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The Real Deal: Timetravel from 2008 to 1946


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The Claim of this TimeTravel History was on TimetravelPortal, his name was "Pokrovsky" and was arrested on 1946 on russia with documents of 2008, a security plastic card with letter "OTAN/NATO 2008" parcially burned ...he was sent to the Kremlin...












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a hint:


<a href="http://web.archive.org/web/20080205172456/*/timetravelportal" target="_blank">web page</a>


but i got:




Data Retrieval Failure.




We're sorry. We were unable to retrieve the requested data. We may be experiencing technical difficulties and suggest that you try again later."


TPTB at Work ... LOL




Spin Particles and Time




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This is the original link as this history hits the internet circa 8/8/2006


Read please:








User ID: 55023


8/8/2006 5:13 PM


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the story of time traveler found in Russia






I translated this via translator




Teacher of the mathematics of Mrs Taisija of N. Ivanov (she for herself reserved the surname), nice and intelligent middle-aged woman, got back home after the visit at the daughter in Moscow. Having learnt about the fact that I am a journalist she decided for me to tell the father reliable history which happened to it half some age ago. Not being convinced that I will hear something interesting, however I turned my tape recorder on and I switched to listening. Into the measuring cup of pulling by it the story, more and more I was convinced of the fact that it is the strangest history, with which at any time it came for me to listen...




And it is for her a story, with which I copied the word for word from the tape of the tape recorder:




I would like to tell my father about the certain event which happened during his service in, in 1946. Alone you understand - in which... But I will start my story with 1980 when I heard it this strange history from the mouth still then of living father.




With summer of 1980, in Moscow the Olympic Games took place, and how one can see in the connection with this event on counters and shelves of Soviet shops - even at us in the back of beyond - for the short time foreign dishes turned up, in this number Marlboro cigarettes, Kent, Salem and of menthol Newport. They cost the rouble and they were regarded very dear.




One day the father came home terribly upset. At that time I was in the kitchen and I cooked dinner. The father came to the kitchen and being silent put the bottle of vodka and a Newport packet of cigarettes on the table. It surprised me very much, because the father never smoked and practically he didn't abuse alcohol. Then he took clean glass out, he poured vodka to the brim into it and he toed down in one draught, like water. I was horrified against him and I understood that something had stunned him. I demanded from explanations, as for the strange behaviour and he told me this incredible history. What's more - he took back the oath that I will not tell anybody about it from me as long as he is still living...




In 1946, my father as young and unmarried starszyj liejtnant served in the paper of internal affairs in the Sobinka city in Władimirska Obłasti.




One day the patrol of the police force put the looking citizen back strange on the station in porozdzieranej of clothes and with broken head. He was in the close state for shock, he could not talk but unconsciously he looked all around. Everything what had in pockets to the desk my father which drew up a protocol from stopping the person was gotten. Still, it was there,, and most important (the father didn't already bear in mind the name and the patronymic of this man in 1980).




The father took this document to the hand - today we would say zalaminowany into plastic and read what there was written:




Outside the text of the father also a photograph hit the citizen in this document - it was b but r in n ah!




The fact that before him a foreign spy sat, it were outside discussion. But these dates in the document - after all behind windows a year was 1946!!!




The father telephoned to władimirskiego of MGB unit and from there immediately they sent and group of officials. When they arrived and took the alleged spy to Vladimira, found them in referenturze phone call from Moscow, from the Punnet where were already in the course in work. They ordered them to disappoint peeped at once to Moscow, not stopping in władimiroskim MGB unit. Władimiroscy czekiści they so also did - put stopped to and went to Moscow. Then the father could never already see him.




After some two whether three days, to Sobinki people arrived from the Punnet. They examined the father and police officers which stopped this man, then they ordered them to write their name on paper about keeping everything in the secret, poczym went back to Moscow.




But on it the matter for my father at all didn't end. She reminded him oneself three years later, in 1949 when the father heard into the radio about creating of the military pact the NATO. After all he could already see this shortcut on the document taken back from Pokrowski!




Appearing for a few months of memorable year 1980, in shops was second reminding this matter of cigarettes of the Newport brand - the father very well remembered their white-green wrapping which lay before him on his desk in 1946!




Now he already has no father amongst living, and I can talk about this event freely. But for many years questions aren't giving me the calmness: what more distant tickets of this Pokrowski were? How did he get to 1946? Whether some documents exist in archives of the Punnet whether władimirskiego KGB which they are taking back oneself to this incident? And if yes, when will be declassified? What period of the secrecy do they have? And most important: what it so the ones and in 2008? As oneself does everything have it to Russia?




I know the reply to none of posed questions through Taisę Iwanowną. Oh well, we will live - we will see. All the more, that of waiting didn't stay a long way - till 2008 - suddenly his child is four years old. And then we will get to know entire truth about the matter of the citizen of Pokrowski... Yeah and about fates of Russia also.








Timetravelportal.com :x






GLP web page






Status of Pokrovsky Pal is :Unknow...at this time...












his name is Pokrovsky




date of the birth of the Pokrovsky which was time traveler is 1 march 1972 .




He was found in Russia in the year 1946 and was from the year 2008


Out of Time Objects:


( mean documents was from this year ) and the newport cigarettes were bought in 2008 and taken back to 1946.






Best Regards





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Interview with Alexander Z. Patashinski


Alexander Z. Patashinski identified an unexpected "self-similarity" of energy fluctuations at different scales, and tried to calculate critical exponents.


He studied a the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology School of General and Applied Physics, graduated in 1960. Subsequently, Patashinski pursued graduate studies in high energy physics at the Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics, under guidance from Lev Landau. Patashinski defended his dissertation thesis in 1963. Following Landau's lead, Patashinski and his collaborators labored to explain quasi-classical scattering in three dimensions. They investigated how mean field theory breaks down near the point of a phase transition. In 1963 and '64, with Valery Pokrovsky, Patashinskii, demonstrated that to describe a phase transition one needs the full set of correlation functions (in later terms, that there is no sorting procedure by which to isolate a main contribution to a partition function from Feynman-Matsubara diagrams), because all graphs are of the same order and therefore all must be added together. They claimed a self-similarity of fluctuations at different scales. This result constituted a violation of the thermodynamic theory of fluctuations. Their complicated arguments were met with immediate opposition from Alexei Abrikosov, and others. They had also tried to calculate critical exponents ("indices"). Their first scaling solution would be correct in supersymmetric theories but not in normal field theory. In 1964 they also conjectured that a phase transition in a superconductor is equivalent to that of a Bose-fluid. In 1965, Patashinskii and Pokrovsky presented phenomenological connections between correlation functions and scaling exponents. They identified analogies between field theory and the description of phase transitions, trying to ascertain anomalous dimensions. They clearly stated that certain correlation functions are scale invariant. Like Kadanoff and Benjamin Widom, independently, Pokrovsky and Patashinskii generalized the theory of scaling though leaving critical indices undetermined. In 1968 Patashinski defended his Doctor of Science dissertation on scaling. He subsequently worked on the theory of turbulence and other subjects. In 1983, together with Valery Pokrovsly, he was awarded the prestigious Landau Prize.


Alexander Z. Patashinski is Research Professor at the Materials Research Center of Northwestern University, in Evanston, Illinois. He was a longtime senior staff member at the Budker Nuclear Physics Institute in Novosibirsk.







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3.10 display: "This feature is similar to the vortex for bose fluid."


4. Summary


We have studied a possible occurence of the geometric force in a magnetic


condensate. This force is analogous to the Magnus force in ordinary superfluids.


The characteristic property is the nature of the 'transversality', so to speak, since


the force is perpendicular to the velocity of 'particle(vortex)', which suggests


that the force does not attribute to the energy dissipation. This feature is a


characteristics of the Lorentz force, so the geometric force is a sort of the Lorentz


force. However, it should be noted that the analogy with the Magnus force is


not complete, since in the magetic condensate we have no supercurrent as in the


case of the superfluids.


From the above derivation, the geometric force is attributed to the canonical


term, which arises from the geometric phase. From the formulation point of view,


the geometric force may be regarded as a special case of the pervious treatment


of the many vortex dynamics. However, the effective Lagrangian for the single


vortex can naturally incorporate the effect of pinning force, if we include the


interaction with the magnetic impurities immersed in the magnetic substance.


Indeed, we have shown that by using the Bohr-Sommerfeld quantization the


geometric force results in the bound state of a vortex which is captured by a


pinning potential. Apart from such a potential problem, the geomtric force would


play a role for an estimate of an effect of dynamical perturbation acting for the


vortex motion. The details of this will be given eleswhere.



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No. If he is his missing his students were probably very surprised to see his doppleganger teaching class this week.


The photo isn't his "ID card". It's his page on the UTAM website faculty directory. He's a statistical physicist specializing in condensed matter. His field of study involves classical and quantum thermodynamics. "Condensed matter", BTW, isn't black holes. Condensed matter is solids and liquids as opposed to gasses.





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