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Here's How Easy Getting A Prediction 'Right' Is


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Here's a totally random, made up 'prediction' I made here on November 28th

Now if you told me that the 09.37 from Waterloo to Paris on Thursday December 17th will break down inside the Channel Tunnel for 5 hours and a famous pop star will give birth on board while this happens, and that Art Bell was also on board and missed a Paris radio station talk on John Titor.......and all THAT came true.......

Well....I was only a day out......but on Friday 18th December.....no less than FOUR trains broke down inside the Channel Tunnel


OK so the rest of the prediction maybe didn't come true.....but hey, by the standards of Titor believers I'm a freakin prophet ! Move over...Titorites.

Now then.....about that earth tremor in Southern England on December 26th....hmm, doesn't look too serious.

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I predict that at some point in the future all of California will fall into the ocean or at least part of it will.

Sorry..that one is already taken...need to come up with something "new" that you can take credit for as "your own" prediction. ?

Of course, the reason why Twighlight's predictions didnt seem to be entirely true to "our" dimension, was due to the ( MTDDF ) Multi-dimensional Timeline Differential Divergence Factor.

Twighlight, perhaps a book entitled " The Twighlight Prophecies " is something we can look forward to purchasing in our local bookstores soon?

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Twighlight, perhaps a book entitled " The Twighlight Prophecies " is something we can look forward to purchasing in our local bookstores soon ?

Well....I must say it's rather uncanny that I 'predicted'.....3 weeks in advance and only out by one day.....such chaos at the Channel Tunnel. If someone claiming to be a time traveller here had done that, I'd start to be impressed a little.

Let me see now. What's coming up in the near future :-

1) Minor earthquake in London,UK area...before end of December.

2) Part of Saudi oil field collapses ( big impact on global finance ) January 13th 2010

3) Osama Bin Laden captured. Feb 10th 2010

4) Passenger liner hits iceberg, incidedent similar to Titanic and not far off the original site.......March 3rd 2010

Watch this space !

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Ice burg getting hit. Always possible but less likely with improved radar. The possible things that could happen is enough fresh water melting into the ocean shutting down the convection currents and causing a new mini ice-age. That is possible. The climate is always changing whether humans caused it or not it is just a matter of time before it is really hot or really cold.

China becoming the most powerful nation on earth I think is a likely possibility and god forbid democracy again becoming suppressed. It was a novel ideal when introduced in England but democracy has only been sparsely successful through out history and until America came along had trouble staying afloat. Losing the global influence to China is a threat to American democracy so that is why I believe we could see China as the next major global power in the next century. And I did not even taken into account their military spending.

Super volcano causing a nuclear winter also always possible.

The internet splitting up into smaller internets in the future is possible. Already there is Darknet/freenet what ever you want to call it. China wants to put tolls on internet traffic thru their country. It is bound to happen sooner or later. People will create private or peer to peer nets for their needs to bypass restrictions, laws, and internet toll roads.

The UFO question will never be answered until private space travel becomes a reality.

More minority presidents are in order including a women president.

Schools give up on desegregation because its expensive and not working.

A nuclear weapon will be used again to destroy a city in the future. world war III may never happen but nuclear weapons are here to stay.

Sooner or later computers get regulated for what the private sector can buy and not buy because computing becomes too powerful and a threat to national security.

People do start receiving artificial tissues and organs and nano-bots. Most things get cured.

That is enough. This is what I think the future might be like. Oh I forgot. Cuba will become a favourite tourist spot. Bound to happen.

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