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I am from the years 2046 [New Location]


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In 2015 a guy will come in your future with the Time Machine. He will show to you all the technique of the Time Travel and he will say that the UFO was Time Machines. But later the government of the USA will kill him...but USA will say "He died of infarct". Lie...

USA will want from him every information about the future technologies. He will refuse...

Bollocks. If someone taught everyone how to travel in time, nobody would have to ask about future technology, as they could easily check for themselves.



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Yup crazy italians, alright.


Like I said previously, He's at a cybercafe in italy. Heck if I want to, I could dig deeper and tell you the name of the cybercafe itself and what number and name of computer he is using. Him and his buddies are doing that because in that specific cybercafe it has multiple IP addresses on the same first block pinpointed to it and on several networks.


:) Yea its a hoax.



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You know my knowledge. I told you in 2001. You will know the truth in 4,5 years.


In 2001 i told: The civil war will starts in 2005. Yes true. But the warfare will start in 2010. 5 year of civil war...stopped by Russia...

Actually, that's not what "you" said. On 1-FEB-2001 you said on Art Bell's forum, "The civil war in the United States will start in 2004."


You even have the year that you said "2005" incorrect. In one of your first posts here ("Time Travel Paradoxes") you said, "There is a civil war in the United States that starts in 2005. " That post was made on 7-NOV-2000.


In any case you didn't get either prediction correct.


You also said that the civil war (2004 version) would begin in 2004 with monthly Waco-like incidents that build in frequency to a weekly occurence by 2008. It's just a few weeks until 2008 and we haven't had a single Waco incident let alone Weekly Wacky Waco incidents.


You missed on that prediction too.


But I do welcome Italy back to the Titor story. It's been a while since Italy weighed in on the saga. I expected to hear from Rome following the Titor documentary film that was released (last week?) in your country.


The same occured when Titor hit the UK, Australia, Denmark, South America and Germany (though they didn't pick it up via films - it was picked up through BBS forums that translated copied posts from this site and Anomalies,net to their sites.


We never seemed to have picked up any Russian posters even though the Titor saga was originally translated to Russian and posted on a few sites in the Russian Federation in 2001.



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""They remind me of some other songs that are oldies but goodies from where I come from&;anyone know these?;gotta be home, by sunset. She asked me to giver her a ride, said she had to go, dropped her off by the trism through the atmosphere;by prism. Gotta keep movin , it was the human race to get away, sun bends light through a prism, she bent herself through the trism&;;she pulls the lever and then bright light. -- or this -- Waiting for bus number 99, goin; to the store for hotdogs and wine when all of the sudden I felt real cold and wound up in the belly of a UFO... ;Movin through the spheres at faster than light on our way to some planets that were out of sight; [well it had been 987 years in outer space when I got back, I couldnt seem to find any of my friends to tell my interesting stories to.""


This is not the secret song. John just liked these songs.



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