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Driver Quiz Question


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That's it !


It is a warning of an Officer who has set up a speed trap ahead.


First time I've heard that somebody actually got arrested for warning other drivers of the trap. Think that charge might be worth the fight in court. Obstructing justice would assume that someone else is guilty of a crime, that has not been committed by anyone.


Plus, it seems real hard to prove that the driver didn't turn on his head-lights by accident. I am not aware of any laws that say you "can't" drive with your headlights on..actually have seen it the other way around in some areas.


Found this on the web:


Sergeant C.W from the traffic safety division said flashing one's high beams to warn other drivers of a speed trap is not illegal.


"There's no particular offence for warning motorists other police are there," Sgt. Woolley said.



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Holy Cow ! Reading up on it, it seems to be quite a debate. Didn't realize how far reaching this little trick was...guess they set up traps for those who warn speeders in some European Countries.


I tend to side with the revenue potential of a speed trap, since, in essence, you are reducing the speed of other drivers..and that's supposed to be the point..isn't it ?



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I can never side with the "mechanical nature" of enforcement kerr.


Yet I also understand the reasoning behind it.


If people would just do the right thing......


I do not think that is the problem though, I think that the "right thing" means many things to different people.




I am still somewhat apathetic to the lawless side of my nature.


I believe that comes from the "enforcement side" of other peoples nature though.


Its a natural reaction.


Also a somewhat slanted game..... I guess it all depends who has the money----think about it.


It definitely applies here and warning others...of what I believe is danger.



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In the UK flashing your headlights is to warn other motorists of your presence.


However, many drivers use flashing of headlights to warn of speed traps or to signify that they are giving way to traffic turning across them or oncoming down a narrow road. Also used to say 'hi' to an oncoming motorist who is known to the driver.


The legal and the actual use of flashing headlights seem to be completely at odds with each other and one would expect more accidents as a result of it. I don't think this is the case though.


I suspect that despite what the highway code says 99.9 percent (my guess) of people use headlight flashing for the latter reasons.



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90 days in jail. That was in California... I know, because it was me.

After checking this out with a friend that is a Superior Court judge in California, I find this hard to believe Kanigo2.


Especially receiving 90 days in jail for warning other drivers of a speed trap via flashing your headlight's at on-coming traffic during the daytime.


Where in California ? And what Law Enforcement Agency issued the violation ? Would also love to know the name of the Judge that convicted you for "this" !



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Buena Park..


The charge ran concurrent with a drug charge. After the pullover.


(see its kinda weird the way it happened anyway, there is a guy on the radio down there in LA called tom leykus... Blow me up tom and he has what he calls a "flash thurday" where everyone turns their headlights on to get girls to "show their boobs)


Anyway, I saw a "smog station" pullover stop( literally a test station for smog---they ONLY do that crap in california...) the cops pull over people for emmisions and put them on a dyno.


I was coming up magnolia and was doing both the leykis 'thing and passed the smog station trailer' so I started started flashing my lights on and off(they were already on..) and got pulled over, searched of course and the rest is history...


I went to North Court in fullerton, dont rememeber the judges name.


So anyway, like I said Kerr- they ran the charge concurrent with the other charge...


I figured they had their own reasons for doing it and the other time was so large, that the 90 days was nothing--- so I just let it ride...:)



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If people would just do the right thing......

I have to agree with Kanigo2 here. If we look at the laws in accordance to driving whether in the US or Canada (my own experience) most if not all have the safety of others in mind.


Nothing burns me up more than seeing young drivers 'showing off' down the streets of a subdivision.


Too many children can be playing and in that context put into harm's way.


Same goes for most other highway traffic acts. I've seen people speeding on the country back roads, come over a hill just to find an elderly person crossing the road for their mail.


Sometimes we have to look at the bigger picture, I can agree on that for sure.



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Whether people do the right thing to begin with, is sort of a moot point, since they simply don't.


If you see a speeder, and can slow him down by simply flashing your headlights, does this also serve a purpose ?


To deter an officer from handing out a ticket, also takes away revenue for the government. Another motive for setting up a speed trap, is to provide an officer the opportunity to pull someone over and possibly discover additional violations.







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I was agreeing with you as well Kerr...lol though those pictures were funny!


So when do you think Gunships will be standard issue? ;) lol !


-On a side note, nothing to do with Gov't revenues, but just the mentality...


If everyone is "warned" then the actions are repeated obviously, and perhaps even more daring (the psychology of 'doesn't apply to me' syndrome - I'm sure can snowball)...to the point yes, it's going to cause another harm at some point. Not to mention what it teaches to the other passengers in the car in terms of accetable actions (for this example above).




I found this one a little bit oxymoronic ;) Kinda' gets back to your idea about warning about one thing but missing the main point !





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even I have to admit---those were some funny ass picts kerr.


None the less the situation does occur.


Proven by my testimony, I will be a witness.


Enforcement of said,"violation" and the means to carry it out may come in a haphazard method from the "authorities"...


By the way, quit drugs, 10 years to the day my wife died. January 25th 1999. Also, Annas foster mom also died on Jan 25th 1991. There may be "other circumstances" ., which come into play.


I only toss that out, because the situation that you are seeking an answer to, may have ummm "extenuating circumstances".. for the reason the you may be looking into this subject.....:cough:


Strange thing we see. but noted.


I love this place.



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I was agreeing with you as well Kerr

I know you were, brother. As "only you" know, I can look at this issue from two different sides of the fence.


Some people may deserve a gunship on their butts...lol.


I love the picture you posted, lol...had to print out a copy of that one.


People seem to forget that a vehicle can be a deadly weapon. With most accidents, they begin before anyone knows what happening, and then it's too late. Living in Southern California for 40 years, and driving on the worst freeways for decades, it is an interesting contrast to now be driving in a small town in the country. Compared to the Southern California drivers, the drivers out this way are horrid.


When moving to Texas, I could tell which cars had California Plates before they were legible, even in the depths of New Mexico, the driving habits of those from California stood out.


I've seen my share of accidents and then some, and can understand the mentality of Law Enforcement Officers. The public sees accidents on occasion, whereas an officer see's accidents and other horrific incidents on a consistent basis. To be witness to and involved with tragic events constantly seems as though it would make for some aggression towards violators.



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may have ummm "extenuating circumstances"...

I figured as much, my friend. Funny how sometimes, a topic you believe is trivial becomes more than first thought.


Your experience got me to wondering about how the different levels of enforcement thought about this gimmick.


From the District Attorney's Office in Orange County, Ca....to the Superior Court in California and Texas, and people in-between, has all brought interesting responses.


This was presented to each of the different individuals as a general question, without specifics, so no worries there.


Very interesting replies, indeed.



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