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A supposed true story - comments?


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I was once told a story. Supposedly it's true.


If it had a shred of credibility, does anyone have an explanation?


A boy in his mid teens was attending a small town festival at night with some friends.


He had been drinking as it was a party, during it's course there was some scuffles and people got seperated.


Being in a town near his, but not his own he had no clue where anyone was or where to go, he was utterly lost in a throng of people. Alot of drunk and fighting people.


Looking around, an old man was standing in the middle of the side street off to his side.


From the description, it stood out, as the man was standing motionless staring at the boy.


As the two observed each other, the man then turned to his right and walked off into the night.


In his place was left a black cut out of where the man had been standing.


The cut out then turned to it's left and went the opposite direction through a yard.


The boy was enthralled by this most unusual circumstance, felt magnetized to whatever this was, and where it was going, like he had to follow.


If the boy fell behind, it would wait for just enough distance before continuing on.


It climbed over fences, and up a fire escape, then in through a window.


As the boy came in through the window, there sat his friends, all at their uncles place of residence.


They exclaimed, how did you find us, and what the hell are you doing coming in the fire escape?


Motionless and staring the boy answered, I don't know. I really don't know.


I'm not sure what to make of it. The person doesn't typically tell stories, it seemed extremely out of their character.


Does anything fictional/non-fictional come to mind in any relation?



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Wondered on the entire legitimacy of that - appeared to interview security or police.


I'll keep my eye on the debunkers of that one.


Reminds me of about a year or so ago. 'Was watching local Buffalo evening news, when they had a reporter talking with people at the Airport. Apparently the big deal was after getting off a plane, one paticular gentleman in a suit with a briefcase was in a hurry.


In such a hurry, he ran across the Tarmac (according to the witnesses), and tried to jump an approximate twenty foot gap or so to the parking garage across the other side.


The witnesses say he missed just short, fell a goodly distance to the concrete below (30 feet?), and then proceeded to brush himself off and continue running.


News said they would update after speaking with officials.


Never heard much more. Or anything.


I cocked an eyebrow at that one.



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and that person can walk into traffic.


(you have NO ,Idea, how much that hurts to say,, but a few people do,,, and thats one of the reasons, that I find it SO hard to come back, into this forum....and I think ya all , understand why, the "what ifs" simply KILL me inside.'..


But , I am gunna try.



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I've seen and felt alot of death close to me from the time I came into this world.


Each person holds something of another that no one person can devalue.


I have faith that we each learn and live with what we do to help another.


For the worst we've all been dealt, or felt, someone out there is struggling that crosses our lines much like ourselves and experiences.


Sometimes when we meet another we simply share a sentence.


Other times we write a chapter, and those few precious times we write a book together.


Sometimes we need help from others in our journey and sometimes others need our help.


Perhaps I cannot relate to you, and know your pain exactly because my similar experience was as a child to the parent.


I was basically seeing events unfold like your children did and do.


A very strong lady whom I respect and admire knows exactly what you went through.


Way back then she had to deal like yourself and try to make it through each day for me and my sister, though the pain of it all made her strength ebb as she found it hard to even swallow food.


Eventually she found another best friend and started again.


We all started again. Now that book as well my friend has had it's final chapter written.


I don't think life was ever meant to be easy, if it was, how much less would we learn?


Great beauty is born of great pain. We just have to allow it to grow again when we're ready.


I carry alot of people with me whom haven't been around for a long time.


If I can remember something from thirty years ago, or ten years ago, or yesterday in the same vividness, there is no difference.


The memory is alive, just as for everyone that has a great distance between themselves and loved ones whether here or gone. It's what we hold onto with honor that gives meaning.


You have more than a right to be mad at anyone you wish. Including me if you choose.


I understand more than you think.


If you ever want a friend, I'd appreciate that too.



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