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Communities Like this: and Titor predictions


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I had argued before with a few people that closed communities like this:


Make sure you read the posts-


Were the type of communities that could be sheltered from MSM style memories for a child- and because it is 2008, my concern here is not to justify any section of Johns story but more to assemble a comprehensive list of communities that would fit the profile ex. Possible militaristic, sheilding their children from MSM news, gathering of large groups of people, Waco style events and so on.


I don't just want "a community" in effect I would actually like a profile of a community that feels they have suffered some wrong inside the year and that the "first shot was fired mentality" is honored as is add to this thread.I am NOT attacking any of these groups.


I could say the Mormons so far with their children would be one:




and this one would be another.


Rainbow coalition:




You have to ask yourself where things like this are going. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hAx5G0I9mU


I was bothered by the rainbow coalition because they could be anywhere...


I am going to try to add to this as I go, If anyone has anything to add please do so.


Another community:


http://www.yahweh.com/ attacked this year and was approached again this morning about more charges on the leader.


Our enemies know better than what they actually say, but they are experts in lying and that's what they are doing when they persecute Yahweh's Last Days Work.

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