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The real battle of time travel!


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Our technology is exponetial,


it may improve at 20 times today, but 40 the next 1600, then 2.5 million times.


Aviation is a good example. 1901 a man once said "We will never in our forseable lifetime conquer the boundaries of gravity and


achieve controllable flight." in 1903 flight (controllable) was achieved. And the man who said we would not achieve it? None other


than Mr. Wright himself. So technology should have time travel mastered quite quickly after theories of reverse travel have been laid


to laws. We already know we can move forward with Dialation.


It will be amazing to see if we survive the ages where this takes place. Given Mr. Drakes theory of ET life and the ability to destroy


ourselves. Man (Stanford University)is currently working on creating a controlled "Super Nova" which could be sized down to a small


reaction releaseing an undetermined amount of Kinetic energy. Unfortunaelty they are aware enough to know that the small reaction


would be enough to devestate at least a 4.3 million (AU) light year span of territory.


The battle is not weather or not we will achieve light/time travel. it is if we can survive long enough to see it.



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Although not completely connected to your main point, your post did make me think.


In almost all contempory sci-fi films where we're visited by someone from the future, there are always psychologists at hand to condem the time-traveller as insane, especially when the time-traveller can offer no real proof that he/she is from the future (T2, Twelve Monkeys, etc.).


Does anyone think that, in this day and age, psychologists would take this line with some-one claiming to be from the future? Would they lock the traveller up in some asylum and throw away the key?


Many sceptics ask "If time-travel is a possibility, why has no-one from the future ever came back and introduced himself?". Perhaps we have an answer.



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