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Soul Transmigration


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Since I came to this forum for personal reasons. I thought it only right to participate in the community. Here's a contribution some folks may want to talk about. Surely a mod will redirect me if necessary.


I saw an episode of X-Files once which touched on Soul Transmigration. Basically our souls are reborn again in new bodies, but the spin the TV show put on it was that our strongest personal ties still exist and our souls are constantly trying to get back together. So in a previous life my dog could have been my mom, or my wife could've been my pet cat, my brother my father, my father my sister and so on. It's a comforting thought, to me, that all my friends and co-workers have been with me since, well, since the beginning. But it also would explain things, for instance, why the people I share a bullpen with at work are each from different areas of the country and seemingly in our current town for random non-specific reasons--coincidence put us together, or maybe not. I meet people online at message boards now and think to myself that this may be another soul or group of souls trying to reconnect. Online communities would be the perfect way for that to happen over long distances.


Anyway this isn't something I necessarily subscribe to and I admit to not having fully researched the term Soul Transmigration. But it's interesting as heck, and I think it sounds a lot like time travel (consciousness transcending time for a reason). I mean wouldn't it wild to think that time travel does exist but it is totally uncontrollable and as much a part of death as it is a part of life? I think so. Your thoughts?



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If what you suggest to be true matt, on the most basic of philosophical levels, then you were to have of course met with me.


Understanding that thesis, please allow me a moment of your time.


Never having met you, in this , metaphysical reality, how would you describe, the way that I am speaking to you now, if you were to express me a "person or ""spirit"" that you had met before?"


I will bite, but please allow me one discrepancy, that there was the posibility that I also had met you also.....


Having done that, as far as a first impression, I can only see you as intuitive and having some command of the English language to desribe the "feelings" that have occurred to you.


So forgive me if I fall short of "your mark".


If true, we will be able to center on a "connection" where we have met before and I will honestly try, to give you the answers that you are looking for, no games.


I ask myself, should I tell you about my life to date? Or should , I try something more ephemeral?


Suggestions please.



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First let me say, I don't necessarily believe in this as a truth, not even on a faith based level. I do think its the coolest thing I've heard of in the life and death / why are we all here / meaning of life discussion.


So...I think you touch on something very interesting. How would persons find their supposed connections if transmigration were possible? Hmmmm.


I mean if I were your pet parakeet in another time how would I realize that? On the other hand, without revealing a bunch of personal details about ourselves would it still be possible to determine we were once siblings? Would personal details even help? I think it is fair to say that while souls may be migrating and trying to reconnect the actual consciousness and personalities are isolated to the previous lives. In the particular X-Files I watched they had photos from the past that looked exactly like the present day versions of themselves, and I have to say that's just fictional convenience.


While I do take comfort, like I said earlier, in the possibility of being surrounded by people from other lives I don't think I know how to go about tracking when and where. Unless through conversation we stumble upon something accidentally.


My conclusion to your inquiry: I think being on the lookout for these happy surprises is a good way to remain an open minded and alert individual. Yes, being aware of such possibilities is the key I think, and in the end we make friends along the way. Nothing wrong with that is there.


I love this subject, so please keep it coming.



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The answer is One. Fragment it any way you like. Freewill.


Can it be undone? All in time my friend. Time.


Time was created as the ruling factor after the original first vibration on this plane.


Vibration is in of itself an act of time - hence it's incarnation.


Is it relevant? Perspective and view make everything relevant/irrelevant.


Try not to drown in the difference between science/logic and philosophy. It's all just a form of communication. Try to think of the philosophy as the actual work and the science/logic as the recorded method.


No matter what anyone here says, there is no right and wrong answer.



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That's interesting.


I'm glad this topic has come back up because I've been thinking about this again lately. I used to live in a sort of party house back east. There's was all sorts of different folks living in that house, and it was like you could never tell exactly who was living there and when. Anyway that could disprove the theory that out souls are just trying to get back together, because the living situation was pretty.


BUT...just when I begin to doubt that the house was a hub for reconnecting souls...a new group was created on facebook for that house, and now were are all back together!


I think that's creepy, cool but creepy!



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Don't forget there are two main theories regarding re-embodiment. One is transmigration, such as is taught in the Bhagavad Gita in which the Atman flies like a spark from the dying person to the next body born.This seems to involve a concept of time in which only the transient now exists, so the soul must remain continuously in existence in the flow of time to remain extant.


But there is another kind, often spoken of as "Eternal Re-occurrence", which involves cyclical time. The idea is that you as a soul are born over and over again in the same life. The Pythagoreans taught this.


The two kinds are difficult to distinguish in comments about reincarnation. Ben Franklin spoke of being like a book that would reappear "amended and corrected by its' Author." Hard to tell in this case. It does explain deja vu better, though. End of lecture. :)



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Great points.


Kind of like the idea if there was once an 'original' energy - let's call it 'God'....


then during the big bang the original energy burst into a multitude of seperate yet connected consciousness's.


If you go along that line of thought, my only question would be, upon death would the seperate energies return to the original body, or remain seperated?


Getting 'way out there' with this, perhaps the evolution through the 10/11 (pick your flavour) dimensions would be ultimately a return to the '1' / 1st (one point would be the first, one energy?) ;)



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