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Where John Titor is now


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I have reason to believe that John Titor is alive and well right now, which you will find if you look up my post entitled "my predictions". Anyway, I have just made a discovery about John's position in CERN. John Titor allegedly said that he had come to 1975 to collect something for a computer. I have come to the conclusion, as I'm sure everyone knows, that John worked for CERN himself. I did some research on Wikipedia, and it said that in 1975 a man called JOHN Adams was the director of CERN, and as it is not disputed that "Titor" was not really his surname. John Titor was an alias, an alias to lead people away from his real identity, and I for one know that I'll be researching this "nuclear physicist".



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"Our" John Titor was clearly no nuclear physicist. His failures of his descriptions of science violated standad model terminology in more instances than one.


I have come to the conclusion, as I'm sure everyone knows, that John worked for CERN himself. I did some research on Wikipedia, and it said that in 1975 a man called JOHN Adams was the director of CERN, and as it is not disputed that "Titor" was not really his surname. John Titor was an alias, an alias to lead people away from his real identity, and I for one know that I'll be researching this "nuclear physicist".

I know I, and probably others here, would like for you to expand upon your research and analysis that caused you to come to this conclusion. For with what you have given us, there would be no reason for me to not also come to the conclusion that John Adams, the second Prez of the USA, was ALSO "our John Titor". Get my drift? The fact that someone else in our time, at CERN, was named John is certainly not enough to come to the conclusion you have.





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in 1975 a man called JOHN Adams was the director of CERN



Come on, you're better than this. How common a name is "John" in the Judeo-Christian world?


By following your line of reasoning I might suggest that John Titor, aka John Adams, was also the 2nd and 6th President of the USA. After all, in the John TItor saga he appears as himself and his younger self - young enough to be his own son...just like John Adams and John Quincy Adams.


Of course that's a nonsense theory on my part.


In any case we have no reason to believe that TItor's real first name was "John" any more than we have reason to believe that his real first name was "time travel"


The name that he used most frequently was not John Titor. He only used that name for a short period of time, for a very limited number of posts, on Post-2-Post. His most common name, the name that he used on this site, was TimeTravel_0. If you read the original posts here you'll discover that Pamela called him John as did a few other people. Most people refered to him as TTO. I started calling him Boomer (as in Baby-Boomer).


BTW: He didn't make up the name TimeTravel-0 specifically for this site. His first Internet post was on 2-NOV-2000, Presidential election day in the US. But he used the moniker on the UK IRC log in October 2000 while conversing with Yareisa et al.



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Quoted from Test Forum, before dissapear...


-- Kanigo2 wrote:


Basic Hello and an offer...


05/19/08 07:19 PM (






I am usually a forum troller but have come across this forum on a hot link from abovetopsecret.com


I was following down a lead and came across john tiller, which of course led me here.


After almost 6 days of intense reading, i decided i would like to help.


Noticing the follow up of the tiller story and his "mothers lawyer", I understand they are based on 606 front street in Celebration Florida.


I live in St.Cloud , Florida.


No more than 20 minutes from that location.




My offer is, that if "Something Hot" is occuring at that location concerning this story and you would like an observer at the location you are free to contact me at my email: [email protected]




I was completely impressed with a lot of the professional criticism and to tell you the truth , some of the most exagerated antics in this forum.




I understand I may be a few years late.. but then again.. mabey I am not.


--end quoted





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I am still here, Like I said I am a basic forum troll.


Offer is always open, but i highly doubt anything will come from it, but you never know.


The whole concept that this occurred in the first place is just amazing, one of the best, longest running stories of fantasy that i have ever seen perpetrated. Yet, I am still so intrigued.


Thanks for the mention.




On a side note..............Question: Colloquial slips:


John Tiller made an extremely defined slip I personally never heard before.


JC had made a statement concerning John.


John responded in this manner to JC.




Posted by John Titor on 02-15-2001 05:06 PM




((…he does a maneuver that focuses the question back to the receiver, as to have him think it's been answered, and to shut him up. (Which in fact, he just avoided answering it, by doing what he did). He does this very often, and I'd just wanted to point that out before he did it again.))


Hmmm….I am forced to admit I must rethink what I know about Mobius loops.




How witty!


The response is SO OBTUSE and seems that the origination would not come from John. In fact it seems so clarified that its use has been perfected over time. Applied to a direct set of circumstances and repeated verbatim.


Seems to me that a specific learning institution at a specified period in time, This response would have generated a certain popularity. I am still a little tickled after reading it.


An example would be Harvard 1972.


Or if there is a specific work that had this response published may also fit the bill.Knowing which book may isolate a time line of reference.


I am asking the real old ones here, Where and when was the first time you ever heard this response to an attack?Could you site any references?



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Offer is always open, but i highly doubt anything will come from it, but you never know.

Yeah, we missed the boat on the Front St. connection. Larry Haber no longer has a law office in that building. He moved his practice downtown in Orlando a year or more ago.


On the other hand I've always tried to maintain a cool head on the subject (though not always successfully ;) ). The Titor Saga is really just an Internet detective game for entertainment and taking it out of cyberspace into the real world by surveilling IRL people's lives and businesses is probably over the top.


To be sure it would be fun to figure out who Titor really is but I don't want it to be at the expense of people's real world privacy. I've had email contact with Brandon Haber several times and have learned that the family has had its share of contacts from some truly "strange" folks. I receive several emails a month from people regarding Titor and some of them have been...hmmm...interesting (Interesting in this case is spelled "Fruit-Loop").



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Ah, just a reply not directed at anyone person. Who ever looked for JT? I always been more interested in the science and whether or not it can actually head that way -- build a partial Tipler Cylinder, I guess, kind of apparatus, that allows this gravity sinusoid, kind of thingy!


But some things have changed, but I fail to see where it is all Govmit. Afterall, I suppose that they are getting older, cranky at times, and grumpy, and probably a little senile certainly like some younger folks are. Businesses are going to of course listen to the Govmit if the Govmit is actually telling them what they think they should do for security and certainly airlines are a business and it is them who decided to do what they are doing at airports and running the business. To me, because of the way some people act, businesses have done most of it, and of course, in the end everyone may feel that everyone is punished to some degree, or rewarded, depending on the circumstances of the type of attitude that seems to prevail for the most part in this world. I do not necessarily agree with it, and still it is going to happen. Some people I think just think that they have more Rights or are in a position in life that they generally equate with having more 'power' or 'concerns' about doing these type of things.


Heck, the Postal Service changed my zip code, and the only ones not willing to change it (for some reason they equate to having the phone system for emergency calls - '911') are only a couple of businesses if a person can call a city or the voting system a business. Heck if I do not get my electricity and gas bill -- it ain't my fault - and if they do not want to change the zip code on my voter's card, then I probably do not really care, as long as they have been informed about it, and they consider for some reason to have proof or something from the postal service. I hope they enjoy that it is a Federal Agency of this USA and continue to hassle people, because perhaps in the end, people will tire of it, and probably it is they who will end up looking for a new job. You see, that is what they have been doing lately, for the last couple of decades and that is you just lose your job.


It ain't necessarily helping out the National Debt, except to say that they (meaning lawyers and that whatever you want to call it - Congress) think it is probably cheaper to implement than individual cases for the most part. Afterall, if women or anyone thinks it has gone overboard and things are just not right, then there was always the option of trying to go to the Supreme Court, and of course that now concerns the gun right issue brought up by that person in Washington D.C.


I suppose with eminent domain, then all of this land can be sold to whomever I guess wants to take it over and provide for a better ecnonmy. Well, so............................


I just am going to repeat how I think they should think, and that is if you think there will be a WWIII, how much thinking on your part may have helped lead up to it actually happening if it does happen, and whatever happened to actually thinking some other way, all of which can be done?


As for Titor, that is a little bit harder, it takes new technology and a newer understanding of several things that may or may not lead up to whatever it was that he was talking about with his gravity distortion time displacement unit anyway.


Afterall, after hearing someone write a book on TV the morning of Memorial Day stating that learning is going to increase your life span I thought to myself - is that before of after, working a job to pay for the increased learning, including the lack of sleep and the studying and non-social life you will have probably increasing where you are probably getting 4-5 hours of sleep a night to do all of that. Then I thought, that won't increase your life, but shorten it.


It is just amazing what some people actually do think and try to sell in this world. Neuroscience anyone?



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By Johns own admission, No-one in his time line would remember him ever him going back in time.


So no-one would even be looking for him in his "time line"


Here, that is another story.


As for a privacy issue, I can guarantee that on a local level here in central Florida people are already watching.Inquiries into this "entire" matter are already taking place.


Honestly, I think a lot of you deserve an answer after all this time.


In fact i don't believe anyone is even as interested in john as first thought. I wish him well.


John only said he is just a messenger, The possibility that time travel is even possible is what drew you all here.


We all patiently wait for CERN. That is center of the entire enigma.



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