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Educate yourself - LSD debunked


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I recently had a member in PM whom I won't name, confess to me he is worried that he may have long term effects from past LSD use which was told to him by others.


I've heard this before and thought to clear up a few myths and "debunk" this before we start sending our hippy parent generation to the asylum - let's finally let them retire in peace ;)




You'll find that most long term "side effects" are quoted from anti-narcotic sources with no evidence to back it up, while they mean well for our children which is great, any misinformation is not so great. Notice the first link is from beyond zero tolerance.


Let me make it extremely clear I am not advocating the use,


or promoting such in any way, shape or form.


Anything ingested picked up off the street can have any foreign substance added to it.


Just look at some of the faces of meth users - brake fluid tends to do that I'd imagine :cry:


Sad stuff.


Here's one you might get a kick out of;





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My main reason for posting the above is out of concern for the aforementioned.


By having others placing this suggestion within his own reasoning and taking it a step farther, he could potentially like many others,


end up having side effects such as these;




That's not a conspiracy folks, it's actually well put together and updated.



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end up having side effects such as these...

The best course of action when faced with any physical or mental condition that MAY require medicine(s) or some form of treatment is education and research, and that would be AFTER consulting with a Medical Professional -- as in a licensed Medical Doctor.


IF and WHEN any Medical Professional provides anyone with a diagnosis and prescribes medication/treatment...it is the individuals responsibility to sit down and educate themselves about the overall diagnosis and treatment options.


This may include getting a second or third opinion, having discussions with Pharmacists about any medications prescribed, looking for on-line forums that discuss the experiences of others with the same situation, finding and attending any support groups that may be in the area.


As far as depression/anxiety/and related "stuff"...outside of the Medical Realm, this site is pretty dern good...


Depression Forums - A Depression & Mental Health Community Support Group


I don't believe it's a secret, as I have mentioned this previously in some of my posts. I was an extremely wild one in the 1980's and did partake in the world of Meth. Quitting and moving on was difficult and true change had to be built on a foundation of not only my will and desire to make those necessary changes, but required the help of others, which was tough since I am the type of person who usually does things on my own.


To seek out assistance in some situations is not bad, and in no way an admition of failure to accomplish something by oneself.


In addition, some of the steps required to bring about changes surprised me.


That there are effects to this day for my choices back then, seems to be so, although I was able to discover which "solutions" work for me. I also discovered that there were "solutions" available that did NOT work for me.


The most important factor that helped me, was to absolutely understand that I was never alone in what I faced, that there were many others who faced the same -- and finding those people for relating experiences ( then and NOW ) was and IS crucial.


And this included the Medical Professionals...AND sometimes it becomes necessary to "fire" the Medical Professionals and "hire" new ones. All depends.


Anytime anyone has questions or wishes to discuss experiences such as those I had in the 80's, and the lingering effects -- feel free to PM me.



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I apologize if it seemed like I was judging or saying something negative


in regards to your experiences, not the case at all.


The reason for my statement is that after re-reading what I had wrote,


I saw the two-fold reprecussion of what I had wrote and was trying to back peddle.


As much as I did not want someone as mentioned alienated, I realized that some


of our youth may visit this board, and my statements were not an endorsement


whatsoever or advice to go forward and wander into such a dangerous realm.


I hope you understand.



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I apologize if it seemed like I was judging or saying something negative


in regards to your experiences, not the case at all.

I never thought you were judging or saying anything negative within the contents of what you posted at all, especially with regards to my own experiences. No worries there.


When anyone is faced with a situation that requires "help"...whether that be treatment and/or medication, they are not alone, and have quite a few options available for support.


That was the intention(s) of my reply:


No one is alone in their circumstances.


Don't avoid the appropriate educated, licensed Professionals.


Do the homework with what is offerred as treatment.


Find others who have or are experiencing the same situation, and listen/read about their experiences.


Build up a support network of people familar with the situation.


I will say this ----- It is important to ask ( research through multiple sources ) about the "after-effects" of any medications IF and WHEN they are STOPPED being taken.



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I've heard this before and thought to clear up a few myths and "debunk" this before we start sending our hippy parent generation to the asylum - let's finally let them retire in peace

It's not a myth. I suppose one had to have been up close and personal with the people in the 1960's who used LSD. There's a reason why it was only widely used as a street drug for a few years. It was legal until 1968 but that isn't why it fell out of favor. It fell out of favor because of long term flashbacks, bad trips, suicide and drug induced psychosis - in many cases permanent and irreversible.


In California, for instance, the drug induced psychotics. mostly minors, who used LSD ended up swamping the County psych units so badly that most of them shut down their juvenile units. Why? The bad trips were so bad that the kids ended up seriously injuring themselves, law suits for malpractice followed and malpractive insurance rates went out of sight. The hospitals couldn't afford the insurance - not to mention that they had a very difficult time recruiting psych techs for juvenile units. California has never recovered. Try to get a minor into a psych unit in California - it's almost impossible. The county fire Psych Tech-Paramedics, juvenile halls and/or street law enforcement have to put out calls over several counties to find a bed. A lot of the time they don't find one. Santa Barbara County, population 500,000, has five juvenile beds on retainer at a Ventura County facility. That's it.


Flashbacks are real, long lasting and dangerous. I still see "kids" from the 1960's who tipped over in the 60's from LSD use and they're still just as debilitated today as then. Of course they aren't kids anymore. They're in their late 50's and early 60's. Great drug that LSD. They've had really nice lives for the past 40+ years. We don't have to worry aboput sending the "hippy grandparents" the the asylum. Ask 'em. In their lucid moments they'll answer, "Been there - done that."


JWGIII (initials): Class valedictorian for a Santa Barbara County high school, Class of 1969. Slated for UCSB. In celebration of the class of 1969 he ingested 69 mikes of LSD at his class Disneyland "Graduation Night". Hospitalized for several months and nearly died. Never recovered and never attended college. Still lives on the street.


1974: Jumped from the second story balcony of his apartment in Isla Vista when he saw me walking bye. "Darby - watch me fly!" Plop! He survived with two broken ankles.


1975: Arrested by his father four times for burglarizing dad's house. Reason for the break in? Dad's black western boots.


1976: Darby is walking out of a restaurant in Isla Vista on a foggy morning at 0630. Voice out of the fog. "Draw!" "Wyatt Earp", black hat, black Levis, black western shirt, black duster and yes, black western boots, walks out of the fog in the middle of the street. Wyatt throws back his duster and draws a Colt "Peacemaker" .45 revolver. For some reason Darby didn't plant JWGIII on the spot. Darby vaguely recognized that it was JWGIII. It turned out to be a replica Peacemaker pellet gun. What Darby did do, instead of permanently terminating JWGIII's "command" was take the revolver, went to JWGIII's bush camp and confiscated JWGIII's brand new crossbow pistol and a dozen razor tipped hunting bolts.


One might wonder how a nutter came to possess a brand new crossbow pistol and razor tipped hunting bolts. Why, because the gunshop owner, a reserve Deputy Sheriff, knew that JWGIII was "crazy" from his field contacts. JWGIII originally wanted a real Peacemaker and had the money to pay for it and he was of age. Shop owner didn't think that it was a good idea to sell him a real revolver so he, instead, sold him the pellet gun replica and crossbow. Good call. I guess. Otherwise Darby might not be here witing this post because one or both of us would have been dead that foggy morning. (And no, it wasn't a good call.)


1998: Darby hadn't seen JWGIII for 10 years and it had been almost 24 years since he confiscated and buried the items. JWGIII is coming out of the County psych building, stuporous as ever, and sees Darby. JWGIII mumbles, "Darby - where's my Peacemaker and crossbow?"


JS "The Ghost" - An LSD user in 1967-68. He tipped over in 1968. Why the monniker "The Ghost"? Always dressed in white linen coat, pants, white shoes and hat. If he walked by a mirror or window and saw his reflection he didn't see JS. He saw Peter, Paul and John. And they didn't like The Ghost. So they would beat the crap out of him every time they saw him. Of course he was beating the crap out of himself. I saw him a couple of years ago. Only change - his face is more a ball of hamburger than a face.


B - a good friend when we were growing up. Tripped out in 1970 after DROS Vietnam, Republic of. Still see him on the street downtown Santa Barbara. Stuporous is an understatement. But he does recognize me.


RW - close friend growing up. Athlete and math genious. One of the most popular guys in school. Tripped out in 1970 after DROS, Vietnam, Republic of. Same-same as B. Permanent stupor. When he'd flip out in the 1970's I'd get the call because no one else wanted to handle him because he was extremely violent - and afterall he was my friend (thanks guys). A tiny guy who could bench 350. RW didn't make it to the 21st Century.


Unknown Name - Summer resident in Isla Vista, 1976. Ingested LSD. Later, while walking around Isla Vista that hot August night at about 2200 he saw pretty colors through a sliding glass window. Dressed in shorts and a t-shirt he walked through the glass door to touch the colors. Pretty colors? The building was on fire. The backdraft blew him 50 feet across the street into a field. I heard the explosion five blocks away. Field triage: 3rd degree burns over 75% of his body. I left him to go into the building (someone else was trapped inside). There was nothing that I could do for him. I don't know if he survived. Other circumstances landed me in the ER with him - and I will never forget the screaming. I didn't want to know if he survived.


Baby Blue - Born in 1969 to K & L S both upperclassmen when I was a high school freshman and both regular LSD users. Baby Blue didn't live to see 1970. No arms or legs due to genetic damage as a result of LSD ingestion by mom during her pregnancy; "Baby Blue" because of her blue pallor due to underdeveloped lungs (genetic damage). Cause of Death: Pulmonary failure. K & L knew why Baby Blue died and suffered for years - drug free but a day or two too late for Baby Blue.


So, trust me on this: I'm well educated.



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Unfortunate experience's there, Darby. I will certainly pray for those who became the victims of substance abuse.


Fortunately, there are just as many success stories.


Not all is lost, nor is all entirely hopeless. There are numerous options available, and if anyone indicates that those who may be seeking help has none and that the only future to be had is one of doom, seems rather irresponsible.


A good friend showed up at just the right time and showed me that there ARE options, and that life does NOT have to remain a drug induced nightmare forevermore. There are choices that can be made, and treatments available that DO work. Not every ONE treatment may work for every ONE person, but thank goodness there are numerous options available.


For as many brothers and sisters that were lost ( and the sad part about most of them, was that they mistakenly believed there were no options ); there are just as many that found treatment and are all now living happy productive lives.


So no matter how dark of a picture is painted by anyone, there is hope and it is possible to build a positive life after the fact.



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Yes. I believe that there is hope. What I don't want to occur is a repeat of the 1960's culture of Dr. Timothy Leary where kids were lead to believe that it was a no risk situation. That would be a mistake.


"Sex, Drugs & Rock-n-Roll" and "Tune in, Turn on and Drop Out" is no way to run a society. America survived as a guiding light for humanity for over 200 years. It only took one generation less that 10 years, 1964-1974, to turn that guiding light into Caligula.






Hang in there, my friend. I've had many up-close-and-personal experiences. But I've also had many successes along the way. Bad Trips on LSD is situational. It can be overcome. So for those friends of yours who may have had bad experience with vitamin-L there is hope and a good chance for recovery...just so long as they don't repeat the situation.



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