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1. What is the secret of the back of the moon?


2. Was Moon artificially put into its orbit?


3. What is the true nature of 'dark matter/dark energy' in this universe?


4. Any explaination why Mayan calendar ends at 2012 Dec 21?


5. DOW did not stop at 7,500. How did you explain that?


6. Was AIDS invented?


7. If Obama really did disclose the anomaly to public, do you worry that he would have the same destiny of Kennedy?


8. The Vatican was informed about this long time ago in the 'Fatima prediction'?


9. Is Vatican part of the secret government?



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4. Any explaination why Mayan calendar ends at 2012 Dec 21?

Gregorian date don`t count Year O ad



According to the normal historians' usage, the third millennium of the Gregorian calendar began on 1 January 2001, rather than the popularly-celebrated 1 January 2000. This is a direct consequence of the absence of a year zero in the anno Domini era. Had there been a year zero, which might be considered part of the first millennium, then 1 January 2000 would indeed mark 2000 years since the year numbering datum and be the start of the third millennium.


Note that this also applies to centuries. Thus, the 20th century actually began on 1 January 1901.




Maya historiography


Many Maya historians, but not all, assume (or used to assume) that a year 0 exists in the modern calendar and thus specify that the epoch of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar occurred in 3113 BC rather than 3114 BC. This would require the sequence 1 BC, 0, AD 1 as in early astronomical years


end quoted @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Year_zero


8. The Vatican was informed about this long time ago in the 'Fatima prediction'?

they misunderstood these event with a flood and not long ago they banned the Virgin Mary Apparitions...






Catholics ordered to keep quiet over Virgin visions


Tuesday, 13 January 2009




According to Petrus, an Italian online magazine which leans towards conservative elements in the Vatican, anyone who claims to have seen an apparition will only be believed as long as they remain silent and do not court publicity over their claims. If they refuse to obey, this will be taken as a sign that their claims are false.


The visionaries will then be visited by a team of psychiatrists, either atheists or Catholics, to certify their mental health while theologians will assess the content of any heavenly messages to see if they contravene Church teachings.


If the visionary is considered credible they will ultimately be questioned by one or more demonologists and exorcists to exclude the possibility that Satan is hiding behind the apparitions in order to deceive the faithful.


end quoted @


link to <a href="http://www.independent.co.uk" target="_blank">http://www.independent.co.uk[/url]</a>


and what if an apparition of the Virgin Mary start Telling you about the Poleshift ???


Hmmm, they want the Political and Social Power until the last days...Beyound the cost of Human lifes...Very Egoist Souls @ the Vatican...



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Re: The Next Phase




I downloaded the two manuscripts.


But what is the meaning?... Translation, please, if possible.





Starting on Page 46 you got:


4 Yaxkin


14 Zac


19 Tzec


7 Xul


The second row is comprised of the repeated images of hands holding blades, and the third row contains symbols of the cardinal points, north, west, south, and east, respectively. The signs of the cardinal points, in their assigned order, indicate the course of Venus' trajectory at the beginning.


The fourth row contains the symbols of an unknown god, God D Itzamna, another unknown god, and God A Ahpuch.


The fifth row is comprised of the repeated symbols for Venus.


The sixth row contains the four numbers 236, 236, 576, and 584:


which indicate to which day of the 2920 day period the position of Venus has advanced.


You only need to know when Venus will chase Quetzalcoatl (A Cross symbol) Nibiru/The Anomaly in the Sky...


this will give the day month and Year....





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should i eat burritos, or a big mac?

you forgot abut the Mad Cow problem?




If you eat meat, you already have to worry about salmonella, E. coli, campylobacter, heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure, and cancer, as well as your weight. Now add mad cow disease to the list. The Canadian government has announced that a cow slaughtered in January in Alberta was infected with mad cow disease, also called bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE).


more at Peta Web...







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Re: The Next Phase


I thought Venus was Quetzylcoatl(plumed serpent) and Nibiru is the planet of the crossing. Some believe Earth is the planet of the crossing. Wasn't there already a planetary lineup a few years back?


I feel there is something about Jupiter. In the Enuma Elish, Jupiter controls all the planets and Marduk is the planet of the crossing. I could be wrong.



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and regarding the moon as Antwan Said there:




Im back :) nice to cya all again :)


2/17/2009 11:00 AM




Antwans back :)




funny how things are going down the pipe aint it ....where are they all running to ???? hehehheh




hers a nice read to ya all




they already have bases there ...:)but you know this dont you




first there where 200 people stationed there on the moon and then 1200 and now 20000 ppl




and you wonder what your tax money goes to :)




this was back in 1979 and think what they have there now on the moon and on mars .




read the parts where they tell you about the bases




its long but a nice read ...just flagg to the posts :)




1979 Lunar Resources Utilization Vol2














remember bush said we gonna plan a moon base ....as always he lied about it .....and you know its already there end quoted...


more @





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So, Antwan is Khaqan Khan, a nowergian politician with pakistani lineage, linked wiht the TPTB and the Illuminati.


As I understand it, he is the same "norwegian politician" that arose at the Project Camelot website.


His story is very strange indeed. He talks about a bleak future and time travel. He is a time traveller?


The story about the manual that his grandfather left: what that means?


Too much confusing issues!







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Yes, a Timetraveler...


Quoting Antwan



the future is yours to hold on to make the right changes and adapt to your new life and dont be afraid when it happens .




they all know the future ....but they always lied to you about it .


end quoted


Ask Kanigo2 for more info...


:) :)


Link to GLP :) :yum: :oops:



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Nearly 200 whales stranded on Australian beach


SYDNEY (AP) — Nearly 200 whales and several dolphins are stranded on a beach in the southern Australian island state of Tasmania, the latest in a string of beachings in recent months.


Rescuers were headed Monday to Naracoopa Beach on Tasmania's King Island to try to save some of the 194 pilot whales and half a dozen bottlenose dolphins that began beaching themselves on Sunday evening.


Some had died by Monday morning, said Chris Arthur from Tasmania's Parks and Wildlife Service.


"While there are animals alive, there is always hope," Arthur said.


It was not clear why the animals had beached on the island, halfway between Tasmania and mainland Australia. The Examiner, a Tasmanian newspaper, reported that the animals were caught by a very low tide.


Strandings happen periodically in Tasmania as whales go by during their migration to and from Antarctic waters. However, Arthur said it was unusual for whales and dolphins to get stranded together.


In January, 45 sperm whales died after becoming stranded on a remote Tasmanian sandbar, even though rescuers worked for days to keep them cool and wet as they tried to move them back to the open water.


Last November, 150 long-finned pilot whales died after beaching on a rocky coastline in Tasmania. A week earlier, rescuers saved 11 pilot whales among a pod of 60 that had beached on the island state.


Scientists do not know why the creatures get stranded.

Nearly 200 whales stranded on Australian beach


Could this be the sign of something is going to happen around Australia? :confused:



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Re: Nearly 200 whales stranded on Australian beach


Is it at all possible that extremely long migration routes are timed by sensitivities to the water's temperature? - & if that is possible, then if currents start to reach the 'trigger' temp, then the whales would follow it even if it's actually the incorrect time of year, which would lead to following the current somewhere incorrectly?


Don't they communicate when in large herds like that? - Something must have thrown them off, is that a common occurance? - of this size?




Speculation would lead to sound sensitivities or temperature?


If a hypethetical country or company was testing high/low freq in the water, could that cause that??? At any rate, I hope whatever the cause they get the survivors back in the water.


I have no clue, it's sad to see though.



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