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I lost my wife of 20 years down a dark road


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Pray for her please folks, whatever good that will accomplish...

The prayer machine is being wound-up as I write this. Both KerrTexas and I will definitely say a few. And not to worry about her.... she is doing fine, I would bet, in her "new life". If I recall correctly, you have a few kids.... so I think some prayers are in order for you and the kids...if I may be so bold.


Let us know if there is anything else we can do...





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A link for you to watch during this time of stress and tribulation that I hope brings some comfort and peace...


God Is


Your prayer request has been sent out via a large prayer request network. As far as whatever good that will accomplish...praise and 'prayer' does accomplish quite a bit. We influence other peoples lives in ways that we may not be aware of, and have responsibilities that we also may not be not aware of, through praise and prayer we fulfill these obligations, not necessarily for ourselves, but for many others.


Prayer and praise are means for God to demonstrate His Strength, Power, Mercy, Hope and Love "through" us, which will be witnessed by all the other children of God.


We may be placed in circumstances we don't like and are subject to doubts, pain and fear. It is through these moments, we can become who we are, and our hearts become known, un-masked, un-veiled, all illusions are shredded, and we are given an opportunity to discover that our own strength is an internal affair, between us individually, and God.


By staying within the Love in our hearts, and learning to remained focused on that Love, we not only learn how much power that Love has, but we also become a testament for the power of Love for those around us.


Any adversity is merely a fork in the road, and we are offerred a choice as to which path to choose. One filled with pain and suffering, doubts and confusion, weakness and failure, curses and anger; or one filled with peace and serenity, strength and power, growth and success, or blessings and praise.


Our 'metal' is tested, and if we remain grounded in Love, despite the storms we endure, we can demonstrate that we CAN accomplish anything, endure any storm, and CAN walk our path of life within Love and Peace eternal.



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Thanks all, expecially Kerr, the message you sent, was not what I was expecting in that prayer.


But fitting, surprising.


But of course- here comes the rancid joke----


" I surprisingly had no urge to time travel to go save her..."


---------------->Please laugh,, this is, pretty hard....to do.


Kerr, so you know, I would not have said a word, here or anywhere else. Except for one proverb...


"In a multitude of counselors, there is safety"


I won't vent on you all much.. I seriously thank you all for the support.


Now I want recall to post some obtuse ass link....LOL :confused: ;), Come on Bro you can do it...LOL.


Laugh with me man , Please...


Ruthless, I think I just beat ya in the screwed up stuff catagory... don't worry.. I had it great for a WAY long time..


And Ray, I don't think, I have met an individual that has taken -THE TIME- to explain to me the most abstract ideas, as you.


I know, the rest of you will see this thread, In all honesty, I have no idea what to do, so forgive me if I lean on some of you, from time to time...


I am gunna step away for a few again.. instead of answering any threads.


But I will come back..



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Now I want recall to post some obtuse ass link....LOL , Come on Bro you can do it...LOL.


Laugh with me man , Please...

First, I'm so sorry to hear about your lost...


1 second of Silence...


Then what about this...


H.R. 645:






To direct the Secretary of Homeland Security to establish national emergency centers on military...


alas FEMA CAMPS...


more at:





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Once again, I apologize for not being around.


The paperwork and taking care of the kids, of course being totally destitute now, bankruptcy and foreclosure hanging in the wings is consuming a lot of my time.


The garden and chickens are gone. The disrepair is becoming evident.


Plus the job... and so-on..


This is the first month.. wonderful future....



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I am only on this board occasionally so I am late in sending you my condolences and prayers, but I send them now. I hope you are finding a way to make it through each new day and each new challenge with hope for better things.


I lost my husband when I was 25 years old and have just gotten through the first year after losing my 21 year old son. This is no consolation for you, but I will say the loss of my son has been much harder for me. Experience didn't buy me much.


The only thing getting me through each day is my relationship with God and Christ. It's actually why I have ended up looking into time travel, because I didn't have this relationship previous to his death. Even after my husband dying my limited knowledge and belief in God turned me away from him in anger. I now know that was a huge mistake. After my son died I wanted some answers, and if there was truly a God, then I wanted them from him. I always remembered one line from scripture, and it's my signature from Luke 1:37. I set out to find out what that meant.


It has been a miraculous journey for me this past year, and I mean literally. I found a non-denominational Bible teacher who has studied original scripture and teaches it in a way that I always knew it should be taught. Let's just say most of us are taught lies about what the Bible really has to say to us. (Funny, God warned us about that in the Bible!)


Einstein was right on when, late in life, he discovered that God is science and he wanted to prove it. Nothing is impossible, and that includes time travel. Whether we'll ever be smart enough to accomplish it is another thing.


Perhaps if I were like you and did not have the "urge to time travel to go save her", I would be better off in some way. I already know what it's like 25 years down the road from the death of a loved one and I just don't heal well, so for me I have to keep searching.


I know people on this board say that if something happens it was meant to, but the Bible does not say that. Our lives are not already worked out ahead of time. We are given free will and it's what we as individuals and as mankind as a whole, does with that freedom, that determines our outcomes. It's also why there is always hope. Hope is future.


Hang in there and get in touch with the Creator. My prayers are with you and your family.





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