt anti de Sitter, we are on shakier ground. On the three dimensional boundaries of four dimensional anti de Sitter spaces, Yang Mills theory is not conformally invariant.


The folklore is that one takes the infrared fixed point, of three-dimensional Yang Mills, but no one knows what this is. The best we can do, is calculate the determinants of free fields on the squashed three sphere, and see if they have the same dependence on the squashing, as the action. Note that as the boundary is odd dimensional, there is no conformal anomaly. The determinant of a conformally invariant operator, will just be a function of the squashing. We can then interpret the squashing, as the inverse temperature, and get the number of degrees of freedom, from a comparison with the entropy of ordinary black holes, in four dimensional anti de Sitter.


I now turn to the question, of how one can define the entropy, of a space-time. A thermodynamic ensemble, is a collection of systems, whose charges are constrained by La-grange multipliers.


Partition function


One such charge, is the energy or mass, with the Lagrange multiplier being the inverse temperature, beta. But one can also constrain the angular momentum, and gauge charges. The partition function for the ensemble, is the sum over all states, of e to the minus, La-grange multipliers, times associated charges.


Thus it can be written as, trace of e to the minus Q. Here Q is the operator that generates a Euclidean time translation, beta, a rotation, delta phi, and a gauge transformation, alpha. In other words, Q is the Hamiltonian operator, for a lapse that is beta at infinity, and a shift that is a rotation through delta phi. This means that the partition function can be represented by a Euclidean path integral.


The path integral is over all metrics which at infinity, are periodic under the combination of a Euclidean time translation, beta, a rotation through delta phi, and a gauge rotation, alpha. The lowest order contributions to the path integral for the partition function will come from Euclidean solutions with a U1 isometry, that agree with the periodic boundary conditions at infinity.


The Hamiltonian in general relativity or supergravity, can be written as a volume integral over a surface of constant tau, plus surface integrals over its boundaries.


Gravitational Hamiltonian


The volume integral vanishes by the constraint equations. Thus the numerical value of the Hamiltonian, comes entirely from the surface terms. The action can be related to the Hamiltonian in the usual way.


Because the metric has a time translation isometry, all dotted quantities vanish. Thus the action is just beta times the Hamiltonian.


If the solution can be foliated by a family of surfaces, that agree with Euclidean time at infinity, the only surface terms will be at infinity.


Family of time surfaces


In this case, a solution can be identified under any time translation, rotation, or gauge transformation at infinity.


This means that the action will be linear in beta, delta phi, and alpha. If one takes such a linear action, for the partition function, and applies the standard thermodynamic relations, one finds the entropy is zero.


The situation is very different however, if the solution can't be foliated by surfaces of constant tau, where tau is the parameter of the U1 isometry group, which agrees with the periodic identification at infinity.


Breakdown of foliation


The break down of foliation can occur in two ways. The first is at fixed points of the U1 isometry group. These occur on surfaces of even co-dimension. Fixed-point sets of co-dimension-two play a special role. I shall refer to them as bolts. Examples include the horizons of non-extreme black holes and p-branes, but there can be more complicated cases, like Taub bolt.


The other way the foliation by surfaces of constant tau, can break down, is if there are what are called, Misner strings.


Kaluza Klein metric


To explain what they are, write the metric in the Kaluza Klein form, with respect to the U1 isometry group. The one form, omega, the scalar, V, and the metric, gamma, can be regarded as fields on B, the space of orbits of the isometry group.


If B has homology in dimension two, the Kaluza Klein field strength, F, can have non-zero integrals over two cycles. This means that the one form, omega, will have Dirac strings in B. In turn, this will mean that the foliation of the spacetime, M, by surfaces of constant tau, will break down on surfaces of co-dimension two, called Misner strings.


In order to do a Hamiltonian treatment using surfaces of constant tau, one has to cut out small neighbourhoods of the fixed point sets, and the Misner strings. This modifies the treatment, in two ways. First, the surfaces of constant tau now have boundaries at the fixed-point sets, and Misner strings, as well as the boundary at infinity. This means there can be additional surface terms in the Hamiltonian.


In fact, the surface terms at the fixed-point sets are zero, because the shift and lapse vanish there. On the other hand, at a Misner string, the lapse vanishes, but the shift is non zero. The Hamiltonian can therefore have a surface term on the Misner string, which is the shift, times a component of the second fundamental form, of the constant tau surfaces. The total Hamiltonian, will be the sum of this Misner string Hamiltonian, and the Hamiltonian surface term at infinity.


Consequences of non-foliation


As before, the action will be beta times the Hamiltonian. However, this will be the action of the space-time, with the neighborhoods of the fixed-point sets and Misner strings removed. To get the action of the full space-time, one has to put back the neighborhoods. When one does so, the surface term associated with the Einstein Hilbert action, will give a contribution to the action, of minus area over 4G, for the bolts and Misner strings. Here G is Newton's constant in the dimension one is considering. The surface terms around lower dimensional fixed-point sets make no contribution to the action.


The action of the space-time, will be the lowest order contribution to minus log Z, where Z is the partition function. But log Z is equal to the entropy, minus beta times the Hamiltonian at infinity. So the entropy is a quarter the area of the bolts and Misner strings, minus beta times the Hamiltonian on the Misner strings. In other words, the entropy is the amount by which the action is less than the value, beta times the Hamiltonian at infinity, that it would have if the surfaces of constant tau, foliated the space-time.


This formula for the entropy applies in any dimension and for any class of boundary condition at infinity. Thus one can use it for rotating black holes, in anti de Sitter space. In this case, the reference background is just Euclidean anti de Sitter space, identified with imaginary time period, beta, and appropriate rotation.


Four-dimensional Kerr-AdS


The four-dimensional Kerr anti de Sitter solution, was found by Carter, and is shown on the slide. The parameter, a, determines the rate of rotation. When a-l approaches 1, the co-rotation velocity approaches the speed of light at infinity. It is therefore interesting to examine the behavior of the black hole action, and the conformal field theory partition function, in this limit.


To calculate the action of the black hole is quite delicate, because one has to match it to rotating anti de Sitter space, and subtract one infinite quantity, from another.


Euclidean action.


Nevertheless, this can be done in a well-defined way, and the result is shown on the slide. As you might expect, it diverges at the critical angular velocity, at which the co-rotating velocity, approaches the speed of light.


The boundary of rotating anti de Sitter, is a rotating Einstein universe, of one dimension lower. Thus it is straightforward in principle, to calculate the partition function for a free conformal field on the boundary. Someone like Dowker might have calculated the result exactly. However, as we are only human, we looked only at the divergence in the partition function, as one approaches the critical angular velocity.


This divergence arises because in the mode sum for the partition function, one has Bose-Einstein factors with a correction because of the rotation. As one approaches the critical angular velocity, this causes a Bose-Einstein condensation in modes with the maximum axial quantum number, m.


Conformal field theory


The divergence in the conformal field theory partition function has the same divergence as the black hole action, at the critical angular velocity. I haven't compared the residues. This is difficult, because it is not clear what three-dimensional conformal field theory one should use on the boundary of four dimensional anti de Sitter.


Five-dimensional Kerr-AdS


The case of rotating black holes in anti de Sitter five, is broadly similar, but with some differences. One of these is that, because the spatial rotation group, O4, is of rank 2, there are two rotation parameters, a & b. Each of these must have absolute value less than l to the minus one, for the co-rotation velocity to be less than the speed of light, all the way out to infinity. If just one of a & b, approaches the limiting value, the action of the black hole, and the partition function of the conformal field theory, both diverge in a manner similar to the four dimensional case.


Action of five-dimensional Kerr-AdS


But if a = b, and they approach the limit together, the action and the partition function, both have the same stronger divergence. Again, I haven't compared residues, but this might be worth doing. It may be that in the critical angular velocity limit, the interactions between the particles of super Yang Mills theory, become unimportant. If this is the case, one would expect the action and partition function to agree, rather than differ by a factor of four thirds, as in the non rotating case.


Asymptotically locally flat


I now turn the case of Nut charge. For asymptotically locally flat metrics in four dimensions, the reference background is the self-dual Taub Nut solution. The Taub bolt solution, has the same asymptotic behavior, but with the zero-dimensional nut fixed point, replaced by a two-dimensional bolt. The area of the bolt is 12 pi N squared, where N is the Nut charge. The area of the Misner string is minus 6 pi N squared. That is to say, the area of the Misner string in Taub bolt, is infinite, but it is less than the area of the Misner string in Taub nut, in a well-defined sense. The Hamiltonian on the Misner string, is N over 8. Again the Misner string Hamiltonian is infinite, but the difference from Taub nut, is finite. And the period, beta, is 8pi N. Thus the entropy, is pi N squared. Note that this is less than a quarter the area of the bolt, which would give 3 pi N squared. It is the effect of the Misner string that reduces the entropy.


Taub Nut Anti de Sitter


We would like to confirm the effect of Misner strings on entropy, by seeing what effect they have on conformal field theories, on the boundary of anti de Sitter space. For this purpose we constructed versions of Taub nut and Taub bolt, with a negative cosmological constant. The Taub nut anti de Sitter metric is shown on the transparancy. The parameter E, is the squashing of the three-sphere at infinity. If E=1, the three spheres are round, and the metric is Euclidean anti de Sitter space. However, if E is not equal to one, the metric can not be matched to anti de Sitter space at large distance. Each value of E, therefore, defines a different sector of ALADS metrics. This is an important point, which did not seem to have been realized by Chamblin et al. Taub Bolt Anti de Sitter One can also find a family of Taub bolt anti de Sitter metrics, with the same asymptotic behavior. These are characterized by an integer, k, and a positive quantity, s. These determine the asymptotic squashing parameter, E, and the area of the bolt, A-. K is the self-intersection number of the bolt. Thus the spaces do not have spin structure if k is odd. At infinity, the squashed three sphere has k points identified around the U1 fiber. This means that the reference background, is Taub nut anti de Sitter, with k points identified. If k is greater than one, the reference background will have an orbifold singularity at the nut. However, as I said earlier, I shall take it that such singularities are harmless.




To calculate the action, one matches the Taub bolt solution on a squashed three sphere, to a Taub nut solution. To do this, one has to re-scale the squashing parameter, E, as a function of radius. The surface term in the action, is the same asymptotically for Taub nut and Taub bolt. Thus the action comes entirely from the difference in volumes.


Action for k = 1


For k greater than one, the action is always negative, while for k=1, it is positive for small areas of the bolt, and negative for large areas. This behavior is similar to that for Schwarzschild anti de Sitter space, and might indicate a phase transition in the corresponding conformal field theory. However, as I will argue later, there are problems with the ADS, CFT duality, if k=1. On the other hand, our results seem to indicate that there will be no phase transition, if more than one point is identified around the fiber. It will be interesting to see if this is indeed the case, for a conformal field theory on an identified squashed three-sphere.


In these Taub bolt anti de Sitter metrics, one can calculate the area of the Misner string, and the Hamiltonian surface term. Both will be infinite, but if one matches to Taub nut anti de Sitter on a large squashed three-sphere, the differences will tend to finite limits. As in the asymptotically locally flat case, the entropy is less than a quarter the area of the bolt, because of the effect of the Misner string.




One can also calculate the entropy from the partition function, by the usual thermodynamic relations. The mass will be given by taking the derivative of the action with respect to beta. This is equal to the Hamiltonian surface term at infinity. The mass or energy, is the only charge that is constrained in the ensemble. The nut charge is fixed by the boundary conditions, and so doesn't need a La-grange multiplier. Thus the entropy is beta M, minus I. This agrees with the entropy calculated from the bolts and Misner strings, showing our definition, is consistent.


Formally at least, one can regard Euclidean conformal field theory on the squashed three sphere, as a twisted 2+1 theory, at a temperature, beta to the minus one. Thus one would expect the entropy to be proportional to beta to the minus two, at least for small beta. This has been confirmed by calculations by Dowker, of the determinants of scalar and fermion operators on the squashed three sphere, for k=1.


Dowker has not so far calculated the higher k cases, but one would expect that these would have similar leading terms, but with beta replaced by beta over k. The next leading order terms in the determinant, are beta to the minus one, log beta. No terms like this appear in the bulk theory, so if there really is an ADS, CFT duality in this situation, the log beta terms have to cancel between the different spins.


In fact, the scalar and fermion log beta terms will cancel each other, if there are twice as many scalars as fermions. This would be implied by super symmetry, suggesting that super symmetry is indeed necessary for the ADS, CFT duality.


The Misner string contributions to the entropy are of order beta squared. Thus Dowker's calculations will have to be extended to this order, to k greater than one, to fermion fields with anti periodic boundary conditions, and to spin one fields. All this is quite possible, but it will probably require Dowker to do it.


One might ask, how can a conformal field theory on the Euclidean squashed three sphere, correspond to a theory in a spacetime of Lorentzian signature. The answer is that, unlike the Schwarzschild anti de Sitter case, one has to continue the period, beta, to imaginary values. This makes the spacetime periodic in real time, rather than imaginary time. One gets a 2+1 rotating spacetime, rather like the Goedel universe, with closed time like curves. Although field theory in such a spacetime, may seem pathological, it can be obtained by analytical continuation, and is well defined despite the lack of causality. It is interesting that the analytically continued entropy, is negative, suggesting that causality violating spacetimes, are quantum suppressed. However, it is probably a mistake, to attach physical significance, to the Lorentzian conformal field theory.


To sum up, I discussed the ADS, CFT duality in two new contexts. That of rotating black holes and that of solutions with nut charge. I showed how gravitational entropy can be defined in general. The partition function for a thermodynamic ensemble can be defined by a path integral over periodic metrics. The lowest order contributions to the partition function will come from metrics with a U1 isometry, and given behavior at infinity. The entropy of such metrics will receive contributions from horizons or bolts, and from Misner strings, which are the Dirac strings of the U1 isometry, under Kaluza Klein reduction. One would like to relate this gravitational entropy, to the entropy of a conformal field theory on the boundary. For this reason, we considered a new class of asymptotically locally anti de Sitter spaces. Other people have investigated the Maldacena conjecture, by deforming the compact part of the metric, but this is the first time deformed anti de Sitter boundary conditions, have been considered.


We studied Taub bolt anti de Sitter solutions, with Taub nut anti de Sitter, as the reference background. The entropy we obtained obeyed the right thermodynamic relations, and had the right temperature dependence, to be the entropy of a conformal field theory, on the squashed three sphere. Because the Taub bolt solutions for odd k, do not have spin structures, this may indicate that the anti de Sitter, conformal field theory correspondence, does not depend on super symmetry.


I will end by saying that gravitational entropy, is alive and well, 34 years on. But there's more to entropy, than just horizon area. We need to look at the nuts and bolts.



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Re: Royal Airforce contact me about John




I am naturally a suspicious person... :)


However, words on these boards can have many contexts...


I understand your perspective of the word "ENTERTAINMENT"...


What I don't know for sure is the word "GAME" really means :) or WHO it really INVOLVES... :)


Probably, what the many different scenarios I described earlier for EricCarr and Titorite...


I would think its too obvious... You can't sell a 'script' that promotes CIVIL WAR based on currents and reality... :)


Your information that you researched is most likely a cover operation :)


I have throughly enjoyed THE GAME and hopefully made it my own :)





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Yes, I've avoided answering. You're rubbing up against the same territory that you avoid answering questions about and for similar reasons, if you know what I mean.


You know that this isn't new information. We received it years ago. But so far no one seems to be curious enough about the information to take the plunge. As I said, I'm not curious enough to spend $100 let alone $20k-$25k to buy an entire website.


No, I do not know what you mean.


Why did you come on here then presenting everything as facts when you were merely just


taking someone elses word with no proof shown to you?


You always act like you have been given proof that John was a fraud and present it like


you have this knowledge hidden but cannot share it then when you are pressed and forced open


your hand there is never anything there but someone else's empty words.


Why do you do that? Is it entertaining to you or something?


I want to know how you would get info by buying the web site anyway. Whats it going to prove?


If you are talking about this one all of the old IPs have been converted to 00000000000 anyway.


If you remember Raul said that the original thread John posted on had become corrupt and was destroyed anyway. All you have left is a couple other threads he posted on with 0000000 on them for the IP.


The only other web site John posted on was Art bells. That was taken down long ago would they have even kept it?? So I assume you mean this web site.


John didnt post on any other web site. He chatted in chat rooms that was it.



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Well, if quantum theory is real, and there is info in the quanta, then at least to me, everything was included in the first instance, even you, even love, even science, including everything. That makes something or someone responsible for including everything to begin with, and that is where science and religion meet as well as everything else. The only thing that is different is the spreading out of "Time" to disperse all the quanta of info that was in the beginning. I just do not know if any of that though means like some think nowadays that there is only fate or destiny. I hope that there is something that lets an amount of leeway, for perhaps that is what the Spirit is for afterall. At least to me without Spirit, there can be nothing that can not be explained as being like a computer, just a program, just another piece of quanta info. Perhaps with the Spirit it changes everything and leaves the decisions to mean something to anyone who is alive.


As for anything else, again China is in the News, with too much lead in the toys. I wonder why companies like Mattel can not find out this stuff before it happens -- too much lead in the paint I suppose -- according to those (laws?) that define all this safety kind of stuff.


If you need a toy stuck in your mouth, or you have to chew on a toy, then perhaps, a child should learn like touching a hot stove, not to really do that. Humans are likely to excuse theirselves out of existence also, but then where was that Spirit to live then?


It seems to me that it is some sort of madhatter's banter again, but then, I suppose humans are suppose to be stupid, or not watched, or learn anything either when that baby is young. I suppose, but then, there seems to be a lot of supposin' suppose afterall the supposin' by supposing that suppose.




Alright, I have to do something else, and anything else is really not all of that much "supposin'" if other people make it a point to not suppose anymore.


I better end there.





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Re: Royal Airforce contact me about John






I should drop the 'Shadow Government' shtick...


I think some don't realize i'm really a writer researching spy movies and that 'TheCigMan' is tongue-in-cheek parody of a 'conspiracy theorist' or 'mysterious Military Industrial Complex guy'


I'm just posting news articles...


'TheCigMan' is RIF Project. Reading is Fundamental. From the 70's


Add a little mystery... So people will read the news...


I didn't ask to have a close last name to that 'Remote Viewer' guy


We are not related as far as I know...


It's a coincidence...





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To complete my post which was interrupted by me.On another forum,sometimes a person is asking some question like or similiar to:


What is "beyond science and religion"? type thing explaining something looking for unknown I guess?


I wrote "beyond science and religion" is "Nonsense" which in if trying to make sense with the nonsense, perhaps a person can not equate it to good or evil until someone else evokes a meaning to the "Nonsense".


So, I hope you all forgive me, because in this World, sometimes I equate some things other people write (as that question above) as "Nonsense" which to me, should end up being a joke or at least some humor. But again, it depends on the person the other person is relating to, and certainly there will be emotions also there at that point where what one person thinks as "Sense" seems to turn into silly questions that to other people (or to me at least) becomes at that point "Nonsense".


But then what of the "Unknown" or of the "Nonsense" because certainly in my opinion it seems to also exist.





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I'm just wondering if this, fairly obvious question, has been asked before. Is it possible that Pamela has multiple personality disorder and just one of her personalities is/was John Titor? If this was the case it would not be a purposeful hoax....just symptoms of schizophrenia. She has mentioned that she used to get missing time/dreams about time travel etc that lessened after 2001....so could she just be unaware of her mutiple states?


I have read that she has all his emails, including his manual. Dont guys usually choose other guys to trust...not girls? John Titor seemed to answer q's more intelligent/androgenous rather than a in a manly way...eg no male-type jokes, innuendo, verbal sparring with females...for a 40 yr old soldier/farmer isnt that odd?


Anyway I am sure over the years this has come up before....if so, could I see the link? Cheers Tracy



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I'm just wondering if this, fairly obvious question, has been asked before. Is it possible that Pamela has multiple personality disorder and just one of her personalities is/was John Titor?



No, that's not the case. As I replied in another post today, I've known Pamela for about 7 years. I'm an Admin at Anomalies, she was my original Co-Moderator on Anomalies and at least one of the Admins at Anomalies has met her in person. I used to have very frequent email contact with her, especially while she was my Co-Moderator. She's just an ordinary person involved in our hobby on the Internet. By "ordinary" I don't mean "common". I mean ordinary in the sense that she isn't one of the World Wide Web Whackos. ;)


We have a fairly short list of names for the identity of "Boomer", the author...and Pamela is not on that list.


One researcher is getting quite close to obtaining the first and last name of at least one of the people involved in Group Titor. That name has never appeared anywhere on anyone's "list". The researcher has had the first name for quite a while - a couple of years.


I won't identify the researcher because I've told him/her that if and when the info comes through s/he will break the story, not me. In the mean time, considering that the info may not come through, I've promised not to front him/her. When the time comes it will be that researcher's choice as to how (or even if) to release the results.



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I find having multiple personalities very beneficial.


You never get lonely, one of them is always bound to have the right answer to something and you can always make the least favorite do the dishes. I believe in giving all my personalities equal time.

Oh, gawd. Now the cat's out of the bag. Pamela, all of them, are on the forum. ;)



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  • 5 months later...

Re: Royal Airforce contact me about John


This is going to be my LAST FRICKIN POST on the TTI FORUM. NO MORE WILL I POST... even though I had kept coming back now and then.. but I think it would be WISE to STOP...


I dont LIKE HARASSMENTS and SPIES... Even again, when I called my mom to ask her why she gave out my phone number. She said she forgot to call me about that. She told me that a person by the name of John Titor called and said he was a very important friend of mine....


The world SUCKS.. probably one of you wiseass guys doing this prank on me. I dont even know if its worth posting this sh** on here.

So far, you are part of History, believe it or not!


This time i only direct you to a Nicola Tesla---


-Hey Titorian 45 The info is already on the Net!!!


Quoted and to avoid you an -Alter Vue-:




In 1895, while conducting research with his step-up transformer, Nikola Tesla had his first indications that time and space could be influenced by using highly charged, rotating magnetic fields. Part of this revelation came about from Tesla's experimentation with radio frequencies and the transmission of electrical energy through the atmosphere. Tesla's simple discovery would, years later, lead to the infamous Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk time travel projects. But even before these highly top-secret military programs came about, Tesla made some fascinating discoveries on the nature of time and the real possibilities of time travel.


With these experiments in high-voltage electricity and magnetic fields, Tesla discovered that time and space could be breached, or warped, creating a "doorway" that could lead to other time frames. But with this monumental discovery, Tesla also discovered, through personal experience, the very real dangers inherent with time travel.


Tesla's first brush with time travel came in March 1895. A reporter for the New York Herald wrote on March 13 that he came across the inventor in a small caf, looking shaken after being hit by 3.5 million volts,


"I am afraid," said Tesla, "that you won't find me a pleasant companion tonight. The fact is I was almost killed today. The spark jumped three feet through the air and struck me here on the right shoulder. If my assistant had not turned off the current instantly in might have been the end of me."


Tesla, on contact with the resonating electromagnetic charge, found himself outside his time-frame reference. He reported that he could see the immediate past, present and future, all at once. But he was paralyzed within the electromagnetic field, unable to help himself. His assistant, by turning off the current, released Tesla before any permanent damage was done. A repeat of this very incident would occur years later during the Philadelphia Experiment. Unfortunately, the sailors involved were left outside their time-frame reference for too long with disastrous results.


Tesla's secret time travel experiments would continue on in the hands of others who were not as concerned with humanity as Tesla. "


end quoted




link to bibliotecapleyades.net/






The Allende Letters deal with the same problem...plase find a copy -PDF FILE of handwritten notes in "The Case For The UFO," book by Dr. Morris K. Jessup




"If a Man Freezes, His position Must be Marked out carefully and then the Field is cut-off, Everyone but that "Frozen" Man is able to Move; to appreciate apparent Solidity again. Then, the Newest Member of the crew Must approach the Spot, where he will find the "Frozen" Mans face or Bare skin, that is Not covered by usual uniform Clothing. Sometimes, It takes only an hour or so Sometimes all Night & all Day Long & Worse It once took 6 months, to get the Man "Unfrozen". This "Deep Freeze" was not psycological It is a Result of a Hyper-Field that is set up, within the field of the Body, While the "Scorch" Field is turned on & this at Length or upon a Old Hand.


A Highly complicated Piece of Equipment Had to be constructed in order to Unfreeze those who became "True Froze" or "Deep Freeze" subjects. Usually a "Deep Freeze" Man goes Mad, Stark Raving, Gibbering, Running MAD, if His "freeze" is far More than a Day in our time.


I speak of TIME for DEEP "Frozen Men" are Not aware of Time as We know it, They are Like Semi-comatoese person, who Live, breathe, Look & feel but still are unaware of So Utterly Many things as to constitute a "Nether World" to them. A Man in an ordinary common Freeze is aware of Time, sometimes acutely so. Yet They are Never aware of Time precisely as you and I are aware of it. The First "Deep Freeze" As I said took 6 months to Rectify."




another link :yum:




Best Regards


Free E books for your Quest :oops:



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Re: Royal Airforce contact me about John


"Pamela and I were having certain disagreements at first but as things usually goes, I did not try to explain explictly because I was going through the exact same emotional issue as you did regarding your posts on the computer..."


huh? I don't remember John and I having any disagreements.


Sounds like someone is pranking you.


I don't think the real John ever realized how much I had liked him.


Talk about emotional rollercoaster back then. Not to know for sure if someone was really


your friend and the real thing or you got royally used and screwed over.


Thats got to be the worst thing...not to know. Simply because you have two sets of feelings


about the person and you are not sure which way to feel.



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