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Re: waiting for 7th october...2008


Hi MyTime:


The disaster that is coming. GM is the engine of america. When the engine dies the car stops. Sometime in the next few months the same debunkers that laughed at me will claim that the collapse was obvious.


Get gold, dollar will go poof!




Hi rain:


You are right, there is plenty of oil, but it is in the form of oil shale. Also, the US has plenty of coal, but it is called "dirty" by enviroMENTALism.


Hi Skeptic:


Debunker Darby called me the prophet of doom. In fact, he laughed at my prediction of General Motors going under. Well, this decade GM has gone thru CARmageddon and its stock has lost most its value in Apocalypse DOW, it is not the end of the world, but you don't want to be left behind, when planet X-on raises gasoline to $6 and later $7/gallon. When that happens we will face the last days of the american empire and a financial holocaust that will make the 1930's look like the good old days. I have seen the following endtime scenario in the future - shelves are bare in the supermarket. Food riots break out. People stand in line for hours to get half a loaf of bread. It is almost like the old soviet union under Stalin.


Let's face it, Christmas sales this year will be as ugly as Frankenstein's Mother-in-law. Things are so bad that homeowners are dropping their insurance policies and many insurance companies are hit hard. A mechanic told me that he is working only three days a week (Friday, Saturday, & Sunday) due to people not fixing their cars. They take the bus to work!








Hi Darby:


Obama wants to be the next FDR. However, we are now a service economy. The factories are in China, the call centers are in India. When I told people to get gold you laughed at me. However, the dollar will lose its value. Gold will retain its value. You will see inflation take off. Many technologies like the webbots see this. RVers see this.


History Channel talks about webbots and 2012



Here is close to what I have seen in the future.




Get ready for big changes in 2009, it is massive monuMENTAL, a truly epic situation that will take place as the most horrifying of truths are revealed. I see ahead in the distance shortages of food and fuel triggering massive riots. Read about the gun run!





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Re: waiting for 7th october...2008


My biggest concern with all the predictions-- and I do not just mean yours and your alone HDR--


Is not that the predictions are made--or in what form the messages are delivered(like boomer did).


My biggest problem with them all -it seems-- that no-one can see to the other side of the doom.


Have we no positive future?



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Re: waiting for 7th october...2008


Hi MyTime:


The disaster that is coming. GM is the engine of america. When the engine dies the car stops. Sometime in the next few months the same debunkers that laughed at me will claim that the collapse was obvious.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think anyone has said that GM going under is likely or unlikely. Looking at the news, to me at least, it seems possible that GM may collapse. However, you have stated that it will go under, I asked you for a date, you have said 'in the next few months'. You're giving yourself a fairly wide margin for the thing to happen. Is a few 3? Can you narrow that down abit with your RVing skills to maybe a given week?



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Re: waiting for 7th october...2008


Hi Olly:


Astral is right. I use astral time travel . it is simple enough to learn. Also, remote viewing. The barrier cost of entry is real low. A pencil and a piece of paper. :)


Hi Kanigo:


Look on the bright side. Today gasoline price was OK, only $1.82/gallon at the Circle - K.




Hi My_time:


It is obvious now, but it was not in 2005. The key is to get ready now. Gather food now.


Read the following article by the author of "The Black Swan" an XLent book, BTW. This will explain why we cannot rely on statistics.




He says and I quote "And we are beyond suckers: not only, for socio-economic and other nonlinear, complicated variables, we are riding in a bus driven a blindfolded driver, but we refuse to acknowledge it in spite of the evidence, which to me is a pathological problem with academia."


Indeed, that bus will soon fall off a cliff, as I predicted back in 2005. Expect more banks to fail and the government to go BANKrupt.




Here is a person giving warning over a year ago.



He was 100% right. I gave people the same warning back in 2005. Finally, the skeptics are waking up.


Right now I am gathering food. Expect shortages in the future. Remember, I had a lot of money in the market in 2005. I Got out! I warned people to get out too. Some did, they are OK.



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Re: waiting for 7th october...2008




Indeed, that bus will soon fall off a cliff, as I predicted back in 2005


Are you saying you predicted GM going under in 2005? Could you provide a link for that claim.


I did a search and all I could find was this:


HDR 2008


And this:


HDR 2008 (again)


Both posted this month.


Still, the question remains, can you give us the week that GM goes under?



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Re: waiting for 7th october...2008


I have been following a weird thread


on the God Production website. Its


about whether Thanksgiving is on the


3rd Thursday or the 4th Thursday of


November. Well it is obviously on the


4th Thursday. But a lot people are


claiming it is on the 3rd Thursday.


Now people are claiming that two separate


time line are now converging into one.


Here the link. I think it is interesting.





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Re: waiting for 7th october...2008




Yikes! What controversy?


Thanksgiving is celebrated on the 4th Thursday in November.


In 1863 Pres. Abraham Lincoln celebrated the holiday on the last Thursday in November. A few days after Pearl Harbor (26-DEC-1941) Congress set the date in law - the 4th Thursday in November. This year it is Thursday, 27-NOV-2008.


There is no controversy here.


Note: Canada's date is different. I believe that it is the 2nd Monday in October.



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Re: waiting for 7th october...2008


Here what happened in the past


A New National Holiday


"By the mid–1800s, many states observed a Thanksgiving holiday. Meanwhile, the poet and editor Sarah J. Hale had begun lobbying for a national Thanksgiving holiday. During the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln, looking for ways to unite the nation, discussed the subject with Hale. In 1863 he gave his Thanksgiving Proclamation, declaring the last Thursday in November a day of thanksgiving.


In 1939, 1940, and 1941 Franklin D. Roosevelt, seeking to lengthen the Christmas shopping season, proclaimed Thanksgiving the third Thursday in November. Controversy followed, and Congress passed a joint resolution in 1941 decreeing that Thanksgiving should fall on the fourth Thursday of November, where it remains."


[link not provided as it's full of pop-ups and tries to download an add-on toolbar]


This, again, is totally BIZARRE to me, as I've always remembered it being the 3rd Thursday.

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Re: waiting for 7th october...2008




sounds like a strange time to declare a national holiday.

It wasn't so strange. Thanksgiving had been celebrated for almost 300 years by 1863. But there was no standard date nationwide. It had been celebrated in September, Ocrober and November since 1565. Lincoln celebrated it, during the Civil War, on that particular day in 1863. Over the course of the following 78 years it was celebrated, for the most part, on the 30th of November - but not consistently or nationwide. Congress, in 1941, chose a specific date and made it law.



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Re: waiting for 7th october...2008


well it seems pretty strange to me, seeing as how pearl harbor was days before and the u.s. was about to evaporate hiroshima and nagasaki.

Pearl Harbor was the event that caused US to enter WW II. However, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were events at the end of the war that caused Japan to surrender. These were separated by several years, so I would question whether Hiroshima or Nagasaki were even in anyone's minds when Congress officialized the date for Thanksgiving.





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Re: waiting for 7th october...2008


There a lot of weird thing happening


in this thread at God Productions.


The people there claim that there


are either two time line or a matrix


glitch or something people are claiming


ridiculous think here are some of them.


1. Jane Goodall dyed


2. Patrice Stewart died


3. Billy Graham died


4. Tienaman square man was ran over by tank.


Could all this be there mind playing trick


with them or what.


Here the link again.


The weird Thread



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Re: waiting for 7th october...2008


To rain:


I also remember Billy Graham dying = it was all over TV/internet.


Hopefully, we will move to the timeline with windmills and solar powered cars.


To Designer:


On our timeline, Hillary Clinton said she was staying in the race because of RFK (remember Sirhan Sirhan). She let the cat out of the bag, so she did not become president.


To Skeptic:


Look on the bright side, on this new timeline, gasoline is now $1.76/gallon near me and falling, yesterday it was still $1.82 so my predictions based on timelines where gas is over $5/gal have to be off. I will do astral time travel and attempt to see future events on lines close to our own.





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The Kid Was Wrong Again


Time for another update to compare what The Kid said would happen vs. what actually happened. This update focuses on many claims the Kid made about how oil prices were being artificially held down by the government for the election and that "Peak Oil" is still real and prices will go back up by the end of this year:


HDRKID 6/11/08: Even if Obama were elected peak oil is still real and the coming shortage of food and fuel will still take place. Five years ago gasoline was about a buck fifty a gallon, but this week it is over $4/gal for gas and rising!

BTW: It is interesting to note that this quote from the Kid was only about a week after my prediction about when oil prices would break $4/gallon came true! Obama has been elected, and clearly we do NOT see any shortages of food or fuel. If there were shortages of fuel, the prices would be going up, not down as they are.


HDRKID 8/03/08: Because we are in an election year, politician put pressure on oil companies to lower gas price. Last month I paid $4.39/gallon, but yesterday the price was $3.75/gallon. Such a dramatic price drop can mean only one thing, it has been artificially manipulated to help McCain.

Well, it didn't help, now did it? :D But here is a clue: Such a dramatic price drop could mean many things. But in this case it means that demand for oil is down in concert with a falling economy.


HDRKID 8/05/08: My prediction of the politician holding the price under four did not come true, but they have managed to make it go down temporarily. After the election expect energy prices to soar.

Election over. Energy prices not only did not soar, they are still dropping. I watched the price drop at my local shell from $2.45/gallon yesterday morning down to $2.39/gallon yesterday evening when I filled up on the way home from work. This morning driving into work it was down to $2.35/gallon. Guess we can't trust the Kid...


HDRKID 9/16/08: Although the government drove down the price of oil below $100 for the election, they do not have a magic wand to repair all the hurricane damaged refinery. So we face a situation where we will see shortages soon.

No shortages. Sorry Kid... you are wrong MUCH more often than you are right. Facts don't lie...but you do! :P


HDRKID 10/15/08:Despite Bush going to Saudi Arabia this year and trying to hold down gas prices, he was unable to do so, however, oil is now falling fast and near me now is a gas station selling the golden liquid for $2.76/gal. This is an election stunt.

It is a pretty good stunt! But the election is over, OPEC is cutting production to prop the price of oil up... and it is sad, but true, that HDRKID's Christmas wish for oil prices to skyrocket again after the election is just nowhere in sight.


Awwwwww....don't take it so hard, Kid. You've got a big tank full of gas that you bought at well over $3.50/gallon which is now maybe only worth $2/gallon depending on where you are.





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Almost TIME to Wrap It Up in a Bow!


Diff rent Timeline, Raydemort...


....Please Update...

Here is the next-to-last update you will probably ever need on HDRKid...


For several months now, I have been increasingly sure of whose future "predictions" HDRKid has been parroting. And let me assure you, the Kid has NOT been getting them from RV. He has been getting them from a very real person, who does not claim to "time travel through RV". All that remains is for HDRKid to admit whose "predictions" he has been parroting. Heck, for all we know, "HDRKid" could simply be an "anononym" (anonymous pseudonym) for this other person. And if so, that would also falsify the thought that HDRKid is some "young kid taking overy daddy's bomb shelter."


So...I am sure people who are eager for the "endgame" here want me to just spill the beans. But folks who have read enough of my posts here should know I don't work that way. Because time travel claimants (in addition to other claimants to "supernatural" powers) are so fond of creating drama around themselves and their stories, I figure it can be equally fun for me (and the others who know how much a hoaxer HDRKid is) if we had our own little drama in the endgame. Hoaxers want drama? We are here to deliver all they can stand! :yum:


So here is the deal: I will give HDRKid a couple weeks...let's say through Thanksgiving Day... to come clean and tell us specifically whose "predictions" he has been parroting. All should note that this is not ONLY for drama, but to do the honorable thing to give HDRKid the last, final "off ramp" before he is embarassed. It is something a gentleman would do...to give his opponent one last chance to save face.


If HDRKid has not fessed-up by the time I am reaching for the Pepto Bismol after the Big Meal on T-Day, I promise all to lower the curtain on HDRKid's thread in a grand, dramatic denouement. ;)


Countdown to HDRKid's timeline-altering event:


T-minus 12 days and counting...





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Re:The credit crunch is




The credit crunch is not great pictorially. One can tolerate only so many photographs of screens turning red and young traders burying their lavatory-brush haircuts in their hands. But this week, I saw a picture in a newspaper which really did tell the story.


It was an aerial shot of Hong Kong harbour. Rank upon rank of merchant ships stretched away across the water. Normally such scenes are displays of might, but this was one of impotence. The ships were idle. They could not load up because the cargoes on the dockside lacked the necessary letters of credit. You could see world trade coming to a standstill.


end quoted...









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