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I am from the years 2046 [New Location]


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I'm still here. I'm here because i'm a lucky man. Very lucky. Yesterday i saw on the internet a file of Ethan Titor. Do you think is he real? I don't know certainly. I can confirm only a thing. I'm searched by the Governament of the 2046 and i'm here...because i want to be invisible.


[so you work at what?? and by the way why are you testing it this time traveler?? also tell me more about where do you work at?? do you have a working time machine?? write back..]


My mission is to be INVISIBLE and...yes a i've a working time machine, but i'm not in USA...


Pro7 i've replied you on PM...



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If you truly want to stay 'invisible', you wouldn't be using a computer with wireless connections.


There are ways, no matter how advanced technologies can be, that wireless connections can be traced and tracked down. So why in God's name would you want to post something like this especially on this forum?


As far as I know, you said you only know basic science in the email you sent me. If the big guys want you, they will get you sooner or later. Otherwise I think this is nothing but a purile fabrication.


end of line.



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Can u blame me for not believing you? Can I blame anyone for not believing me either? No..


besides, its TRD, not TDR. :)


"When you skip stones across a quiet lake, you get ripples. The ripples get bigger and bigger. Finally when you throw a huge stone, in the midst of the little ripples being formed, what do you get?"


The answer is.. "interference"




Poster: timetraveler_08


Subject: Re: I am from the years 2046 [New Location]


I know you don't believe me. You are not the 10 people that i can trust.


I wouldnt trust you either. :P



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""They remind me of some other songs that are oldies but goodies from where I come from&;anyone know these?;gotta be home, by sunset. She asked me to giver her a ride, said she had to go, dropped her off by the trism through the atmosphere;by prism. Gotta keep movin , it was the human race to get away, sun bends light through a prism, she bent herself through the trism&;;she pulls the lever and then bright light. -- or this -- Waiting for bus number 99, goin; to the store for hotdogs and wine when all of the sudden I felt real cold and wound up in the belly of a UFO... ;Movin through the spheres at faster than light on our way to some planets that were out of sight; [well it had been 987 years in outer space when I got back, I couldnt seem to find any of my friends to tell my interesting stories to.""


"Bad Boys, Bad Boys, here we come...."


Very funny! :P



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Its interesting to note:


This song is similiar to TRD song logo. :)


I'm a time-traveler.


and I chart the best of all possible worlds,


but the gravity of discontent will grip your line


as each new choice unfurls


it's a standard issue: 'I'm a government man '


my machine bends light, makes heat,


fits in the passenger seat of an old Trans-Am


I'm not asking you to believe me, just


give a damn


now, you can look forward, too: a not-so-civil war


police state, who's the hate crime victim?


a prism to split your spirit (as you row the boat from the shore...? ? )


choppy waters,


haughty orders,


cultures clash and oceans roar


all your people stand poised to inherit the whirlwind


of outsourced anger:


bitter and shaming and sore


when word get around...


I suppose we can take the forms of animals,


contented clowns, or storms intangible -


subdivide. and wait around.


(but why not now?)


So, where are they? Are they going to hunt me down?


secret offices, airports, special equipment


a doll with another doll hiding inside of it!




Very soon, for the ending times...


I'm a man on the sidewalk,


holding a sign...




Look at these pics:






I miss my car. :(



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Its like when you bombard a mineral with UV light. Only a reaction can occur which cannot be manipulated. You cannot overlap a singularity because of the physic recall of a sine wave in a geodesic. That "sine wave" is your limitation to physical matter of such transport.


However, bombarding a singularity with photons (not electrons DUH!) will have null geodesics. It MAY be possible if considered in this route.


Electrons is what? "+, +"


A singularity is a point of origin "-"


When you bombard a singularity with electrons, it will cause a wave but with limited physical factor because of the singularity is originally "-", hence causing limitation.





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You know my knowledge. I told you in 2001. You will know the truth in 4,5 years.


In 2001 i told: The civil war will starts in 2005. Yes true. But the warfare will start in 2010. 5 year of civil war...stopped by Russia...


I'm very "kind" today. The Christmas of 2008...will not be "happy" for everybody...



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This civil war however it manifests in this dimension


With oil selling at over 90 dollars per barrel


Does that contribute to our country declining to civil war and that means this country has taken sides in our own country


What is the big event that is so devastating that would come between people it can't just be political is it natural like Katrina only it's so big we can't really recover and people fight for resources



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