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Has this Utube set been posted before?


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It`s a side effect of a Timeline Change...


:eek: :eek: :eek:


see the profiler user...









Style: Acting


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end quoted...


:confused: :confused: :confused:



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Well,hehehehe,i watched both of his videos and i came right away to the conclusion that he is just entertaining people he sounds very friendly and amusing but that's all,obviously he ain't from the future ahead us,because he hasn't yet show any real proof nor evidence that he is from 2010,besides he didn't "predicted" anything new,and also never said where the bombs starts falling in the U.S. and of course so far he did not gave any scientific ideas about how he got here in our time,for that reason if you ask me what i think of this guy,i must say that he ia another youtube wacko jacko,his face and atittude in my personal opinion resemble the good old insanely crazy dead man Mr. Marshall Applewhite Leader of Heaven's Gate sect,just look both of this pictures:





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Yeah, understood Kanigo2. But even for enterainment value, I would have to give him about a 3 (4 if I were generous) on his acting. And that is the class of style he listed in his Youtube account. The acting was too one-dimensional. He picked a very matter-of-fact tone and showed only that one, serious emotion. If he had really been through all he claims, one would have to imagine several different emotions vying to come out.


Oh yeah...twice he said he was going to tell us who won the presidency, but he never did. This promise to predict a future event was then "covered" by a "you don't need to know that right now." Well, he had said at least twice that his problem was to try and convince us he was real... but then just went on with his bad acting about how terrible life was, without even addressing his own self-stated problem.


Overall grade: C-





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