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Pamela Moore of John Titor fame


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Okay nobody believes me so I won't bother trying to convince anyone, lets just say I'm making up everything I say but please can someone help me find Pamela M's email address? I sent her an email to her AOL address and no reply, I know AOL pretty much doesn't exist anymore as a service provider so does their email system still work? Anyway I am sure she has a new email address by now.


I basically have a good idea who John Titor is...


"liar" "idiot" "BS" "jerk quit wasting my time"


That's basically the response I've gotten... I don't really care about the response, I just want the truth revealed.


*** What I'm looking for is someone who I can confirm is at least friends with Pamela.


If nobody here has ever tried to contact Pamela.


Then nobody here has ever tried seriously to find John Titor.


But I know some people here *HAVE* known Pamela, at least on the forums, and some people here might be *FRIENDS* with her, that's why I registered here, but at the same time these forums are very interesting and I will probably stick around if that's okay, I am getting kind of tired of the bigger forums, but it all depends on how I'm treated I guess.


I will not assume any email from someone claiming to be Pamela will actually be Pamela without confirmation from someone who at least was a friend of Pamela.


I'm need some type of confirmation that it even is the real Pamela before I send her any sensitive information.


I need her opinion on what I have found, this is why I need to email her.


Thanks for your help.


--- [email protected]



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Well, lets take it slow then about the e-mail.


If the e-mail got there then it was Sent!


If it was Sent to a valid e-mail address then the option is Pamela' to answer or not.


If it got sent back to you because the e-mail address was not valid then I do not know where Pamela is at, and perhaps she is fine and well and all of that or else something else is going on??


Well, at least Darby may know, but then, I do not, so until later, that is all I can say.


(Perhaps she as thousands of e-mails and also decided she as other things to do also! I just do not know.)



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I've tried emailing her, but I got no response. I'm happy to assume that she likes her privacy these days, and there's nothing wrong with that.


And you know, if that's true, and if she doesn't want to do the whole Titor thing anymore then maybe we should respect her privacy. Not that anyone here hasn't, I wouldn't know either way.


I do have to ask myself though, if Titor was real, does it matter? I don't think it does.



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I basically have a good idea who John Titor is...

Charlie just recover him from this timeline on december 2003 LOL




Hello everyone, Charlie here. Some of you might remember me and some of you won't.


In your prespective, it has been over 6 months since I was last here. In my perspective, nearly a year. My survey of the period 1980 to 2004 is complete but I wanted to give some closure to last year.


Firstly, you will be happy to know that we found John in Wisconsin not long ago and has agreed to come home. Although, the




method used to find him was detected by this period. It was reported as a UFO sighting that unfortunately many saw. Sadly he




is suffering from an undiagnosed mental degenerative condition that we have not been able to treat as yet. He is in sound condition and is in no pain. He sends his wishes along with what I am about to say.




Link to TTi


:oops: :oops: :oops:



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I'm not too anonymous...


Is it ironic that the person known as titorite asks you to ignore the person who coined the term titorite?


Look it up.


I'm bored with the has-been-psudo-fame-absorbed Pamela, she will likely give me zero information anyway, and it's easier to get a hold of Art Bell so I don't know why I even bothered but I don't need her, thanks to the lack of her I was able to research more anyway un-distracted, and I have found more than I thought possible with so few clicks.


I will reveal my JOHN TITOR HOAX EXPOSED casebook... on:




AT: http://flyingunknown.blogspot.com/



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Hey, flyingunknown,


I'm looking forward to reading your casebook. What interests me the most about this subject is the phenomenon it's created. But I do have a couple questions. Of course you don't have to answer this if it's covered in your upcoming blog.


Are you exposing John Titor as a hoax or exposing the John Titor hoax? I thought it was common knowledge that John Titor wasn't an actual time traveler--and that time travel isn't real (possible, if you will). Isn't "exposing" John Titor like exposing the Easter Bunny?


Please believe me I mean no insult, just curious. Thanks in advance.



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I am willing to post my data after asking Pamela a few questions that she is willing to answer, I don't want to ask her anything 'secret', I cannot ask her the questions on a forum like this, because someone will see my data and promptly post it and claim it is theirs, and I will end up getting zero credit for my hard work.


well, i wish you good luck. but i doubt you have researched the titor case to its fullest extent. i suggest you research the things i have found out and already posted.


i researched the titor story everyday for over a year. it consumed my life literally. i know the true story well enough to my satisfaction, but if you ever want to pinpoint titor, its not going to be easy. and there are alot of people here that will try to coverup and mislead. let it be known.


good luck



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well probably if 8 years ago, someone went along with john titor saying he's a friend of john titor from year whatever future it is... probably a lot would consider believing, but considering the generation that we have right now, i dont think so, unless john titor will happen to 'come back' and continue giving out critical odd issues regarding the so called future...--well just a thought.. ^_^



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I'm exposing Team-Titor.


Anyone who has followed the story on these forums knows what that term means.


I'll post something from another forum to keep you up to date...


Yep I am who you say (Razimus), I never was anonymous I left plenty of clues to anyone with access to google, anyway why the 2 week wait? Well I have a new lead on the hoax, I have 11 pages of info, facts, evidence, conjecture and lists, how I got them etc, it's a new angle and will provide some light on the hoax, some members of team-titor you guys might know, I don't know who knows who personally and who only knows who via electronic messages but I'm sure you guys will be able to debunk a good 33% of what I have, it's the 67% that you should look at, if I even have as much as 33% inaccurate it's because I've done this entire investigation, gathering of information alone, isolated, the purpose for this is so my original break would not be tampered with, I will be happy to post a "debunked and not debunked" follow up to my first report, I never came here to 'advertize' my blog, I came here for information, but I can't ask too many questions without revealing what I know, when my report is released I will be asking many questions openly to all of my suspects, yes Rick Donaldson is one of my suspects but not a very high one, I don't think you are involved in team-titor Rick but because it's possible you are in there, what I'm interested in knowing is which of my other suspects you personally know, that's where people will be less willing to answer questions, saying it's none of my business....


I have no intention of going to someones address, calling them up, or stalking them, my investigation is for fun, I enjoy debunking hoaxes and I debunked a photo of Billy Meier for example, I have no intention of going to Switzerland and threatening the old man. Equally I would not want to threaten Team-Titor members, I would simply want to expose their online handles, if other people want to go so far as to track them down that's their business.


My suspects are many but I see them as few, because of the method I used to narrow them down. I have 6 main suspects, 1 of which is Pamela, I don't really suspect her much and she would be the least likely of the most likely but this is only due to her secretive personality and admitting to holding back some things, I actually think she is an innocent pawn in Titors game but I still have to keep her on the suspect list for the same reason I have to have Rick on there, although Rick is not in the top 6. The top 5 are the people I'd like people to scrutinize, ask questions, etc. You can tell a lot about someone by how they respond to questions. My report will only be a list, it will be up to everyone else interested in the subject to do the rest of the work to actually prove this or that.


My top 5 suspects are the result of a decent ammount of work so I didn't just 'make them up'. My initial break was an arrow which pointed in one direction that I followed. My top 5 suspects are names you will all probably be familiar with, but at the same time these top 5 suspects have never been suspected very much in the past, not enough for the average Titor fan to even consider them as a member of Team-Titor.



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F.U. is me, anyway friday the 13th at 1300 hours I'll toss up what I finished compiling last week, about 10 days to go, I don't think people here are as impatient as the above top secret peeps, so you probably won't mind, but they do, they assume since I didn't gratify their immediate need for what I know I must be a fraud, they act like 2 weeks is an impossible ammount of time, anyway, my new load of info will be debunked to a certain extent I'm sure, but I'm on to something, it's a new break in the case, it's a new lead, it will lead to titor being exposed I'm sure of it, so please if you debunk a portion of it, look at the other portion and investigate, I just have to give a preface to this because I don't want people to assume I will say X is titor and case closed, it's not that simple, we have to not only say X is titor but we have to prove X is titor and prove how we got that data.





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Razimus, you don't need to buy into the whole stupid "debunker" mentality. Your theory, substantiated with your evidence, will live or die by the facts. Cheap credulous belief and cheap credulous debunking are both worthless. I will personally be looking at your blog, checking what you say, and then, if you are open to it, giving you my views.


I wish you well in your attempt, and even an attempt is more than a great many people, especially the sheeple at ATS, will ever do. :)



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Come on, brother man. We actually do share quite a few members here with ATS (I'm one of them). We, as individuals, on occassion, have our differences of opinion but we do try not to demean each other's sites as we go along.


Other than that I agree with your post. Raz will or won't have the goods. The consumers of the information will determine that. And I agree that after almost 10 years it's somewhat melodramatic at this point to pump it up with teasers for a future disclosure.


But Raz is Raz. He's been at this search for Titor for a few years. Looking forward to his information.



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Yes I am sorry to generalise so badly about ATS. I was the guy who took down John Lear there at long last and got banned without warning for my trouble.


I am deeply suspicious of ATS, always was to be honest. For all its pontificating and the image it presents, it is very troubling to see how it is managed and how opinion is used. As an ex-spook it makes me call SPOOK on that.


So yeah, I was a member there myself so pot, kettle- chill out time for Doghead. Or as I said in another thread, no more coffee for me... oO


Titor and his detractors, of which I proudly call myself one, is the same as the quest to put down the lies of Bob Lazar and John Lear. I sympathise with those on the quest and tell them this: it can be done. Fiction leaves no paper trail. And whatever paper trail you do find- is the key to understanding.


Same with MJ-12. Some genuine documents, some fakes- some hybrids of both. You don't have to compromise. You SHOULDN'T compromise. Bite the bullet and do the hard yards. It's one of the most admirable things to me about Stanton Friedman. He is tenacious and despite his own beliefs a true scientist. If it's bunk, he says so.



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