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A Test For Time Travellers


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06:33: Which day is now?


06:35: 23rd April 2006th year.


06:38: The last thing I remember was the Wednesday, 23rd April, 1958th year.


06:46: This is very interesting. You want to say, that you appeared in the future, from your point of view.


06:52: I don't know.


06:56: This looks like a time disorientation, or subjective interpretation of time. As general such a




in the organism perform protective functions. People, especially those, who suffered a serious trauma or


stress, principally show symptoms of escaping from the reality, submersing in themselfs, going back to their


memories, because they feel comfortable there, but in the case with this young man, it was different.


07:20: Nevertheless, lets introduce each - other.


07:24: My name is Ponomarenko, Sergei. I was born in Kiev in 17th June, 1932


07:32: Yes, but I would give you 25, 26, but no more than 30 years of age.


07:38: I am 25. You can calculate that by yourself.


07:43: Well, fine. Can you remember the moment, before you appeared in our time?


07:52: I was in a day off, and wanted to go for a walk. I took my camera and right in the yard I saw a


strange object in the sky. It was looking like a bell, but was something different. It was flying in a


strange trajectory. I can't explain better what I saw. Better process the film. Then maybe it will become




08:18: This was looking like a psychotic disorder, connected with time disorientation. But to be established


a definite diagnose, of course, a longer monitoring is required. This is why I offered him to remain in our


hospital for observation. Then I noticed how he is looking at the clock, which was hanging on the wall.


08:39: The arrows of your clock stopped. Tell me, whats the time now?


08:51: The time was backward. The clock on the wall was showing half past one. My watch was showing exactly


the same time. We were talking with him at least half an hour. I gave him a paper, and asked him to write


down his last memories. I took him to the assistant. When I came back, I saw, that the clock on the wall and


the watch were working again, correct with 32 minutes backwards.


09:17: Of course, we may assume, that the usual clock on the wall simply stop.


09:30: But it is hard to question the quality Swiss watch, that the doctor had. It also was 32 minutes




09:47: For the modern physics the term "time" is something like the Pandora box. If it becomes fully


researched and puzzled out, then it is unclear what the outcome may be.


//// Vladimir Bronevskii Phd in physics and technics


10:04: After the first exam of the patient, the doctor discovered, that in his office all of the clocks are


backward. Unchanged somehow remained only the time, shown on the video record.


10:16: It is hard for us to understand it, but the importance are not the watches. We are dealing with an


unexplained even from a scientific point of view phenomenon. You understand, when at one and the same time


electronics fails, connections are lost, engines stop, it is impossible to be explained only with a


technical failure and to close our eyes for obvious things. After all, the time has the possibility to go




10:41: As known, practically time traveling is not possible. According to our conception of the world, time


is irreversible, and goes only in one direction - on one way road from the past to the future, the events of


which remain a mystery for us. We may plan our next day, we may talk about the previous, and no exceptions


from this are possible. But what if, however, there is a road back.


//// Vadim Chernobrov Ufologist


11:15: The time is the same environment as the space. It has width, debt, height. On the same way as the


space has 3 dimensions, the time is multi - dimensional.


11:27: For the classical physics the direction of time does not matter. Is it going forward, or backwards,


with positive or negative sign, but for the usual person, the time represents as an asymmetric phenomenon. We


place principal difference between past and future. For us they are as different as cause and consequence.


Therefore, the classic term "time" as for us sounds absurd. But for the science it is good.


12:07 Different from the other people, one man - Albert Einstein was not this categorical and spoke, that the


time can slow down. According to his theory if a spaceship travels with a speed, closer to the speed of the


light, the time in it can stop.


12:30 With the help of a strong gravity the time can be influenced to the point when it stops with the such


called Shvartz sphere. This is a sphere, that hypothetically limits the black energy. And what is outside the


sphere, after its border? While we are traveling through the dark matter the time slows down and slows down,


right on the border of the sphere it stops. But if we hypothetically proceed our journey further, what will


happen? It would have stopped already. It may remain stopped as it is, or it may start going on the opposite




13:17 Pavel Krutikov could quietly forget about his patient. Furthermore nobody was searching for him. But in


April 2006, the doctor started his own investigation.


13:32 I remember my first impressions and the behavior of my patient, and all that he told, even his


comsomol ticket. Everything this looked very truthful. And of course, I wanted to solve this case. I needed


to know what was on his photographic film.


13:47: The first thing he did was to find a specialist, who knows how to process old unprocessed films.


14:00: To tell the true, I was surprised. It was an old photographic film with 36 frames. All this was from a


past era. Its manufacturing ended in the 70's maybe even earlier.


//// Vladim Poizner Photographer


14:13: Still not knowing about the strange story of the film, the photographer was surprised and wanted to


know how, and mainly who managed to store it for so many years.


14:28: This unprocessed film can be stored for 2 years, 3 at max, and end. The jelly base, which is holding


the emulsion decomposes and the film goes in the garbage. And here we are talking about 40 years at least.


- And what was the condition of the film?


- Based on the photos, it was perfect. It was hard to find the needed reactives. They are not produced


anymore. I had to do some chemicals by myself, I was looking from what, but after all the photos were done,


and they were curious.


15:00 And so, several photos were made, which made the doctor think how his patient could do them. The first


photos were from well known by the doctor places in Kiev at the end of the 50's.


15:20: Followed several photos of an young man, who looked very similarly to Sergei Ponomorenko.


15:27: On the next photos was a good looking young woman at around 20 years old. The doctor suggested, that


this is a Ponomarenko's friend.


15:43: And at the end, the most curious of all photos. On it really, as Ponomorenko said, was captured an


unknown flying object, looking like a bell.


16:01 This is not a defect of the film, neither is a problem with the processing. These objects really were


in the objective during the making of the photos.


16:12 The researchers of anomalies know different shapes of unknown flying objects. The majority of them are


shaped like disks, or globes. Quite rare are being reported ellipses, cylinders, and triangles. Reported bell


- like shape of the flying objects are an exception from the rule. This photo is made by an Australian


citizen on the second of April, 1966


//// 2 April 1966 year Balvin, Malburn, Australia


16:42 The Victorian society of studding of flying saucers made an expertise of this photo and concluded first


that this is a bell, and second, this is the first photograph of an UFO shaped as a bell.


//// Photo made 2 April ----unreadable / with the camera -----unreadable / The frame is well documented /


Victorian society ----unreadable / unreadable --- the town of ---- unreadable / by sketching the angle of the


camera, the destinations, the azimuth of the sun, and fixed reflection of the light from the UFO. / As a


starting point for the calculations of the destination and the height was used a photographed chimney tube /


The society established, that the photo / "does not contain signs of ---- unreadable"


17:00 But if the photography, made from the Ponomarenko's film also shows a bell - shaped object, then our


researchers are ready to question the success of the Australian ufologists.


17:13 I have no doubts, that this is a bell. The thing is different. What if this man brought in the clinic


says the truth and he really came to us from the year of 1958.


17:32 The situation was very difficult. I have a patient, who claims, that has come from the past. I, as a


doctor - psychiatrist must establish a diagnose and to prescribe him a treatment. And all of the sudden, I


find proofs for his claim. On the photography, there is really something like an UFO.


18:06 Doctor, tell me, is there something wrong with me?


- You see, Seriodja, I am not considering you ill. There are still things, that I have to consider. I hope,


that you will help me.


- I am already here and I want to to go home. Do you understand, in my time.


- Seriodja, here we have photos, made from your camera's film. I am mostly interested from this photo. See


it, please.


- Are you convinced now, that I do not lie? I still do not know what was this object and what happened with


me. While taking the picture, I saw through the lense of the camera a completely different world around me.



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19:11 These were the last words of Sergei Ponomarenko, recorded in the clinic. After that the cameras show


him going out of the doctors office with the camera, that the doctor gave him back. He walked along the


corridor and returned in his room.


19:30 When he went out, I looked at the watches. They again were back-warded with the time, which he was in




office. So far no watchmaker can explain this phenomenon. After some time they told me, that Sergei has


disappeared. From guarded hospital, from my department and through a one way room.


19:50 This looks more than strange. Sergei Ponomarenko dissapeared from a room, where all windows were with


bars. The only exit from the room was under a constant surveillance. Of course, theoretically we can suggest,


that he managed to escape. But how and why?


20:31 Sergei Ponomarenko dissapeared the third day from his stay in the private clinic.


20:38 Even if the window is opened, it is impossible to go through the bars. There is only one entrance


and exit. When he disapeared, I found on his bed a magazine and the records, that he was making by doctor's




20:52 In his records he wrote information about his address, that he was born in Kiev in 1932, and that he


was working in the Kiev metro.


21:07 This data was given from Pavel Krutikov to the police officer, who brought Ponomarenko in the clinic.


21:19 If the written is true, then Ponomarenko, Sergei Valentinovitch, born in 1932 has been living in


Peschannaia street number 8, apartment 3. My inquiry showed, that this is the old name of the place, where


we found him. If it is him, of course.


21:31 As the police officer's inquiry showed, the building, where Sergei Ponomarenko lived, was demolish in


the 80's and a new 9 floors building was build on its place. Exactly infrontof this building Sergei was


found on the 23rd of April, 2006. But it appeared, that this is not all.


21:57 According to operative information, Sergei Ponomarenko has been reported missing, and look at the date


- not June, 1958, nor 2006 when we found him, but April 1978. In the archive was found also his photography.


Here is it. If this was happening now, I would conclude, that this is the same man, but older. The man on


this photo is 46 years old.


22:24 The man on this photo is 46 years old.


22:25 In the text describing his appearance we find: He went home, took with him a "Fet" camera and didn't


come back.


22:41 I will not be surprised, if this is the same "Fet", which was in our time. Anyway, the description of a


missing person gives us reasons to believe, that this is not a simple coincidence. And that Sergei


Ponomarenko really can travel in time and come back.


23:00 Ufologists try to prove the impossible and arranged the events as follows. In the year of 1958 the


young man went in the future, and more precisely in the year of 2006, e.g. in our time. Then he went back and


was living in Kiev at around 20 years, until the year of 1978. What happened next is a mystery.


23:30 I would like to compare our story with a photo, made in Canada in 1941.


23:39 There among the people can be seen a young man, who is dressed completely unusual for the 40's. The


upper clothing, the T-shirt with patterns, the hair - cut and the sun glasses, anything in him does


correspond with this time. When the specialists examined the photography, they didn't manage to find


anything, that to suppose forgery. They reached to the conclusion, that this was an actual guest from the




24:03 Another one possible ambassador from the future was found in the advertisement of the Charlie Chaplin's


movie "Circus" made in the year of 1928.


//// Frames from the advertisement of the Chaplin's movie "Circus" from 1928 year.


24:16 The woman, who you see on the screen is holding something with her hand close to her ear and is


behaving as someone, who is talking on a mobile phone. It is absolutely possible this to be just a


coincidence. But what if really, someone have made out the phenomenon of time.


24:31 If we say, that the time traveling is not possible, then we will confess right away, that many


postulates of the physics are incorrect. For example, from the Soviet times until now, in nearly all books is


written: "the speed of light is a constant value". But this is not true. Now it is known, that the speed of


the light can be changed. Then, the time flow also can be changed. Simply, it is too hard for us to imagine






24:55 Recently a very interesting study was published, by an american physicist Eonald Mallet, that the main


mechanism of the time machine soon will become the usual beam of light.


25:12 The idea, that the time and space can be bended with the help of light is not new. However, Eonald


Mallet went further. In his experiment he really managed to slow down the light to several meters per second.


//// Eonald Mallet / Professor of theoretical physics / from the university of state Connecticut


25:35 This is giving us hope, that the nearest future if not the experimental physics, then at least the


theoretical physics will manage to make the time traveling possible. And most important, without the help of


any aliens.


25:58 In this audio tape is recorded an incredible prediction, made in the year of 1958.




//// ----unreadable ---- fragment from an audio program ---- / with the participation of ---- unreadable


25:07 Good day, dear listeners! Our guest now is the inventor and the manager of the circle of the young


technicians in the pioner organization Ponomarenko, Sergei




//// audio record fragment from an audio program 1960 / with the participation of Sergei Ponomarenko


26:16 He has an unbelievable story about the achievements of the future science. Hello Sergei!


- Hello! I want to tell you about the wonderful future, that awaits us in the near future. With the help of


the inventions of our scientists after 40 - 50 years the life of the people will become much better. What we


now consider as a fantasy will be absolutely possible. We will only have to wait for example 40 years until


starts the production of an artificial hearts.


- If your conspectus was not so detaily described, I would consider you as a mentally disturbed.


26:57 If we were living in 1958 and we hear such a prediction, we would think, that this is a fantasy. And


you will be even more amazed, when you hear who made this prediction.


27:11 Considering the data, that we received from the police, we may expect, eventually, that his


subconsciousness will fuse these data, this information, which is written, his photography, his biographical


data, and he can fuse all that and it may come to his consciousness. Because he now he is in an absolute


disconnection from the reality. He falls in memories, that are not connected with the present. We may


consider to use a hypnotic dream, hypnosis, suggestion. It is completely possible this to help. But he is not


here. We must be searched.


27:59 After the disappearance of Sergei Ponomarenko doctor Krutikov aimed to find someone, who may know the




28:14 To find someone, who know Sergei Ponomarenko, helped him the same police reference. In it was pointed a


woman, who signaled for his disappearance.


28:26 Before to ruin the building, its habitants were token out of it. Even though, we managed to find her.


It was interesting, that when we asked if she remember Sergei Ponomarenko, who disappeared in 1978 she said


"he is not death. He is alive. He will come back. "


28:43 Good day! Please enter.


As Pavel Kurtik noticed, it turned out, that this woman, Valentina Kulich was the same woman from the photos


made by Sergei Ponomarenko. But in order not to push her, the doctor decided firstly simply to talk to her.


Valentina Petrovna said, that they were very good friends, but after his disappearance in 1978, he was


considered death. His place was given to another people. They threw away all items from the previous


inhabitant. Valentina Petrovna managed then to save one photography.



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29:24 It was long time ago. This is the only photography I have, that we are with Seriodja. It was made in




Lets compare it. The photo, that Kulich has was made in 1958. Suposingly in the same year are taken the two


other pictures, in one of which Valentina is together with Sergei.


//// Valentina Kulish / Sergei Ponomarenko's friend


29:57 It is hard to imagine, that these are different people.


30:04 I had a copy of the photo with the young woman. When I saw her, and when I introduced myself to


Valentina Kulich, I understood, that this is she. I show her the photo, and she started to cry. Of course,




wanted to know from where I have the photo. Then I was forced to lie, that the picture has been kept in the


police archives. I can not just say her, that someone, who pretends to be Sergei Ponomarenko has come to me.


Valentina Kulich could not believe, that this photo was kept somewhere. While looking at the photo, she


remembered important details.


30:45 I was at around 16 years old.


- And you believe, that Sergei is alive?


- Seriodja was a strange person. He was talking about such things, that at this time could not even be


imagined. He claimed, that he saw the future. Something changed in him. He started to write to magazines,


radios, and he was telling such an unusual stories.


31:07 I had doubts for all of these coincidences, that Sergei Ponomarenko, about who Valentina Kulich


talked, my patient are one and the same person. But I had to proceed the investigation. This is why I turned


to the government archives and received a completely unexpected positive answer.


31:29 This old tape was staying in the archives for 50 years and was well preserved. The speaker describes


really incredibly accurate predictions for the future.


31:54 Believe, the cooking will become an easy and fast procedure. For example baked potatoes can be made


with the help of a device, that looks like an usual and transportable box. You are plugging it in the


electricity, and then you turn on the timer.


- Excuse me, turn on what?


- Timer is a device, that can be compared with a wake up alarm, which works in the precise moment and turns


off the oven. After several minutes your lunch will be ready.


32:25 When I saw a microwave oven, I remembered Sergei. He knew about that long time ago. Now I can't figure


out from where he knew all that.


32:40 From where a simple electro-mechanic from the Kiev metro could know about the microwave oven. The


answer of this question found Pavel Krutikov himself. Pay attention of this video record. During his 3 days


in the


clinic Ponomarenko managed to get known with the microwave oven, which was used from the assistants in the




33:14 I remember, that he was asking a lot of questions about the microwave, the mobile phones. On the desk


were placed medical and popular journals, which he was reading many times.


33:34 You were talking about an apparatus "artificial heart". What exactly did you mean?


- There is nothing strange about it. Look at the heart as an organ, which pumps the blood. If the heart


becomes useless, it can be replaced with a new one, but artificial heart, which will have an accumulator, and


it does the same functions, as the usual heart. Its simple, and after 40 years the science will be able to


produce such aparatus.


34:10 Note, that Sergei Ponomarenko in his interview uses terms from our time. In 1958 even the medics have


not been listening for an apparatus of an artificial heart. And the first transplantation of a donor heart in


the Soviet Union was made in the end of 1980. And Ponomarenko could know about that only from the medics


in the clinic, or from the journals in the clinic.


34:35 On this record Sergei Ponomarenko is holding a magazine. It remained in his room after his


disappearance. As it turned out, in this magazine was well described the ...serial production and the


principles of working of the artificial heart.


34:51 Excuse me, when you were describing the technologies of the future, for example a telephone without


cables, with musical signals and build in phone book, how you imagined these ideas?


- It will not be only a phone. It will be an apparatus, that will be able also to show the blood type, the


temperature. Alot of things await us in the future. The science will make big achievements.


- Thank you for the interesting story, about the fantastic future,that awaits us. Our guest was the


inventor, and the manager of the circle of the young mechanics in the pioneers organization Ponomorenko


Sergei. Thanks alot!


- Thank you too.


35:36 According to Valentina Kulich, after the radio broadcast, Sergei started to prepare for entering in the


politechnical university, but he was forced to resign. He introspected in himself, because he couldn't


understand why the clocks around him were stopping.


35:53 Seriodja was taking this motive very seriously. Rumors started and he closed in himself.


36:09 The arrows of your clock stopped.


36:13 The importance is not in the watches, but in the man. It is possible, that he was the carrier of this




36:18 Your watch is alright. Tell me what's the time.


36:26 Unfortunately, at this moment, we may only guess about the phenomenon of the time stopping. In the


Einstein's theory of relativity there is a posture, that time enclosed in a plane, can change its directions


under the influence of the gravity of a very large objects. But to stop the time, it is very hard to be


explained even by the experimental physics. And to understand it is impossible.


37:05 We would forget this story long ago, but after two years I received a call from Valentina Kulich, and


she claimed, that she has received a letter from the same man, who names himself Sergei Ponomarenko.


37:22 For some time Valentina Kulich was not home. When she came back, she found in her post box an envelope,


over which was not neither a stamp, nor a return address.


37:34 I had problems with the heart, and the doctors recommended me to stay in the hospital. When I was


discharged, I opened my post box, and there was lying this letter. In the envelope was this photograph.


It is Seriodja. Look. He almost hasn't changed.


37:57 According to Valentina Kulich on this photograph Sergei Ponomarenko is 46 years old. The exact age from


his disappearance in 1978. Furthermore, the photograph was made in Kiev. Behind Sergei Ponomarenko is the


river of Dnepr. But is this possible?


38:27 This is Kiev. But it gives the impression, that the photograph is taken in the future.


38:35 You see Kiev the Ukraina's capital today from the same point, where is Sergei Ponomarenko on the


photograph on the right. Comparing them is difficult to mistake Kiev with an another city.


38:51 Yes, I have seen this photography. It is a strange photo. But I can not explain or comment it at any




38:59 From the point of view of the usual perception of things, a man can not move into another time. Even


though, Valentina Kulich is sure, that on the opposite side of this photo is a message left from Sergei


Ponomarenko with his handwriting. "I am fine. I will try to come back. "


39:25 We maybe previously thought, that the time traveling is impossible. But this photo shows the opposite.


39:40 In order to protect their confidentiality, the names of some of the people were changed. Undeniable


proves for the existence of extraterrestrial beings on the Earth does not exist. To believe or not is decided


only from you.



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Thanks for the translation. You didn't mention the name of the show or what kind of show it is.


It is obviously a dramatic recreation of "events" but we have and have had several shows in the US that take extreme dramatic license with the "facts". Might this be a Russian version of the same?


I did notice that the photo at the end, around 35:00 thru 38:00 or so, that is a "future" picture of Kiev looks photo-shopped and rather poorly at that. Unless, of course, the architects in the future really like using the same buildings to fill in a skyline.



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seivtchoThanks for the translation. You didn't mention the name of the show or what kind of show it is.


in a skyline.

Thank you for appreciating my work, people!


The video is located at youtube:


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eD3MeAWvx5YI don't know. At this point I think, it may be everything - a fraud, a mentally ill person, who has many coincidences in his benefit, some sort of sick joke, or maybe a real time traveler. But the proofs, that were gathered were really very convincing.



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I can confirm that there was only one manager of the "Free Speech America" forum during the Fall of 2004. His name is Sam Burdette.



As mentioned in the other thread that this photo was posted in, the screenshot makes no sense. It shows a modern Windows OS using IE to visit a website that has long been defunct, showing the defunct URL in the browser toolbar. It is obviously inauthentic. Better luck next time fabricating screenshots.



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Would have been easy to fake this with the Wayback Machine:




Pick a archived date, remove the web.archive.org stuff from the URL and take a screenshot.


This could have been much cooler if you set up a Virtual machine running Windows 98 or something for the screenshot.



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Plus there are too many good photo editing programs out there to really trust 'any' photos now-a-days. This photo was edited to look like this :




When it really looked like this .......




... perhaps a photo of a Star Destroyer ? Which is real of course...





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Would have been easy to fake this with the Wayback Machine:https://web.archive.org/web/20040615000000*/http://groups.msn.com/FreeSpeechAmerica


Pick a archived date, remove the web.archive.org stuff from the URL and take a screenshot.


This could have been much cooler if you set up a Virtual machine running Windows 98 or something for the screenshot.

Thank you Cosmo for explaining that one. This archive is awesome!



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A Test? I'm not under obligation that I can 'test' anyone, The Guittimetraveller, if anybody told me that he, she had come back in time, the 1st thing, I could think about, was of course my musical intr., they can both exist side by side, - do you think, Dracula exists?

I mean you no disrespect, but you seem to possess an uncanny knack of talking non-sense.



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ooohhhh people, when I simply transcripted it, it loosed its sense. It is useful only as subtitles. Maybe it will be best if you play the video and on another text file to read while watching.

Finally, I made it. Translated all. It appeared much more time consuming and harder, than I expected. I was forwarding back and forward the video numerous times, typed as a type writer. I lost 2 days spare time. I wander if somebody will even decide to say "Thank you!"


Here is the translation time - lined:


With //// is marked what is written on the background.

Thank you for the translation. Not sure what happened, but only just saw this now.



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No harm meant by anything, Mylo, if I'm wrong about anything, of course I can still assure you all that I'll immediately 'testify(!)' to being happy to dwell on any enigma, whatsoever possible, unless it sounds too far fetched, best wishes, J.A., since I don't believe that I'm perfect, my future is just an issue that I allow myself no risk, whatsoever that I can fail to believe in, I never deliberately twaddle for whatever it's worth.



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OK. A test for all you would-be time travellers.

MSN forums no longer exist. In it's heyday, there were a lot of excellent forums.


So.....I'd like any would be time traveller to go back to around October 2004, and give me the MSN names of all 6 managers of the political forum 'Free Speech America'. Should not be at all hard to find the forum....and the managers names are in bold at the top of the list of members.


A simple task.


Oh...and as your PC on which you post here surely must have SHIFT and PRINT SCREEN.....a screen print too !


I'm betting there will be no takers.

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Here is what is going to happen in the future: (1) A Cintons life will be attempted on But this Clinton person will survive It will be done when they are in a limosine travaling to somewhere It will be done with a fully loaded fuel tanker truck (18 wheeler) Out in the country I think : (2) Some european agents will win a lottery trip and they will travel to china And then they will kill a strategic leader And it will affect the Amercan economy Because we snitched on europe to russia With Snoden The fake agent To mess up their fuel source from the Russians : (3) A black man 6ft.2 inches tall 240 lbs.from Nigirea with a Green Burrett Military back ground Will inter into NewYork City on a Grey Hound bus And get off at a Greyhound bus station Thats located right under a subway overpassing bridge He will be carrying a suit case bomb That will either contain refined uranium, plutonium, or a biological agent (Bacteria, Disease,) The media wasnt really sure what it was But this person sets this suitcase bomb off (detinates it) And then 100,000 thousand US troops suround NewYork City And Quorantine it And then the US Constituition is Suspended : (4) Bill Gates will die "Accidentally!" or so they will say (He will be killed for his fiberoptics network) Is this enough future for you : I have also told of other future events before they happened :



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How's that For a person who's been to the future and back In the future Someone with a second time machine brings two people from the past into the future Thier names are enoch and elijah And drop them off in the middle of Isreal And then Armagedon is going to begine The war will be started when All the nations of the Earth Start searching for that time machine that does this great action of bringing two people from the Past (from thousands of years ago) Into our present day future And they will stop at nothing to find this Secret Time Machine And they will come against Isreal Thinking that they have it



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