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How come NO reply to this poster regarding Zeshua?


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On 11/07/07 03:03 PM the following was posted by qbicle :


first i'll have to tell you that i only respond with facts, SCIENTIFIC FACTS.


So, this Zeshua-person, who claims to be a TT, will be unmasked, in this post.




Zechua(yeah you), you claim to have a silicon/organic/quantum hybrid system, right?


Well, this is the one thing i know a few things of: the field of QUANTUM COMPUTING.


I study physics/logic/computerscience at the KUL(1) and at the VUB(2).


So, if you are from the year 2025 you HAVE to know that it is UNTHINKABLE of making a quantum-computer that is a HYBRID-system with a normal PC/CPU/computer, yes?


For the people who don't know this:(and you are in this group)


A quantum computer is a kind of turing-machine that operates via quantum-mechanical-phenomena like entanglement(the 'spooky action at a distance'/Einstein) and superposition for operating datasets.


a 'normal' PC uses 2 states to store and manipulate datasets: the elusive one's and zero's that make up the rudimentary binary registers/memory/... to store things called BITS(e.g. 00 01 10 11= 0,1,2,3)


quantum computers use not BITS, but Qu-bits(QUantum BITS).


To go to the point(instead of boring you with theories) a quantum-bit (i like to call it 'qb' hence my alias) has also the same properties of a normal bit, except that it isn't confined to the MUST BE ONE OF TWO STATES.


(??????) As a normal bit HAS to be OR 1 OR 0 (on/off) a qb can be 1,0 or a superposition of BOTH(3). So this renders it as incredibly FAST and incredibly good for cryptology(logic-gates that can be both could make a coded message pretty useless for people without the actual key).


So, now that you know this, you should feel the water rising, yes?


If your computer(if it can be build, and used, wich i seriously doubt) uses hybrid-technology(you probably heard the term in a car commercial, NOWADAYS), it would LOSE the quantum-properties because a hybrid HAS to be compatible with the LOWER-end(being the normal CPU/pc) which renders it to, a mere 'normal'-PC's speed and losing the superpositioning of the 1's and 0's.


now the organic-computer throw-down:


wich isn't my cup of tea( to be hounest),


In 1999 there was a publication ,I don't know exactly, but it was either MIT or GIT that spread the word, probably you gained the idea from there(it was major news back then), about organic computing, COMPUTING(not compuTER).


In that article they said that they could do nothing more than adding, multiplying, subtrackting and devisions(yes, like a very VERY simple pocket calculater).


This field is still in it alpha-phase meaning that it rarely reaches the right conclusion, this is funny, it can, but NOT ALWAYS, give you the answer to mathematical problems if the numbers that are used are smaller than nn(00-99) e.g. 01+05 = 06 but not 99+01= 100(nnn).


From this we can make ASSUMPTIONS(i hate assumptions but WTH) that the usability of a organic computer is still 0.0(zero,zero).


So the claim that we will have a working organic-computer in the year 2025 is most speculative. Not that it can not be, but most unlikely, as in: the color purple exists, rain too, rabbits also, but the day that purple rabbits rain from the sky is most likely nihil.


So IF( and that is a BIG IF) these organic computers exist in 2025, they would LONG be out of their prototype-phase(most of the times takes about 5 years). Making it MINIMUM 2020 that they will be around. And now is 2007 and they still haven't been released out of their 'thinking-about'-phase.


Now the hybrid thing:


IT IS NOT POSSIBLE. (no explanation needed, see above)


I hope that other people come up with far better stuff than this, because YOU are humiliating the species, including yourself, with such irrational idea's!


But, if you could give me emperical proof of your statements, i will have to congratulate you for being the first real TT.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -




KUL Katholieke Universiteit Leuven ---> English: Catholic university of Louvain in Belgium.




VUB Vrije universiteit Brussel ---> English: Free University of Brussels also in Belgium.




BOTH= not one of two states but BOTH AT THE SAME TIME! e.g. a zero can be interpreted as a one or even a one one zero one zero....untill +/-infinity(explanation is pretty boring, trust me)






Where are the rebuttal's to this post ? I would think that enough time has passed that somebody would have been able to refute what was said, yet, never did. Wonder why ?


Another thought that occurred to me was comparing my theory of the mythical Thoth as a likely time traveling candidate to the time traveling claimants in TTI.


IF we look at what Thoth, and Quetzalcoatl have been ascribed to have contributed to specific cultures:


The Egyptians credited Thoth as the author of all works of science, religion, philosophy, and magic.


The Greeks further declared him the inventor of astronomy, astrology, the science of numbers, mathematics, geometry, land surveying, medicine, botany, theology, civilized government, the alphabet, reading, writing, and oratory.


So, I can't help but ask myself if ANY of our claimants have contributed anything NEW regarding the same ?


The answer to that question is: NO ! on all counts !


The reason for this is because, so far, no claimant has been from the future, and thus don't have anything NEW to contribute.


Needed to be considered are the probabilities of any claimant being from the future.


If I am not mistaken, Zeshua in particular, seems to have posted just about the time when Spring Break occurs. That she is a college student, taking specific classes and using possible topics discussed in class, to throw into the mix of her posts here at TTI,and is just merely participating in a little bit of "college" antics on-line.




Zeshua is actually from the future.




When all the facts are reviewed, weighing the probabilities; It is far more "probable" that Zeshua is nothing more than a college student participating in some sort of on-line antics, and posting during Spring Break...and has either graduated and moved on in her life, or has entered into more complex classes, and no longer has the time to spend posting in an on-line forum, such as TTI, then the Zeshua alternative as supported by "some" members of TTI.



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i think he was lying, plus he made too many spelling mistakes. imagine what his coding must look like.


then one day, i came across this story:


By Philip Sherwell




It sounds like science fiction: a brain nurtured in a Petri dish learns to pilot a fighter plane as scientists develop a new breed of "living" computer. But in groundbreaking experiments in a Florida laboratory that is exactly what is happening.


The "brain", grown from 25,000 neural cells extracted from a single rat embryo, has been taught to fly an F-22 jet simulator by scientists at the University of Florida.



japan is working on a quantum-hybrid pc.


Hybrid Quantum-Classical Simulations of Ceramics Materials on PC Grids.Accession number;02A0801550


Title;Hybrid Quantum-Classical Simulations of Ceramics Materials on PC Grids.


Author;OGATA SHUJI(Yamaguchi Univ., Fac. Engineering, JPN) KONO TAKAHISA(Yamaguchi Univ., School of Medicine, JPN)


Journal Title;Solid State Physics


Journal Code:F0158B






Figure&Table&Reference;FIG.4, REF.31


Pub. Country;Japan




Abstract;A hybrid density-functional-theory / molecular-dynamics / finite-element simulation approach appropriate for PC grids is developed to study chemical reactions coupled with long-range mechanical phenomena in ceramics materials. (author abst.)



this, in no way, denotes that i believe in zeshua, or that zeshua is a real tt. it just proves she did some research. she also tried to make her story unfalsifiable, but she didnt. there are many loopholes.



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Interesting articles, indeed. However, the time-line for such advanced technology to develop into something within the market place is not really specific. This was what I gathered from the original post, that the time-line for Zeshua to be using such a computer is off.


I can't really say either way if he was telling the truth or not...but found it interesting that his points were not addressed at the time he wrote the post.


I remember reading an article regarding the development of a bio-chip in the mid-80's, which were supposed to already be as common as Coca-Cola on the Super Market shelves by this time...yet they aren't, at least in the capacity as written about ever so long ago.


I'm sure that all kinds of nifty stuff is under development, but exactly "when" the stuff becomes an everyday thing, is entirely different.



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Well you know most (maybe not all but most) stuff that comes thru here is fictional and as TTI claims to be it is also a fictional forum. I have seen a lot of interesting stuff come through here. Most topics posted here are only that. Interesting but not much more. RMT is looking for a needel in a hay stack. What are the chances a real time traveler is going to come through here and post mathematical postulates, mechanical, and electrical diagrams of a time machine. Probably none. But he enjoys the fictional part of this forum that somebody will do that one day. As I enjoyed posting my own claim that probably no one would except and even working on it in my personal time. So, we all come here to have fun and play. It is all good.



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Jeez, my friend, cut him a little slack on the spelling. English was not his primary language. He was from Holland and spoke/wrote Dutch as his primary. ;)


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its weird man!!!! just an observation!!!


08/08/07 11:34 AM ( Edit Reply


Yep yep yep, it's weird, ok, we here in Europe have strange phenomena too, but noone actually starts believing in orange gophers, people traveling through time, aliens, etc...


Even your ifo's ARE indentified, not even UN-identified like our Ufo's, because you know for sure that they contain alien life.


I am interrested in time travel (i'm a physics student), not in etheric mumbo-jumbo. i can go to church for that(its free).


please forgive my english, but i'm sure your Dutch isn't as good.


This forum shouldn't even pop-up on science lists.

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Hey hey


I'm amused by the reactions, Since i don't visit this board that often.


I don't know you, but you haven't stolen your name huh, Ruthless?


If you want to know, I was a student at two universities and it s#*ked big time. I'm going on with physics but computer sciences are not my thing... lol


Thanks for your concern regarding my code, but i knew that already...


Iy cee yoo laik my pervect splenning... LOL ( thanks for the spelling check gizmothingy in Firefox, I know now that the red underlined words are the wrong ones)


For (any volunteers'?) sake,looking back, the reply(regarding Zeshua) I gave sounds hard to me too, so you too have a right to point fingers.


I hope this board stays online forever, its a great timekiller...



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to Cyndy..


you cant warn them-- they wont listen.


and.. most importantly--you will forgot what you already know.. because your cause will become confused.. and subject to this reality we live in...but go ahead and try.


and only then will you understand the wisdom. In what I am saying.. "your having a hard time convincing yourself...", "much less other people".


maybe its something they see in you..


--------------------------> but anyway.. on to charlie...hi charlie!



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