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What if...


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Iran has time travel first?


or China?


Is the reason the ancient stories from Egypt and South America are so suggestive because Egyptians or Brazilians are the ones to get a time "machine" working first??


It's always this tacit assumption that the current scientific leaders are the most likely countries to break the time barrier... But what if...


What if we're wrong?


What if time travel creates a whole new balance of terror?



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Iran - I rather doubt, though anyone can be surprised...seems they are still trying to get their hands on alot of half a century old tech.


China??? They seem like they will do anything to get what they want...(missile tech stealing, cyber warfare, not a care or respect for patents etc) ... not to mention statistically they have the largest population pool to get 'lucky' with a genius (also reference "The bell curve"- according to that philosophy China has it's ante upped)...that is if they try and recognize potential that could be out stuck in a rice patty field - they also don't seem to have the same religion stigmas that India has which might hold back individuals from expressing obscure thoughts.


Looping that thought back to Iran...if they find they have a natural gifted person whom thinks outside the box... they very might well kill him for being 'evil' before they realize what the thoughts were truely appealing to...in that context Mohammed is a little too quick on the violent side - as our current pope has eluded to awhile back.


Then there's the obvious US vs Russia. I referenced Perlman prior because of the absurdness of the current regime in Russia just 'allowing' him to escape public scrutiny and going back to live somwhere lost in the woods with his mother...yeah right - more like he's in fear of his Mother's life while sweating in some underground facility lol. Just look at the current propaganda in context to the Russian soldier whom escaped to Georgia. You can bet everything that if the Russian stance was not propaganda - they'd have another pretext to move in hard and fast.


So which country? I'd say one followed by another very quickly and unless tech is stolen - it would have to be one with the resources to do so...don't forget Europe of course.


There's alot of scientists in Switzerland right now ;)


(Though the most interesting country that has brains to get the tech that's easily forgotten in this equation would be Israel)



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I was a licensee for an IDF (Israeli Defence Force) patent for robotic water for a year... And that gave me some insights.


The IDF research is pretty much all done in the West, especially in the US then taken back to Israel and patented. The robot water project is amazing, sounds like pure science fiction... But it exists. Some of the DARPA stuff is the same- not theoretical any more, built and out there.


Time travel could be exactly the same. ...



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If there are any changes in the timeline by some country or someone. None of us will ever know it. If history has been altered, we now live and accept the reality. If someone travels back in time to 1985 and takes out Ronald Regan, and Bush Sr become president in 1985. We will live in that reality and never know the difference.



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Neowater is programmable so that it accepts molecules water will normally not dissolve- allowing water-based paint containing things previously only oil soluble, or allowing filthy water to be treated quickly (and at great expense) to become potable water, putting vitamins and minerals into soft drinks- which is what my licence was for- and so on.


Also it can dissolve chemicals and elements out of a system such as a human body, causing in some cases explosive reactions. I've only seen footage of goats and pigs having it happen to them but I imagine people would be the same.





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The real cause is a little to far out for some members of this forum, though.

Don't tell me.... excessive "RVing of the future" with Steven Gibbs' HDR is what causes spontaneous human combustion???? I had a feeling all along... just a hunch, if you will.


And that means HDRKID's days are definitely numbered! ;)





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SHC seems to be composed of two phases. The first is an endothermic, phase in which the molecules of the body are broken down into their constituent atoms. The gases (hydrogen, oxygen ) rise, and the atomic carbon is uplifted along with them.


The second phase, which need not occur, involves an an open flame. This ignites the gases outside the region of influence, which burn with a bluish flame (indicative of burning hydrogen). It also produces heat.This is an exothermic phase.


The region of influence seems to be like a field centered on the body. Anything in this field--a chair, carpet, et cetera) is also reduced. In the Mary Reeser case (the St. Petersburg widow) an intact and undamaged foot in a black satin slipper remained untouched while almost all of the rest of her body, a circular hole in a carpet laid on a slab floor, and her chair were consumed.Neighbors said Mrs. Reeser was in the habit of stretching out her troublesome leg on a hassock. I recently saw an internet photo (although where I cannot recall) of what probably was a criminologist's photo of an undamaged male leg and shoe which was 'burned off' at the knee, of another case.


The walls of the Reeser apartment were covered with a greasy black soot (atomic carbon)and the plastic electrical outlet covers were melted above a certain level--so it was a slow fire (she was a smoker which accounts for the external flame).


In some earlier witnessed accounts it was said that water not only failed to extinguish the flames, but added to their intensity--which is what one would expect if it were being disassociated.


There is also the suggestion of chemical (carbon monoxide or alcohol) poisoning, which may mean that regions of the brain were affected.There don't seem to be any cases of animals being so consumed.





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