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Re: FYI: War of The Worlds 193x


Charlie, timeline_39,


I live on Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada, what does the future hold for this location?


Where if any, are safe areas located in Canada?


Where would be the very best place to protect oneself?


my family has a history of seeing UFO's in the area, one being up close with some sort of ship when my father was very young, could this hold any future precursors?


I am very curious and determined to find out more.!



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Re:Seasons on the Sun


Dear Charlie,


I am interested whether you know why Titor went back to 1975. Do you know where he went in 1975?

To affirm his point:


Time travel is Possible, and to retrieve a Vintage IBM 5100 as a proof...


But his power system fail/software bug...the one with mini-black holes...


and Landed on http://www.timetravelinstitute.com


He also become the First Human to travel back in Time...







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There is a predication by the Russian Indigo child Boriska about a possible event in Sep.2009 involving Russia. He says Russia will go under water due to an incident during Sep. 2009. This is predicted in Jan. 2008.



Would this materialize?


Thank you for answering.





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Re: FYI: War of The Worlds 193x


It is nice to see that Charlie has so many dedicated disciples hanging on his every word. Especially since you can get it first-hand from Nancy at Zetatalk. ;)


One word of advice for all you Charlie Zealots: When the time comes for you to drink the kool aide, I recommend the cherry over the grape. It hides the taste of the cyanide a bit more. I just wish they made it in a pomegranate flavor! :D





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Re: FYI: War of The Worlds 193x




[/i]Give me an PM and I'll direct you to all of the "Titor" threads.


Charlie obviously hasn't spent much time reading any of the threads as evidenced by his refering you to two very minor threads, one incomplete thread and leaving the other major thread out completely; not to mention his belief that Titor "was the first" time traveler. That opinion doesn't even match what Titor posted. According to his saga he wasn't the first person in his project to TT nor did he TT farthest into the past (others, according to his saga were exploring the 1960's).


Time travel means among other things causal violation...effect can come before cause. If effect can come before cause then time travel can appear in the past - before it is invented in the future. There's no perspective from which someone can state as a matter of fact that "the time travel era begins here"...at least as it is described in pop-sci as it is here. In other words, you can't say who the first time traveler was because there is no first time traveler.


Anyway, I can direct you to all of the threads and not just selected threads.



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Re: FYI: War of The Worlds 193x


Anyway, I can direct you to all of the threads and not just selected threads.







At some time in early November of 2000, someone showed up in a few Internet discussion boards calling themselves Timetravel_0. Over time, they then laid claim to the real name, John Titor, a time traveler from the year 2036. From there, the name John Titor will forever be embedded in the folklore of both alternative-topic boards like ATS, and the Internet as a whole.




We present the Internet's most complete archive of John Titor postings organized as a chronological list of material through 19 pages. In addition, we've compiled his known photographs for analysis.




pg.1 pg.2 pg.3 pg.4 pg.5 pg.6 pg.7 pg.8 pg.9 pg.10 pg.11 pg.12 pg.13 pg.14 pg.15 pg.16 pg.17 pg.18 pg.19 images






For ease of access, we've also compiled our John Titor archive into all the primary topics he discussed.


http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread62104/pg1 spacer.png


:) :) :)



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Re: FYI: War of The Worlds 193x


I cant even step up to the plate anymore-- my head is still spinning just from reading a few minutes..




I swear--it makes my head swell up.. and I cant think anymore.


Damn -it...


It has to pass sometime.. i just wanted to try once more...and see it has changed...


i love this place--


I cant explain it..



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Re: FYI: War of The Worlds 193x


Re: Kanigo 2


I can't step up to the plate anymore.

This is interesting because another poster, Doctor Z made a similar complaint. He said that he had been diagnosed with a limited attention span syndrome, and he felt like his head was splitting when he tried to concentrate.


I know that, in my particular case, I sometimes have a dull headache from muscle tension at the back of my neck. I can get through the day and do what I have to do, but anything requiring real concentration is a painful effort. PB



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sound like a Remote Neural Monitoring attack from TPTB...




. RNM can also detect hearing via electromagnetic microwaves, and it also features the transmission of specific commands into the subconscious, producing visual disturbances, visual hallucinations and injection of words and numbers in to the brain through electromagnetic radiation waves. Also, it manipulates emotions and thoughts and reads thoughts remotely, causes pain to any nerve of the body, allows for remote manipulation of behaviour, controls sleep patterns through which control over communication is made easy.


more at:





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Hello I am new here, I'm Chaos and I'm 23, currently living in England on the South Coast (in a sea side city)


I am open minded to the possibility of traversing time lines, i think a lot of what timeline_39 has said will happen in 1 form or another, it may not come in the form of a pole shift (although I think that it is very likely, along with Yellowstone Park going up)


The post on surviving the pole shift is highly useful and can be applied to almost any major disaster


I do have some questions for timeline_39, i would love it if you could answer them


1: Being that England is heavily populated and fairly small, will it be harder to survive here


2: Can you tell us if the climate/weather will change (it'd be nice if it didn't rain all the time :) )


3: I have been aware of a coming "apocalypse" for most of my life now, I feel one of my purposes in being here (in life that is) is to set up some kind of group and help build a self sustaining group of people. Dreams and strong feeling have led me to want to set this up in the mouth of a cave (not deep in the cave!). I have always been interested in hearing and reading on what other people "think" will happen, your posts (i have only read this thread so far) feel like the way things are going to happen. I am designing a computer game that will subconsciously prepare people for a major disaster and hopefully bring people together. Do you have any advice for me?


those are the 3 main questions here are some more less serious questions that i'd still love to know the answers to


4: When [censored] hits the fan so to speak roughly how long will I have to prepare? (e.g. getting extra food/water and some of the things mentioned in your lists together)


5: Can you recommend a location to go to where we will be relatively safe?


6: Will one of the main new population centres be located in England?


and finally...


7: Will there be/how tolerant will people be towards the gay community in these times?


Thanks, Chaos


ps. sorry if I haven't posted in the right format i don't normally post on internet forums



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Hello Chaos...


Consider this from your actual location and do the math:


Quoting Charlie:


This makes coastal communities a very dangerous place to be. England, Ireland and Scotland were also pulled down at least 20 meters.


The Balcans mainly were affected by the volcanic ash from the Mediterranean.


Switzerland, Finland, and the lower lands of Germany and France suffered greatly from tidal activity associated with the shift as well as fallout ash from volcanic activity.

There will be no safe places during the "GC"...



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