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Titor claim at ATS


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Just to keep ya informed.


A person named q-ball is making claims that another poster BoulderMD is John Titor.


Do what you would like with the information....


The Claim is made here: by q-ball




and the original text that the claim was made from is here: BoulderMD




I only post this because I figure there would be a rash of traffic to this site.


How could you imagine what has transpired just by sitting in a chat room way back when?


I can only imagine what this whole story has done to some of you affected your lives in ways that you never imagined-and continues to this day.


I Truly offer my sympathies.



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-to not be out of character????-:




Suppose that time were elastic. That is, you could change events and history, but find that the effort and energy required is a function of the degree of change. And, that the time-stream has a tendency to readjust to a future without the change. In this case, you could change the near-future, but the far-future is hardly changeable at all.




The basic concept applies not just to 'time travel' as we usually imagine it. It also applies to our 'now' and our future. We are constantly traveling forward in time. And it is our experience that we can only normally change 'the future' by a miniscule amount even though we may individually make a mighty exertion. At the ordinary level this reflects our part as a single entity within a larger society. Perhaps this also reflects something basic about time and the future?




As a physical illustration - Think of a river flowing rapidly downstream. You may put your hand in the stream to divert the water flow. You feel the pressure of the water resisting. The more water you try to divert, the more resistance. And the water tends to flow around your hand and reform downstream of your hand. A few feet downstream of your hand the only evidence you see is a few eddies. The river is the time-stream that we are in. We are usually floating down the stream only thinking about what's happening in our immediate neighborhood.




Now IF it were possible to go back in time and change the past, how would that be sensed in the present or future? There are a variety of possibilities – ranging from 'physically impossible', to the multiverse concept, to the rigid fixed 'history concept'. Another alternative is if the time-stream or 'history' is elastic. It can be changed; the amount of change is a function of effort (or energy) expended, and the time-stream has a tendency to reform downstream as if the change had not happened.




There are some things that particularly interest me about this 'elastic time' concept:




(1) The concept is simply an extension of what we observe about 'the present' and 'the future'. We can change the future but is very, very difficult. And unless our actions exceed a certain threshold of effect, the further into the future we look the less impact it seems our individual actions had.




(2) In the other concepts of time travel – Unless you are the time traveler, you have no evidence that time was changed. You would be in a different timeline with no history of the alternate time-line – and hence no evidence of a changed time-line. You cannot find evidence for time travel because either the time-stream never changed or it propagated forward in a way that 'covers its own tracks'. In the case of 'elastic time' there seems to be the possibility that as time itself adjusts or recoils to adapt to the change that there could be local eddies in the time-line that could give some indication of a time-line change.


end quoted from:







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In response to


Poster: PamelaM217


Subject: Re: Titor claim at ATS


Actually Boulder MD was very interesting. Did he ever make another reply??


I don't think he was John but he told a very interesting story.


Wish I was there to ask him questions.




No he never did, You of course saw in the thread where they started posting the doctors personal information in the forum chat.


Tracking I.P's, Doing background checks, Posting the information in a public forum.........


Reminds me of another forum...............Hmmmm?


It just surprised me how rapidly the FEVER caught hold, It is like watching parents fight over the last Elmo doll at the toy store at Christmas time. Rabid Dogs....


Debunking or catching Titor is a sickness- like a schizophrenia. Once they make up their minds, there is No being reasonable. I don't ever see John re-emerging either in this atmosphere.


It's 2008. I am more aware and so are a lot of other people because of Titor. Hard to de-bunk the REALITY that it has changed people.


I celebrate his message and sympathize with EVERYONE involved.


Lets face it, We miss him.





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Yeah I saw that. Too bad because the MD was interesting. I wish I would have had the opportunity to ask him questions. Why do people do that? Why can't they just ask decent questions of someone instead of attacking them?


My God if we ever had a real person telling of a real event we would totally miss out on all the info we could have learned because people get into stupid mode and ruin it all because of their own egos. I always figured you could make a decision later on whether it was true or not but how will you know if you cut them off before they even begin? He is gone now and its really too bad.


You don't know wether something like that could have been real or not they did not glean enough info to even find out. Thats probably why these forums have become somewhat boring..no new info.


No one coming forward. Can you blame them?


John...yeah I miss him. He was interesting to talk to. But you are right he would never come back to this atmosphere. I wish he had enough braveness to atleast contact me though. I liked him though. I liked his personality or ...what he showed of it.



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I don't really put to much on it , Pamela.


After reading how Javier was going after John- and I mean he WOULD not stop, John kept up a dialog.


Even played with him.


There is a proverb I like goes something like :


Accept criticism as fine golden apples(How it applies to where I go later in the thread I have no idea).


Funny how that plays out today, Seems like the story suffers.


I remember Loosing a very talented friend, and the only thing that kept occurring to me, was" What a waste of Vast experiences if we only would have his Stories to reflect upon".




Hehe, Follow me for a sec,


I see a picture of a grandfather telling a group of kids a "spooky tale"


and the kids sitting around trying to de-bunk him. Takes a lot of patience to get to the spooky part.


Grandpa: Kids when I was young, I was a witness to a group of young people being murdered in this forest that we sit in.


Kid #1: Grandpa I have already researched The History of this county, in fact the murdered kids Occurred in 1942, knowing your age is 74 you were not even born yet.


Kid #2: Yeah and on top of that Grandpa the murders didn't even occur on this side of the forest.


Kid #3: Yeah I agree #2 I did a background check on grandpa and found that he has told lies before in another campfire "Incident".


Grandpa: (familiar with his brat grandchildren, goes on anyway) What if I told you that I had traveled time to be witness the event first hand.


Kid #2: Oh come-on you old bastard, aren't you tired of telling these long winded tales yet.


Kid #1: I have a youtube video re-enacts the story from that day-"Insert rick-roll"


Kid #3: You sunuva bitch #1! I hate your guts. #1 just RICKROLL EVERYONE!!


Grandpa: I would be very careful walking around in this forest at night.


Kid #2 Hey, #3 Lets go walk in the forest, this Old Man is full of [email protected] and I think he is impersonating #1 also.




On some levels this place has become a monument/corpse. As for people coming forward, the people that are coming here are coming here to "pay homage" or sacrifice at the "Alter of Titor". Or to de-bunk a repeatedly over de-bunked tale. So tell me what do you think, they still come until 2015?


There is so much new technology out there, so many new results and ideas on the horizon. It just seems that this place is actually (forgive the pun) stuck in time.


The skepticism was important to John. I think we would all be better time travelers:) :P



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